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24.Jul.2012 (Webseite)

Workbench replacement: X-bEnCH 0.5 (beta version)
X-bEnCH is a graphical user-interface with 128 colours which replaces the Workbench for starting WHDLoad games (.slave, .exe).

According to the developer the program runs on all Amigas (OCS to AGA as well as 68000 to 68060 processor) and requires little virtual memory. This is the first public beta release after 4 public alpha releases. Changes:
  • Very First cLi implementation (Just as test for the moment)
  • Fixed Display failure on NTSC Machine.
  • FIxed a bug that was craching non AGA Amiga on startup.
  • Fixed the color palette bug on exit to your wbench.
  • Fixed a slowing bug when going to left/right in the launcher.
  • Credits added fastly in the menu some minutes before releasing.
  • Fixed a display bug in the Setup that made the list type display to don't change after that a list have been updated.
  • Corrected the "invalid object" bug in your listings. But you must update all buggeds lists to correct this issue.
  • Fixed the Flashing sound/screen bug in some Whdload games/demos with the Preload Option by default.
  • Better progression indicator when you update a list.
  • Fixed many display bugs
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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