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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AROS: Distribution Icaros Desktop 2.2.4
Paolo Besser has released an update of his Icaros Desktop which provides several minor improvements:
  • fixed OpenURL preferences to correctly forward URLs to OWB
  • added GlJewels to OpenGL/Games
  • added AmiTimeKeeper (Internet time NTP client) to Prefs
  • updated AmicastPlayer
  • updated AMath
  • updated FIG datatype
  • added INFO (Amiga icons) datatype
  • added ModExplorer to MultiMedia
  • added Open Gladiators to OpenGL/Games
  • updated OpusTools
  • added sox utilities to MediaEditors
  • added sfxr sound generator to MediaEditors
  • added Targa (TGA) datatype
  • added ZuneBrot to Misc
  • updated Vim to version 8.1 (now with graphical interface)
  • replaced AROS installer with InstallerLG on both i386 and 68K
  • added Super Mario War to Games
  • added Stunt Car Remake to OpenGL/Games
  • added UHCTools
  • updated ZuneView
  • updated ZunePaint
  • added WHD_Menu to FileSystem
  • added ICO (Windows icons) datatype
  • added vic script: shows current Icaros Desktop release
  • replaced SysMon with SysMon-XPT, which shows CPU-time too
  • updated VICE to version 3.1 and optimized for speed and sound
  • added icon to music and video examples in MyWorkspace
  • fixed (increased) default stack size for some file types
  • added RNOeffects to Design
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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