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06.Jan.2014 (Webseite)

Enhanced emergency disk for AmigaOS 3.9
Soon an update for the bootdisk-creator Amiga 911 Maker will be released which can create an enhanced version of an emergency disk for AmigaOS 3.9. As a little preview the author has made available some versions of his "Emergency Disk II":

The new emergency disk should work on all A600/A1200 with at least 6 MB RAM. Additional to the option to boot with a disk, then to integrate a CD-ROM drive and accessing the OS 3.9-CD, the Emergency Disk II supports further options to boot or install the system :
  • You can use an AmigaOS 3.9 ISO image which can be present on any drive that gets mounted on startup
  • You can also use an external USB CD-ROM drive
  • you can make a AmigaOS 3.9 USB pendrive or a Compact Flash card to be used with a CF-PCMCIA adapter
Due to legal reasons the disk does not include all necessary files - they have to be imported with the tool "Activate E-Disk-II" from an existing AmigaOS CD or installation.

Download sites for the different versions: (676 KB) (378 KB) ("Lite"-version, half of the disk is empty) (681 KB) (USB-support) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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