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Archive 09/2003

Marc Cloppenburg / AMIGAplus (ICQ)

Marvell and IBM Announce Extension of Discovery System Controllers to PPC 970
Marvell and IBM today announced a relationship to accelerate the adoption of IBM PowerPC 970 processors in next-generation networking, storage and server systems. As part of the agreement, Marvell plans to extend its market-leading family of Discovery™ chipsets with new system controllers that include IBM's high-speed PowerPC 970 Elastic Interface technology.

The combination of IBM's PowerPC 970 microprocessor, with speeds up to 2 GHz, and Marvell's Discovery 970 system controller is intended to provide embedded customers with a comprehensive and cost effective 64 bit sub-system solution. In conjunction with Marvell's Gigabit PHY, Serial ATA and high-speed switching products, Marvell and IBM now offer a complete solution base for next generation embedded applications.

Marvell plans to make samples of its Discovery 970 chipsets available in the first quarter of 2004. IBM plans to make its PowerPC 970 processor available in the first quarter of 2004.

"Marvell's decision to team up with IBM and extend their support of PowerPC is a tremendous piece of good news for the Embedded marketplace," said Lisa Su, director of PowerPC and emerging products, IBM Microelectronics. "The combination of their Discovery 970 with our PowerPC 970 should yield the most powerful, scalable and flexible solution available in the Embedded system marketplace."

"We are very excited to team with IBM to provide our customers with what we expect to be the most powerful PowerPC sub-system architectures ever designed," said Balaji Baktha, General Manager of Storage and Consumer Division, Marvell Semiconductor. "IBM and Marvell are committed to working closely with leading OEMs to drive the development of next generation networking, server and storage applications."

Marvell Discovery 970 System Controller:
The Marvell Discovery product family represents the most widely adopted system and communication controllers in the industry. The Discovery 970 system controller integrates several I/O peripherals on-chip, including Gigabit Ethernet, PCI-X bridges, storage functions and DDR memory interface. The Discovery 970 is software compatible with the existing Marvell system controllers helping to preserve customer software investments while accelerating development cycles.

IBM PowerPC 970:
The IBM PowerPC 970 is derived from IBM's award-winning POWER4 server processor to provide high performance and additional function for users. As the first in a new family of high-end PowerPC processors, the chip is designed to manipulate data in larger, 64-bit chunks and accelerate compute-intensive workloads like multimedia and graphics through specialized circuitry, known as a single instruction multiple data (SIMD) unit. IBM packs performance and new features into the chip using ultra-thin 0.13-micron circuitry (nearly 800 times thinner than a human hair), constructed of copper wiring and about 52 million transistors based on IBM's efficient silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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GAUHPIL (website)

GAUHPIL: nay areas updated
The GAUHPIL (Geographical Amiga User HomePage Internet List) is a list created and commented by Dietmar Knoll with of Amiga users that is sorted geographically by continents and countries. Two days ago had the following areas been updated:
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • List new links
  • Releated sites
  • History 2000-2003
(nba) (Translation: wk)

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Grasshopper LLC (email)

Grasshopper: Pagestream release for AmigaOS 4
Positive signs from the AmigaOS 4 frontier: Grasshopper LLC will release the desktop publishing software PageStream for AmigaOS 4 as soon as the new operating system is available. Furthermore prices are cut for PageStream 4.1 to 99 US-Dollars, for PageStream Professional 4.1 to 149 US-Dollars. Read the complete note by Grasshopper LLC right below:

Grasshopper LLC today announced the addition of a fifth supported platform in the stable of computers and operating systems that PageStream already runs on. Amiga OS4 PPC is an exciting new operating system and hardware from Amiga Inc, Eyetech and Hyperion Entertainment that follows in the footsteps of the great hardware and software that is the Amiga.

"Deron Kazmaier, PageStream creator, has exceeded our expectations again!" proclaimed Grasshopper LLC owner Marna Holt. "Deron has burned the midnight oil on his old love, the Amiga, creating the foundation for the next generation of PageStream on the Amiga."

While the full public release of OS4 is beyond our control, the PageStream is not! As the Amiga OS4 PPC is a natural progression from the older 68k, we are offering a limited time discount for those who are moving up to the AmigaOS4 PPC version from PageStream Amiga68k and likewise we are including the Amiga68k version to those who purchase the PPC version before it is publicly released. Crossgrade price from PageStream 4.1 Amiga68k to AmigaPPC is only $40 and the price for a new copy of PageStream4.1 Amiga PPC (with Amiga68k) is only $99. The special offers are set to expire upon the public release of Amiga OS4, and will then revert to the same low pricing already in place for the other platforms. Advance copies of PageStream 4.1 AmigaPPC are available now, but we will continue to stay in step with improvements to OS4.
(nba) (Translation: wk)

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11.Sep.2003 (Website)

FotoFoto SE for MorphOS Appears
The special edition of the mistake-seeking game "FotoFoto" from Attention Software may be downloaded right away from the Superbundle FTP site by all registered Pegasos owners. The SE version contains over 50 levels and a level editor whereby the player may insert his own pictures and categories. FotoFoto SE may also be played offline and does not require an Internet connection during the game. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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Important information for IOSPIRIT-customers regarding backup copies
In order to be able to offer you a further improved service and a better structured website, we are soon re-launching our website.

As this goes hand in hand with switching to a new website-system, we want to kindly ask our customers to check for safety copies (on safe media such as CD-R, etc.) of the download versions they bought from us until the 18th of September 2003. If no safety copies exist, these should be created now and - if required - we'll reactivate expired downloads to support this (also see end of the message).

After the 18th of September 2003 these files will no longer be available - also not on request.

The only exception to this are purchases of the respectively latest versions of our products (e.g. fxPAINT 2.0, fxSCAN 4.0, VHI Studio 6.0, IBrowse 2.3, ..). For purchases of older versions as online-versions (e.g. fxSCAN 3.0, fxPAINT 1.5, VHI Studio 5.x, ..), we strongly recommend to make safety-copies until this date, since we won't be able to grant access to these files after this 18th of September 2003.

If another unlocking of downloads should be required, please write an email to "unlockdownloads AT iospirit DOT de".

We are already looking forward to soon welcome you to our new website. (nba)

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Cyborg (ANF)

VCD Save Version 0.2 Appears
The graphic interface of "VCD Save" has been adapted to the new NewGUI System, this means that the GUI may now be adapted to the needs of the user without rewriting the program entirely. With the help of the automatic snapshot function of NewGUI all gadgets are positioned in the places they were when the program last ended. Gadgets may be expanded or shrunk when the user presses CTRL when he clicks on the border being changed. When the user presses on the left SHIFT key the gadget is moved. The save routine has been modified in order to allow the saving of captions on SVCDs. It is possible with VCD Save to copy VideoCD tracks directly to the hard-drive, something for which AllegroCDFS was required up until now. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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