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Archive 08/2001

Amiga Active

Print magazine: Amiga Active issue 24 available today
Since today the September issue of the English print magazine 'Amiga Active' is at the newsstands. This issue contains the following topics:

  • Loading Nextgen...
    The Amiga's future is deserving of more attention. Here's why.
  • Repulse
    New Amiga soundcard from Alien Designs reviewed and rated.
  • Customise Your Amiga
    It's not just Apple who can make attractive desktop computers. You can too! We show you how.
  • MathEngineering
    Making games come to life is a tricky task, but one that Oxford-based MathEngine have risen to.
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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Errorwear plans Guru Meditation (Amiga) t-shirt
'Errorwear' manufactures t-shirts with computer error messages. Now there are plans to offer a t-shirt with the guru meditation. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Jürgen Lange (ANF)

Oliver Wagner reconsiders support of Amiga OS 4.0 and Amithlon
Oliver informs in his "plan" of 30th August 2001 that a new version of V (Voyager) is to be expected in the next few days. He also says that he won't develop V not exclusively for MorphOS, but considers AmigaOS 4.0 and Amithlon (the latter with x86-native code) for future versions. More at the title link. (ps)

[News message: 31. Aug. 2001, 22:32] [Comments: 3 - 03. Sep. 2001, 00:13]
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Jürgen Lange (ANF)

Haage & Partner announces another Amiga emulator
The German Amiga print magazine AMIGAplus reports in their current issue (09/2001) that Haage & Partner GmbH will release an Amiga emulator based on QNX. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Ralph Torchia (ANF)

Palm Desktop for Amiga: Spitfire² version 1.8
Version 1.8 of Spitfire² is now available and corrects problems with the HotSync Manager and the installation script. Please see the history file for more details.

Spitfire² is a Palm desktop for AmigaOS. The software allows connection to a Palm computer by 3Com or compatibles. The program among other things offers HotSync functions between the Amiga and Palm.

More information on the program's features can be located at the homepage.

Download: Spitfire2.lha (844 KB)
(ps) (Translation: rh)

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Anu Seilonen (ANF)

Webcam and IRC channel at Saku 2001
Finnish Amiga Users Group's Saku 2001 Web Site at will host two webcams from the happening, and you can also chat with the people attending the show on our IRC channel #saku2001 (IRCnet). (ps) (Translation: rh)

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The Register

The Register: Amiga flogs Win, Linux Amiga DE player for $20
Tony Smith has written a critial, partly unobjective, article for ´The Register´ on the AmigaDE Player which is offered in the AmigaDE Shop for $20.

Here an excerpt:
»If Sun couldn't make it happen with Java on the basis of allowing anyone to write JVMs and give them away for free, we can't help but think Amiga's plan to make people pay for this stuff has even less chance of success.
Doubly so when this allegedly advanced technology can only be used to knock up half a dozen puzzle games of the kind we haven't seen since we won an Atari Lynx in 1989.«
Full article at the title link. (ps) (Translation: rh)

[News message: 31. Aug. 2001, 00:14] [Comments: 2 - 01. Sep. 2001, 15:39]
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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library v33.31
A new update of the "xvs.library" has been released today. In this new update the xvs.library should detect 99.9% of all 'Hitch-Hiker 5.00 virus". The programmer Jan Erik Olausen, has been working very hard for the last 10 days to get the recog. right for this very tricky virus.

Info about the new update of xvs.library:

Name: xvs.library v33.31
Archive name: xvslibrary.lha
Archive size: 58.874 bytes
Release date: 30 August 2001
Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen

News is v33.31:
  • Improved the Hitch-Hiker 5.00 Link virus. Should be able to detect 99.9% of this virus now... Thanks to Jan Andersen and Treveur BRETAUDIERE for the files
  • Fixed bug in recog for Bastard Installer 1 File virus
  • Added recog for 'EICAR STANDARD AV-TEST FILE'. This is not a virus, but a testfile that can be found on The purpose of this test file is to check that your favourite anti virus program really finds it! Deep inside arhcives etc... PS! This is a data file, so you might turn on the 'data file checking' in your virus killer. Thanks to Sami Rautiainen for telling me about this file.
Download shortcut:

Remember if you use VirusZ, VirusChecker, Safe and VirusExecutor you must update the xvs.library to have recog for the latest viruses.....

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Installer: WHDLoad - new packets (until 28.8.01)
Thanks to WHDLoad floppy disk only games can be installed to harddisk. The following packets have been added or updated:

  • 28.08.01 new: Advantage Tennis (Infogrames) done by Jeff (ReadMe)
  • 28.08.01 improved: Obliterator (Psygnosis) various changes (ReadMe)
  • 28.08.01 updated: Deuteros (Ian Bird) uses kickemu now (ReadMe)
  • 27.08.01 new: Biplane Duel (Peter Mason) done by Codetapper (ReadMe)
  • 26.08.01 improved: Project X (Team 17) supports another version (ReadMe)
  • 26.08.01 new: Phobia (Mirrorsoft/Imageworks) done by Codetapper (ReadMe)
  • 23.08.01 improved: Uridium 2 (Graftgold) misc improvements (ReadMe)
  • 23.08.01 improved: Star Wars (Lucasfilm/Domark) better installation process (ReadMe)
  • 23.08.01 improved: Rockstar Ate My Hamster! (Colin Jones/Codemasters) supports another version (ReadMe)
  • 23.08.01 new: No Excuses (Arcana) done by John Girvin (ReadMe)
  • 23.08.01 new: International 3D Tennis (Sensible Software/Palace) done by Codetapper (ReadMe)
(ps) (Translation: mj)

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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: Safe Version 16.5
A new update of "Safe" has been released today. Also the programmer of Safe has very big problem with the new 'Hitch-Hiker 5.00' virus. But we are working to make recog. for the virus in xvs.library. I have included the test of 'Hitch-Hiker 5.00' at the button.

Info about the new update of Safe:

Name: Safe v16.5
Archive name: Safe.lha
Archive size: 35.456 bytes
Release date: 30 August 2001
Programmer: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski

News is v16.5:
  • added possibility to change name of safe on installation. It was necessary - new viruses like HH50 and SMEG2b refuse to infect Safe file. This trend will surely remain, so now Safe gives the user the easy way avoid that. Big thanks for Antonio Noguera, who did this improvement! This is piece of good work - even better I expected!
  • removed some outdated info from html documentation Note that the most useful information is here and in Thanks to Michael Hendren for paying attention.
  • removed SMEG2/PENETRATOR removals as xvs.library recognizes them now
  • added analyze of HitchHiker5.00 the most advanced polymorphic bastard in the Amiga universe
Download shortcut:

=== Start of HitchHiker 5.00 Virus ===

Entry: HitchHiker 5.00
Alias(es): -
Virus Strain: Smeg2
Virus detected when: August 2001
where: Aminet
Classification: Linkvirus,memory-resident, not reset-resident
Length of Virus: 1. Length on storage medium: c.a. 3720 Bytes
Has most advanced metamorphic decoders seen for Amiga and uses slow polymorphism!
2. Length in RAM: 8588 Bytes

--- Preconditions ---

Operating System(s): AMIGA-DOS Version/Release.....: 2.04+ Computer model(s): all models/processors (MC68000-MC68060)

--- Attributes ---

Easy Identification: -

Type of infection:
  • Self-identification method in files:
    - via unused bits visible in dos flags
  • Self-identification method in memory:
    - checks for 'HH5' process
  • System infection:
    - A new process entitled 'HH5' will be created and this is the only visible change in the system. That process infects files using the known Smeg code, but the way of getting targets is new.
    - The virus patches return address from Wait() call of device's tasks. This is very clever idea which lets the virus patch devices which's code is placed even in ROM. The LOCATE_OBJECT and EXAMINE_NEXT packets will be stolen.
  • Infection preconditions:
    - HUNK_CODE is found
    - device is validated
    - at least 6 free blocks
    - filename does not start with "vir" and "saf"
    (case independant check)
    - file is bigger than 4190 bytes
    - file is smaller than 100377 bytes
Infection Trigger:
  • The infection is based on the packet handling of AMIGA OS. Every started or listed file can be infected.
Storage media affected:
  • all DOS-devices
Interrupts hooked:
  • None
  • Permanent damage: - none
  • Transient damage: - none
Damage Trigger:
  • Permanent damage: - none
  • Transient damage: - none
  • Uses slow polymorphism! Only this little fact mislooked by Jan Erik Olausen (and Jan Andersen) made filedetection in xvs.library the biggest AV joke seen for Amiga computers ever! At the moment xvs.library detects 3 variants of virus from several millions possible!
  • The stack patches are done very clever and the code is flexible enough to handle differences between OS versions (including newer than 3.1). Most of code is equal to first SMEG virus. If the accessed file starts with the string "VIR" or "SAF" (case independant), the file will be not infected.
  • It could be seen as third kind of SMEG2, but the polyengine made it one of the most advanced viruses for Amiga.
  • None. The virus does not put infected file length like BOBEK viruses to ExNext's FIB, so it is likely that under controll of virus user will cut files. Salvage will be never possible as it was for HH4.11 which's files several times appeared in truncated form due to it's stealth... :-)
  • Uses so called HAVOC polyengine. This is the best such engine in Amiga virus at the moment. The decoders are placed after the decoder block, and the loop could contain very much logical stuff. The decoders are made metamorphically and are built of various jumps backward and forward.
    Such decoders can be detected only in alghorythmic way. Detection of this virus is impossible with technics like breaking the cryptings (lot of stuff) and tracing (entry point!).
    The decoder is generated on virus startup, so after reboot files are infected always with new decoders.
  • The virus contains text: HAVOC
I have been working with one copy of HH5.0. Even there really exist clones of HH5.0 I think that if the polyengine detection will be working for one, will be good for others.

--- Acknowledgement ---

Location: Pawlowice, Poland
Classification by: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Documentation by: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Date: August 2001

Information Source: virus disassembly, SMEG1 source code
Copyright: This document is public domain.

=== End of HitchHiker 5.00 Virus ===

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bplan / Thomas Knäbel (E-Mail)

bplan: Pegasos meets MorphOS
«In observance of the development schedule, the Pegasos system officially offers as of today a second operating system platform. In addition to Linux ( since this years` second quarter ), MorphOS now also supports the development systems in its full functional range.»

Read the complete press release under the title link. (ps) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2001, 14:37] [Comments: 1 - 01. Sep. 2001, 15:39]
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Alexander Fritsch (ANF)

Tool: ScreamerII Version 0.84 for Amiga-Lightwave
Alexander Fritsch wrote:
Ray Darrah III released a new version of his ScreamerNet controller "ScreamerII". ScreamerII allows shared computing of Lightwave scenes on several machines.

ScreamerII but is essentially more flexible than the built-in ScreamerNet controller of Lightwave. For example one computer can render a picture while simultaneously another project gets edited in layout .

Furthermore other computers dynamic can be added to or removed from ScreamerNet. All machines can be reseted, computing will then be continued from the proper point ( no new starting picture must be defined in the project).

Additionally the single RenderNodes can have their own names, instead of CPU1, CPU2 like usual. The new version 0.84 fixes a small bug with the computer names display. A. Fritsch: "I've tested the program for several days and I'm excited!"

Download: ScreamerII.lha

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kdh news (ANF)

Sound card Repulse available from KDH
A remake of the Repulse sound card (for Zorro slots) is available from KDH, from now on. This new Repulse version fixes the initial quality problems. All newly delivered cards now have gold-plated Zorro contacts. Moreover the CD, manual, and drivers were reworked. There will be a new Toccata emulation, which will be the only one on the market working with MovieShop for the VLab-Motion. This will make the Repulse sound card the only full Toccata replacement. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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Palm Desktop for Amiga: Spitfire² Version 1.7
Spitfire² by Ralph Torchia is a Palm desktop for AmigaOS, which was released in version 1.7, yesterday. This shareware software allows connection to a Palm computer by 3Com or compatibles. The program among other things offers HotSync functions between the Amiga and Palm.

All of the program's features are listed on the homepage. Beside of the main archive additionally are the ClockSync plugin (v1.2), and the YAMSync plugin (beta 2) are available for registered users there.

Download: Spitfire2.lha (844 KB) (ps)

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Oliver Wagner (E-Mail)

Net information tool: NetInfo II Version 2.9
NetInfo II was released in version 2.9. This program is to get net information and offers functions like TRACEROUTE, PING, WHOIS, and FINGER.

  • "quick traceroute": Sends a series of packet in quick succession to get a route overview very fast, then does accurate timings for the individual hops
  • "ping": Sends a sequence of ICMP ECHO packets to a host to measure network latency and stability.
  • graphical display of hop min/last/max timings
  • integrated smart WHOIS function: double-click on a IP, Host or Network column to automatically receive WHOIS information for the given object. NetInfo determines the WHOIS host to query.
  • automatically retrieves WHOIS network information for hosts
  • automatically scans destination host for Web (HTTP) and FTP server versions
  • history for all queried hosts
  • integrated FINGER client
  • integrated "classical" WHOIS client with on-disk cache
  • ARexx port
(ps) (Translation: mj)

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Richard Kapp (E-Mail)

GFX-BASE: New section, enhanced search engine, and survey
Richard Kapp wrote:
Again there are a lot of innovations to our online magazine GFX-Base: A new section 'Customize' was created where you can find patches, hacks, and tools to make your WB look better. We also enhanced our search engine to make it even more easy to find e.g. all PPC scene demos or games supporting graphics boards. Now our news archive can be searched in a comfortable way, too. Furthermore we have started a new survey to learn which GFX-BASE area is most important to you. As usual there are new entries with graphics board supporting games and scene demos. (ps)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (E-Mail)

Installer: Version 4.5 of CD32 Games Install Kit
Version 4.5 of CD32 Games Install Kit has been just published. For the first time with this version it is now possible to play Simon the Sorcerer with a perfect voice output which has seemed to be impossible with an emulator until now. The current version can be downloaded by all owners of 'The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM' in the protected download section. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 22:08] [Comments: 0]
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Anu Seilonen (ANF)

New Exhibitor and Vaporware Registration Service at Saku 2001
Finnish Amiga Users Group offers a Vaporware product registration service for visitors at Saku 2001. The group collects payments and registration forms at the venue and forwards them to Vaporware, who delivers registration keys directly to registrants via email or regular post. Service is open for everyone, membership of the user group is not required. More information about Vaporware programs can be found on their web site at

Also, Broadline Oy, a long time supporter of Saku and a well-known Finnish Amiga retailer has decided to join the fun. Broadline Oy will be selling their stock at Saku 2001.

Saku 2001 will be held on Saturday September 1st 2001 at the Science Centre Heureka in Vantaa, near Helsinki. The event will open at 12:00 and end at 18:00. Admission will be free of charge. For further information, visit Finnish Amiga Users Group's Web Site at or E-mail inquiries may be sent to Terho Henriksson (
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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29.Aug.2001 Torsten Dudai stops drawing caricatures
Since July of 1999 Torsten Dudai has supported by drawing of outstanding caricatures. But some time ago Torsten made him self-employed in the section of webdesign. As anyone knows at the beginning of a self-employment you have to bale all your power to lead the firm to a succesful way.

On the one hand this change but on the other hand also the fact that in the Amiga sector the amount of news reduces of which you could create a caricature were the reasons why Torsten decided to stop drawing caricatures.

We are very sad about this decision but we can understand it, too. We really enjoyed the caricatures many times. The caricatures reflected very precisly the respective situation.

Torsten, we know that you will become a very great webdesigner and wish you all the best for your future!
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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Stephan Rupprecht

Tool: ENVHandler V 1.11
Stephan Rupprecht has published version 1.11 of his Env replacement called 'ENVHandler'.

Download: envhandler.lha (14 KB) (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 20:21] [Comments: 0]
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SOL-Invictus (ANF)

Heise: IDF: Arapahoe to bury PCI and AGP
The Arapahoe Working Group (Compaq, Dell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and PCI-SIG) announced at the Intel Developer Forum in San Jose that 22 companies, including 3Com, Nvidia, AMD, Adaptec, and Texas Instruments, will support the development of the designated PCI successor by the internal code names of "Arapahoe" and "3GIO".
See title link for the Heise article (German). (ps) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 18:47] [Comments: 0]
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Lars "Ghandy" Sobiraj (ANF)

Demoscene: Invitation intro for Trsac Party published!
The danish scenegroup Loonies which participated on the production of the commercial game called 'Earth 2140' has published an invitation intro for the Trsac party. This one will take place in Kopenhagen from the 12.-14. of October. The intro and the english written invitation text are on the official Trsac party homepage and soon in the Aminet, too. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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SOL-Invictus (ANF)

Heise: Corel sells its Linux-section
As Heise reported Corel will sell its Linux-section this week according to US news agencies. The buyer is supposed to be a firm called Xandros which was just founded. The offer for sale for the Linux-section is supposed to be two million US-Dollar.
Heise article see title link.

Another link to this topic:
Golem: Corel sells its Linux-distribution
(ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 13:30] [Comments: 0]
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SOL-Invictus (ANF)

Heise: Gateway dismisses people
As we have already reported several times Gateway Inc. is going to rearrange and to dismiss employees in Europe. Heise now reports that a lot of people will be dismissed.
Heise-article see title link.
(ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 13:25] [Comments: 0]
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SOL-Invictus (ANF)

Heise: Metabox saved
According to Heise a not mentioned private man has given a credit over 2 million Mark to the settop-boxes-producer Metabox and with it has saved the company right before the end.
Heise-article see title link. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 13:12] [Comments: 0]
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29.Aug.2001 celebrates third anniversary :-)
For three years our team delivers messages of the Amiga-sector and topics which are generally important for computer and Internet to you. The last year was espacially exciting for us because the new scripts and with it the possibilities to post comments have been a freshening aspect. Although sometimes the ´freshening aspect´ was rather a ´ half-hearted breath of air´. Nevertheless the comments have become an important part of Since the introduction in January of 2001 over 16,000 comments have been given to our messages.

Interesting because it is still always exciting to see how the market develops - or how it does not. In the present time it is quite difficult to understand what will happen - or what will not. Sometimes it is really hard to find the truth between promises, announcements, exaggerations, rumors and disputes. But just this is the attraction - to see how comparatively small groups of enthusiasts can finally start great projects. This is a goad for us make us hopeful.

In our history read how has developed in the past three years, who collaborates and spends his free time for our team gratuitously.

I personally want to thank all the helpful hands because without work of each single one would not be that what it is today. I want to thank all the readers, authors, developers and programmers which deliver all the messages. I espacially want to thank our advertising partners which help us to finance our website with its banner advertisement. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 03:11] [Comments: 0]
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Ina Sielaff (ANF)

Mexikon: Cactuses-lexicon in Amiga-guide-format
Under the title link you can find software for Amiga. One is called 'Mexikon' which is a lexicon about cactuses with many hints and suggestions. It also contains maps of Mexico and pictures of over 650 cactuses. Besides this there is the program 'AMIGA Workbench - Tuning'. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 02:48] [Comments: 0]
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Czech Amiga News

Game: Earth 2140 mailing list
Pagan Games has created an English-spoken mailing list for Earth 2140. E2140-player can discuss about strategies, the game, updates and new levels (mission packs) there. The developers of the Amiga version of Earth 2140 are also on the list and will try to answer your questions.

Post message:
(ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 01:24] [Comments: 0]
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Hugi Online (PC Demo-Szene Magazin) (ANF)

Max Payne developer are (active!) Amiga-freaks
Silvio Senger writes:
Maybe the following message does not really fit to the news but I think that it is interesting for most of the Amiga-fans:

For some weeks there is a new action hero in the PC-world called MAX PAYNE. It lasts nearly five years to develop the game and it certainly is one of the hits of this year, at least in the PC-fan-community. It is known that some Amiga-Fans developed this game.

On the this year's ASSEMBLY in Finland (with nearly 5000 visitors one of the biggest demo/LAN-parties; where the best freaks also compete in a "demo-competition" PC- and Amiga-demos have been shown together in one competition. It was amazing to see that a team which made its demo on a Amiga was the winner. (as reported).

And that is remarkable: The members of the group ´MatureFurk´ behind this demo all work at Mad Onion (known by its benchmark program 3DMark2001). The graphic artist mainly participates on Max Payne.

And there is another curious thing: Exactly the same group won on the last ASSEMBLY the PC-demo competition. The demo has the same name as the AMIGA winner demo on the ASSEMBLY 2001.

The following links are interesting:
Detailed interview with the graphic artist of the DEMO, which participates on Max Payne
Download of AMIGA DEMOS (requires 68060 + AGA + 16 MB memory!)
Download of the Amiga-Demo in MPEG format (13.3 MB)
PC-DEMO of the ASSEMBLY 2000 (same team)
(ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 01:08] [Comments: 0]
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Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj (ANF)

Demoscene: Darkage offers trip to the past!
Fans of old crackintros from the beginning of the 90ies might be delighted about Stingray's new 100% fix! In the download section of Scenet you can find two crackintro packs and the 100% fix of Equinox' Musicdisk Sonial Fantasia! We wish you a good time journey! (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 00:52] [Comments: 0]
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Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj (ANF)

Demo group: 'Pic Saint Loop' publishes KissMyJazz Musicdisk
Last night the Polish demo group 'Pic Saint Loup' published the long expected Musicdisk 'KISS MY JAZZ'. It has been advertised with an intro on the MekkaSymposium for it. To this time the musican Jazzcat was not sure if he would really ever publish his demo.

But now it is done. Have a look at the download section at Scenet. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 00:50] [Comments: 0]
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Lars "Ghandy" Sobiraj (ANF)

Scenet issue 37 released!
Issue 37 of the scene oriented database SCENET recently was released. There you can nuzzle to the top of your bent for e-mail addresses, hotlinks, FTP servers, Telnet mail boxes, ICQs, newsgroups, etc. in 522 KB of text! (ps) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2001, 00:48] [Comments: 0]
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