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Be fair, stay authentic (true to yourself), tell others your opinion, but try not to hurt anybody with your words and keep others from taking benefit from the interactive area.

Please consider that you are personally responsible for the contents of your contribution."

Purpose of the Netiquette

The editorial staff developed this netiquette to create an environment where as many readers as possible can express their opinion about the relative subject in an uncomplicated and respectful manner, without personal attacks, the spreading of illegal contents or any other nuisance disturbing this environment. This way as many users as possible read the articles and also may create their own contents.

To achieve this goal puts its faith in the users, who will help actively through their attitude and manner to sustain this environment, and avoid the abuse of the offered liberties, e.g. anonymous access to the comments.


Articles posted in the interactive area of (forum, comments etc.) will have to stick to the following rules. They will
  • respect fellow users and treat them as if they were sitting next to oneself.
  • not have sexist, racist, anti-Semitic or neo-Naziistic contents.
  • not insult or flame anybody.
  • not contain defamation.
  • add something sensible or entertaining to the discussion, may it be a question, an answer or an opinion about the subject.
  • stick to the subject and not be off topic. In the comments section the subject is given by the contents of the announcement or article. The subject of forum posts is given by the corresponding board (e.g. programming) and the first post to a thread.
  • not spread lies or disregard this netiquette.
  • not support software pirating or other illegal actions.
  • use German or English language, as we would be unable to verify the content otherwise.
  • not contain advertising. This also implies that employees of companies will sign their post by their own name and not by the company's name to avoid surreptitious advertising.
  • Links to auctions (eBay and so on) are not welcome and will be deleted without delay.

Editorial staff censorship

If the rules of the netiquette get violoated, editorial staff reserves the right to delete articles partly or completely. editorial staff considers the netiquette not as strict rules but as fundamental rules, that are designed to keep up a communication friendly environment and not to examine each and every article for violations of the netiquette.

Instead, editorial staff hopes that everybody respects the netiquette and that users do not take occasional violations of the rules as a reason to violate the netiquette themselves and thus avoid additional abusive articles in the interactive section. editorial staff tries, through it's granted possibilities, to avoid the abuse of the offered possibilities and that users, who do respect the netiquette, are not swamped out of the interactive sections by those who do not.

Comments section

Comments section is available for reading and posting without registration, additionally it is possible to login if you have created an account in our forums. Registered users will be marked as such.

If you think that a posting violates our posting guidelines you may notify the staff about this particular message by invoking the "Notify staff about this message" button. A moderator will check the posting and remove it if neccessary.

Comments section is available for postings that are in direct relation to the subject of the respective announcement or article. These posts may contain:
  • Constructive criticism
  • Relevant feedback
  • Hints to errors in the announcement or article
  • Complementary information concerning the article or announcement


The forum is available for reading without registration and for reading and posting through registration. Only one registration is allowed per person (changing the e-mail address is possible in the profile). Multiple user accounts will be deleted without further notice.

The boards of the forum are available for general discussion, questions and help. After registration you may start your own threads right away.


Classifieds can be published for free by privat users on the board which has been created in the forum under the following conditions:
  • Classifieds by industrial offerers are not allowed. These parties can rent banner space.
  • Of course it is clear that only ware from private sources can be offered which you own. You are only allowed to offer originals.
  • Please give your valid email address for taking contact.
  • Usually the classifieds will be deleted after 90 days.
  • If an classified has finished then please fill in `finished`. So we can delete it before the 90 days have gone by.
  • We take no liability (have a look at the legal info).
  • Offering and buying of media being harmful to young persons is strictly forbidden.
  • Links to auctions (eBay and so on) are not welcome and will be deleted without delay.
  • If you insert please give your idea of the price of the ware as fixed price (fp) or discussion price (dp).
  • Repeated entries of same articles are not welcome.
  • Please no discussions (please use different boards). Discussions will be deleted immediately.

It would be nice if you would enter the region where you come from in order to help directly or to save transport costs.


For the means of identification either pseudonyms or real names may be used. Pseudonyms may not be identical to other person's names or institutions, nor be of any other ambivalent nature.


Copyright remains, as far as an article is legally copyrighted, with the author, however with the restriction that the author, after turning it in, transfers the right to permanently post the article on our webpages to Any publishing of the contributions through others needs the author's permission.

General rules of conduct

A few important, generally accepted rules of conduct of the net:
  • Be concise and accurate.
  • Respect correct spelling; period and comma should be used; upper and lower case help making text easier to read; paragraphs lighten up articles if used every few lines.
  • Only use all upper case if you want to emphasize an argument, e.g. in titles Otherwise upper case is generally considered as YELLING. * asterisk * before and after a word also help to emphasize
  • When using quotes and references please post your source.
  • Concentrate on one subject per post and add a meaningful title (subject) so that articles may be found easily afterwards.
  • Please be professional and discrete when writing about others. Emails are easily forwarded.
  • It is considered very rude to post a personal email, without its author's consent, on forums, mailing lists or newsgroups.
  • Abbreviations may be used, however articles with to many abbreviations become hard to read.

Please respect this netiquette!

We hope you are having much fun discussing!


Isn't the censorship through the editorial staff arbitrary?

Yes, in the way that it is impossible for the editors to read through all of the comments, to recognize every breach and e.g. in the case of insults there is a broad grey area.

No, in the way that the deletions are justified by the netiquette.

Why don't you at least try to censor all of the breach?

This would be too time consuming.

Instead, editorial staff hopes that everybody respects the netiquette and that users do not take occasional violations of the rules as a reason to violate the netiquette themselves and thus avoid additional abusive articles in the interactive section.

Why does this censorship exist then?

Because without it, it would regularly come to breaches of the netiquette in large numbers and some few users would manage to refuse sensible use of the interactive sections to the other users.

I think that the articles are too bad.

Take it as a reason to write better articles yourself and to encourage others to do so.

Or support the release of articles you like by giving positive feedback to its author through public posts or email instead of only indulging them quietly.

Please forbid anonymous articles (in the comments section). editorial staff will not forbid anonymous articles just because now and then somebody kicks over the traces.

Because of the lack of a login procedure, the comment function is easy to use by everyone. This supports spontaneous positive feedback or criticism. Both is present in the comments.

Whereas other forums prove that registration does not suppress neither bad nor purely nonsense posts, since there are e.g. enough ways to get anonymous email accounts on the web.

If it gets too extreme articles are deleted (netiquette).

This created a standard with ups and downs that is readable, if you want to but also permits an uncomplicated, free and at own will anonymous way to speak ones mind.

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