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Archive 12/2001

22.Dec.2001 / Jorge Pino (ANF) portal reports about demo scene/Amiga
»All began with the Commodore C-64 and the successor Amiga whose popularity came from the fact that there was an almost unmanageable number of games for these computers. In addition were their technical characteristics for graphics and sound far superior to those of a PC of that time - and all this for a childroom compatible price.«
Complete article see title link. (ps) (Translation: (wk)

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Christoph Dietz

NEO Award on 13.12.2001
The NEO Award, for that was also nominated, was awarded on 13.12.2001 in Stuttgart in the Mercedes Forum to several websites. Christoph Dietz has taken part for in the awarding and has taken some photos. Read now the summary of his impressions.

The NEO Award was a successful event - even though we as "only" made the 12th place in the cathegory ´most popular website´. But with altogether more than 500,000 registered users and with more than 2.5 million votes within a period of four weeks this ranking is for us as a news site for a marginal group a remarkable result. It's you, the readers, who fully deserve the thanks for this.

In the Stuttgart Mercedes Forum had the people arranging the NEO Award not only taken care for many people - including of course the nominees in the different areas - but also for the matching ambiente with food and drinking.

Through the show led Frauke Ludowig, presenter of the RTL programme "Explosiv", again and again kindly interrupted by the asides of Mirco Nontschew, entertainer from the "RTL Saturday Night". Numerous musical interludes, beginning with the ones of "Glashaus", always ensured a good atmosphere in the hall and were a good frame for the award.

Most of the awarded NEOs were named by a prominent jury, though it does not neccessarily make a name for itself in the sphere of the Internet.

The Special Award for great contribution to the new media went to Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg, deputizing for his team, with which he had created the music compression standard MPEG3 (short: MP3). This price was presented by Dr. Christoph-E. Palmer, minister of state of Baden-Württemberg.

The price for the best Online advertising went to the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, commented by them in the speech of thanks with not having expecting to win this price with RTL and VIVA belonging to the sponsors and jury members. In the background could the laudator of the Award be seen, the voice of "Robert T-Online".

As best sports site on the net was the one of Formula 1 racing driver Michael Schuhmacher elected. The price for this was taken by Kai Ebel, presenter of the Formular 1 broadcast of RTL. The site of the soap "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" ("Good times, bad times") was winner of the award for the best series site. The heavy weight "NEO" was presented to three actors of the series who all reacted indifferent towards the winning of the price and at the same time announced the (already happened) relaunch of the site. Both sites are btw. designed and supervised by RTL News Media, as is well known presented as member of the jury by their manager Dr. Thomas Hesse.

The group Glashaus was for this evening not only engaged as live act but also won the award in the area "best music site".

Radio on the Internet, the most popular website here is the "Chart Radio".

"Der Schuh des Manituh" is not only one of the most successful films in German cinemas but also the winner of the NEO for the best film site.

"" got the public price for the most popular website, presented by Heidi Klum. surprised with the announcement that "much is to be expected" and meant with this the television. This made the laudator ask spontaneously whether the " is already reserved".

Electronic postcards can be sent most innovative at "" and for this it gave the second public NEO of the evening.

A flat after-taste remains for exactly these two awards, though, because in the participation terms under point 17/5, paragraph 5, sentence 3 it is written as follows:

"The organisator reserves for himself to change the result when the vote results aren't a good advertisement."

Unfortunately we won't ever experience whether the winning sites made it to the top because of the participiants or because of effectiveness. We hope for the former!

A winner for the offered Smart wasn't drawn on this event, we wait impatiently for the naming of the lucky one.

More than words speak our further pictures of the event for themselves:

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(480 x 640)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)
(ps) (Translation: (wk)

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Olaf Köbnik (email)

Amiga Arena: interview with Heinrich Tillack (AStarC)
New PD or shareware games can be found more and more seldom on the Aminet. The more pleasing it is that with "AStarC" a clone of the Arcade classic "Star Castle" by Cinematronics released in the year 1980 gives a welcome change! Heinrich Tillack, the developer, answered the questions of the Amiga Arena. (ps) (Translation: (wk)

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Jan Andersen (VHT-ML)

VHT: The antivirus poll 2001
Hi all...

Okay, the poll for voting for the antivirus programmer who has done the most for the Amiga antivirus scene in 2001, has only 10 more days to go. Here are the current vote statistics:

Jan Erik Olausen & Georg Hoermann - xvs.library : 254 votes
Jan Erik Olausen - VirusExecutor : 213 votes
Zbigniew Trzcionkowski - Safe : 46 votes
Alex van Niel - VirusChecker II : 19 votes
Dirk Stoecker - VirusZ III : 11 votes
Heiner Schneegold _ VT-Schutz : 8 votes

(total 551 votes)

You can vote here.

Please do us the favour, and place your vote......

Kind regards

Jan Andersen
Virus Help Denmark

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Oliver Wagner (Vapor-ML)

AmigaNCP 2.2
AmigaNCP is an implementation of the Psion link protocol which is e.g. built into the Psion S3/S3a/S3C and Psion S5 palmtop's ROM. It's main purpose is to provide vice-versa nfs-like file access. AmigaNCP features:

  • -- the "amigancp.library" providing all the network I/O functions.
  • -- the AmigaNCP-FileSystem providing transparent access to Psion files from the AmigaDOS environment. Includes transparent charset translation feature and possibility to store icons on the Amiga side for full workbench integration.
  • -- the AmigaNCP-FileServer providing transparent access to Amiga files from the Psion side with optional on-the-fly character conversion.
  • -- a print server allowing to print directly from your Psion to a printer connected to your Amiga.
  • -- full developer documentation and associated material to faciliate NCP services from within your own applications.
AmigaNCP requires:
  • -- AmigaOS 2.04 or better (localization supported).
  • -- the IBM-PC version of the 3-Link cable.
Changes from Release 2.1 to 2.2
  • -- Amiga to Psion clipboard transfer now working (S5/EPOC32 mode only)
  • -- fixed ACTION_SET_DATE and ACTION_SET_PROTECT for S5/EPOC32 mode
New releases will be put on AmiNet. Also, you might directly visit the support site:

FTP:, /pub/amigancp/

There is also a support mailing list for AmigaNCP. To subscribe, write to

and put "SUBSCRIBE" in the mail body. Put "HELP" in the mail body to get full instructions on how to use the list server.

=== Bug reports: ===

Please report any bugs via E-Mail to Please enclose a detailed description of the bug and the bug generation procedure, together with a description of both your AmigaOS and Psion setup. (ps)

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Andreas R. Kleinert (E-Mail)

SViewIV PPC 25.4 - Error during upload to Aminet
Unfortunately something went wrong when uploading the SViewIV PPC modules V25.4 to Aminet - only a textfile went there. Until the upload-delay of 10 days is over, I'll provide the archive for download on my website. (ps)

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Paul J. Beel (ANF)

GetBoinged has new Amiga news section!
GetBoinged! has created a small news section called "Weekly Amiga News Round-Up!" where selected news items will appear. This section will feature up to ten news items for each week. So if you only have time to check the news once a week, you only have to go one place. To check it out point your browser here. A link off the home page will take you to the new section. (ps)

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Mr. B.B.C. (ANF)

Complete documentation of FinalBASIC available
Mr. B.B.C. wrote:
Just in time befor the new year I may announce that the documentation of FinalBASIC is finally completed. FinalBASIC is once again a BASIC dialect. But the special about it is the fact that it is developed as OpenSource and allows easy platform independant programming. With this it will be in strong competition with Java though its capabilitites are comparatively limited.

Because of the conception can FinalBASIC deliver a quite usable performance and could one day shake off Java. FinalBASIC, too, bases on compact bytecode files that can additionally be compiled to machine code programs, though, then being platform dependant, of course.

FinalBASIC is especially oriented towards client operating systems on slow computers. Therefore could also "exotics" like AmigaOS get new software.

Under you can get a complete documentation of the bytecode in its current state.

The first version of FinalBASIC is a more primitive console version for Linux that already offers mouse support, graphics and sound. Later on a complex GUI development shall be added that moves FinalBASIC, apart from many direct hardware resp. memory accesses, to the squad of the professional developing tools.

The project still needs capable C programming people under Linux, but people interested in porting the language may also already register. All information can be found on the website. (ps) (Translation: (wk)

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CD³²-Allianz (ANF)

CDTV review writers wanted
CD³²-Allianz wrote:
As we want to extend our review section in the near future we are looking for people who would be willing to write from time to time some reviews of released CDTV titles. (ps) (Translation: (wk)

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Matthias Henze (ANF)

stormamiga.lib V.45.00 beta 6 for StormC
Matthias Henze wrote:
As a little Christmas gift from me there's now a new version of the stormamiga.lib. It's just a small update. Here's a short overview about the changes:

  • All known errors removed.
  • The functions getpid, flock, cot and pow2 added.
  • The functions strtol and strtoul rewritten.
  • Better support of StormC V4.
  • Support of StormC V2 removed.
  • Some changes in the include files done.
  • Guide and installer script revised.
  • Some other small things done.
(ps) (Translation: (wk)

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Darek Dulian (E-Mail)

Elbox: MediatorUP 2.7
The MediatorUP 2.7 update for Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users has been made available today. The update includes the new versions of the following drivers:

  • pci.library ver.5.0
  • MediatorNET.device ver.2.4 (Ethernet 10Mbps PCI cards)
  • Voodoo.card ver.2.10 (Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo3/4/5 PCI graphic cards)
  • Virge.card ver.1.4 (S3 ViRGE, S3 ViRGE DX PCI graphic cards)
All the above drivers have been redesigned so as to automatically detect the busboard type and to provide the appropriate support. (ps)

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Darek Dulian (E-Mail)

Elbox: Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.10
The MM CD 1.10 update for Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released by ELBOX Computer.

The update includes the new versions of the following drivers:
  • ver.4.5 (SoundBlaster PCI128 sound cards)
  • Voodoo.card ver.4.11 (Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 PCI graphic cards)
  • mixer.library ver.1.3 (SB128, FM801, SB Live!, SB Audigy sound cards)
  • tv.library ver.1.5 (TV tuner cards)
  • FastEthernet.device ver.1.4 (10/100Mbps FastEthernet cards)
All the above drivers have been redesigned so as to automatically detect the busboard type and to provide the appropriate support. (ps)

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Michael Heider (ANF)

Journal File System EXT3 for Linux-APUS
Michael Heider writes:
Besides JFS the Journal File System EXT3 for use with Linux-APUS is now also available at the title link. Among the files available on my homepage are besides a precompiled kernel version 2.4.9 and the EXT3 patch a kernel patch of version 2.4.9 which can be applied to the original sources. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Michael Herrmann (ANF)

AMCLUST: To the AMIGA community
Dear AMIGA community,

in the coming year the AMCLUST (Amiga Club Steinfurt, Germany) celebrates its 15th year. When I founded the club with two friends in September 1987 I wouldn't have thought that we would still stick with our "old" AMIGA 15 years later. And I am not alone, even if the number of members has decreased rapidly in the last years. Remaining is the "hard core" for which it's worth to steer the AMCLUST towards its 20th year.

With Christoph "Chriskay" Kirsch and Marco Wilka we have sadly lost two very good programmers last year, both have stopped their work on AMIGA projects (DataM-II, CROSS) and have switched to Linux.

On the other side we still have very active developers with Christian Effenberger and Guido Mersmann and some optimism is certainly justified.

In any case we will celebrate the 15th year of the AMCLUST, how and when is not decided yet, but we are already making plans.

Without the AMIGA community the AMCLUST certainly wouldn't be existing anymore, so a wholehearted thank you to all of you out there. A special thanks to Petra Struck and her team for the first-class

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, we'll see, read and hear us in the new year...

- mice - (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Thomas Nosutta (ANF)

The ACBB wishes ...
... all Miggys in this world a Christmas without stress and a successful year 2002. May the next year make the world of the Amiga a bit friendlier again. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Andreas Magerl (e-mail)

Amiga Future: Vote on Amiga 2001
On the Amiga Future homepage has been a vote since some time "How did you like the Amiga 2001?". Voting will be closed in a couple of days. It would be nice if some more users would participate. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Jürgen Lange (ANF)

BoingBag 3.9-2 with Euro next year
According to a mailing by Martin Steigerwald, Haage & Partner, on the AOS3X mailing list there will be an AOS 3.9 update in the coming year which will be released as Boing Bag 3.9 #2. With this update the Euro will be supported on AOS. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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20.Dec.2001 Redaktion (ANF) Problems with MorphOS - we'll help
Did you happen to have problems installing MorphOS, is your computer on strike again or you cannot launch programs? No problem, the editorial team is there for you with advice and aid in our forum. You can just try it under the title link. (ps) (Translation: (mj)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

Individual Computers: Our .com domains are moving
The domains and are moving to a new registrar, and to a new provider. Should you encounter any problems using one of those domains during the next 48 hours, please try and (ps)

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Christoph Meier (ANF)

TweakPC: CeBIT 2002 without Matrox
Today, the Matrox company announced that they will not attend the CeBIT 2002 show as an exhibitor. As reasons the "uncertainty of how the general economic situation will evolve" an the "worldwide negative trend regarding the amount of visitors and exhibitors of IT shows" were mentioned.
Complete article see title link.
(ps) (Translation: (mj)

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Harald Frank/VMC (ANF)

ProStationAudio Amithlon-Benchmarks online
AudioLabs have published the first benchmarks of the new dspspeed tool running under Amithlon, and still is wanting more users who would like to participate in creating a complete table with all Amiga models.

More information can be found under the title link. (ps) (Translation: (mj)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: PuzzleBOBS News
Now the English graphics guide for creating own levels and graphics for "PuzzleBOBS" is available for download. Who would like to translate this manual into the German language or has made own levels might contact Olaf Koebnik. (ps) (Translation: (mj)

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Gabriele Greco (E-Mail)

MorphOS Uploads to Aminet from Gabriele Greco
If someone is interested I've uploaded some MorphOS related files to Aminet on Sunday and they are finally available:

A nice vertical scroll shooter that runs in true color 640x480 with parallax scrolling, really nice gfx. Very playable here on MorphOS, it was almost implayable on 060...
Dowload: gammapatrolmos.lha

Port of ZIP/UNZIP, with crypt support, about 1.5 faster than the powerup version.
Dowload: ZipMOS.lha

Port of the unix lha. VERY fast, use the unix syntax instead of the Boberg's lha one.
Dowload: LhA-mos.lha

Version 1.2.3 of SDL, also available in .zip format at
Dowload: SDL-Amiga.lha (ps)

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Dennis Lohr (ANF)

DigiboosterPro Community HomePage Update & IRC-Meeting
On the DigiboosterPro Community homepage (title link) something's going on, again. For one a wishlist was published containing the extensions most often demanded by the participating users. For second both the German and English forums have been pooled together. So, who comes to the English mask will automatically be forwarded to the mutual forum, now.

Furthermore the Digibooster Community invites you to attend the IRC meeting. On Thursday, 20. December, 2001 at 20:00 CET a DBPro Community channel will be ready under:

Channel: #digiboosterpro
Port: 6667

We would be happy about great participation. In the case of valuable response we will keep this channel. (ps) (Translation: (mj)

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Unicornis (ANF)

New Christmas Levels for WormsDC
Since Worms Armageddon for the Amiga appears to take another few years :-), I've finished two nice Christmas levels for Worms Directors Cut (WormsDC), just in time. Have much fun playing the levels and Merry Chritsmas!

Download: xmaswrm.lha (ps) (Translation: (mj)

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20.Dec.2001 (ANF)

Christmas Project at
You can win at! You just have to look out for a false headline. If you happened to find this, send an e-mail containing your name and quoting this false headline to:

In the case of more than one proper answer we will choose the winner by lot! You can win the Aminet 46 CD (on its release). This project will be valid thru 26. December, 2001 (date of e-mail).
Much luck! (ps) (Translation: (mj)

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Michael Böhmer (ANF)

Zorro II USB Controller: HIGHWAY Beta Testers wanted
HIGHWAY beta testers with busboards wanted.
The initial bigger tests of the new HIGHWAY cards (zorro II USB controller) turned out that especially non-Commodore busboards behave crucial in connection with the HIGHWAY card. To prevent our customers from being disappointed, we are now looking for beta testers having a busboard (A1200 / A4000) and living in or near Munich.

Interested people might contact (ps) (Translation: (mj)

[News message: 20. Dec. 2001, 10:45] [Comments: 0]
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Mirko Engelhardt (ANF)

Amigaland - News
Amigaland beside of games (legal thanks to permission of the manufacturers) also offers demos, emu-tools, and emulators for download. The 'Demos' rubric is accessible again, located on the Tripod server. Furthermore there is a new game on the homepage. With 'Ports of Call' you will find a real classic game at Amigaland! (ps) (Translation: (mj)

[News message: 20. Dec. 2001, 10:38] [Comments: 0]
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