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Thomas Wenzel (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Audio-Player AmigaAMP 3.13
Thomas Wenzel has updated his music play programm AmigaAMP. In version 3.13 several minor bugs were fixed:
  • Fixed some more playlist/directory handling bugs
  • Fixed cover drawing and uniconifying of tag editor window
  • Added pattern matching filter to modplug loader
  • "Autoplay file" now also works for dragging files on the playlist window
  • Dragging directories on AmigaAMP's AmiDock icon now works
  • Switched play list handling to saving and loading WinAMP style .pls files
  • Revised window depth arrangement and alignment code
  • Updated WinAMP5 skin
  • Use mouse wheel in equalizer window to move sliders
  • Fixed clearing of comment field when opening MP3 file without comment
  • Fixed format display in main ReAction window
  • Fixed initial playlist display in ReAction window
  • Renamed info win to just "Info" because it can't edit tags any more
Important: This new version doesn't load plain text files as playlists any more when using the normal Eject/Open/Drag'n'drop functions. I've you've built your own playlists and want to continue using them then load them via Load List in the playlist window and save them again. They will be automatically converted.

This is to prevent the following bug: If under AmigaAMP 3.12 and earlier a complete directory with all files in it was opened, and a text file is there as well, by mistake it is loaded as playlist. This causes much trouble. In the latest version this cannot happen any longer. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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