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With this statement, we want to document what happens to your personal data. Where and why some data is saved. manages personal data very seriously. We are subject to the laws of the "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz" (BDSG - Federal data security law). We have taken technical and management measures, which ensure that the laws about data security are respected both by our website-host and ourselves.

The use of cookies

A cookie is a very small auxiliary file that is transmitted to the web browser of the visitor. This file contains the name of the website, which has sent the cookie and it can only be read by this website. The cookie is saved on the user's hard drive to attribute an identification number for example. When you visit the website, which sent the cookie, for the next time, it can be read and be used by the web server to identify the online-visitor. However a cookie can also be used for more far reaching purposes, for example to study the user's habits.

In some areas of we offer the use of cookies to provide user-friendly functions. We mention this on the corresponding pages. We do not create user-profiles and do not allow the creation of third-party cookies (e.g. banners ads.). All services can also be enjoyed without the use of cookies. Many browsers are configured by default to accept all cookies. You may configure you browser to reject all cookies or to ask for confirmation before saving cookies to your hard drive.

Links to other websites contains many links to other websites. We have no influence on whether or not the operators of these online-services abide by the laws of the data security law.

Personal data

Personal data are information that can be used to determine your identity. This includes data like your real name, address, mailing address, telephone number. You may basically use our online services without disclosing your identity.

Every single one of our news articles may be commented anonymously. The concerned moderator receives an email copy of each comment, containing your IP-address and browser identification. These email copies are deleted on a daily basis. However, some email copies of comments, which had to be deleted by the moderator because they violated the netiquette, are saved for 80 days for security purposes only.

If you want to create an account at our forum - this is required to post to the forum message boards or to post comments to the mainpage as a 'registered user' - you will have to supply us with a nickname and a valid e-mail address. It's up to you if your e-mail address will be visible to other users later on, and you decide who should be able to send you private e-mails using our forum mailer - both settings can be found in your profile. Reading the forum or posting comments in the news section does not require registration.

If you order our email newsticker, we ask for a valid email address, so it can be delivered. Further details are not necessary. The newsticker is running over the mailinglist-software Listar at, where the email addresses of the subscribers are saved. Your email address is guarantied not to be disclosed and other newsticker subscribers will not see your address.

If you want to register your website in our Amiga Link Directory, we ask for various information. Required fields are: company and/or name of the website, email address and an arbitrary password. Any other information is voluntary and you can choose if this information is publicly accessible or not. By the way: the website URL is not a required field because people or companies may also register the directory if they do not have a website (in this case, a publicly available mail address, or telephone number may be used as contact possibility). The same criteria are valid for the Free Amiga Jobs (FAJ).
In both cases an identification number is permanently saved, which is composed by the IP-address and the time at the moment of the entry. Should you forget your password, it will be send to you by email after asking for the IP-Address. The IP-address is used to avoid abuse, because theoretically anybody may click on the link "forgot password" inside the individual entries. If anybody should do this three times in a row, the corresponding IP-address will be locked, and no further emails will be sent. The password will, of course, only be sent to the formerly registered email address.

In connection with your access to a logfile will be saved which may possibly allow identification. Will be saved: your IP-address, date, time, visited pages, browser identification and referer. This information will not be used for identifying persons. This data will only be used for anonymous statistics.

Your data and information are saved on our German server. Only a few specially authorized persons, who are concerned with technical and/or editorial support, have access to this server.

Passing on personal information to third party

We do not pass on information to third party by principle. However if we are forced to do it by court order or law, we will pass your information to legally authorized offices.

Please take in account that your articles in our comments and forums are freely accessible to anyone. It is clear that your articles should contain no information that is not intended for public disclosure. Please consider that search engines may target your articles and therefore be accessible without specifically using our services.

Your right for cancellation

If you left us personal data, you may make us delete those at any times.

Questions and comments

For questions, suggestions and comments about the data security subject, please contact by email.

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