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Archive 12/2002

31.Dec.2002 wish you a Happy New Year 2003!

© 2002 by Rolf Tingler

[News message: 31. Dec. 2002, 15:32] [Comments: 0]
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Andreas Falkenhahn (E-Mail)

New Hollywood screen shots
As some people did not know that Hollywood is also able to import the popular Rainboot boot configuration file format, I have put up some screenshots in the Hollywood section which show Hollywood running Rainboot configurations. This gives you real Rainboot feeling on your Workbench. The screenshots show the boot configurations Alien Boot, AmigaOS 3.5 Boot, CloudBoot, PCommBoot, Pixel Art Boot & Windows Simulator Boot. Finally, I wish all Amiga users and all my friends a Happy New Year! (ps)

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Grzegorz Kraszewski (ANF)

Tool: ViewISO 1.1
ViewISO is a TrueType font viewer using TTEngine. Now with ARexx port and commandline interface it can be used as TrueType viewer in filemanagers. Download it here.

ViewISO is a program designed for viewing ISO-8859 charsets using TrueType Unicode fonts. It can be useful to check if a TrueType font contains glyphs for given charset. On the other hand you can see how some exotic glyph looks like. ViewISO requires MUI and TTEngine installed.

Changes from version 1.0:
  • ARexx command 'LoadFont' (script for filemanagers included).
  • 'Load' button.
  • Accepts font name as a commandline parameter.
  • Serious memory leak fixed.

[News message: 31. Dec. 2002, 15:02] [Comments: 0]
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Elbox (E-Mail)

New Year Greetings from Elbox
Elbox Computer would like to wish Amiga users and its supporters a Happy New Year. Year 2002 was a time of intense and effective work for Elbox. We enriched Amiga computers with eight new products: five new Mediator PCI busboard models (4000D, 3000D, 3/4000T, 1200SX and 4000Di), two comprehensive Mirage tower systems (for A4000D and A3000D computers) and a USB High-Speed controller (Spider USB 2.0).

In 2003 we are focusing on the SharkPPC G3/G4 product line, which will turn your PCI Amiga into a new powerful G3/G4 system. A New Year Gift from Elbox: With every Mediator busboard or Spider USB bundle purchased in the Elbox On-line Store between 31th December 2002 and 17th January 2003 you will receive a free Mediator T-shirt! (ps)

[News message: 31. Dec. 2002, 02:45] [Comments: 0]
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Dietmar Eilert

Editor: GoldED studio AIX update SP8 and PGP5.0i 1.1
Service pack 8 for GoldED released. This contains new menu and keyboard configurations (it must at least be installed SP3). The new PGP Addon ensures that the coding software 'Pretty Good Privacy 5.0 international' (version 5.0i 1.1) by Phil Carpenter can be used with GoldED. (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 30. Dec. 2002, 22:28] [Comments: 0]
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zErec (ANF)

Update of the AMIthlon Kernel
There is a new Kernel for the 68k-Emulator AMIthlon available in the Aminet. This version contains the following improvements:

  • Support for GeForce3 graphic card
  • Support for Matrox G550 graphic card, and improved support for other Matrox boards
  • Support for Dell and IBM computer with corrupted PCI BIOS
  • Workaround for a bug in Amithlon, that causes a crash during booting on CDROM less computers
  • Improved hardware support for IDE/SCSI controllers

Download: newkernel.lha (ca. 1 MB) (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 30. Dec. 2002, 19:31] [Comments: 0]
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Lars "Ghandy" Sobiraj (ANF)

RayDreams - First homepage of Fortunato/ on-line
The first homepage of the raytracing artist Uwe "Fortunato" Gillissen, which often helped out the team in the past, is now finally on-line. In RayDreams Fortunato presents newer creations besides some older works. Everyone who is interested in a picture may write directly to the artist and will then receive the original version of it. If you have questions feel free to contact Fortunato. (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 30. Dec. 2002, 19:27] [Comments: 0]
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Emulator: UAE-X version 0.5 - Amiga emulator for x-box
With UAE-X you can emulate an Amiga 500 or Amiga 1200 on your x-box. At the title link you can find detailed information and some screenshots. (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 30. Dec. 2002, 03:08] [Comments: 0]
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Magazine: Amiga Information Online (AIO) #66
The issue #66 of the English language Amiga on-line magazine 'Amiga information on-line (AIO)' is now available. This issue contains besides others the following articles:

  • Dr. Strange, Web Wanderer
  • Virus Protection
  • A Utility For AIO Readers Only
  • Hints & Tips
  • 'Twas the Night Before Amiga

The complete content can be founded in the Readme, which is attached to the archives. AIO uses its own display program and can be used starting from Amiga OS V3.0.

Download: AIOV66.lha (415 KB) (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 30. Dec. 2002, 02:36] [Comments: 0]
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Dirk Salzsieder (ANF)

Benchmark: AmigaMARK LPA 2003 V0.905 Beta Preview (Update)
On 29 December 2002 Rupert Hausberger released a preview of his benchmark program 'AmigaMARK LPA 2003'. Since the completion will still last some time, Rupert Hausberger decided to place this modified version ready for testing. Characteristics:
  • Processor -, memory and non removable disk analysis
  • graphic comparing of results and modules
  • module-based storing of the results
  • evaluation of the computer achievement according to a percent system
  • bench mark report in the title format
  • individual attitudes for each individual test
  • support of the NSD [new style DEVICES] equipment standard
  • and much more ...
Feedback to this program can be sent by E-Mail to Rupert Hausberger (

Download: AmigaMARK.905beta.lha (836K), Readme, History

Supplement 30.12.2002:
Feedback only at Rupert Hausberger. (sd) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 30. Dec. 2002, 00:05] [Comments: 0]
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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Amiga Future: New Workshop column
For finding workshops easily a list of all workshops known to the Amiga Future editorial staff has been published. Among those are, e.g.
  • Installing Apache 1.3.20
  • ArtEffect
  • Creating ARexx scripts
  • Cinema4D for beginners
  • T-DSL and Amiga
Hints to further workshops can be brought to Amiga Future's attention via eMail. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 23:55] [Comments: 0]
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A.D.A.: Intro and three music disks
29th December 2002: An intro, three music disks as well as screenshots have been added to the Amiga Demoscene Archive (A.D.A.). The additions are: The productions for Amiga computers are available for download ('Kiss my jazz/Appendix' not yet) and are presented with pictures on their page. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 22:15] [Comments: 0]
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SDI's program page

Tool: CheckX V1.91 - Examines packers, archives, viruses
29th December 2002: Dirk Stöcker has released version 1.91 of his tool 'CheckX'. This program examines packed files as well as archives and checks them for viruses. Thereby the files are dearchived or unpacked as far as possible.

The tool utilises the xfdmaster.library (util/pack/xfdmaster.lha) and xvs.library (util/virus/xvsLibrary.lha) for searching packed files and viruses as well as the xadmaster.library (util/arc/xadmaster.lha) for dearchiving file and diskette archives.

These libraries are also available for download through the title link.

Further information can be gathered from the Web site and the Readme.

Download: CheckX.lha, Readme (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 22:13] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future

CUCUG Status Register 12/2002
The CUCUG Status Register of December 2002 has been published. In the Status Register the Club regularly reports about its own meetings and about the areas Amiga, Linux, Macintosh and PC. This issue contains the following about PPC as well as Amiga:

The Macintosh Section:
  • IBM "AltiVec"
The Amiga Section:
  • Executive Update - November 2, 2002
  • Letting The World Know !
  • Amithlon Mothballed
(sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 21:25] [Comments: 0]
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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

Player: Amiga-Mediaplayer V1 full version
Today Carsten Siegner has finished work on the first version of his player 'Amiga-Mediaplayer' and released this version.
  • Multimedia program with transparent GUI (TV, Radio, Mediastreamer)
  • Context sensitive (Mediastream, TV, Radio)
  • With the help of FroggerNG nearly all formats can be replayed (Mediastream, Video, Audio)
  • If you have Amithlon with AmithlonTV installed you can enjoy a transparent TV window. This can then, if the TV card also has a radio tuner, switch to a radio window.
  • The TV part gets its TV prefs from TV-Watch.
  • The radio part has its own prefs file which can be edited with an editor.
  • The radio and TV part have 7 channel buttons each for programs. This is arranged as in TV-Watch, except no radio settings are taken over from the TV-Watch prefs.
  • Furthermore, you can turn on or switch between TV card inputs (VHS1, VHS2, SVHS1), and change audio settings (Stereo, Mono, Channel1, Channel2 and Mute).
  • In addition to the seven program buttons, the radio part also has two realtime frequency controllers. With these you can set the radio tuner frequency.
  • The radio part has a frequency display (in MHz) where you can read the tuner's current frequency.
  • Changer window for context choice.
  • Integrated some shortcuts.
  • Amithlon (full functionality)
  • Amiga (68k, WOS, PPC, MOS), TV and radio part not activated
  • Functioning AmithlonTV 2.07-beta installation (incl. Smear)
  • TV card with radio tuner
  • Functioning FroggerNG 2.05 installation (with Key)
  • Functioning ARexx
  • AHI
  • For Amithlon: AC97 mixer (or else the Sound card won't be initialised)

Just copy (nothing else) the libs appropriate for you system into the "Workbench:Libs" directory. That's it.

The Mediaplayer can then be started directly from the installation directory.

If Fogger is not installed or not installed correctly, an ASL requester appears asking for the Frogger path.

Upon starting the Mediaplayer first searches for system programs like RX etc. These have to be located in the SYS: directory, otherwise Mediaplayer won't start properly.

After the start of the Mediaplayers the TV window has to be restarted once, otherwise the audio part of the TV card isn't initialised, and no sound can be heard.

This, however, has to be done only once. On restarts of the Mediaplayer or the TV window the TV card is properly recognised.

  • Audio export of TV and Radio sound into an AIFF file.
Download: Mediaplayer-1.lzx (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 21:22] [Comments: 0]
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Alt-WoA 2003: New venue
The organisators of the 'Alt-WoA 2003' have opted for a new venue. Instead of at the 'Old Corn Mill' in Huddersfield, England, the Alt-WoA will now be held at the 'Kirkdale Conference Centre'. This is located a mile from the original venue.

Pictures, a map as well as information about the Centre are published on the Alt-WoA Web site.

The reason for the change is the closure of the 'Old Corn Mill' since mid-November for ca. 22 weeks. And the organisers' insecurity about whether or not the new owners will offer a suitable space for the event afterwards.

Amiga Inc. and Hyperion have already assured their attendance. A confirmation from Eyetech is being awaited to then start the preparations.

An exact date has not yet been published on the site. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 17:12] [Comments: 0]
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Instant Messenger: Jabberwocky V1.3 - 4th preview d/d 27th Dec 2002
27th December 2002: Tom Parker has released a new preview of the Instant Messenger 'JabberWocky' for Amiga computers. This version contains the following changes:
  • Localisation support in most dialogs
  • French language catalog
  • Fixed 2 enforcer hits reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone
  • Autoconnect on startup preference now saved and used.
Jabber is an open XML protocol for the direct exchange of messages.

Connection establishment with other Instant Messengers like AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo is possible via gateways.

Download: Jabberwocky021227.lha

Source: (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 15:39] [Comments: 0]
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Michael Böhmer (ANF)

USB: HIGHWAY/SUBWAY - First pictures of BootROM module
Michael Böhmer writes:
"On our poll page on the BootROM module and the re-release of the HIGHWAY the first pictures of our BootROM module can be found. Thus you can already get a first impression of this module.

Due to the holidays the poll has been extended until 6th January 2003." (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 14:20] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Society

Amiga Society: Updates for hardware (German only), software and books
From the der Amiga Society Homepage:

is the theme of the recent update. At 29-Dec-2003 it starts with updates for Hard-(German translation only), Software and Books.

The second wave runs on January. For all who have been waiting so long for a new "Schlachtfeld" there will be released a little goody. The good old "Schlachtfeld" in winterlook with new maps. The graphic will be improved as it is possible. Sorry, this is all for the coming day's - but I hope it will give you some hot battles at cold winterdays.


Horst' (sd)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 13:41] [Comments: 0]
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CES 2003: Genesi listet
By now Genesi (Pegasos computer) have been listed as exhibitor on the 2003 International CES Web site.

The 2003 International CES takes place from 9th-12th January 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 11:51] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga: Happy Holidays From Amiga Inc.
From the Amiga Inc. Web site:
"(24-Dec-2002) Amiga Inc would like to wish its partners, friends and all those in the growing Amiga community a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. 2002 has been about taking the best of the Amiga community, its passion, skill and commitment to excellence, and building for the future. 2003 will be about enjoying the fruits of those labors, and more, about sharing that enjoyment with the rest of the world. " (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 11:50] [Comments: 0]
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Game: Payback for GBA - Status Report #3
28th December 2002: James Daniels of Apex Designs has published the third status report on the GBA port of the game 'Payback'.

The game's frame rate has been increased through optimisations. 15 frames/s were targetted (matches V-Rally 3's frame rate) and 16 frames/s achieved, whereby the optimisations for transparency effects haven't yet been added, so an additional speed increase should be possible.

The other emphasis was on the HUD (Head up display) for showing the score, the map, the weapons display and the mission briefs. Instead of using the existing software routines, James Daniels had decided to use the GBA's hardware sprites. Though this is quite expensive, it brought with it a performance gain of some 10% compared to the pure software solution.

Additionally bugs have been fixed, so the game is now fully playable in most levels.

The emphasis for the next months lies on the audio mixer, the sound effects and the music. Furthermore there might be a chance to start work on the multi player mode.

The full report is accessible through the title link. It also contains new screenshots and a short video in MPEG format. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 11:50] [Comments: 0]
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Arkadiusz [Yak] Wahlig

Window organisation: DepthMenu Version 2.41
The Polish programmer Arkadiusz [Yak] Wahlig has released version 2.41 of his program 'DepthMenu'. With this program you can administer, minimise or maximise opened windows on your Workbench and much more.

New in this version: A nasty bug has been fixed, and a Hungarian catalogue has been added.

Download: DepthMenu.lha (ps) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 02:33] [Comments: 0]
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ANN has turned six!
The news service ANN celebrated its sixth birthday yesterday. Congratulations to Christian Kemp from Thank you for six years of excellent work and for the stamina! Here's to the next six years :-). (ps) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 00:34] [Comments: 0]
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Cyborg (ANF)

Amiga LAN-Party on 8th/9th Feb 2003 in Braunschweig
Cyborg writes:
The Amiga-User Braunschweigs will introduce themselves within the framework of the Amiga LAN-Party on 8th/9th February 2003 in the Freizeitzentrum Mühle in Braunschweig. Participation itself is free, merely a contribution to the electricity bill for computers brought along will be raised.

We are wishing for a well attended event and yes, we can go on throughout the night. (ps) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 29. Dec. 2002, 00:04] [Comments: 0]
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