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16.May 2001
Matthias Gietzelt (ANF)

Programming Language: Emperor Introduces Itself
Emperor is an object-orientated programming language which enables the user in a most simple way to write applications and tools for the new AmigaOS 3.9 as well as for AmigaOS 2.0.

Standard-GUI-elements like windows, menus, requesters, ASL-requesters, ReAction- and GadTools-gadgets are integrated by clicking the mouse and can be programmed with the help of macro functions and integrated text editor. The gadgets can communicate by implementing of so called Interconnection-maps without typing a single line of source code. It is also very easy to create locale-catalogs and variables, to integrate libraries and so on. Emperor has an easily understandable and user-friendly ReAction-Gui and a detailed online-handbook in the ".guide"-format. Programming the new AmigaOS becomes a pushover!

Emperor is available in the completely reworked version 4.0 and has the following features:
  • Immediate visualizing of each element available
  • Generating C/C++-source code
  • Integrated text editor
  • StormC-connection via ARexx
  • Generating source code for AmigaOS 2.0, AmigaOS 3.9 or in mixed modus
  • Memory use drastically reduced (requires: 3 to 4 MByte)
  • Fixed some minor bugs of the previous version
  • Extended handling of GadTools-gadgets
  • Understandable layout
  • More complex menus
You can download version 4.0 of the program on Aminet-directory "dev/c".

Download: Emperor_v4.0.lha (ps)

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