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Archive 05/2021


Aminet uploads until 29.05.2021
The following files have been added until 29.05.2021 to Aminet:
AmIRC_DE.lha             comm/irc   16K       New German catalog for AmIRC
COP.lha                  dev/debug  165K  68k Low Level Debugger
fpc-3.2.2-arm-aros.lha   dev/lang   54M       FreePascal for arm AROS ABIv0
fpc-3.2.2-i386-aros.lha  dev/lang   53M   x86 FreePascal for i386 AROS ABIv0
fpc-3.2.2-m68k-amiga.lha dev/lang   38M   68k FreePascal for AmigaOS 3.x
fpc-3.2.2-ppc-amiga.lha  dev/lang   55M   OS4 FreePascal for AmigaOS 4.x
fpc-3.2.2-ppc-morphos... dev/lang   55M   MOS FreePascal for MorphOS
spod.lha                 game/actio 317K  68k Spaceship vs Asteroids Game (...
F1GP2021Carset.lha       game/data  6K        2021 Carset for F1GP
MCE.lha                  game/edit  3.1M  68k Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-MOS.lha              game/edit  3.3M  MOS Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-OS4.lha              game/edit  3.6M  OS4 Multi-game Character Editor
pcexhumed.lha            game/shoot 604K  68k Exhumed / Powerslave
FlashMandelNG_OS4.lha    gfx/fract  17M   OS4 Mandelbrot & Julia fractals AOS4
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu   4.3M  68k Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha        misc/emu   4.6M  MOS Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadia-OS4.lha       misc/emu   4.8M  OS4 Signetics-based machines emul...
Bonzai.lha               mods/8voic 141K      Bonzai 8ch Japanese Pop Ballad
Club82.lha               mods/misc  70K       Club 82 4ch Synth Disco by HK...
StartinOver.lha          mods/misc  73K       Startin All Over 4ch Soft Rock
ReportPlus.lha           util/misc  618K  68k Multipurpose utility
ReportPlusMOS.lha        util/misc  739K  MOS Multipurpose utility
ReportPlus-OS4.lha       util/misc  783K  OS4 Multipurpose utility
EjectADF.lha             util/wb    3K    68k Add Eject commmand to OS 3.2 ...

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OS4Depot uploads until 29.05.2021
The following files have been added until 29.05.2021 to OS4Depot:
amiarcadia.lha           emu/gam 5Mb   4.0 Signetics-based machines emulator
jfsw.lha                 gam/fps 2Mb   4.1 First-person shooter video game
mce.lha                  gam/uti 4Mb   4.0 Multi-game Character Editor
flashmandelng.lha        gra/mis 17Mb  4.0 Mandelbrot & Julia fractals ...
mediavault.lha           net/mis 373kb 4.1 Discover online radio stations
bootclock.lha            uti/har 2Mb   4.0 Program to computers without bat...
reportplus.lha           uti/mis 783kb 4.0 Multipurpose utility
yt.lha                   vid/mis 2Mb   4.0 YouTube URL Extractor script
vamp.lha                 vid/pla 2Mb   4.0 Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player

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AROS Archives uploads until 29.05.2021
The following files have been added until 29.05.2021 to AROS Archives:
fpc-3.2.2-arm-aros.lha       dev/lan 54Mb  FreePascal for arm-aros ABIv0
videoslotmachine.lha         gam/boa 3Mb   A slot video game
casablanca.lha               gra/ico 43kb  MacroSystem Casablanca GlowIcons
fonttester.lha               gra/mis 2Mb   test the fonts installed in your...

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MorphOS-Storage uploads until 29.05.2021
The following files have been added until 29.05.2021 to MorphOS-Storage:
Chrysalis_3.15.iso        Chrysalis                 This pack allows you to...
AmIRC_3.8.lha             Communication             AmIRC is the best clien...
FPC_3.2.2.lha             Development/FreePascal    Free Pascal Compiler
x5000_manual.lha          Documentation/X5000       Ceci est le Manuel Tech...
AmiArcadia_27.2.lha       Emulation                 A Signetics-based machi...
Blues_R1.lha              Games/Platform            Blues Brothers & Jukebo...
ReportPlus_8.2.lha        Misc                      A Multipurpose utility ...
BootClock_1.20.lha        Misc                      A little and easy progr...
VAMP_2.30.lha             Multimedia                A Multimedia Player pro...

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WHDLoad: New installers until 29.05.2021
Using WHDLoad, games, scene demos and intros by cracking groups, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, can be installed on harddisk. The following installers have been added until 29.05.2021:
  • 2021-05-26 fixed: Dimo's Quest (Infernal Bytes/Boeder Software) keyboard handler corrected (Info)
  • 2021-05-26 updated: Battletoads (Mindscape) renamed to Battletoads (Info)
  • 2021-05-25 improved: Zyconix (Accolade) supports original release, loads and saves high scores (Info)
  • 2021-05-25 improved: Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (The Edge) uses less chip memory, 68000 quitkey (Info)
  • 2021-05-25 fixed: Hero Quest (Gremlin) saving character doesn't crash anymore when no expansion disk is available (Info)
  • 2021-05-24 improved: Dimo's Quest (Infernal Bytes/Boeder Software) uses less chip memory, new install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-23 improved: Atomic Robo-Kid (Activision) in-game cheat can be enabled with CUSTOM1, support for second fire button (weapon selection), 68000 quitkey support (Info)

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Memory game: MeMO 3.11 (update)
Simone 'saimo' Bevilacqua has released an update of his memory game MeMO. His game is based on the classic memory card game but in his port two payers can simultaneously play for getting the best highscore. MeMO requires a 68020 processor and the ECS graphic chip. The latest update among others provides an improved framework ("which makes the startup and cleanup procedures more robust"), support for joystick in mouse port and a reworked/extended menu.

Update: (06:00, 02.06.21, dr)
Meanwhile version 3.11 is available which fixes a bug introduced with the previous version. (dr) (Translation: dr)

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Hyperion: Ben Hermans temporarily relieved from director position
After Timothy de Groote had been delisted as a Hyperion director, Ben Hermans was entered into the company register as Hyperion's sole manager. But in contrast to his predecessors, he wasn't listed as a "besturder" (director): his position is that of a "vaste vertegenwoordiger" (permanent representative) of the actual director - a company named "Ben Hermans BV".

That company "Ben Hermans BV" now is the subject of a compulsory dissolution: According to Belgium's legal newsletter, a court appointed a lawyer named Jean Louis de Chaffoy de Courcelles as an judicial liquidator ("gerechtelijk vereffenaar") on May 7. As far as we know, this means that this liquidator now also acts as the company's representative in its role as Hyperion's director.

Ben Hermans still owns the vast majority of Hyperion's shares though - we assume he will return to his post as a director at some point. We currently have no information on how this change of management would be achieved though.

In the lawsuit against Cloanto and the Amiga parties a decision regarding the trial schedule was published yesterday. The judge grants the motion of the Amiga parties, explaining that it was the only one properly submitted: Apparently, Hyperion's motion was transmitted via E-Mail as a Word document by Ben Hermans himself, which is not accepted court procedure. According to the judge, the reason given by Ben Hermans was that he was unable to reach the company's US lawyer.

We approached Mr. Hermans and asked for a statement regarding the Ben Hermans BV issue. Mr. Hermans told us he can't really comment on this, as it's being handled by his lawyer currently. He gave us the following statement:

"There is no issue of 'insolvency', there was failure to file the yearly account for 2019 in time due to the accountancy firm not having the time to complete this in time apparently due to the COVID restrictions including but not limited to 'work from home' restrictions and very limited staff allowed in offices. It would be inappropriate for me to comment further without approval for my lawyer." (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Amiga Corporation: Statement regarding commercial distribution of AmigaOS 3.2
After the release of AmigaOS 3.2, it was stated that a digital edition might take a while to arrive, since Hyperion wants to create a window for dealers to generate some revenue with the CD version.

This Thrusday, an anonymous source supplied a PDF document to, allegedly containing a fax from Amiga's lawyer Gordon E. Troy to Digital River. Digital River is an E-commercie service provider that is used by Hyperion for digital distribution of AmigaOS 3.1.4 - even if Amiga's and Cloanto's lawyers managed to stop that for a while.

In the document, which is dated May 25th, the lawyer justifies why the distribution of AmigaOS 3.2 violates Amiga's trademarks and copyrights and explains in which areas the judge presiding the case against Hyperion already agreed with Amiga's point of view.

Mr. Troy also claims that (quote) "our recent investigation of Hyperion [...] strongly suggests" that Hyperion "would not be able to honour its indemnification obligations" and that Digital River might end up being found liable. In conclusion, he asks the E-commerce provider to take down all Downloads of AmigaOS 3.1.4 and to not act as a distributor for AmigaOS 3.2 at all.

We approached Mike Battilana (Amiga Corporation, Cloanto), to verify if the document we recieved is genuine. In repsonse, Mr. Battilana supplied us with an official statement from Amiga Corporation regarding the distribution of AmigaOS 3.2:

"Timothy De Groote and I negotiated a settlement agreement that was agreed to by Ben Hermans in writing on January 20, 2021. (He also represented this to the Court.) Eleven days later, he reneged.

Under the agreement Ben Hermans reneged on, Amiga Corporation would have granted Hyperion Entertainment the right (which it currently doesn't have) to release AmigaOS 3.2. If Hyperion wants to release it as a free update, Amiga has no objection, but Hyperion can't exceed its rights AND profit from it." (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Plattformer: Alpha-Version 0.1m of 'Super Delivery Boy'
A new alpha version 0.1m (video) of platformer 'Super Delivery Boy' developed with the Scorpion Engine can be downloaded from the developer's website. Among other things, new sound effects and features (red bird) have been added. The first two levels are playable, the rest are for preview purposes only. (dr) (Translation: bb)

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CS-Lab: Warp 3060/4060 turbo cards not available until 2022
On his 'unofficial Warp 3060/4060 page' Greg Donner quotes one of the developers of CS-Lab, according to which due to the lack of availability of components on the market and due to lack of time the WARP 4060 will only be finished next year. For the two already finished sister cards for the Amiga 500 and 1200 ( reported) the planned webshop is not yet available. (dr) (Translation: bb)

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Pre-order starts soon: Amiga inspired case in MiniITX format
Stephen Jones had an A3000-inspired case crowdfunded in 2018, reviving the "Checkmate" brand he used thirty years ago for an A500 desktop case. Announced in late summer, the "Checkmate Mini" variant which is significantly smaller and intended for motherboards in the mini-ITX form factor and can also accommodate the "UnAmiga" and "MIster" FPGA emulators using an adapter kit, was successfully crowdfunded by 303 backers to the tune of around 75,000 euros earlier this year.

As the developer Steve Jones told us on request, the 'Mini' is still available until July only for the backers. The general pre-order page is already up, but the links are still hidden until then. The developer has just received detailed documentation on the case in a test version for review.

Pre-orderable, but currently not in stock, is the 'Plus' variant in black or white for around 210 Euros each. (dr) (Translation: bb)

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Print/PDF magazine: Komoda & Amiga plus #18 (English/Polich)
"Komoda & Amiga Plus" is dedicated to retro gamers and deals mainly with Commodore's 8-bit computers and Amigas. Among the topics of the current issue 18 (spring/summer) are background reports on 'Outrage' and 'Boss Machine', game reviews on 'Dune 2020' and 'Fury of the Furries' as well as articles on 'Amiga68k on a Raspberry Pi 400' and WinUAE.

The magazine is available in a printed edition including the cover disc for 6.67 euros (plus approx. 5 euros shipping costs), the price for the digital edition is 1.56 euros. (dr) (Translation: bb)

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AmigaOS 4: Fractal and Mandelbrot program FlashMandelNG 3.6
Developer Dino Papararo, about whom we published a detailed portrait the other day, has uploaded version 3.6 of his fractal and Mandelbrot program FlashMandelNG to OS4Depot. This version enables graphics card rendering even under 24bit screens. There are also minor optimizations and speed improvements. (dr) (Translation: bb)

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AmigaOS 4: MediaVault 1.2.0
MediaVault is an open source desktop application for AmigaOS 4 that can be used to stream online radio stations. An external player like AmigaAmp is needed. It is planned to create egine favorite lists with Mediavault and also to be able to retrieve podcasts. The program needs the oo.library v1.13 and the jansson.library v2.12.1.

The author George 'walkero' Sokianos has now released version 1.2.0, which includes the following changes:
  • New:
    • Added Unicode conversion to system charset on radio station names - Thanks to Daniel "trixie" Jedlicka
    • Now the application registers properly and can get requests from other apps, like Exchanger - Thanks to Daniel "trixie" Jedlicka
    • Now the MediaVault can jump to different screens - Thanks to Daniel "trixie" Jedlicka
    • Added better error manipulation when there were API response errors - Thanks to Daniel "trixie" Jedlicka
    • Now the size and the position of the window can be saved by the Popup Gadget - Thanks to Daniel "trixie" Jedlicka

  • Changes:
    • Added code to detach the listbrowser before change it's data. That's the way it should be done
    • Restructured code to reduce the duplicated code in radiofuncs.c. Now, one method is used instead of three separated that had pretty much the same code. Better code, less problems.
    • A lot of refactoring, removing global variables.
    • Reduced a lot of duplicated code.
    • Now the default radio station number increased to 50. The response is also much faster - Thanks to Tuomas Hokka and oo.library 1.13 fixes
    • Changed the way classes and gadgets are initiallized - Thanks to Daniel "trixie" Jedlicka
    (dr) (Translation: bb)

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