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Archive 08/2021


New print magazine: 'ZZAP! Amiga' (English)
On the associated Patreon page a support campaign is currently running, where you can contribute to the publication of the new quarterly 'ZZAP! Amiga' magazine, which will cover the latest Amiga games and much more.

For a monthly contribution of 2,50 Euro you will get the latest issue in pdf format, for 5,50 or 6,50 Euro (plus 6 Euro shipping) you will get the digital and printed issue. The issues will have 60 pages in A5 size and will be full color. There will be special A5 binders to keep them in, which will be available on the Fusionretrobooks website. Depending on the success of the magazine, it may be published bi-monthly, and next year there could also be an annual issue.

Plans are to launch the first issue of the new magazine in mid-September. Bullfrog-developer Glenn Corpes Glenn (Populous, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper) will talk about his Amiga experiences, Francois Lionet will set up an AMOS programming corner and David Pleasance will have a regular Amiga anecdotes slot. (dr)

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Amiga QuickBasic Compiler
On GitHub the developer GŁnter Bartsch has released the source code as well a first Early Preview 0.7.0 alpha1 of his Amiga QuickBasic Compiler and descibes it as "an experiment in alternate history: what AmigaBASIC could have looked like, had it been developed further tailored to the Amiga OS."

Improvements over AmigaBASIC include:
  • Advanced type system (including UDTs and Pointers, see below)
  • Support for non-static functions and subs (enables recursion)
  • Module support (similar to UNITs in TurboPascal, with full type safety and dependencies)
  • Modern syntax inspired by FreeBASIC and VisualBASIC
  • True native 68k compiler

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Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 4.10 (AmigaOS 3/4)
Version 4.10 of the open source encryption protocol AmiSSL provides an update to the latest version 1.1.1l of OpenSSL. Changes:
  • Updated OpenSSL backend to full compatibility to latest OpenSSL 1.1.1l (24.08.2021) version, which brings security and bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed an SM2 Decryption Buffer Overflow (CVE-2021-3711).
    • Fixed various read buffer overruns processing ASN.1 strings (CVE-2021-3712).
  • Updated root certificates to latest Mozilla-based bundle
  • Added Italian installer translation

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