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Archive 01/2001

Jan Andersen via eMail

Safe Version 14.6 Released
Safe is a virus detector which can discover viruses, but cannot terminate them.

Name: Safe v14.6
Archive Name: Safe.lha
Archive Size: 19.779 Bytes
Date: 13. January 2001
Programmer: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Info: requires xvs.library v33.24 (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Virtual Dimension

EMail Game: StarEmpire II
01-31-2000 will be the official launch of StarEmpire II planned, the space strategy game! This text basing game is payed via e-mail, so no flatrate is needed. There are still some seats to take - who wants to can still log on.

There is also af FAQ page from now on, in which the most important questions are again answered nin short. If there are still questions to ask an e-mail to will be adequate. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Greg Donner

Greg Donner: OS3.9 FAQ Updated
Greg Donner has updated the pages "Known Bugs", "3rd Party", and "Utilities" of his Amiga OS3.9 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Andreas Falkenhahn via eMail

CDTVTools v1.0 Published
CDTVTools v1.0 has been released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This package is a collection of programs using the CDTV base library to give also normal Amiga users the CTDTV feeling. All of the included programs are commodities which can be controlled via Exchange. So now everybody can e.g. start the original CDTV screen blanker, CD player or preferences program.

The tools are basing on the CDTV basie library "playerprefs" by Commodore which is implemented in the CDTV's ROM. Since I discovered documentations on this library on the Developer CD v1.2, I was able to develop these tools within two days. Of course these tools are freeware. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Xandiy on ANF News
At you can post your opinion about several products for the Amiga. For each (rational) opinion of members one will get 1 (one) score. For every 4 (four) scores one will get 1 (one) EURO credit entry. Credits can be payed from 5 (five) EURO!

Unfortunately entries with AWeb don't seem to work and therefore there is a special forum for AWeb users. IBrowse and PC browsers seem to work. If someone has problem with other browsers, please contact (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Oliver Luehr on ANF

Chip: C64 with New Garment
«The Internet magazine Hardwareguru has sighted a Commodore 64 at the super market Kaufland as a surfing machine designed to be directly connected to a TV set.
Web.It reissued the C64, but did not use the original hardware. The Web-C64 is equipt with a low-end AMD processor with 100 MHz, 16 MByte ROM, and 16 MByte RAM, as well as two MByte flash memory.»
Entire article at the title link (German). (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Christoph Meier on ANF

NVidia OS Poll Online Again
The offline taken poll on the favourite operating system is now online again. At the time Amiga is ahead with 57.91%. IP addresses of "multiple voters" are logged and published in a black list! (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Heise [Newsticker]

Silicon Valley Pioneer William Hewlett Has Passed
«The legendary engineer and Silicon Valley pioneer William Hewlett has passed on Friday in Palo Alto, California, at the age of 87. He was co-founder of the technology corporation Hewlett-Packard. Together with David Packard he started his business in a garage in Palo Alto and lead it to the computer age and to a high tech giant with 49 milliards US dollar volume of sales. Hewlett millionfold got ahead of his initial target, " do anything to earn a nickle". The economy magazine Forbes listed him on position #26 of the richest men of America with fortune of nine milliards US dollars.» (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Olaf Koebnik via eMail

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Interview Action!
"Rags" the action game by Shades Production was a little sensation at Aminet, not without a reason! For all of you still remembering "Beach Head II" on the C64 it's to be said "obligation to download"! But read the preview of "Rags" and the interview with Shades Production! at the "Aktion" area yourself!

Amiga Arena - Special Price Action!
PhotoAlbum/CyberShow, GeoWorld, and VPrefs are available at a special price only until 01-31-2001! (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Amiga Future

XBaze Website with New URL
The website of the database program 'XBaze' by Rafal Kaczmarczyk is available under (title link), from now on. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Thomas Unger on ANF

In release 1.0.1. of the KICKSTART ARCHIVES beside of some smaller changes in particular the PDF files of the patent history have been re-converted and can be read trouble-free with Apdf v2.2, now too.

THE KICKSTART ARCHIVES due to quality problems in the beginning will be written on blanks of the type TDK CD-R74CMEC and shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope.

Since all of the specimen copies are out, we can now care for the orders very fast.

Thomas Unger ( is always all ears for hints on interesting websites still missing on the CD-R. If these match the concept of the KICKSTART ARCHIVES, he will contact the owners. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Infomedia Network News
Infomedia Network and the Tao Group signed an agreement to deliver TVision products. Press release of 01-10-2001:
Infomedia and Tao Group Collaborate to deliver TVision Development Kit...

Press release of 01-12-2001:
Infomedia Network and Tao group have formed a closer relationship to deliver Infomedia's TVision product for the Java embedded space... (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Oliver Roberts HP

New Datatypes for WARP
WarpJPEG.datatype 44.16 of 12.1.2001, Freeware
JFIF-JPEG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS)

WarpPNG.datatype 44.10 of 12.1.2001, Freeware
PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS)

WarpJPEGdt.lha - (103K)
WarpPNGdt.lha - (133K) (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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The Quantum Leap: StormC 4
The latest version of the successful development system actually represents a quantum leap: network capability, shared make, CVS, modified GCC compiler for the Amiga hunk format, global full-text search, extended editor, debugging of tasks and shared libraries, and the new StormDOC.

But the most important feature of this new development system is the step it takes towards the new AmigaOS. Though still everything runs on the Classic Amiga and will be published like that, but everything was developed with easy portability in mind. Last but not least this was the reason for a modified version of the GCC used as compiler. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Juergen A. Theiner on ANF - News About the Reorganisation
The renewal of comes to figures. The popular company Synotec will care for the re-design. Since there should not only be optical changes, but also changes of the contents we need your help.

Some questions were worked out for a completely new rating system. If you would like to help with this, just send an e-mail to Juergen A. Theiner and you will get the questions in return. Many thanks in advance and already look forward to the announcement of: ' becomes Play!Amiga' (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Paul Nolan

Photogenics Website with New Layout
Paul Nolan's website for Photogenics was updated and has got a new layout. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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mFTP II Version 1.3 Released
Version 1.3 of the FTP client mFTP II has been released.

Download: mftp_13.lzx (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Stéphane Campan via eMail

Scalos 1.2d Beta Released
A new beta version of Scalos, the extensive Workbench replacement, has been released. The website hasn't been updated, yet. Please read the readme's before installation!


Here the original mail:
All OS3.4+ owners will be pleased to know that a new Scalos exe has been released! The fixes are a combined effort with the original source from Juergen and the dedicated effort of Dave for sloggin' it out through late nights! Until the website is updated later today you can grab the new executable only archive from:

To install, simply copy the executable in the archive to SCALOS: path. Please continue to read this email before installing anything new! You will also need the latest (release 3) of the seperate icon system archive

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE FILES ARE STILL CONSIDERED BETA STATUS UNTIL IT *APPEARS* EVERYBODY IS HAVING NO PROBLEMS. We appreciate error reports to the mailing list, share your problems regarding OS3.5+ icon images with us so we can ensure all problems are fixed.

We are aware that the logo in the about requester does not remap to the correct colours currently, this is a side effect of the new 'C' ported code for portions of Scalos. This will not affect use and we hope to have that fixed before the next release. Which should hopefully feature some decent bug fixes.

Ensure you backup your OLD 'Scalos' executable file before replacing it with this new one, just incase. Once everything is finalised all beta files will become release versions and appear in the main Scalos distribution archive. Hey, we might even upload it to Aminet too :-) Have fun, and lets hope all is well. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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PC Manufacturer Gateway Cancels Every 10th Job wrote:
«The US computer manufacturer Gateway after unexpected deficit cancels more than every tenth job. As the company announced on Thursday (local time) in San Diego, California, job slashing would go off already during the first quarter this year, Gateway employed 19,300 people worldwide in 1998. The offeror specialized in direct shipping of PCs announced a deficit of 94,3 millions of US dollar for 4Q/2000, because of diclined demand and risen pricing pressure. »

Heise wrote:
«More than 10 % of staffers of the oppressed PC manufacturer Gateway will loose their jobs: this is a consequence which Gateway drew from extremely base balance for the 4th quarter. Balance was even worse than expected after the profit caution from late November when Gateway stated to be in the red in the 4th quarter.» (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Patrick Beerhorst on ANF

WB2000 Images and MiniGlowIcons Update
Due to great demand now there is an updated archive of the Mini GlowIcons, and an special archive for WB2000 users who can only use IFF-pictures with this program. If number of downloads, which you can reach via "Aktuelles", will keep on this high level there will be new icons added. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
Mishap: The recent number suddenly did not show any new uploads any more. Of course the new number now gives in return the uploads of the last two weeks; but there is no other option to get back to rotation, yet.

Videomanage.lha      biz/dbase  398K+A Videodatabase
OpusMI.lha           biz/dopus  1.3M+GlowIcon DOpus Images (7th Release)
OpusMIupd.lha        biz/dopus  236K+OpusMI Update (6th to 7th Release)
HomeBank.lha         biz/misc   201K+V1.8 The personal account manager (MUI)
AmBoS-Demo.lha       comm/ambos 1.6M+AmBoS 2.98 - Full/demo archive
AmBoS-Update.lha     comm/ambos 1.2M+AmBoS-Update Rel. 2.98j (Wednesday 03-Ja
Cit_Docs_BA01.lha    comm/bbs   571K+Citadel 68K Documenation
Cit_exec_BA01.lha    comm/bbs   247K+Citadel 68K BBS Program
cit_src_BA01.lha     comm/bbs   544K+Citadel 68K BBS Program Source
Cit_Util_BA01.lha    comm/bbs   464K+Citadel 68K BBS Program Utilities
AInfoBOT.lha         comm/irc    31K+Clone of the PERL InfoBOT
DalHelper.lha        comm/irc    37K+Interface to Dalnet Services: (Chan/Memo
ON.lha               comm/irc    12K+ON function for AmIRC
ClipWatch.lha        comm/misc  181K+Tool to call Clip/WIT remote surveillanc
EZPagerNG_CE.lha     comm/misc  407K+Send messages to german pagers (Scall,Sk
LCR-I.lha            comm/misc  114K+LeastCostRouter for german Internet Prov
LCR-P.lha            comm/misc   75K+LeastCostRouter Print-Tool
LCR.lha              comm/misc  112K+LeastCostRouter for german Telephone Pro
AutoTCP.lha          comm/tcp     1K+AutoTCP, Autostart your favourite TCP/IP
samba_2.0.7.lha      comm/tcp   6.3M+Port of the free SMB client and server
TaskiSMS_HU.lha      comm/tcp     3K+Hungarian catalog for TaskiSMS 2.0
ApacheMI.lha         comm/www    49K+GlowIcons for Apache Servers
Cookie_Killer.lha    comm/www    14K+AWeb cookie management (v1.01)
RadarTA.lha          comm/www    31K+Radar Transfer Anim for any web browser.
wpz-frozen40.lha     demo/aga   1.3M+Frozen#4o - The Party Edition
Nature-Grid2fx.lha   demo/intro  86K+Nature - Grid2, winner 64k at TP2000
nms-spaceqst1e.lha   demo/intro  16K+Space Quest 1E. cracktro from Nemesis
pvt-cafe.lha         demo/slide 2.3M+Demoparty Computer Art Festival 1999-200
jrm-mm70.lha         demo/sound 132K+DA JoRMaS: MonoMeno #70
BallMasterSrc.lha    dev/basic   48K+Source for BallMaster V1.2
BlitzLstDec00.lha    dev/basic  253K+Blitz mailing list archives for December
clockita.lha         dev/basic   67K+Italian clock+alarm+source code (bugfix)
2b_TKLsort.lha       dev/c       33K+This program sorting text files. 
Amiga-C-Dec00.lha    dev/c      122K+Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in Dece
codestorage.lha      dev/c      354K+Create & manipulate your own DataBase of
pgmasst.lha          dev/c       77K+A GUI for various text editing & formatt
MuGuardianAnge.lha   dev/debug  287K+MungWall superset, detect accesses to no
powerd.lha           dev/e      723K+New powerful programming language v0.16
yaec.lha             dev/e      287K+Yaec - Yet Another E Compiler [1.2b]
yaec_fix.lha         dev/e        0K+Fixes stupid archive error in yaec.lha (
catcheck.lha         dev/misc    23K+Amiga catalog tester, v1.0
WHDLoad_dev.lha      dev/misc   500K+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
WHDLoad_usr.lha      dev/misc   130K+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
VCDGear.lha          disk/cdrom  81K+Create VideoCD images for burning or ext
DVD-RAM.lha          disk/misc   68K+DVD-RAM RDB, MountList and DOSDrivers Ma
FindChanges.lha      disk/misc   40K+Finds changes made to disk
msd95v16.lha         disk/misc   40K+MS FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 Filesystem handler
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/hyper 582K+ITALIAN ONLY comunicati NotizieAmiga 12/
amiuserlist.lha      docs/lists  65K+AmigaUserList V10.96 of Germany, Switzer
Aakt0101GFX.lha      docs/mags  526K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0101GUIDE.lha    docs/mags   92K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0101HTML.lha     docs/mags  247K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
AaktInt1200GFX.lha   docs/mags  336K+International infotainment magazine (gra
amigazette_00.lha    docs/mags   81K+AMIGAzette (italian magazine)
amigazette_01.lha    docs/mags  167K+AMIGAzette 1st iusse (20.06.1999) (itali
amigazette_02.lha    docs/mags  633K+AMIGAzette 1st iusse (10.08.1999) (itali
mc201.lha            docs/mags  183K+German Metal Mag in HTML - Februar 2001 
Onkelz.lha           docs/mags   72K+German Boehse Onkelz guide AG
starmag25_ht.lha     docs/mags  1.3M+German Amiga-Online-Magazine HTML-Versio
WarpUp-Dec00.lha     docs/misc  121K+Postings to the WarpUp mailing list in D
Snace.lha            game/2play 273K+2pl. snake-like racing game, but in all 
Rags.lha             game/actio 2.4M+Violent and fast 1 on 1 combat game
amigo6_2.lha         game/board  88K+A "Go" board and player for the Amiga. v
Blockoutlvs.lha      game/data    6K+A hard Levelset for Blockout,for hard gu
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  238K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
PBOBS_Demo.lha       game/demo  586K+A Puzzle Bobble style game (demo).
Tankista_v0.3b.lha   game/demo  105K+Buggy betaversion action game for 2 play
WormWars.lha         game/misc  776K+WormWars 6.5: Advanced snake game
Powerdrive.lha       game/patch  40K+HD-Installer for Powerdrive V1.0
Viz.lha              game/patch  23K+HD-Installer for Viz V1.0
WHDIDemos.lzh        game/patch 1.5M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesA-B.lzh     game/patch 1.5M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesC-D.lzh     game/patch 1.3M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesE-F.lzh     game/patch 820K+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesG-I.lzh     game/patch 1.1M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesJ-M.lzh     game/patch 1.3M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesN-R.lzh     game/patch 1.4M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesS-T.lzh     game/patch 1.8M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesU-Z.lzh     game/patch 709K+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WorldCricket.lha     game/patch  33K+HD-Installer for World Cricket V1.0
eyangband.lha        game/role  798K+EyAngband 0.2.1 - Roguelike solo RPG
gumband.lha          game/role  930K+Gumband 2.1.2a - Roguelike solo RPG
A_Sweeper_1.05.lha   game/think 128K+AGA Workbench MineSweeper V1.05 
BallMasterAGA.lha    game/think 1.4M+Addictive puzzle game with many levels
BallMasterECS.lha    game/think 934K+Addictive puzzle game with many levels
Pishti.lha           game/wb    106K+Popular Turkish card game. (v1.01)
centipede.lha        gfx/3d     682K+Futuristic 3D font for Maxon Cinema 4D
chair.lha            gfx/3dobj  130K+Steel Chair Object for Maxon Cinema 4D
jpeg2mov.lha         gfx/conv    30K+Creates a QuickTime-Movie
SvIVFix916.lha       gfx/misc   189K+*Fix* for SViewIV V9.15 (4.1.2001)
AMP.lha              gfx/show   188K+MPEG1/2,MP2/3,AVI,QT/MOV,FLI/FLC,NSF pla
AMP2.lha             gfx/show   147K+MPEG1/2,MP2/3,AC3 player v2.01 (010106)
RivaAudio.lha        gfx/show    11K+Script for fast Mpeg-1 video+sound playb
BetaScanMustek.lha   hard/drivr  75K+Mustek/Trust Scanner Driver For BetaScan
CC-Tools.lha         hard/drivr  36K+Download to C-Control/BASIC
FormAldiHyd.lha      hard/drivr  59K+V1.3, Tablet driver for Aldi/Tevion/Aipt
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  665K+V1.56 PSX MemoryCard Reader
TestGear-Notes.lha   hard/hack    4K+Test equipment projects, general notes.
ICS.lha              hard/misc  2.4M+V2.01LE ICS - professional color correct
anescgfx.lha         misc/emu   100K+A/NES CGFX v1.22 - Nintendo emulator
actors.lha           misc/imdb   27M+Actors.list (29.12.2000)
actresses.lha        misc/imdb   14M+Actresses.list (29.12.2000)
aka-names.lha        misc/imdb  635K+Aka-names.list (29.12.2000)
aka-titles.lha       misc/imdb  2.1M+Aka-titles.list (29.12.2000)
alternate-vers.lha   misc/imdb  490K+Alternate-versions.list (29.12.2000)
biographies.lha      misc/imdb   21M+Biographies.list (29.12.2000)
business.lha         misc/imdb  1.0M+Business.list (29.12.2000)
certificates.lha     misc/imdb  678K+Certificates.list (29.12.2000)
cinematographr.lha   misc/imdb  1.6M+Cinematographers.list (29.12.2000)
color-info.lha       misc/imdb  1.8M+Color-info.list (29.12.2000)
complete-cast.lha    misc/imdb  311K+Complete-cast.list (29.12.2000)
complete-crew.lha    misc/imdb  116K+Complete-crew.list (29.12.2000)
composers.lha        misc/imdb  1.6M+Composers.list (29.12.2000)
costume-design.lha   misc/imdb  513K+Costume-designers.list (29.12.2000)
countries.lha        misc/imdb  2.5M+Countries.list (29.12.2000)
crazy-credits.lha    misc/imdb  113K+Crazy-credits.list (29.12.2000)
directors.lha        misc/imdb  3.4M+Directors.list (29.12.2000)
distributors.lha     misc/imdb  1.6M+Distributors.list (29.12.2000)
editors.lha          misc/imdb  1.2M+Editors.list (29.12.2000)
genres.lha           misc/imdb  1.9M+Genres.list (29.12.2000)
german-aka-tit.lha   misc/imdb  371K+German-aka-titles.list (29.12.2000)
goofs.lha            misc/imdb  572K+Goofs.list (29.12.2000)
imdbDiff001222.lha   misc/imdb  1.2M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
imdbDiff001229.lha   misc/imdb  1.2M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
iso-aka-titles.lha   misc/imdb   22K+Iso-aka-titles.list (29.12.2000)
italian-aka-ti.lha   misc/imdb  434K+Italian-aka-titles.list (29.12.2000)
keywords.lha         misc/imdb  2.5M+Keywords.list (29.12.2000)
language.lha         misc/imdb  1.8M+Language.list (29.12.2000)
laserdisc.lha        misc/imdb  932K+Laserdisc.list (29.12.2000)
literature.lha       misc/imdb  1.1M+Literature.list (29.12.2000)
locations.lha        misc/imdb  889K+Locations.list (29.12.2000)
misc-companies.lha   misc/imdb  417K+Miscellaneous-companies.list (29.12.2000
miscellaneous.lha    misc/imdb  7.9M+Miscellaneous.list (29.12.2000)
movie-links.lha      misc/imdb  2.3M+Movie-links.list (29.12.2000)
movies.lha           misc/imdb  3.0M+Movies.list (29.12.2000)
mpaa-ratings-r.lha   misc/imdb   76K+Mpaa-ratings-reasons.list (29.12.2000)
plot.lha             misc/imdb  8.5M+Plot.list (29.12.2000)
producers.lha        misc/imdb  2.7M+Producers.list (29.12.2000)
production-com.lha   misc/imdb  2.9M+Production-companies.list (29.12.2000)
production-des.lha   misc/imdb  559K+Production-designers.list (29.12.2000)
quotes.lha           misc/imdb  2.4M+Quotes.list (29.12.2000)
ratings.lha          misc/imdb  796K+Ratings.list (29.12.2000)
release-dates.lha    misc/imdb  2.0M+Release-dates.list (29.12.2000)
running-times.lha    misc/imdb  1.4M+Running-times.list (29.12.2000)
sound-mix.lha        misc/imdb  943K+Sound-mix.list (29.12.2000)
soundtracks.lha      misc/imdb  1.6M+Soundtracks.list (29.12.2000)
special-fx-com.lha   misc/imdb   76K+Special-effects-companies.list (29.12.20
taglines.lha         misc/imdb  504K+Taglines.list (29.12.2000)
technical.lha        misc/imdb  1.3M+Technical.list (29.12.2000)
trivia.lha           misc/imdb  1.0M+Trivia.list (29.12.2000)
writers.lha          misc/imdb  3.7M+Writers.list (29.12.2000)
BD-MLBreath.lha      mods/bladr 109K+"My Last Breath" by Black Dragon/Honoo+L
gettinwet.lha        mods/jorma  87K+Gettin' Wet by Naks (Techno, from JRm-MM
Amigaska.lha         mods/med   111K+Amiga is back Western style in Apr 1999 
CriticalsPromo.lha   mods/misc   31K+Custom module from Critical's "Promotion
32bc_drunk.mpg       mods/mpg   6.9M+8 drunk Gods
HaleBob.mpg          mods/mpg   4.4M+Spacy SSV1.03c MOD in MP3 Apr 1997 by Th
af-bassic_tune.lha   mods/techn 231K+DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 143bpm
af-vklop.lha         mods/techn 984K+DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 140bpm
GMP-G.lha            mus/midi   123K+GUI for GMPlay V1.3(a)
SDT_MSR.lha          mus/misc     4K+Sound Ripper
Amoralplay1.5.lha    mus/play   121K+-amorel- No fuss multiformat audio playe
EasyMOD.lha          mus/play    14K+Simple shell-based MOD-player
EasyPlayer.lha       mus/play    90K+The alternative music player, v1.04
EP_RiffRaff.lha      mus/play     6K+EaglePlayer "Riff Raff" external replaye
Sid4Amiga.lha        mus/play   417K+Plays C64 Sid Music Files - PPC/68K/GUI
AmiDoPat.lha         pix/back    22K+Nice Images for AmiDock OS3.9
BoingRays.jpg        pix/back   152K+Boing Ball peeking out of dark clouds
CGXBootPic39.lha     pix/boot   164K+CGXBootPic.library for OS 3.9
TinyGICollectn.lha   pix/gicon   49K+GlowIcons - size doesn't matter ;-)
jcIconsII.lha        pix/icon   130K+Os3.5,os3.9 Icon package II
no_shower.lha        pix/misc   189K+[ancor] a pic with Sarah and her sister
sg-strip_2.lha       pix/misc    80K+[ancor] strip 2 of the comic
sg-strip_3.lha       pix/misc    66K+[ancor] strip 3 of the comic
StarTrekX02.jpg      pix/trace   58K+Romulan Warbird, E-Enterprise
StarTrekX03.jpg      pix/trace   74K+Romulan Warbird, E-Enterprise
OFS028.jpg           pix/wfm    758K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS029.jpg           pix/wfm    536K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS030.jpg           pix/wfm    320K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS031.jpg           pix/wfm    485K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS032.jpg           pix/wfm    578K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
AW-Filter.lha        text/dtp    50K+AmigaWriter filter for PageStream
Word8-Filter.lha     text/dtp     7K+Word 8 filter for PageStream
documentviewer.lha   text/misc   67K+Show the User a directory of documents t
titleshadow.lha      util/boot    4K+Add shadows or outines to your window ti
MMULib.lha           util/libs  578K+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
sndfile.lha          util/libs  296K+Library for reading/writing various samp
AslToRT.lha          util/misc   11K+Asl/Arp/Req/Intuition requester to ReqTo
LC2.lha              util/misc  184K+Aussie Lotto checker/database.
AmiGOD.lha           util/moni  101K+V1.43 Millenium - WB graphics benchmark
DosTrace.lha         util/moni   24K+DOS monitor better than SnoopDos
PowerTools.lha       util/moni   12K+Power failure logger
ReqCh.lha            util/sys     7K+Bugfixed replacement for C:RequestChoice
TransPrefs22.lha     util/sys    39K+TranslatorPrefs V2.2 (640x256 fixt)
Ver.lha              util/sys    14K+Bugfixed replacement for c:version 40.1
LSClock21.lha        util/time   35K+SHAREWARE clock utility - New Release v2
Safe14_5.lha         util/virus  19K+Safe v14.5 - virus dicovering system
xvslibrary.lha       util/virus  51K+External Virus Support Library v33.24
fastbar.lha          util/wb     32K+FASTBAR1.07b, another screen-manager for
MemIcon.lha          util/wb     13K+Memory/Screen/OS display for OS3.5/OS3.9
RunArgs.lha          util/wb      8K+V3.0, WB 3.9 ToolsDaemon Menu Launcher
TMPlus.lha           util/wb     87K+AddOnMenus to ToolsAppMenu(With-GUI-Pref
TransAGA.lha         util/wb     32K+TransAGA, Transparent Workbench3x menu f
WB2000-Ger.lha       util/wb      5K+German Locale for Workbench2000 1.8
WB2000_18.lha        util/wb    673K+Win98 Menu & Task bar (MUI)
WB2000_18_Ita.lha    util/wb      3K+Italian Catalog for Workbench2000 1.8   
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Richard Kapp on ANF

Nice Calculator for the AmigaOS
Who ever worried about the shop-soiled calculator of the AmigaOS can look forward, now! On my homepage one can download the initial version of CoolCALC. This one virtual offers the same functions as the original program, but can be embellished with skins (one is part of the archive) and can be iconified. Under the title link you will find screenshots and also the download area. Have fun! (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Xandiy on ANF Looking for Sponsor(s)
Since finally a possibility was found to give bonus for written opinions one or more sponsors (with banner) are wanted. Interested people may please contact

From now on there will be scores. Everybody who is registered for the Community will get scores. First register and then wait until your member-number gets mailed to you, then you can score. One score for every message. What one can do with his/her scores will be announced during the following days. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Halvadjian Georges on ANF

PerfectPaint V2.4
PerfectPaint v2.4 is available for download under the title link. What's new?
  • Improve some requester
  • Improve Brush Mosaic
  • Raylab Factory: RayLab Factory is a powerfull and simple gui for RayLab. With this gui, you can:
    • Select a predefined shapes or 3D font.
    • mappe you shape with predefined textures or a mapping image.
    • rotate your shape, place your light ...
    • and build you picture or brush directly in perfectpaint. RayLab is a freeware raytracer made by Marcus Geelnard.

Include in PerfectPaint package, the raylab881 executable and the documentation (with the permission of the author). There is a Wos version of Raylab on Aminet (raylabwos.lha) and a 'PPC elf' version, on the official Raylab homepage
  • fixed a bug while saving CMAP palette
  • New tool: Rotated ellipse
  • several bugs corrected with CMAP brush
  • small bugs corrected with gradient effect, starfield effect, zoom, TurboPrint and Symetrie
  • Add Load and Save Stencil
  • Use AsyncIO.library
  • PPM picture can, now be loaded and saved.
  • Fix a bug with the arexx command: pp_Render, the script for saving Gif anim will works well now
  • Animation can be croped.
  • Improve PerfectPaint aspect: Desktop and Requester can have pattern (in PPM format) (see prefs/Backgrounds)
  • You can, now, manage 10 different brushes. With these brushes you can create, loading and saving Albums.
  • Little bug fixed with XPK requester
  • New Color effect: Adjust levels and Auto levels.
  • If you change depth of your picture, Current brush is automatically remapped
  • Improve balance requester
  • Improve Rubber stamp
  • Improve arexx script: LoadPS (postscript)
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Linux 2.4.0 Released
After almost 2 years of development on 01-05-2001 Linux 2.4.0 was released.

Download: v2.4 Directory

In the meantime even the first pre-patch has been released. Take a look at the message at Pro-Linux. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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GUI History Since 1973
Under the title link you can read the history of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) since 1973. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Patch for EASys! 4.84 Released
On the 'Servicepacks' page there is a "patch" for the current version 4.8.4 (has to be installed!) underr OS 3.9 available. Please, it is absolut necessary for you to read the Readmefile before installation!

Download: EASys!_patch_484.lha (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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ICS Version 2.01b Released
Version 2.01 of the free available color calibration software for AmigaOS 'ICS' by Wolf Faust was released. Download links for the program as well as diverse additions you will find under the title link. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Greg Donner

Greg Donner: OS3.9 FAQ Update
Greg Donner has updated his Amiga OS3.9 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) as well as the compatibility list, installation tips, and the page with known bugs. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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