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Aminet-Uploads until 04.01.2014
The following packages have been added to Aminet until January 4th, 2014:
SSU_0_19.lha             dev/asm    335K  68k Space Ship Assembly Example
PAS.lha                  driver/aud 41K   68k portable audio system
Wazp3D.lha               driver/vid 1.4M  68k CPU only Warp3D implementation 
KimPongIl.lha            game/2play 13K   68k Pong clone written in assembler
Africa.lha               game/board 231K  68k Conversion of 3W board game
AfricaMOS.lha            game/board 272K  MOS Conversion of 3W board game
SolidGold.adf            game/jump  880K  68k Classic 8-way soft scrolling ...
DustDigger.adf           game/misc  880K  68k Dust Digger AMIGA version
Accumulus.lha            game/wb    33K   68k Don't put same types of tiles...
Arroway.lha              game/wb    33K   68k Align arrows in the same dire...
kertoma.gz               misc/math  3K    ppc Calculates factorial of any i...
MilkyTracker_09086_ar... mus/edit   1.6M  x86 Multiplatform Music Tracker
astro2.lha               pix/back   754K      Astro Wallpaper in 16:9 resol...
Spreedy_0.2.lha          text/edit  332K  MOS Table editor
ami2pc.lha               text/misc  3K    ppc Converts Amiga text files to ...
html2txt.lha             text/misc  4K    ppc Convert html-files to Amiga t...
pc2ami.lha               text/misc  3K    ppc Convert MS-DOS text files to ...
Calendaro.lha            util/time  44K   68k Calendaro - a Workbench calen...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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