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26.-27.06.21 • Amiga 35 • Hilversum/Amsterdam (Netherlands)

 Thursday, 10. Oct. 2002Comments / Date
Meeting: Sound Files from the AmigaOne Show in Göteborg0
Dragiton: New Sharp Zaurus?0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Chris Hodges (Poseidon USB)0
AMIGAplus: Article Index and Classified Ads Updated0
Kultpower: New Cover Scans and Chat Channel0
Installer: WHDLoad - New Packets (through 10th October, 2002)0
Amiga Future: Member Area Opened0
Elbox: Mediator PCI 1200 SX sales began0
VirusExecutor Version 2.25 Update0
BenderIRC: DCCCHAT Now With PGP0
 Wednesday, 09. Oct. 2002 
Amiga Future: Interview with Steffen Häuser0
Software News (until 09.10.2002)0
IBrowse: Mailing list for announcements set up0
Window organisation: DepthMenu version 2.380
OSNews: A Closer Look at MorphOS on the PEGASOS0
Matay: New software for Prometheus - PromUpdate 2.30
Aseq not delayed anymore0
Hyperion completes Quake 2 Amiga port0
 Tuesday, 08. Oct. 2002 
Version 2.0 of Videokonverter-GUI for ffmpeg + VideoCD-Authoring0
Event: Pictures from the Computer City Pegasos Presentation0
Tool: Normalize Version 0.7.60
 Monday, 07. Oct. 2002 
Installer: WHDLoad Version 15.10
Finnish Amiga Users Group's Meeting Showed AmigaOne and Pegasos0
New Themes for VisualPrefs0
Official Amiga and Retro Computing 2002 Website on-line0
Elbox: New Product Reviews Section in the Elbox website0
The music group Moods publishes the two-hundredth song0
WOASE - Quake 2 Announcement0
Amiga Games Classifying: Results for Sept./Oct. 20020
 Sunday, 06. Oct. 2002 
A.D.A.: 9 new productions0
Mediator: PatchInt V1.2 (3rd release)0
Amiga Society: Schlachtfeld page updated and Status0
Hard disk: Hard Drive Guide updated, UAEInstall disk0
Emulator: Petunia - Web site update about 68k JIT emulator311. Oct. 09:01
amiga.sf: SWFTools V0.4.2, cURL V7.100
Web catalog: AmigaSource online again0
MIDI: Amiga version of 'Aseq' frozen0
 Saturday, 05. Oct. 2002 
Poseidon USB-Stack now available as online version from IOSPIRIT0
USB-driver: New version of Poseidon version 1.310
Software news (up to 2002, 05th October)0
Amiga Arena: full version Hollywood Pictures and Hilt II missions0
 Friday, 04. Oct. 2002 
Registration of MCP (MasterControlProgram)105. Oct. 13:12
Mailbox software: Fame is now freeware0
Intro of announcement of the scenediskmag Jurassic Pack#11 published0
RNO Records published music track number 800
Software news (until 04.10.2002)0
Amiga University site updates and additions0
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 04.10.2002) (Update II)0
Catweasel ISA: Public beta test of the Windows-drivers0
Video converter-GUI for FFMpeg0
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 Latest Top-News
Lawsuit: Hyperion und Cloanto allegedly close to a settlement again (22. Jan.)
Print/PDF magazine: Amiga Addict, issue 2 (18. Jan.)
Self-made project: Amiga keyboard as USB input device (13. Jan.)
Hyperion: 'Hotfix' for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Update 2 (12. Jan.)
A1000 expansion: 'Parceiro' provides Fast-RAM, SD card slot and RTC (09. Jan.) wishes a Happy New Year (01. Jan.)
AmigaOS 4: Consoles and arcade emulator 'Final Burn Neo' (31. Dec.)
Operating system: MorphOS 3.15, Software Development Kit 3.16 (31. Dec.)
ACube Systems: New batch of Sam460cr boards (25. Dec.)
Hyperion: Update 2 for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition available for download (23. Dec.)
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