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Archive 12/2001

John Harris (Amiga Open-ML)

AmigaDE: VP Starter code
On 14 December, 2001 John Harris released the current version of his VP-Starter-Codes for AmigaDE. This update contains bug fixes and improvements.

The archive contains examples and helpful routines in VP. They are supposed to help you get started with the VP applications or they might provide further support for those of you who are already experienced.

Apart from the examples it contains routines to set up the AVE and application window, manage events and cycling processes, embed 16-bit compressed graphics, and draw graphics and text on screen.

Download:, Readme (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Basil Flinter (amigaone-ML)

Fair: ADUG-Stand planned at the IT COMDEX in Sydney
Following the great success of the Amiga Downunder (ADUG) Stand at the IT/Expo + COMDEX mainstream IT exhibition in Melbourne last September the Sydney Amiga User Group (SAUG) is now planning an ADUG Stand at the IT COMDEX & NetWorld+Interop Exhibition to be held in Sydney fom 5-7 March, 2002.

Just as in Melbourne, The ADUG Stand in Sydney is supposed to present products which are relevant to Amiga, including Amithlon and AmigaOne.

We need help urgently. No matter where you live you can become involved in the project by means of running the stand or by financial and/or product support. If you are interested, please contact one of the following addresses:,

The complete press report with additional information in the original version can be found via the title link. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Amiga Future

WWW: SiteWay-Bundle "Web-Tools" V1.01
On 14 December, 2001 Christian Effenberger released version 1.01 of the SiteWay Bundle "Web-Tools". SiteWay is a content management system and a collection of tools for the creation and maintenance of web sites.

In the archive various tools have been put together. A list of the tools including descriptions and screenhots is available via the title link.

Download: SiteWay.lha (1,2M) (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Aminet: New Interface
There is a new WWW-Interface available on the Aminet site US-Site.

The Interface has a white background. On the left-hand side there's a narrow blue command panel and on the right-hand side the chosen information is presented. On the homepage these are the uploads of the last seven days.

In the command panel you'll find the search option, links to information about Aminet as well as links to each single category. After having clicked on a particular category, its content will be shown on the righ-hand side and at the top the subcategories will appear, by which means a quick search is possible. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Chaos Update (Mailingliste)

CCC: 18. Chaos Communication Congress
The CCC writes:
The 18th Chaos Communication Congress is about to take place: as usual at 'Haus Am Köllnischen Park' in Berlin from 27 until 29 December 2001

The 18th Chaos Communication Congress
"18C3: Hacking Is Not A Crime"
Haus Am Köllnischen Park
Am Köllnischen Park 2-6
Berlin Mitte

All information about the congress is available at the following web site address:

We're still working on the schedule Congressfahrplan, but it will soon be available on the web pages.

Whoever would like to take part in the congress Hackcenter, should quickly register on our pages about the 'Hackcenter'. Only the people who register and receive a confirmation via e-mail will be able to participate.

The Congress is an event which is organized by volunteers. As a so called 'chaos angle' everybody can get involved. If there's anybody out there who would like to become a 'chaos angle', please contact us under:

Have fun
Chaos (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: CLMV V2.1" Full Version
In cooperation with Steffen Nitz Amiga Arena has released the full version of the data bank "CMLV V2.1".

CMLV manages CDs, MCs, LPs and such media. For each entry within a project it's possible to state per CD/MC/LP the name, a comment, the date of purchase, the category, the type of music, up to 4 pages with 30 songs each time (e.g. a pack of four CDs), the length of the songs and their musicians.

Olaf Köbnik wishes everybody a nice Sunday in Advent- Amiga Arena (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Oxygenic (E-Mail)

Audio: AudioCutter Cinema V1.1, 3D-Chat
The "AudioCutter Cinema" of Virtual Worlds Productions is now available in all the variations of version 1.1.

The AudioCutter Cinema HOME for non-commercial use can be downloaded free of charge. For commercial use the AudioCutter Cinema PRO is now also available in version 1.1. All variations have been tested on the various hardware platforms (Intel-compatible, PPC based Amiga, Mac). In addition the compatibility of the Linux versions with the weakest Window managers has been tested (fvwm2, KDE, KDE2, Gnome).

The AudioCutter, a tool for the adaptation, generation and manipulation of the sound and, in particular, of the sourround sound, is as usual available in versions for Windows® and PPC as well as x86-Linux. You can find further information and downloads under:

3D Chat: Shaman- und Guardian-Bot can be downloaded free of charge
For the 3D-Chat, which is based on ActiveWorlds®, the Bots "Shaman" and "Guardian" can now be downloaded free of charge. The operating instructions are only available in German at the moment. You can find information about these Bots, the 3D-Chat and the download options under (sd) (Translation: sr)

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MP3: mp3Play V2.01
On 15 December 2001 Carl Svensson published version 2.01 of his minimalistic GUI "mp3Play" for the MP3-Player "MPEGA".

The GUI has been made with ARexx and the rexxreqtools.library. It calls up "MPEGA" in such a way that the player needs only 25 per cent of the CPU time on a 50 Mhz 68060 CPU, according to DashBoard.

Compared to version 2.0 a standard C= installer script and the ID3 tag viewer has been added.

Download: mp3Play.lha (14K), Readme (sd) (Translation: sr)

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Czech Amiga News

CDTV: "C= CDTV Information Center" 1 year old
On 15 December 2000, exactly a year ago, the website "The Commodore CDTV Information Center" went online. This site gives detailed information about the history, the possiblities, new developments and the software of the CDTV.

Just in time for its anniversary, the site has been redesigned, 90 per cent of which has been finished. The new site "Using a CDTV" can't be uploaded yet, as there're still some things missing. 15 per cent of the CDTV-User-Clubs site, which is also new, has been finished (Icons, background) and 50 per cent of the upgrades section has been completed. Therefore you can still find the previous sites in some places.

The CDTV-User-Clubs site contains CDXL files, installation guides, trouble fixes and a monthly electronic magazine. (sd) (Translation: sr)

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15.Dec.2001 poll: Which hardware broke last?
On proposal by Deepsilence (Silvio Kurze) we have started a new poll in which we ask for your hardware that broke last. We'd be very pleased about big participation.

Update: (30.04.2011, cg)

For archiving reasons, the results of the survey are added to this news item:
Damage                               Votes

Netzteil - power supply              48     (8.42%)
Festplatte - hard disk               70    (12.28%)
Hauptplatine - mainboard             33     (5.79%)
Turbokarte - accelerator card        24     (4.21%)
Grafikkarte - graphic card           11     (1.93%)
Tastatur - keyboard                  16     (2.81%)
Maus - mouse                         36     (6.32%)
Diskettenlaufwerk - floppy           24     (4.21%)
Monitor - monitor                    26     (4.56%)
Kabel - cable                         7     (1.23%)
A3000                                 7     (1.23%)
Bhudda A4k                            1     (0.18%)
nix Glückspilz ;-)                   39     (6.84%)
CD Brenner                           15     (2.63%)
RAM                                   5     (0.88%)
CDROM, ZORRO BOARD, BUDDHA            4     (0.70%)
Daughterboard                         1     (0.18%)
Hauptplatine - Eigenverschulden       7     (1.23%)
Scanner                               2     (0.35%)
A4000                                 9     (1.58%)
Nothing!                             19     (3.33%)
A1200                                 8     (1.40%)
ZIP-Laufwerk                          5     (0.88%)
PPC 604                              20     (3.51%)
Flickerfixer A3000                    1     (0.18%)
iMac                                  1     (0.18%)
FlickerFixer A4000 von COMP SERV      1     (0.18%)
Glühbirne                             4     (0.70%)
Zorro IV-Board                        3     (0.53%)
catweasel zorro2                      1     (0.18%)
Uhren-Akku                           14     (2.46%)
silversurfer                          1     (0.18%)
CDROM                                14     (2.46%)
G-Rex 1200                            2     (0.35%)
Grafikkarte-Eigenverschulden          3     (0.53%)
Hypercom 3+                           3     (0.53%)
PC-Mainboard                          1     (0.18%)
Drucker                               4     (0.70%)
X-Surf                                2     (0.35%)
A2000 Mainboard (Eigenverschulden)    2     (0.35%)
Floppy-Disk                           2     (0.35%)
BlizzPPC Flashrom                     2     (0.35%)
floppy buffer chips on A4000 mboard   1     (0.18%)
IOblix 1200PAR                        1     (0.18%)
IDN-Blaster durch Blitzschlag         2     (0.35%)
Idefix...                             3     (0.53%)
BlizzPPC Board                        7     (1.23%)
Mainboard 1200 + FastATA              1     (0.18%)
(mit BVision kurzgeschlossen)
CyberstormPPC                        11     (1.93%)
Lyra Tastaturinterface                1     (0.18%)
Ariadne2                              1     (0.18%)
serial device - Blitzschlag           1     (0.18%)
zukunft des AMIGA                     7     (1.23%)
CPU FAN for 604                       1     (0.18%)
Mroocheck                             1     (0.18%)
keine                                 7     (1.23%)
Trackball                             4     (0.70%)
Mein A4000/40 machte nie Zicken       1     (0.18%)
seit Jahren kein Hardwareschaden     11     (1.93%)
Hardwareschaden? Was ist das?         4     (0.70%)
2 A500, 1 A1200 + 1 A4000PPC -
alles funktioniert immer noch
problemlos! (Verschleißteile
wie Joysticks & Mäuse nicht
Wackelige Joystick-Buchse             1     (0.18%)
im A2000 hat aufgegeben...
A4000 Paula                           1     (0.18%)
Interface Ateo for keyboard           1     (0.18%)
A590                                  1     (0.18%)
Oktagon SCSI (Hitzetod)               1     (0.18%)
Tandem CD+IDE-karte                   1     (0.18%)
Iomega Jazz 1GB SCSI                  1     (0.18%)
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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David Brunet (E-Mail)

Magazin: Obligement 30 is now out (Special 5 years birthday issue!)
Issue 30 of the famous french e-zine is now available. You can read in this issue: latests Amiga news, interviews of Gilles Bourdin (ex-Amiga Technologies) and José Grilliere (from Amigazette), report of the Koln Amiga Show 2001, article about MorphOS and Pegasos, review of Earth 2140 Mission Pack and lots of others interestings articles! Download it from the website: (ps)

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Andreas R. Kleinert (email)

Datatypes: new akPNG, JFIF, TIFF and NAIL datatypes V44.131
On the website of Andreas Kleinert you can find version 44.131 of the following ak-datatypes: PNG, JFIF, TIFF and NAIL. These datatypes were also uploaded to the Aminet. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Daniel Miller (ANF)

Call: vote for setting up of comp.sys.amiga.morphos as newsgroup
Daniel Miller is right now establishing a new newsgroup in comp.sys.* for MorphOS as comp.sys.amiga.morphos. For this are some votes still needed. Normally, the language spoken in comp.sys.* groups is English but in the statutes of comp.sys.amiga.morphos is written that articles in other languages are allowed, too, when (d) for German, (f) for French etc. is named in the subject. Please give us your vote! You can participate in the vote until 20.12.2001.

If you want to know more about the vote's details you find them here.

If you want to participate directly in the vote you should follow these steps:

  1. Write an email to
  2. Enter the following in the first line of the text field:
    "I vote YES on comp.sys.amiga.morphos"
  3. Enter the following in the third line of the text field:
    Voter name: [your first name and surname]
  4. Send email

Please don't enter the quotation marks or the brackets. As subject you may enter for example "comp.sys.amiga.morphos Ballot" (again without quotation marks). After some hours you'll receive a confirmation via email. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Tel. Alan Redhouse

Eyetech site hacked
On the website of Eyetech is written today that Eyetech will go into bankruptcy from tomorrow on. That is wrong, the site has been hacked. Alan Redhouse is already on his way to the bureau to get the site right. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Logain (ANF)

Netscape for AmigaDE in the works
Logain wrote:
While searching through the Mozilla site I came across two interesting pages. The first one can be reached via the title link and is the page of the AmigaDE port of Mozilla that is developed by James Russell. The project is in a very early state and he is still looking for strong support.

The other one's here, the site about the new "revolutionary" browser engine of Netscape that is said to have a platform independant architecture and is the main part of Netscape 6.1. As possible platform for a port they mention, next to several Unix systems, BeOS and OS2/Warp, the Amiga. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Olaf Köbnik

Amiga Arena: Full version of 'Bürgermeister V2.78'
Amiga Arena - "Bürgermeister v2.78" full version
In co-operation with Steffen Nitz the Amiga Arena makes exclusively the download of the full version of the economy simulation "Bürgermeister v2.78" available. The goal of the game is to reach as many points as possible within 10, 25 or 50 years or to become the capital city. It's a registered full version exclusively for the Amiga Arena. Steffen Nitz has ceased the development as the source code got unfortunately lost.

Amiga Arena - interview campaign
Amiga Arena talked with Steffen Nitz, the developer of "Bürgermeister II", "CMLV II" and "Regist II" about his software products and about the possibility of new developments in the future. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Bernhard Wörner

Bernhard Wörner: new website
Bernhard Wörner introduces on his new website his self developed programs. For the time being you can find there for example a program with which you can split big files into several smaller ones. Or Amplify, with which you can edit audio files.

As his website is quite new the author would be very pleased about feedback and suggestions. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Textviewer: new plugin for EvenMore version 0.59
Chris Perver has programmed a new plugin for his freeware text viewer 'EvenMore' with which documents created with the word processors 'FinalWriter' and 'FinalCopy' can be converted into pure text documents. EvenMore is right now available in version 0.59.

Download: finalwriter2text.plugin - EvenMore.lha (585 KB) (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 14.12.2001)
With WHDLoad you can install games which were formerly meant only for use with disks on your harddrive. The following packets have been added or updated:
  • 14.12.01 improved: Rocket Ranger (Cinemaware) key to display codes added
  • 14.12.01 new: Prime Mover (Psygnosis) done by Psygore
  • 14.12.01 improved: Great Courts 2 (Blue Byte) another version added, save player fixed
  • 14.12.01 new: Alfred Chicken (Twilight/Mindscape) done by Codetapper

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

Individual Computers: New xsurfadsl.device and appp.device
A new archive with the PPPoE-drivers for our networking card X-Surf can be found in the support-area of our website. The CPU-load has been lowered, and some parts of the appp.device have been prepared for further debugging. The performance is already a bit more stable on some setups, so we can release this last version before Christmas for a public test. (ps)

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Printer drivers: Turboprint version 7.21 beta
Version 7.21 beta of the printer driver package 'Turboprint' has been released. It contains updated drivers for:
  • Canon S500/630/6300
  • Epson Stylus C60,C70,C80, Photo 810
  • HP DeskJet 92x, 94x, 96x
Download: tp721beta.lha (ps) (Translation: wk)

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tarbos (ANF)

Registration site for Pegasos developer system online
On the website of bplan GmbH exists since yesterday the possibilitiy to register as developer for the first series of the Pegasos mainboard via a form. The developer system contains the Pegasos mainboard including CPU card + MorphOS developing environment. The shipping will probably start in January 2002 and will take place in order of the registration. The needed additional equipment is not included (casing, power supply, memory, keyboard, mouse, harddisk, CD Rom, floppy, graphics card).

Information about the price and the CPU of the developer system are unfortunately not publicly available but will be sent to the interested developers via email.

The registration is no order of the above listed developing environment but an inquiry. After successful and accepted registration you'll receive an offer via email that contains price, date of delivery and conditions. This must be returned within 14 days after receiving via mail or FAX back to bplan GmbH and then counts as non transferable order. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Jörg Rebenstorf (ANF)

Repulse sound cards: price reduction
ALiENDESiGN lowers the price for their Repulse sound cards. Orders for the new price are possible in ALiENDESiGN's online shop and soon also from your dealer. Merry Christmas! (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Jim Steichen (ANF)

AmigaTalk V1.8 (Update)
An updated version (1.8) of AmigaTalk, the best port of Little Smalltalk for the Amiga was uploaded by the author Jim Steichen on 14-Dec-2001. AmigaTalk is a little smalltalk interpreter that utilizes more of the AmigaOS than any other smalltalk dialect for the Amiga. There is a large amount of documentation included with the distribution, so check it out!

Download: amigatalk.lha
Attention: Archive not yet available on Aminet! (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Hyperion: Ben Yoris no longer PR manager
PR manager Ben Yoris is leaving the software company Hyperion Entertainment for personal reasons. The PR will be managed in future by the owner Ben Hermans. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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