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10.May 2001

Library: Amiga SDL V1.2.0
Gabriele Greco has released version 1.2.0 of the multimedia library 'Simple DirectMedia Layer' for AmigaOS/68k.

This library is available for many platforms as like for BeOS, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. It offers fast access to the graphics and audio capabilities of the respective system. The library enables platform comprehensive development of games and other multimedia products as like MPEG players and emulators.

One of the most popular SDL applications is the Linux game port of "Civilization: Call To Power". Lists of more games, demos, and applications are to find on the SDL website.

The current Amiga version is available as link library (SAS/C and GCC) for 68k Amiga's. This version contains almost all features of SDL.

Versions for PowerUP (ppcemu compatible) MorphOS have been announced.

Download: AmigaSDL.lha - 1,2 MB, Readme (sd)

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