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MorphZone (Webseite)

MorphOS: RNORadio 1.1 and RNOWidgets 1.4
RNORadio, a GUI based Interner radio player program for MP3 streams, and RNOWidgets have been updated. RNOWidgets is a single application incorporating several desktop widgets. It contains widgets for calendar (ISO), analog clock, digital clock, notes, pictures (local and net), RSS feeds, sticker, and weather. ARexx also is supported.

New in RNOWidgets 1.4:
  • Added SSL support for network enabled widgets (requires AmiSSL v4)
  • Added CXKEY (global hotkey) option to iconify/un-iconify widgets
  • Changed the console output method
  • RSS: Updated presets
  • RSS: Added RDF compatibility
New in RNORadio 1.1:
  • Added hotkeys for favourite stations
  • Shoutcast search results can also be reverse sorted
  • No longer asks twice if you want to replace a station
  • Fixed some iconifying and commodity issues with the MUI GUI
  • Changed the Shoutcast keyword handling to always use lowercase
  • More verbose handling connection errors
  • Less strict with characters in the MUI GUI
  • Fine-tuned playlist importing
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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