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11.May 2001

MorphOS News
AROS demos ported to MorphOS
Nicolas Sallin has achieved a masterpiece porting the AROS demos to MorphOS. "Enjoy fast bump mapping, gouraud shading and other nifty effects".
Download: AROSDemos.lha

The next version of MorphOS will contain an updated version of the graphics card software CyberGraphX which will run the demos a bit faster due to the optimized WriteLUTPixelArray().

More ports to MorphOS

xlhtml 0.2.8 PPC-MorphOS port by Fr3dY - converts Excel and Powerpoint files to HTML files.
Download: xlhtml028-mos.lha

ncftp 3.0.3 PPC-MorphOS by Fr3dY - update of the port of the FTP program NCFTP
Download: ncftp303-mos.lha

lynx 2.8.4dev20 PPC-MorphOS - Fr3dY has ported the text-only browser 'Lynx' to MorphOS.

bladeenc 0.94.1 PPC-MorphOS - MorphOS Port by Fr3dY of the MP3 encoder bladeenc with excellent quality and high bitrates.
Download: bladeenc0941-mos.lha (ps)

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