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Archive 08/2021


AmigaOS 4/MorphOS: Controlling Sonos speakers (update)
Michael Rupp, well-known by his Workbench simulation TAWS now has started a new project: Learning the programming language Hollywood.

Specifically, he is currently developing an application for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS for controlling Sonos speaker.

The programm is called 'SonosController' and will have the following features:
  • listing your speakers with the info of the currently playing song, with an icon that is downloaded from the speaker itself
  • subscription of the speaker's UPnP events (that was probably the hardest one to crack, man-o-man), it means that the controller gets a notification if the Sonos system receives a command from some other controller (f.e. from your mobile or on some other computer) or directly from the speaker's buttons
  • sending control commands:
    • Play
    • Pause
    • Next
    • Back
    • Jump to time index
    • Volume
    • Mute
    • Shuffle
    • Repeat (everything, current song)
    • Crossfade
  • display of the current song's title, artist, and album on the selected speaker
  • download and display of the album cover if possible (f.e. if embedded into the playing MP3 file)
  • local cache for album covers for better performance
  • local cache can be emptied in the Preferences dialog
  • listing the selected speaker's current queue
  • playing a song by clicking an entry in the queue
  • listing the Sonos favourites incl. starting one
  • listing the Sonos playlists incl. starting one (normal oder shuffled)
  • listing TuneIn's saved radio stations incl. starting one
  • listing TuneIn's saved radio shows incl. starting one
  • browsing your music library incl. starting songs, albums, etc. (normal or shuffled)
  • searching your music library by search string and search type (artist, album, composer, genre, song or imported playlist)
  • the last x search strings are save, whereas x can be configured in the Preferences (0 - max. 50)
  • saved search strings can be emptied in the Preferences dialog
According to the author, he "absolutely wanted to have an Amiga exclusive feature in it, something that the original Sonos app doesn't feature:
  • Exporting playlists in M3U format. These can be put into your music library's "playlists" folder to be re-imported into Sonos, thus enabling you to kind of backup and restore your playlists.
All these features already have been implemented and currently are bug fixed. In future versions the following features will be added:
  • grouping / ungrouping of speakers
  • integration of music services such as Spotify, etc.
  • modifying the current queue, adding songs (or whole playlists), remove songs, change song order
  • save a queue as a new playlist
  • modifying playlists (change, rename, delete, etc.)
  • sleep timer functionality
  • alarms functionality
  • Ringho notifications
Regarding his experience with Hollywood, Rupp told us:

"I got into the new syntax very quickly, especially because the documentation is simply exemplary and full of sample code. Also, you can find an example for practically every programming aspect in the provided sample projects. And if I had any questions, I was always helped promptly in the Hollywood forum, be it by Andreas himself or other Hollywood programmers.

Hollywood is a programming language and so programming knowledge is necessary. Using the Hollywood Designer, however, you can do one or the other without, but this is more comparable to Scala or PowerPoint and is not a programming toolbox in the sense.

However, if you want to learn programming, I can recommend Hollywood as a starting point, especially because of the excellent documentation. Or you can click together something simple in the designer (a small slideshow or so) and then look at the generated script and try to understand what is going on."

Update: (05:53, 10.08.21, dr)
Michael Rupp emphazies that he is looking for beta testers. If you have a MorphOS or AmigaOS4 system and a Sonos speaker, then please contact him via mail. (dr)

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Dev Diary: 'This week in PiStorm'
In his weekly column 'This week in PiStorm', the developer Andrew Hutchings gathers progresses and insights on the 'PiStorm' project.

In his latest entry among others he reported that the PiStorm-Wiki was updated and now includes a FAQ as well as a detailed software installation guide. (dr)

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02.Aug.2021 (forum)

From Vultures to Vampires: Shipping of book by Pleasance and Dickinson (vol. 1)
The first volume of "From Vultures to Vampires", a book by the former Commodore UK manager David Pleasance and the A-EON Technology co-founder Trevor Dickinson, is currently shipping to those crowdfunders who pledged for the e-book version. Printing of the real book is expected to be finished August 20.

For the Kindle variant, its manufacturer currently states September 6 as date of availability. Regarding prices, on his website David Pleasance mentions 15 (e-book, same amount as previously for crowdfunders) and 35 British Pounds, respectively (printed book, for crowdfunders it had been 30 Pounds; for volume two, the latter get a discount of 50 % on both variants). (snx)

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Alain Fontanin

Text editor: Amiga Source Editor 1.52 (update)
By releasing version 1.2 (2019), at the end of the last year Alain Fontanin has resumed the development of his "Amiga Source Editor" (ASE) which originally started in 1989.

The author constantly develops his text editor further and now has released version 1.51 with the following changes:
  • Compiled with SAS/C 6.58
  • Use of the locale library for language-specific and country-specific properties (date and time) and catalogs for the localized version (english in the code, french and german as catalogs). The source file to generate the catalogs (ASE2019.cs with SimpleCat) is in the release
  • Use of the gadtools library for menus and gadgets
  • Reentrance mechanism, based on Arexx script to avoid having multiple instances of ASE2019 in memory
  • Replacement of obsolete functions
  • Ability to handle differents 'EOL' characters
  • Significant improvement in the reading speed of a document
  • Ability to create and manage document backups
  • Improve configuration of ASE2019
  • Improve tabs management : tab size from 1 to 10 and hard tabs
  • Improve speed cancellation changes
  • Integration of the Amiga clipboard
  • First version (limited) of document comparison function
  • Correction of the 'Delete content of the current line' function
  • Correction of the 'Delete characters after cursor' function
  • Correction of the 'Delete characters before cursor' function
  • New functions 'Delete word before/after cursor'
  • New configuration of the 'DEL' & 'BACKSPACE' keys;refer to 'Shortcuts' section, of the documentation for more information
  • Removal of the 'Lorem Ipsum' function
  • Correct version of the 'ASE2019.cs' localization file
Meanwhile version 1.52 is available which fixes a bug in the English menu.
Download: ASE2019_1.52.lha (134 KB) (dr)

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Aminet uploads until 31.07.2021
The following files have been added until 31.07.2021 to Aminet:
Healthcare_1.0.lha       biz/misc   240K  MOS Displays data from Garmin dev...
dsp3210.lha              driver/oth 305K  68k DSP 3210 drivers and tools
F1GP2021Carset.lha       game/data  13K       2021 Carset for F1GP
MCE.lha                  game/edit  3.2M  68k Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-MOS.lha              game/edit  3.5M  MOS Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-OS4.lha              game/edit  3.8M  OS4 Multi-game Character Editor
BOOM_AGA.lha             game/shoot 2.8M  68k Amiga port of BOOM (DOOM)
BOOM_RTG.lha             game/shoot 2.8M  68k Amiga port of BOOM (DOOM)
giocodel15.lha           game/wb    158K  68k classic, some 50 year old puz...
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu   4.3M  68k Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha        misc/emu   4.7M  MOS Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadia-OS4.lha       misc/emu   4.8M  OS4 Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiVms.lha               misc/emu   3.2M  68k Simulates OpenVMS commands
BetterPerson.lha         mods/8voic 3.8M      Better Person 7ch Slow Latin ...
amiditools.lha           mus/midi   82K   68k Tools for MIDI processing
ToolsMenu_FR.lha         util/cdity 6K        French catalog for ToolsMenu ...
Iconverter_mos.lha       util/conv  52K   MOS Convert WB 1.x/MagicWB icons ...
ADiffView.lha            util/misc  160K  68k graphical ASCII file compare/...

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OS4Depot uploads until 31.07.2021
The following files have been added until 31.07.2021 to OS4Depot:
arabic_console_device... dri/inp 3Mb   4.1 An arabic console device, line &...
mce.lha                  gam/uti 4Mb   4.0 Multi-game Character Editor
cookiemaster.lha         net/bro 2Mb   4.1 Web browser (currently Odyssey) ...

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AROS Archives uploads until 31.07.2021
The following files have been added until 31.07.2021 to AROS Archives:            aud     24kb  new datatype for aros m68k
arlan.lha                    net/mis 223kb Simple "self-made" Gop...

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MorphOS-Storage uploads until 31.07.2021
The following files have been added until 31.07.2021 to MorphOS-Storage:
AmiArcadia_27.72.lha      Emulation                 A Signetics-based machi...
ReportPlus_8.22.lha       Misc                      A Multipurpose utility ...
Healthcare_1.0.lha        Misc                      Displays data from Garm...
ADiffView_2.0.lha         Text/Compare              A graphical file compar...

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WHDLoad: New installers until 31.07.2021
Using WHDLoad, games, scene demos and intros by cracking groups, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, can be installed on harddisk. The following installers have been added until 31.07.2021:
  • 2021-07-31 improved: Ports Of Call (International Software Development) protection removed, reduced memory usage (Info)
  • 2021-07-31 new: Mutant League Hockey (Ocean) done by JOTD (Info)
  • 2021-07-31 improved: Center Court 2 (G. Fritsch) run with any diskfont.library, fixed typos (Info)
  • 2021-07-29 improved: Superfrog (Team 17) added 3-button joystick support (Info)
  • 2021-07-26 updated: Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Code Masters) install script corrected (Info)
  • 2021-07-25 improved: Ports Of Call (International Software Development) german version supported (Info)
  • 2021-07-25 improved: Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Code Masters) 2nd version supported, reduced chip mem to 512k, 68000 quitkey, 2nd button jump, faster loading, trainers added, sound effects and blitwaits fixed, RawDIC imager (Info)
  • 2021-07-25 new: Center Court 2 (G. Fritsch) done by JOTD (Info)

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