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Archive 10/2002

Andreas Balke (E-Mail)

Website Covering Amiga 600 as MP3-Player Renovated
Andreas Balke has completely redone his website covering his use of an A600 in his car as an MP3 player, and added improved, specialized pictures of the innards, the keyboard, and the side view in the car. In addition to that, he's taking on another project related to mobile Amigas: Frank's Suitcase-Amiga. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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z5 (ANF)

A.D.A. presents Sulaco/Encore and additional screenshots
A.D.A. is proud to present Sulaco, Encore's high end Amiga demo from Abstract 2002, featuring gorgeous textures and graphics, a cool tune and nice design.

Extra screenshots were added to the following nice productions: Abecedarian/Iris(2), J'_/Ephidrena(4), Retrospectacular/Contraz(1), Klone/DCS(3), Push/Extreme(3), Exit planet dust/Artwork(3) and The Prey/Polka Brothers(2). (ps)

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Faces of Mars (ANF)

Classic Radio Shows on CD-ROM
The Radio Plays CD-ROMs contain original radio shows from the USA and Great Britain. The programs are from the 30s to the 70s and have been specially, digitally prepared and converted to MP3 format for inclusion on these CD-ROMs. They may thereby played on all computer platforms (Amiga, Linux, Mac, Windows, modern CD-Players, etc) and an autoplayer for Windows is included. The Radio Plays represent the genres Adventure, Science Fiction, Mystery, Western and Mixed. Each CD has about 35 to 48 hours of programs.

The catalog contains among other things Tarzan, Superman, Buck Rogers, Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, The Shadow, Sherlock Holmes and The Lone Ranger.

Dealers may order lots of 10 CDs from our dealer price list. With the order of 51 CDs or more there is an additional rebate of 10 percent. With the order of 100 the shipping and handling charges are eliminated.

Shipping and handling costs are 12 euros for the first 10 CDs, with more than 10 CDs, there is a 1 euro additional charge for each. These CDs come directly from the USA. Prices per CD are about 12 to 14 euros. You'll find more information by clicking on the title link. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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AROS: IRC Channel Moves to New Server
The IRC channel of the alternative operating system AROS is now on the Freenode IRC network. You can make the connection at, or you can find another Freenode server at Long nicknames, nick registration and many other things are possible with this. The channel name is still #aros. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Oliver Hummel (ANF)

The World's First 32-bit Game Console?
This is not exactly burningly current news, but it is meaningful in an historical context. On my foraging for exotic game consoles I bumped into a very interesting Fujitsu product, the FM Towns Marty.

Fujitsu sold a lot of FM Towns PCs in the late 80s. At some point back then, they decided to develop a game console, and the FM Towns Marty came from that. The Marty was equipped with a 386 at 16 MHz, later there was a 486 version. It also had 2 megs of RAM. For storage there was a CD-ROM drive and a 3.5 inch floppy drive. For the graphics there were special custom chips which made 256 colors from a HiColor palette possible.

But the most interesting thing is: Marty was introduced in 1991! So the CD-32 loses its title as the first 32-bit console in the world to the Fujitsu Marty. By the way Marty may also be the second console to come with a CD-ROM drive (after the PC-Engine).

Because of the close compatibility to the FM Towns PCs there were also a lot of games available, but there were also specialized Marty games, including versions of the Lucas Arts classics Zak McKraken and Monkey Island, and I would guess that these were the best versions of these games, what with 256 colors and not the grisly MIDI music found in the PC version.

Pictures of the FM Towns Marty may be viewed here and here.

Because Marty was not officially sold outside Japan it's difficult to come by information on it. So I suppose the CD-32 could also claim to be the world's first 32-bit game console. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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RUX - Günther Klug v. Biedermann (ANF)

TurboCalc Going Open Source?
There's about a fifty percent chance that TurboCalc will go open source.

Motivated by the free release of AWeb and other programs, I wrote TurboCalc author Michael Friedrich a couple weeks ago, to ask if he might entrust TurboCalc to another programmer or programming group for further development.

Observation: TurboCalc is a spreadsheet (table calculation) program, such as Lotus 1-2-3 (tm) or Excel (tm) for PCs, or MaxiPlan (tm) for the Amiga.

I got an answer the day before yesterday (excerpt):

Subject: RE: Open Source TurboCalc
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 08:40:51 +0100
the idea of open source sounds good, but I am not so sure if others would enjoy working with my code:

300,000 lines of sparsely commented assembler code is not going to be easy to read, even I had some problems with it :-)
I'll write you again.
Cordially, Michael

His comments so far. Certainly he will want to confer with Stefan Ossowski of GTI.

To raise some question (and spur discussion):
  • What do past, present (and eventually new) TurboCalc users think of using a further developed TurboCalc? Please don't write a list of requirements of WHAT needs to be improved or added. You'll get a chance to express these comments!

  • Are there programmers who are CAPABLE (this genre is not the simplest) and who WANT to develop Turbocalc further? I'll do what I can to help and encourage as a Betatester from the start.
I'll be happy to hear sincere comments and discussion. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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RP-Online: Philips don't want to tolerate problems with copyprotected music CDs
»Some copy protected music CDs don't work with several CD or DVD players. If a note about that is missing at the cover this is a fault. Customers might bring in that case the CD back to the dealer and demand their money back.
The Philips company, the inventor of the CD technique and licenser for "Compact Discs", doesn't want to tolerate this fault anymore. Philips manager Gijs Wirtz said to "Computerbild": "CDs, which engender problems by replaying them do not fulfill the rule for a Compact Disc. A real CD should work with every device. Even with CD ROM drives, DVD and car CD players."«
Complete article (German) by the title link. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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30.Oct.2002 Linux ready for commercial use
»Study confirms the full usability of that open source operating system for commercial use as done by small firms or big companies.
There have some details from a big Linux study which will be published in the middle of November went public already. The market research institute Bloor Research, specialized on technology studies, has published a study, hired by IBM , which declares Linux as a usable operating system for firms independent of their size.«
Complete article (German) available via the title link. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Free Pascal

Compiler: Free Pascal V1.0.6 for Amiga in seight
After version 1.0.6 of the compilers Free Pascal has been published officially and a first snapshot (version 1.0.7) for Linux-m68k is available, you might not wait too long for the Amiga-m68k version.

The latest Amiga version is based on Version 0.99.5. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Burnig software: New makecdfs.module V45.7 for MakeCD V3.2b10
By the title link there is a new makecdfs.module v45.7 for MakeCD v3.2b10 provided for download and testing.

P.S.: The archive is packed with -lh7-, I hope XFH is able to decrunch this.

P.P.S.: The archive was exchanged and can be decrunched with Lha.

If you replace your V11.3 version with the new makecdromfs.module V45.7, then MakeCD 3.2 beta 10 also allows you to write Joliet and HFS tracks. This module also supports a better, extended file list format - see the readme that is included with the new module. It is brought to you by Heinz Wrobel, who should be contacted regarding all problems with the makecdromfs.module. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Falko Splittgerber (ANF)

Video player: Frogger Version 2.05
Frogger 2.05 (code name: 'never say never')
New Frogger release fixes few bugs, introduces ra demuxer and fli demuxer (sadly, no fli/flc video decoder available yet, should be soon). Last, but not least, there is WMA decoder included. Enjoy.

Alternative download from (ps)

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Dennis Lohr (ANF)

Music: New song on Psyria homepage
Yesterday on the homepage of Psyria, a new song was published, which originally was written by Bjorn Lynne.

You will find "Messages" in the download area of

Bjorn Lynne made for this song a Remix Contest, which ends on 31th October 2002. Further information you can find on (ps)

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Stephan Rupprecht

Stephan Rupprecht: SGrab V1.22 and PNGTool V1.4
Stephan Rupprecht has made available updates for two of his useful tools. The screen grabber SGrab is now downloadable in version 1.22, and the PNGTool in version 1.4.

PNGTool.lha (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Jim Steichen, Author of AmigaTalk (ANF)

AmigaTalk V2.2 uploaded to Aminet
I had to update V2.1 of AmigaTalk to correct some minor problems, hence the unplanned uploading of V2.2. (The update isn't arrived yet on Aminet).

For version 2.2 the following enhancements/bug fixes were made:
  • Fixed the install script (by deleting the History.txt copy action & including the Images directory in the distribution).
  • Added Status Window coordinate bookeeping to the AmigaTalk.env file.
  • Added more error detection code to initialization of the AmigaTalk screen code so that the Command & Status window will fill whatever screen you select. I've been able to check almost all screen modes that the CyberVision64/3D uses (except for 16-bit 1024 * 768, which shows a black screen). AmigaTalk will not let you use a screen smaller than 640 * 400, so don't try to. If you rename AmigaTalk.env, AmigaTalk will use the coordinates from your Workbench screen (or whatever screen is active).
  • Added a ScreenModeID ToolType to the Icon (default: 0x40D20001).
  • See AmigaTalk:help/ for the rest.

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Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj (ANF)

Event: Website for THE PARTY updated
The website of one of the oldest scene parties at all, THE PARTY, was put online with an new design today. The Party is held, like every year, from December the 27th to December the 29th in central Denmark at the congress center in Aars. Unfortunately there is only little left from that scene spirit of the first years. The Party became more a meeting point for gamers and those, who only want to fill up their hard drives via network. Those who are atracted by the prizes (at least EUR 1000 for the 1st prize at the mixed double demo competition) and the professional organisation should have a view to the new homepage. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj (ANF)

Event: Radwar birthday party in early November in Heinsberg
At November the 9th 17 years ago the C64/Amiga group Radwar was foundeed and for that score the boys from Heinsberg like to go wild and party once again! Mws, Arnd, Crazy & Co. have gained some attention with well organized scene parties during the recent years. This year it is again that you leave your own computers at home because it's a party for the people not for their equipment. It's partytime! (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Mikey C (ANF)

WOASE - You are not going to believe this 2! - The Sequel!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very proud to announce that this year's World of Amiga Southeast show is not only going to be the finest ever, but also the most feature packed.

We have patiently waited for the go ahead to announce one more attendee, subject to confirmation. We are now able to do so, but first we would like to recap on what is already happening.

  • Amiga - Announcements/AOS4.0
  • Eyetech - AmigaOne
  • Thendic France/Bplan - Pegasos/Morphos
  • Quake II/Software Tycoon/Tales of Tamar (Buy and Demonstrated)
Other Exhibitors:
  • Fore-Matt Home Computing
  • Kicksoft
  • Weird Science
  • 100% Amiga Magazine
  • The Crypt
  • Total Amiga Magazine
  • ZeoNeo
  • Mediator Support Team
  • Amiga North Thames
  • Amiga Support Association
  • Blackpool Amiga Club
  • Huddersfield Amiga Usergroup
  • and of course, South Essex Amiga Link
  • Amiga One Presentation
  • Amiga Announcement
  • OS4 Presentation
  • After Show Q&A Session
Now, we are proud to announce that the last attendees will be: Hyperion-Entertainment. Yes, you read that right, the Hyperion Team are flying over from Germany to the UK not only to ensure you get your copies of Quake II, (very special delivery) but Ben Hermans will personally host the OS4 presentation with the rest of the Hyperion Team in support.

World of Amiga Southeast 2002. Dare you be anywhere else?

More on the Q&A Session and Presentation/Announcements running order tomorrow. Please note, Doors open 12 noon sharp. No earlier. (ps)

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Golem - IT News

Golem: Yahoo favorites PHP
»PHP substitutes ASP, Java or XSLT
Yahoo switch for a major part of their webpages to PHP, this was announced by Michael J. Radwin at the PHP-Con 2002. Yahoo will mainly substitute their proprietary systems by this open source scripting language.«
Complete article see title link. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Martin Steigerwald "DIN A4" for the Internet
» aims to establish an open and independent standard format for electronic documents based on XML by, said the organization.
An essential part of this project is the initiation of a community process with getting attending as most citizens (Internet users), firms, universities and administration departments as possible to dwell the need for establishing a standard document format to the government. On that score the registered association was foundet.«

Further information is available via the the title link and at (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Jürgen Klawitter

Text viewer: Next Version 3.5
The new version 3.5 of the text viewer Next of Jürgen Klawitter is released. NEXT is text viewer, but also a replacement for AmigaGuide, a HTML-Offline-Browser, Datatypes-Viewer, Decruncher, Printutility, and many more.

Download: Next3.5.lha (153 KB) (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Database: XBaze Version 7.2 Beta 6
Rafal Kaczmarczyk has released version 7.2 beta of his database 'XBaze'. The program features an easy-to-use editor for the input of data and the layout (Drag&Drop). It runs under AmigaOS 3.0

Bugreports and suggestions send to

Download: XB-7.2b6.lha (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Antivirus-Program: VirusExecutor Version 2.26
Jan Erik Olausen has released version 2.26 of VirusExecutor. Here a few details:

  • Name: VirusExecutor v2.26
  • Archive name: VirusExecutor.lha
  • Archive size: 306.305 Bytes
  • Date: 28th October 2002
  • Coder: Jan Erik Olausen - vht-dk
  • Requirements: AmigaOS 2.04, xvs.library (inkl.), reqtools.library, xfdmaster.library, xadmaster.library
(ps) (Translation: gf)

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Halvadjian Georges (ANF)

Paint program: PerfectPaint V2.83
At least PerfectPaint V2.83 is available. What's new:
  • New Arexx command
  • Fix a bug with the cloud and gradient palette
  • Fix a bug with Arexx
  • New Tools under the Boing Icon:
    • Borders & Edges (Include 16 script, edge and some picture found in the Net)
    • KATalysator (© by Saint & Antibike) Lets you create Album for the web.
  • New asynchron window: History (All loaded and saved picture are stored with info and thumbnail)
  • New Arexx Box Script: Cloud II
  • For the Fun: New General Script: Snake (a game in arexx with PfPaint)
  • Load and Save ClipBoard
  • Improve script: Funny border with Filled Rounded boxes
  • Improve Save PNG: PNGtool is used to save PNG picture
Current mask can be used to create the alpha channel of the png picture. Alpha channel of the brush can be used to create the alpha channel of the png picture. (ps)

[News message: 29. Oct. 2002, 12:19] [Comments: 0]
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