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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
Mishap: The recent number suddenly did not show any new uploads any more. Of course the new number now gives in return the uploads of the last two weeks; but there is no other option to get back to rotation, yet.

Videomanage.lha      biz/dbase  398K+A Videodatabase
OpusMI.lha           biz/dopus  1.3M+GlowIcon DOpus Images (7th Release)
OpusMIupd.lha        biz/dopus  236K+OpusMI Update (6th to 7th Release)
HomeBank.lha         biz/misc   201K+V1.8 The personal account manager (MUI)
AmBoS-Demo.lha       comm/ambos 1.6M+AmBoS 2.98 - Full/demo archive
AmBoS-Update.lha     comm/ambos 1.2M+AmBoS-Update Rel. 2.98j (Wednesday 03-Ja
Cit_Docs_BA01.lha    comm/bbs   571K+Citadel 68K Documenation
Cit_exec_BA01.lha    comm/bbs   247K+Citadel 68K BBS Program
cit_src_BA01.lha     comm/bbs   544K+Citadel 68K BBS Program Source
Cit_Util_BA01.lha    comm/bbs   464K+Citadel 68K BBS Program Utilities
AInfoBOT.lha         comm/irc    31K+Clone of the PERL InfoBOT
DalHelper.lha        comm/irc    37K+Interface to Dalnet Services: (Chan/Memo
ON.lha               comm/irc    12K+ON function for AmIRC
ClipWatch.lha        comm/misc  181K+Tool to call Clip/WIT remote surveillanc
EZPagerNG_CE.lha     comm/misc  407K+Send messages to german pagers (Scall,Sk
LCR-I.lha            comm/misc  114K+LeastCostRouter for german Internet Prov
LCR-P.lha            comm/misc   75K+LeastCostRouter Print-Tool
LCR.lha              comm/misc  112K+LeastCostRouter for german Telephone Pro
AutoTCP.lha          comm/tcp     1K+AutoTCP, Autostart your favourite TCP/IP
samba_2.0.7.lha      comm/tcp   6.3M+Port of the free SMB client and server
TaskiSMS_HU.lha      comm/tcp     3K+Hungarian catalog for TaskiSMS 2.0
ApacheMI.lha         comm/www    49K+GlowIcons for Apache Servers
Cookie_Killer.lha    comm/www    14K+AWeb cookie management (v1.01)
RadarTA.lha          comm/www    31K+Radar Transfer Anim for any web browser.
wpz-frozen40.lha     demo/aga   1.3M+Frozen#4o - The Party Edition
Nature-Grid2fx.lha   demo/intro  86K+Nature - Grid2, winner 64k at TP2000
nms-spaceqst1e.lha   demo/intro  16K+Space Quest 1E. cracktro from Nemesis
pvt-cafe.lha         demo/slide 2.3M+Demoparty Computer Art Festival 1999-200
jrm-mm70.lha         demo/sound 132K+DA JoRMaS: MonoMeno #70
BallMasterSrc.lha    dev/basic   48K+Source for BallMaster V1.2
BlitzLstDec00.lha    dev/basic  253K+Blitz mailing list archives for December
clockita.lha         dev/basic   67K+Italian clock+alarm+source code (bugfix)
2b_TKLsort.lha       dev/c       33K+This program sorting text files. 
Amiga-C-Dec00.lha    dev/c      122K+Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in Dece
codestorage.lha      dev/c      354K+Create & manipulate your own DataBase of
pgmasst.lha          dev/c       77K+A GUI for various text editing & formatt
MuGuardianAnge.lha   dev/debug  287K+MungWall superset, detect accesses to no
powerd.lha           dev/e      723K+New powerful programming language v0.16
yaec.lha             dev/e      287K+Yaec - Yet Another E Compiler [1.2b]
yaec_fix.lha         dev/e        0K+Fixes stupid archive error in yaec.lha (
catcheck.lha         dev/misc    23K+Amiga catalog tester, v1.0
WHDLoad_dev.lha      dev/misc   500K+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
WHDLoad_usr.lha      dev/misc   130K+HD-Installer for OS-Killer
VCDGear.lha          disk/cdrom  81K+Create VideoCD images for burning or ext
DVD-RAM.lha          disk/misc   68K+DVD-RAM RDB, MountList and DOSDrivers Ma
FindChanges.lha      disk/misc   40K+Finds changes made to disk
msd95v16.lha         disk/misc   40K+MS FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 Filesystem handler
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/hyper 582K+ITALIAN ONLY comunicati NotizieAmiga 12/
amiuserlist.lha      docs/lists  65K+AmigaUserList V10.96 of Germany, Switzer
Aakt0101GFX.lha      docs/mags  526K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0101GUIDE.lha    docs/mags   92K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
Aakt0101HTML.lha     docs/mags  247K+AMIGA aktuell - German infotainment maga
AaktInt1200GFX.lha   docs/mags  336K+International infotainment magazine (gra
amigazette_00.lha    docs/mags   81K+AMIGAzette (italian magazine)
amigazette_01.lha    docs/mags  167K+AMIGAzette 1st iusse (20.06.1999) (itali
amigazette_02.lha    docs/mags  633K+AMIGAzette 1st iusse (10.08.1999) (itali
mc201.lha            docs/mags  183K+German Metal Mag in HTML - Februar 2001 
Onkelz.lha           docs/mags   72K+German Boehse Onkelz guide AG
starmag25_ht.lha     docs/mags  1.3M+German Amiga-Online-Magazine HTML-Versio
WarpUp-Dec00.lha     docs/misc  121K+Postings to the WarpUp mailing list in D
Snace.lha            game/2play 273K+2pl. snake-like racing game, but in all 
Rags.lha             game/actio 2.4M+Violent and fast 1 on 1 combat game
amigo6_2.lha         game/board  88K+A "Go" board and player for the Amiga. v
Blockoutlvs.lha      game/data    6K+A hard Levelset for Blockout,for hard gu
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  238K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
PBOBS_Demo.lha       game/demo  586K+A Puzzle Bobble style game (demo).
Tankista_v0.3b.lha   game/demo  105K+Buggy betaversion action game for 2 play
WormWars.lha         game/misc  776K+WormWars 6.5: Advanced snake game
Powerdrive.lha       game/patch  40K+HD-Installer for Powerdrive V1.0
Viz.lha              game/patch  23K+HD-Installer for Viz V1.0
WHDIDemos.lzh        game/patch 1.5M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesA-B.lzh     game/patch 1.5M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesC-D.lzh     game/patch 1.3M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesE-F.lzh     game/patch 820K+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesG-I.lzh     game/patch 1.1M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesJ-M.lzh     game/patch 1.3M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesN-R.lzh     game/patch 1.4M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesS-T.lzh     game/patch 1.8M+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WHDIGamesU-Z.lzh     game/patch 709K+Harddisk Installs using WHDLoad
WorldCricket.lha     game/patch  33K+HD-Installer for World Cricket V1.0
eyangband.lha        game/role  798K+EyAngband 0.2.1 - Roguelike solo RPG
gumband.lha          game/role  930K+Gumband 2.1.2a - Roguelike solo RPG
A_Sweeper_1.05.lha   game/think 128K+AGA Workbench MineSweeper V1.05 
BallMasterAGA.lha    game/think 1.4M+Addictive puzzle game with many levels
BallMasterECS.lha    game/think 934K+Addictive puzzle game with many levels
Pishti.lha           game/wb    106K+Popular Turkish card game. (v1.01)
centipede.lha        gfx/3d     682K+Futuristic 3D font for Maxon Cinema 4D
chair.lha            gfx/3dobj  130K+Steel Chair Object for Maxon Cinema 4D
jpeg2mov.lha         gfx/conv    30K+Creates a QuickTime-Movie
SvIVFix916.lha       gfx/misc   189K+*Fix* for SViewIV V9.15 (4.1.2001)
AMP.lha              gfx/show   188K+MPEG1/2,MP2/3,AVI,QT/MOV,FLI/FLC,NSF pla
AMP2.lha             gfx/show   147K+MPEG1/2,MP2/3,AC3 player v2.01 (010106)
RivaAudio.lha        gfx/show    11K+Script for fast Mpeg-1 video+sound playb
BetaScanMustek.lha   hard/drivr  75K+Mustek/Trust Scanner Driver For BetaScan
CC-Tools.lha         hard/drivr  36K+Download to C-Control/BASIC
FormAldiHyd.lha      hard/drivr  59K+V1.3, Tablet driver for Aldi/Tevion/Aipt
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  665K+V1.56 PSX MemoryCard Reader
TestGear-Notes.lha   hard/hack    4K+Test equipment projects, general notes.
ICS.lha              hard/misc  2.4M+V2.01LE ICS - professional color correct
anescgfx.lha         misc/emu   100K+A/NES CGFX v1.22 - Nintendo emulator
actors.lha           misc/imdb   27M+Actors.list (29.12.2000)
actresses.lha        misc/imdb   14M+Actresses.list (29.12.2000)
aka-names.lha        misc/imdb  635K+Aka-names.list (29.12.2000)
aka-titles.lha       misc/imdb  2.1M+Aka-titles.list (29.12.2000)
alternate-vers.lha   misc/imdb  490K+Alternate-versions.list (29.12.2000)
biographies.lha      misc/imdb   21M+Biographies.list (29.12.2000)
business.lha         misc/imdb  1.0M+Business.list (29.12.2000)
certificates.lha     misc/imdb  678K+Certificates.list (29.12.2000)
cinematographr.lha   misc/imdb  1.6M+Cinematographers.list (29.12.2000)
color-info.lha       misc/imdb  1.8M+Color-info.list (29.12.2000)
complete-cast.lha    misc/imdb  311K+Complete-cast.list (29.12.2000)
complete-crew.lha    misc/imdb  116K+Complete-crew.list (29.12.2000)
composers.lha        misc/imdb  1.6M+Composers.list (29.12.2000)
costume-design.lha   misc/imdb  513K+Costume-designers.list (29.12.2000)
countries.lha        misc/imdb  2.5M+Countries.list (29.12.2000)
crazy-credits.lha    misc/imdb  113K+Crazy-credits.list (29.12.2000)
directors.lha        misc/imdb  3.4M+Directors.list (29.12.2000)
distributors.lha     misc/imdb  1.6M+Distributors.list (29.12.2000)
editors.lha          misc/imdb  1.2M+Editors.list (29.12.2000)
genres.lha           misc/imdb  1.9M+Genres.list (29.12.2000)
german-aka-tit.lha   misc/imdb  371K+German-aka-titles.list (29.12.2000)
goofs.lha            misc/imdb  572K+Goofs.list (29.12.2000)
imdbDiff001222.lha   misc/imdb  1.2M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
imdbDiff001229.lha   misc/imdb  1.2M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
iso-aka-titles.lha   misc/imdb   22K+Iso-aka-titles.list (29.12.2000)
italian-aka-ti.lha   misc/imdb  434K+Italian-aka-titles.list (29.12.2000)
keywords.lha         misc/imdb  2.5M+Keywords.list (29.12.2000)
language.lha         misc/imdb  1.8M+Language.list (29.12.2000)
laserdisc.lha        misc/imdb  932K+Laserdisc.list (29.12.2000)
literature.lha       misc/imdb  1.1M+Literature.list (29.12.2000)
locations.lha        misc/imdb  889K+Locations.list (29.12.2000)
misc-companies.lha   misc/imdb  417K+Miscellaneous-companies.list (29.12.2000
miscellaneous.lha    misc/imdb  7.9M+Miscellaneous.list (29.12.2000)
movie-links.lha      misc/imdb  2.3M+Movie-links.list (29.12.2000)
movies.lha           misc/imdb  3.0M+Movies.list (29.12.2000)
mpaa-ratings-r.lha   misc/imdb   76K+Mpaa-ratings-reasons.list (29.12.2000)
plot.lha             misc/imdb  8.5M+Plot.list (29.12.2000)
producers.lha        misc/imdb  2.7M+Producers.list (29.12.2000)
production-com.lha   misc/imdb  2.9M+Production-companies.list (29.12.2000)
production-des.lha   misc/imdb  559K+Production-designers.list (29.12.2000)
quotes.lha           misc/imdb  2.4M+Quotes.list (29.12.2000)
ratings.lha          misc/imdb  796K+Ratings.list (29.12.2000)
release-dates.lha    misc/imdb  2.0M+Release-dates.list (29.12.2000)
running-times.lha    misc/imdb  1.4M+Running-times.list (29.12.2000)
sound-mix.lha        misc/imdb  943K+Sound-mix.list (29.12.2000)
soundtracks.lha      misc/imdb  1.6M+Soundtracks.list (29.12.2000)
special-fx-com.lha   misc/imdb   76K+Special-effects-companies.list (29.12.20
taglines.lha         misc/imdb  504K+Taglines.list (29.12.2000)
technical.lha        misc/imdb  1.3M+Technical.list (29.12.2000)
trivia.lha           misc/imdb  1.0M+Trivia.list (29.12.2000)
writers.lha          misc/imdb  3.7M+Writers.list (29.12.2000)
BD-MLBreath.lha      mods/bladr 109K+"My Last Breath" by Black Dragon/Honoo+L
gettinwet.lha        mods/jorma  87K+Gettin' Wet by Naks (Techno, from JRm-MM
Amigaska.lha         mods/med   111K+Amiga is back Western style in Apr 1999 
CriticalsPromo.lha   mods/misc   31K+Custom module from Critical's "Promotion
32bc_drunk.mpg       mods/mpg   6.9M+8 drunk Gods
HaleBob.mpg          mods/mpg   4.4M+Spacy SSV1.03c MOD in MP3 Apr 1997 by Th
af-bassic_tune.lha   mods/techn 231K+DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 143bpm
af-vklop.lha         mods/techn 984K+DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 140bpm
GMP-G.lha            mus/midi   123K+GUI for GMPlay V1.3(a)
SDT_MSR.lha          mus/misc     4K+Sound Ripper
Amoralplay1.5.lha    mus/play   121K+-amorel- No fuss multiformat audio playe
EasyMOD.lha          mus/play    14K+Simple shell-based MOD-player
EasyPlayer.lha       mus/play    90K+The alternative music player, v1.04
EP_RiffRaff.lha      mus/play     6K+EaglePlayer "Riff Raff" external replaye
Sid4Amiga.lha        mus/play   417K+Plays C64 Sid Music Files - PPC/68K/GUI
AmiDoPat.lha         pix/back    22K+Nice Images for AmiDock OS3.9
BoingRays.jpg        pix/back   152K+Boing Ball peeking out of dark clouds
CGXBootPic39.lha     pix/boot   164K+CGXBootPic.library for OS 3.9
TinyGICollectn.lha   pix/gicon   49K+GlowIcons - size doesn't matter ;-)
jcIconsII.lha        pix/icon   130K+Os3.5,os3.9 Icon package II
no_shower.lha        pix/misc   189K+[ancor] a pic with Sarah and her sister
sg-strip_2.lha       pix/misc    80K+[ancor] strip 2 of the comic
sg-strip_3.lha       pix/misc    66K+[ancor] strip 3 of the comic
StarTrekX02.jpg      pix/trace   58K+Romulan Warbird, E-Enterprise
StarTrekX03.jpg      pix/trace   74K+Romulan Warbird, E-Enterprise
OFS028.jpg           pix/wfm    758K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS029.jpg           pix/wfm    536K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS030.jpg           pix/wfm    320K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS031.jpg           pix/wfm    485K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
OFS032.jpg           pix/wfm    578K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
AW-Filter.lha        text/dtp    50K+AmigaWriter filter for PageStream
Word8-Filter.lha     text/dtp     7K+Word 8 filter for PageStream
documentviewer.lha   text/misc   67K+Show the User a directory of documents t
titleshadow.lha      util/boot    4K+Add shadows or outines to your window ti
MMULib.lha           util/libs  578K+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
sndfile.lha          util/libs  296K+Library for reading/writing various samp
AslToRT.lha          util/misc   11K+Asl/Arp/Req/Intuition requester to ReqTo
LC2.lha              util/misc  184K+Aussie Lotto checker/database.
AmiGOD.lha           util/moni  101K+V1.43 Millenium - WB graphics benchmark
DosTrace.lha         util/moni   24K+DOS monitor better than SnoopDos
PowerTools.lha       util/moni   12K+Power failure logger
ReqCh.lha            util/sys     7K+Bugfixed replacement for C:RequestChoice
TransPrefs22.lha     util/sys    39K+TranslatorPrefs V2.2 (640x256 fixt)
Ver.lha              util/sys    14K+Bugfixed replacement for c:version 40.1
LSClock21.lha        util/time   35K+SHAREWARE clock utility - New Release v2
Safe14_5.lha         util/virus  19K+Safe v14.5 - virus dicovering system
xvslibrary.lha       util/virus  51K+External Virus Support Library v33.24
fastbar.lha          util/wb     32K+FASTBAR1.07b, another screen-manager for
MemIcon.lha          util/wb     13K+Memory/Screen/OS display for OS3.5/OS3.9
RunArgs.lha          util/wb      8K+V3.0, WB 3.9 ToolsDaemon Menu Launcher
TMPlus.lha           util/wb     87K+AddOnMenus to ToolsAppMenu(With-GUI-Pref
TransAGA.lha         util/wb     32K+TransAGA, Transparent Workbench3x menu f
WB2000-Ger.lha       util/wb      5K+German Locale for Workbench2000 1.8
WB2000_18.lha        util/wb    673K+Win98 Menu & Task bar (MUI)
WB2000_18_Ita.lha    util/wb      3K+Italian Catalog for Workbench2000 1.8   
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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