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Archive 09/2003

Martin Rebentisch (DaFreak) (ANF)

Music: Liquid Skies records #052
Liqiud Skies released theire 52nd music pack. The song was composed by the finnish muscician Tripper. The corresponding cover was made by Kuadziw.

Additional information:
Titel: Fairy Moon Goes Disco
Artist: Tripper
Style: Electro
Duration: 4:21
Format: mp3 (192kbps)

The packet file is available for download at the titlelink. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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ANN (Website)

Simple DirectMedia Layer v1.2.6 released
Gabriele Greco released an Amiga port of the Simple DirectMedia Layer version 1.2.6. The release contains the following:
  • GCC 68k static library.
  • GCC morphos static library.
  • SAS/C static library
  • The 68k SHARED SDL.library, works with any language or compiler able to parse an .fd file.
  • A few SDL examples with a GCC Makefile to build them.
  • Inlines, pragmas and .fd files for the 68k shared library.
  • Includes and HTML docs from the original SDL archive.
  • All the examples are compiled for the shared version of SDL to save space and bring users and developers to choose the shared library solution but they all works (at least on my system) also with the static one.

SDL makes it possible to run applications and games, for example soccer game 'Eat the Whistle', on different operating systems such as AmigaOS, Windows, MacOS or Linux. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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Magazin: The Crypt #31
Issue no. 31 of the english online magazin 'The Crypt' has been published. The online version is available at the titlelink.

Downlaod: Offline version of 'The Crypt' #31 (nba) (Translation: sk)

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Aminet Uploads up to 7th September 2003
These are the new Aminet uploads which have been added since our last report:
AmBoS-Keyfile.lha    comm/ambos   5K+Public AmBoS-Keyfile Rel. 2.98
AmiDiction.lha       comm/tcp    29K+Online Dictionary
umsspamc1_3.lha      comm/ums    15K+SpamAssassin client for UMS
MakeHTMLMap.lha      comm/www   185K+Create fancy JavaScript driven Internet 
streamer.lha         comm/www   320K+Internet radio MPEG and RealAudio file p
mental-final.lha     demo/aga    15M+Mental (final release, AGA/RTG versions)
abnormalia1HD.lha    demo/mag   849K+Abnormalia 1 (HD friendly and more)
abnormalia5HD.lha    demo/mag   852K+Abnormalia 5 (HD friendly and more)
amigatalk.lha        dev/lang   1.2M+V2.4 Update of AmigaTalk (Smalltalk GUI)
Companion.lha        docs/hyper  32K+AmigaGuide frontend for Amiga Developer 
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/lists 1.7M+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 08/2003 (Itali
nocover114.lha       docs/mags  3.6M+Great german diskmagazine
TurboPrint_FR.lha    docs/misc    5K+French catalogs for TurboPrint 7
Saga.lha             game/board 328K+Saga 1.32: Conversion of TSR boardgame
scummvm-tools.lha    game/misc  131K+Collection of various ScummVM tools
WormWars.lha         game/misc  541K+Worm Wars 7.55: Advanced snake game
BMH03.lha            game/patch 418K+Update for Bundesliga Manager Hattrick (
4_skins_4_Kaya.lha   gfx/misc   143K+4 skins for Kaya player
4_skins_Kaya.lha     gfx/misc   143K+4 skins for Kaya player (MOS)
ChangeMyLove.lha     mods/chryl 233K+Funk mod by Chrylian
Chrylian.lha         mods/chryl  12K+Demo mod by Chrylian
June.lha             mods/chryl 141K+Latin mod by Chrylian
JustToSayGoodb.lha   mods/chryl 115K+Jazz mod by Chrylian
KillingParty.lha     mods/chryl 461K+Jazz mod by Chrylian
Live2.lha            mods/chryl 105K+Jazz mod by Chrylian
MakeADream.lha       mods/chryl 214K+Ambient mod by Chrylian
NoisyjegOldies.lha   mods/chryl  50K+Techno mod by Chrylian
NuitOldies.lha       mods/chryl 136K+Techno mod by Chrylian
OnTheJazzWave.lha    mods/chryl 193K+Jazz mod by Chrylian
Pipeline2.lha        mods/chryl  10K+Techno mod by Chrylian
PointOfJazz.lha      mods/chryl 125K+Jazz mod by Chrylian
ShesMySun.lha        mods/chryl 141K+Jazz mod by Chrylian
Tune1.lha            mods/chryl  54K+Techno mod by Chrylian
A-crowd.lha          mods/hardc 219K+Quite a loud song
A-fog.lha            mods/hardc 125K+Some Hardtrance 
A-I-ask-you.lha      mods/hardc 186K+Some oldschoopl type of song 
A-mothahug.lha       mods/hardc 270K+Fast(240bpm) hardcore song
A-oldgabba.lha       mods/hardc 275K+Old style gabber song
A-paaarty.lha        mods/hardc 286K+Hardcorejungle song
A-pathofdarkne.lha   mods/hardc 367K+Hardcore remix of a song by Volley
A-stop.lha           mods/hardc 107K+Hardcore type of song
A-dream.lha          mods/jungl 175K+Jungle module with filtered break
stepdarkness.lha     mods/jungl 242K+Old but great breakbeat track
052_mpfree.lha       mods/moods 6.1M+Moods - Streaming For Your Instincts
053_mpfree.lha       mods/moods 6.1M+Moods - Streaming For Your Instincts
054_mpfree.lha       mods/moods 7.1M+Moods - Streaming For Your Instincts
055_mpfree.lha       mods/moods 4.7M+Moods - Streaming For Your Instincts
056_mpfree.lha       mods/moods 6.2M+Moods - Streaming For Your Instincts
hum_m237.lha         mods/moods 3.1M+Moods - Music For Your Instincts
amegasGTR.mpg        mods/mpg   4.1M+Amegas Game Tune. Aranged By Gigatron...
companyGTR.mpg       mods/mpg   1.4M+Company Crack Tune Aranged By Gigatron..
A-nameless.lha       mods/techn  37K+Made for some mod compo in 1997
A-weird.lha          mods/techn  56K+Experimental track
Amoralplay.lha       mus/play   144K+Plays SIDS,OctamedSS,mods,Digibooster et
c64days.jpg          pix/art    108K+C64Days logo
whd-icons.lha        pix/icon   111K+Games icons for WHDload installs
alicejuggler.jpg     pix/trace  142K+Alice in Jugglerland (1152 x 864 x 24b. 
MrCarlitoWb-04.jpg   pix/wb     219K+Screenshot of my Workbench 3.9 
SKM30.lha            text/edit  352K+Skriptmanager for AmigaGuide, HTML, Arex
guideml2.lha         text/hyper  59K+Cool AmigaGuide -> HTML converter (V2.6)
SafeCopy.lha         util/cli    14K+Overwrite protection, and autorenaming f
froggui.lha          util/misc   32K+GUI for FroggerNG
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  325K+Report+ 5.72: Multipurpose utility
vht-vg35.lha         util/virus 109K+VirusWarning.Guide v3.5 (VHT-DK)
(nba) (Translation: cb)

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Sebasttian Bauer (ANF)

SimpleMail Version 0.20 released
The developers of "SimpleMail" report the availablility of version 0.20 of this eMail client for AmigaOS. Changes compared to the previous version:
  • Messages can in part (header only) be downloaded from an IMAP server
  • Added statistical spam filter
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes (see Tracker on SourceForge)
(nba) (Translation: cb)

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Olaf Köbnik (ANF)

Amiga Arena: History report 2000
The year 2000 was to become the hitherto most active year for Amiga Arena. Beside numerous special price campaigns and interviews, the "Amiga Arena - Homepage CD-ROM" was published for the first time and presented at the show in Neuss.

Moreover the German version of the game "Blade" was published for the first time and a raffle with goodies from Amiga Inc. made possible. What else happened - read it yourself in the third instalment of the Amiga Arena History! (nba) (Translation: cb)

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Matthias Muench (ANF) goes online
Today a new "Pegasos Community Portal" for the German-speaking area went online. (nba) (Translation: cb)

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Martin Heine (ANF)

Genesi: News about Pegasos II
The Pegasos II will soon be on sale. The first limited production run will be for 600 units. Details under the title link. (nba) (Translation: cb)

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Jan Andersen (email) version 3.5 released
After several years without almost no new virus or Trojan against the Amiga has VHT (Virus Help Team Canada, Denmark & Holland) released a small update of the Some members of VHT have changed their email addresses and all anti virus programs have been updated during this time. The new version of the is available on the homepage of VHT and in a few days on Aminet, too.

Information about the new update:
Name: v3.5
Archive name: vht-vg35.lha
Archive size: 111.275 bytes
Release date: September, 6th 2003
Programmer: Virus Help (nba) (Translation: wk)

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heise online (website)

Settlement out of court between Microsoft and Be Inc.
A settlement out of court Microsoft and Be Inc. has ended the dispute between the two companies. Be Inc. had accused the Windows producer distortion of normal trading conditions. Microsoft pays the developers house of the alternative operating system BeOS the sum of 23,3 millions US-Dollars but claims that this shall not be understood as acknowledgement of indebtedness of any unfair business methods. Read (German) background information at heise online following the title link. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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Marc Cloppenburg / AMIGAplus (ICQ)

Software news: amigift v1.0
Version 1.0 of amigift, an AmigaOS 3.x port of giFT, has been released on the Sourceforge page under the title link. The project is supervised by Diego Casorran.

Program description: giFT is a modular daemon capable of abstracting the communication between the end user and specific filesharing protocols (peer-to-peer or otherwise). The giFT project differs from many other similar projects in that it is a distribution of a standalone platform-independent daemon, a library for client/frontend development, and our own homegrown network, OpenFT. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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