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Aminet-Uploads until 06.04.2019
The following archives have been added to Aminet until April 6th, 2019:
SteMarRegBlitzSources... dev/basic  11K   68k 12 Stefano Maria Regattin Bli...
HWP_hURL.lha             dev/hwood  3.2M  MOS The multi-protocol data trans...              dev/lib    428K  68k AGA port of the SDL audio/vid...
MCC_TextEditor-15.52.lha dev/mui    868K  MOS TextEditor custom class for MUI
DiskImageGui.lha         disk/misc  46K   68k Mount ADF, ISO and HDF disk i...
ImageMount.lha           disk/misc  36K   68k Mount ADF, ISO and HDF disk i...
F1GP2019Carset.lha       game/data  21K       2019 Carset for F1GP
Pinacoteca.lha           gfx/show   1.9M  OS4 browse/view images w/ thumbna...
ViewLHA.lha              gfx/show   10K   68k View graphics files compresse...
Golddigger.lha           mods/8voic 111K      Golddigger LSL Bozza Nova 5ch...
RNORadio.lha             mus/play   3.2M  MOS Internet radio player
Vim_8.1-i386-aros.lha    text/edit  10M   x86 The ubiquitous text editor
Vim_8.1-ppc-morphos.lha  text/edit  9.7M  MOS The ubiquitous text editor
Vim_8.1-src.lha          text/edit  15M       The ubiquitous text editor (s...
mARK.lha                 util/arc   47K   68k Simple Gui for LhA, LZX, UnZi...
RandomBackdrop.lha       util/wb    7.9M  68k Up to 127 random backdrops wi...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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