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26.-27.06.21 • Amiga 35 • Hilversum/Amsterdam (Netherlands)

 Thursday, 17. Oct. 2002Comments / Date
Music/Sound Expert Sought for Crossfire II0 The Internal Search Machine Not Working0
Magazine: AMIGAplus for October, 20020
Meeting: Pictures of the Finnish Amiga User Group Meeting 20020
DCR8520 Amiga-Ports: Updates from 16th October, 20020
CCC: Wave of Bank Card Fraud0
Amiga Classics on Gameboy Advance (Speedball 2)0
Amiga Future: Test Reports of Sol Negro & Solution0
Elbox: MediatorUP 3.4 & MM CD UP 1.180
CCN: (Im)Patient Amigas117. Oct. 19:05
Kultpower: New Videogame Test Reports0
Amiga Society: Website Renovation in Progress0
OnyxSoft: Pictures of AONE, Cathedral Version 1.31, and DagensTV Version 1.00
History: The Legacy Update - 400 New Screenshots0
Magazine: Total Amiga Issue 130
AmigaOne Will Be Demonstrated on the 20th of October, 2002 in Australia0
Soms3D Seeks New Partners0
Game 'Armada' released on Aminet0
 Wednesday, 16. Oct. 2002 
Nova Design Announces Special Offer for Online Sales0
New PCI gfx card by PNY0
AMHuhn: Programmers are overwhelmed :-)0
HauppaugeIR v0.2 BETA, SuperTV v0.71BETA0
Video player: Frogger version 2.040
Mp3 encoder: Lame version 3.92 for WarpOS0
Game: New AMHuhn executable with screenmode requester0
UAE for Sharp Zaurus0
 Tuesday, 15. Oct. 2002 
RELEC announces "PEGASOS": the alternative power!0
TTEngine 4.3 released0
Status between Betatester I / II0
 Monday, 14. Oct. 2002 
thttpd 2.21b2 and Webalizer 2.01-10 for AmigaOS0
MPEG-Player: RiVA Version 0.470
Tool: SRename Version 3.5.0 beta 50
Microcode Solutions: Power Macintosh(tm) Emulation News (Update)0
Commodore Amiga Unix - AMIX0
Raytracing: Kray Version 1.20
Tool: Pixload Version 2.20
Music: New song published0
Magazine: the NEW AMIGANS magazine - New website0
Magazin: Amiga Information Online (AIO) #630
 Sunday, 13. Oct. 2002 
Event: Amiga Meeting Nord in 5 days0
Programming language: PowerD V0.20 Alpha 2, PTReplay0
Library: SDL 1.2.5 Beta0
Audio: Wanted: Programmer for DigiBoosterPro0
Event: 5 years of AccM - photo gallery0
Benchmark: AmiGOD 2 Beta 13.10.2002 (Update)0
Linux/APUS: Kernel V2.4.18 with CyberstormPPC UW-SCSI support0
MorphOS: MorphOS V1.0, Pegaos mainboards through dealers0
GUI-Builder: Emperor V4.5 (Reaction)0
Magazine: New direction at getboinged.de0
Amiga Arena: Interview with Achim Stegemann (Digital Almanac, AmiChess)0
AmigaFlame: Why Amiga need the PDA developer community0
Virus Help Canada: VirusZ III V0.9c0
Radio: RadioX V0.3 for all G-Rex boards released0
 Saturday, 12. Oct. 2002 
HSMathLibs v44.50 beta 2 and v44.50 beta 80
AmithlonTV looking for programmers!214. Oct. 16:07
Video converter 2.1 update0
Amiga 600 as car MP3 player0
Frank Wille: vbcc version 0.8 und vlink version 0.8 (Update)0
Amigan Software: Worm Wars V7.21 and Saga V1.2a0
Closing report: U.d.N. presented Pegasos in Bremen0
Event: Pegasos and MorphOS Demonstration in USA0
 Friday, 11. Oct. 2002 
Tales of Tamar: First basis set of boxes delivered0
Elbox: New driver for Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed card0
Digital Almanac III - News0
VisualMI changed and new Bonus Theme0
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Lawsuit: Hyperion und Cloanto allegedly close to a settlement again (22. Jan.)
Print/PDF magazine: Amiga Addict, issue 2 (18. Jan.)
Self-made project: Amiga keyboard as USB input device (13. Jan.)
Hyperion: 'Hotfix' for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Update 2 (12. Jan.)
A1000 expansion: 'Parceiro' provides Fast-RAM, SD card slot and RTC (09. Jan.) wishes a Happy New Year (01. Jan.)
AmigaOS 4: Consoles and arcade emulator 'Final Burn Neo' (31. Dec.)
Operating system: MorphOS 3.15, Software Development Kit 3.16 (31. Dec.)
ACube Systems: New batch of Sam460cr boards (25. Dec.)
Hyperion: Update 2 for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition available for download (23. Dec.)
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