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Lars Sobiraj (ANF)

Diskmag: Last issue of Jurassic Pack released
Lars Sobiraj wrote: Today, after almost two years, the 20th and probably last issue of the Jurassic Pack was published ( reported). This demoscene discmag looks back on a long history. The pre-issue appeared 18.5 years ago at a French demo party called Gasp.

A few highlights: Interview with Peter Baustaedter, a scene graphic designer who managed to go from Austria to Hollywood with Arnold Schwarzenegger's help. He was involved in the creation of the films "Avatar", "Jumper", "The Fifth Element" and many more.

Interview with Amiga graphic artist Danny Geurtsen, who is also successful in the games and film industry. Geurtsen has worked on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Passengers", "The Martian", "Maleficent", "Gravity", "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", "Underworld", "Space Odyssey" and "The Avengers", to name but a few.

Alexander Scheel transported the popular demo Odyssey from Alcatraz from 1991 into the present with the help of the ray tracing tool Blender.

However, there are numerous other items to discover in the Amiga version.

Direct download: jp20_final.lha (1,4 MB) (dr)

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