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Archive 01/2001

Jan Andersen via eMail

Safe Version 14.8 Released
VirusHelp Denmark announced the release of version 14.8 of the virus detector Safe. The detector finds viruses, but cannot remove these!

Name: Safe v14.8
Archive name: Safe.lha
Archive size: 20.878 Bytes
Date: 31. Januar 2001
Programmer: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Info: Needs xvs.library v33.24

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Sven Droege on ANF

Update of the Stock Exchange Software Bonds
Bonds is a financial software fitted for share management. The software is in especially fitted for the financial market of Germany and best handles shares traded within Germany.

Another update of Bonds will be released on weekend. Several small enhancements have been implemented, again some bugs were fixed. New is a version check via the Internet. The import filters have been reworked, a new filter allows to import stock quotation data from, where historic quotations for German shares are to find.

Work on the depot manager proceeds, a finished version is expected for the next weeks. Also the manual in PDF format is about to take shape, so the users will have a properly manual at hand in the future.

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Ray McCarthy via eMail

KickSoft Established
The Kickstart Amiga Group have established a seperate website under for sale of software. On this site users can purchase commercial high-quality shareware software using their credit card.

At the opening there are 2 x DrawStudio2 for win in a contest.

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Achim Stegemann on ANF

Shared ZLib-Library for PPC
At the Aminet there now is a shared library for the popular ZLib compression (gzip) running on 68k as well as under WarpOS! The archive can be downloaded from Aminet under util/libs/zlib-library.lha. The library is freeware, source code and developer stuff for the StormC compiler are included for interested people.

I would be pleased if the library were supported by Xarc programmers and others. According to the PPC used speed can reach about 5 MB/s (unpacking) or 1 MB/s (!!, packing) at packing rates up to 75% (text)!

The zlib.library also will be utilized in the new version of Digital Almanac III, cause this will give executables about 30kB smaller than before.

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Richard Kapp on ANF

GFX Lists Update
Thanks to the help of many Amiga users the lists with Amiga games and demos supporting graphics boards could be enlarged with many entries. The layout of this site was enhanced and designed more predictable, too.

Moreover there is a new list on the site (Amiga section) listing programs supporting multiple CPU's (on installation). Since one often doesn't remember which programs offer an optimized version e.g. for the 060 after the computer was accelerated this list might be helpful.

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Apex Designs

Payback in Progress
In the current status report #18 Apex Designs announced that the new game 'Payback' will be in trade in about two weeks. At the same time a playable demo version will be made available for download.

In an interview with the Amiga-Future the programmer James Daniels described Payback as follows:

"The player takes the part of young driver on the run and tries to become a big gangsters' boss. The game is completely non-linear. To finish a level the player simply has to collect a certain amount of points. How to achieve this is up to him-/herself.

You can act on the local Kingpins' advice, uncover secret missions or join a gunfight. There are a lot of hidden surprises to discover, so one must play the game several times to find all of the extras. The game was inspired by Grand Theft Auto, but I invested much effort into the game to make sure it will lick GTA in all respects."

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Heise: Met@box in the Deep Red
»Sometimes things come more worse than expected: Recently in September last year the Met@box AG from Hildesheim, Germany, announced to incur a loss of around 15 Mio DM in the business year, instead of realizing profit. Now the manufacturer of set-top boxes notified a loss of about 19 Mio DM. According to preliminary calculations volume of sales was at 50 Mio DM the company disclosed on this Tuesday.«
More details under the title link (German).

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Golem: Sega Knells the End of Dreamcast
»After rumours around the end of the Dreamcast console looped the loop during last days Sega now puts an end to speculations. In the context of a corporate reorganisation the former Japanese video game giant wants to focus on video games contents in the future.«
More details under the title link (German).

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
DataM_II.lha         biz/dbase  1.1M+Spreadsheet using MUI (German docs only!
FSCP_Txt.lha         biz/dbase   61K+Farscape StarBase-Text (51)
tummy_020.lha        biz/dbase  872K+The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.00
tummy_040.lha        biz/dbase  872K+The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.00
tummy_060.lha        biz/dbase  872K+The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.00
TCom2DEMO.lha        biz/demo    96K+V2.8.0 Amiga order program,(COMMESSE ITA
TMagDEMO.lha         biz/demo   153K+V1.2.1 Amiga storage program,(MAGAZZINO 
TProspEd.lha         biz/demo    84K+V1.3.0 Form Editor For TurboFat (ITALIAN
TProspEd2.lha        biz/demo    81K+V2.0.1alpha Form Editor For TurboFat2 (I
DOpus58_SP.lha       biz/dopus   29K+DOpus v5.8x spanish catalogs. Update 2.2
AW2.20-Patch.lha     biz/haage  1.0M+AmigaWriter Patch 2.x -> 2.20
WW5spCatalog.lha     biz/misc    10K+Wordworth5 spanish catalogs. Update 3
amirsay.lha          comm/irc    56K+Speech for AmIRC (Loads of settings)
MORE_ksm.lha         comm/irc     3K+Three new ksm files for kuang ksmaster s
UidlRem.lha          comm/mail    5K+Automatic daily YAM .uidl file deleter :
amlog.lha            comm/misc  102K+V2.3 - HTTP/FTP/MAIL adress database
DragonTools.lha      comm/misc  309K+Setup SpeedDragon,PowerDragon & Surf MAX
ddup-3.0.1.lha       comm/net    21K+Dynamic DNS service client
ddup-3.0.1_src.lha   comm/net    31K+Dynamic DNS service client
hserv.lha            comm/tcp   286K+Hserv ARexx HTTP/1.1 c.c. server
rxsocket.lha         comm/tcp   139K+Rxsocket.library - TCP/IP ARexx library
Cookie_Killer.lha    comm/www    16K+AWeb cookie management (v1.1)
Lynx.lha             comm/www   1.1M+Great WWW Browser,v284dev16 with SSL!
streamer.lha         comm/www    43K+Internet radio - Shoutcast player
CNCD-KillerCGX.lha   demo/euro  3.0M+CNCD: Killer (CyberGraphX version)
APX-TB3FIX.lha       demo/mag     9K+Taboo #3 AGA/CGX - FIX (magazine by Appe
MWI-SDV30.lha        demo/mag   1.3M+SAVE DA VINYL #30 - packmag by Madwizard
SamplesMaster.lha    dev/amos    92K+Creates IFF and RAW samples (italian)
ASweeperSrc106.lha   dev/basic   24K+Source for AGA Workbench MineSweeper V1.
A_SweeperSrc.lha     dev/basic   24K+Source for AGA Workbench MineSweeper V1.
clockita.lha         dev/basic   66K+Italian clock+alarm+source code (bugfix)
pmDevBas.lha         dev/basic  112K+Using PopUpMenu library from HBasic
PureBasic.lha        dev/basic  557K+V2.00 - Brand new powerful programming l
PureBas_Up2.00.lha   dev/basic  537K+V2.00 - Update for registered users (fro
flstack.lha          dev/c       11K+Fixed length stack ADT
DTView.lha           dev/e        3K+Simple MultiView clone (incl.source)
pmdev.lha            dev/gui    337K+PopupMenu.library SDK V10.8.6
select_gc.lha        dev/gui     67K+BOOPSI pop-up, cycle and button gadget
titlebar_ic.lha      dev/gui     24K+BOOPSI class of titlebar gadget images
amigatalk.lha        dev/lang   464K+A GUI version of 'Little Smalltalk' (V1.
FetchRefs2.1.lha     dev/misc   118K+Best AutoDoc/C-Asm-E include lookup tool
MCC_GLArea_Dev.lha   dev/mui    408K+MUI Custom class for StormMesa rendering
MCC_GLArea_Usr.lha   dev/mui    126K+MUI Custom class for StormMesa rendering
MCC_ImageDB.lha      dev/mui     25K+MUI Custom class for loading images.
adasrc1.lha          dev/src      7K+Collection of simple Ada-Sources
AutoMounter.lha      disk/misc   15K+AutoMount tool for any changeable disk d
DVD-RAM.lha          disk/misc   82K+DVD-RAM RDB, MountList and DOSDrivers Ma
IoJazOS3.9.lha       disk/misc    9K+Iomega Jaz 1GB DOS Drivers/Icons for Ami
AmigaInfo.lha        docs/hyper 334K+ITALIAN ONLY Amiga Mags Gennaio 2000
FBlitGuideGR.lha     docs/hyper  26K+Greek translation of (v3.73)
FSCP_Gde.lha         docs/hyper  59K+Farscape Guide (51)
stccg.lha            docs/hyper 1.7M+AmigaGuide to Star Trek CCG from Deciphe
Aminet-CD-40.lha     docs/lists  28K+Aminet CD 40 index and description
AaktInt0101.lha      docs/mags  206K+International infotainment magazine
AaktInt0101GFX.lha   docs/mags  476K+International infotainment magazine (gra
AIOV43.lha           docs/mags  422K+Amiga Information Online, Issue 43 (Janu
amigazette_03.lha    docs/mags  254K+AMIGAzette 3rd iusse (26.12.1999) (itali
amigazette_04.lha    docs/mags  133K+AMIGAzette 4th iusse (23.02.2000) (itali
amigazette_05.lha    docs/mags  285K+AMIGAzette 5th iusse (080.05.2000) (ital
ascene12.lha         docs/mags  1.0M+AmigaScene 0x12 - 11/99 (
Amigo6_3.lha         game/board  91K+A "Go" board and player for the Amiga. v
EgyptianWDC.lha      game/data   19K+Egyptian landscape for Worms DC
JumpingAround.lha    game/demo  277K+JumpNRun demo game, working in progress
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  258K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
amicheats.lha        game/hint  3.1M+28, Jan. 2001 HTML mirror of Ami Cheats 
gse.lha              game/patch  17K+Editor for Gunship2000 roster files
Tintin.lha           game/role  356K+Tintin++ MUD Client, v1.84
TinyFugue.lha        game/role  350K+TinyFugue MUD Client, v4.0s1
TinyMUSH3.lha        game/role  1.1M+TinyMUSH v3 MUSH (MUD) Server for Amiga
Connect4.lha         game/think  52K+Connect 4 game using MUI (with source)
skulpt_060.lha       gfx/3d     1.0M+Sculpt3D clone (68060 + Warp3D)
skulpt_doc.lha       gfx/3d     604K+Sculpt3D clone Documentation (68k + Warp
skulpt_loc.lha       gfx/3d      20K+Sculpt3D clone (68060 + Warp3D)
skulpt_scn.lha       gfx/3d     1.5M+Sculpt3D clone (68060 + Warp3D)
skulpt_src.lha       gfx/3d     227K+Sculpt3D clone sources (68k / PPC + Warp
skulpt_wos.lha       gfx/3d     1.2M+Sculpt3D clone (PPC (WarpOS) + Warp3D)
FlashMandel.lha      gfx/fract  4.1M+The best fractal rendering program for A
imaged.lha           gfx/misc   136K+Add your own description to images ! (v2
vPNG.lha             gfx/show    10K+Fast 68k PNG pictures viewer
IOBlixUsr.lha        hard/drivr 294K+V37.17, IOBlixZ2 and IOBlix1200 software
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  673K+V1.59 PSX MemoryCard Reader
TestGear3.lha        hard/hack  262K+Simple test equipment projects, Disk 3.
AmiPPF.lha           misc/emu    14K+Applies PPF-Patches to PSX-Images   V1.0
ASpEmu.lha           misc/emu   136K+V0.78 48K/128K/+2 Spectrum emulator.
ASpEmu_NOROM.lha     misc/emu    75K+V0.78 48K/128K/+2 Spectrum emulator.
ShapeShiftr311.lha   misc/emu   281K+Macintosh II emulator, V3.11
imdbDiff010112.lha   misc/imdb  2.4M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
imdbDiff010119.lha   misc/imdb  1.9M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
ChemicalDB.lha       misc/sci    79K+Periodic system with detailed infos
breed_junk.lha       mods/hardc 121K+A good acidcore DBM module by Breed
zab-android.lha      mods/hardc 1.3M+DBM 8ch -> Zabba <- strange gabba 266bpm
Auditory.lha         mods/med   158K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Blind_alley.lha      mods/med   514K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Byeda.lha            mods/med    66K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Go_to.lha            mods/med   148K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
Sleep.lha            mods/med   175K+MED-module by ukrainian Dreamer    
anthem.mpg           mods/mpg    18M+Minimal/exp/ambient composition for viol
rno-r054.mpg         mods/mpg   5.0M+Rno-records release no.54 by Earthstar (
vanderrohe.mpg       mods/mpg    10M+Minimal/exp/ambient composition for viol
breed_egg.lha        mods/techn 232K+A minimal acid DBM module by Breed
vdo_scrm.lha         mods/vdo   250K+Scottish fold remix [xm 18ch]
id3taglibgui.lha     mus/edit    34K+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (V1.x and V2.x) Editor
TheX0XPackage.lha    mus/edit    43K+A set of editors for the TR-X0X & TB303
SamX26.lha           mus/midi   400K+Sample-X v2.6 (registered version)
3PMGUI.lha           mus/play   161K+Skinnable MPEGA GUI-ideal for low CPUs!
3PMGUI_Skins1.lha    mus/play    13K+8 Semi nice skins for 3PMGUI 
MASMPegDevice.lha    mus/play     6K+V1.0, CBM compat. device for MAS Player
ccalcskins.lha       pix/back   184K+6 skins for coolcalc
os39wallp2.lha       pix/back   1.6M+2. Archive of OS3.9 Wallpapers (Backgrou
fom3p22.jpg          pix/henz    22K+3e Fighter
fommisc04.jpg        pix/henz   257K+Spacepatrol Orion
fommisc05.jpg        pix/henz   261K+Spacepatrol Orion
fommisc07.jpg        pix/henz   125K+Lara Croft-painting
fommisc09.jpg        pix/henz    62K+Happy Easter!
fomsw36.jpg          pix/henz    84K+Star Wars - Episode 1
fomsw37.jpg          pix/henz   120K+Jedi training at the Metalmoon
fomsw38.jpg          pix/henz   166K+Virago is chasing the Outrider
OnePoWeRweek.jpg     pix/misc    85K+ONE PoWeR WEEK Background by aMiGa=PoWeR
TrooperFighte2.jpg   pix/trace   40K+Trooper Fighter at Starship Trooper
WiederUnterwe2.jpg   pix/trace   69K+Starship Enterprise-E in Space
DBrown.jpg           pix/vehic  319K+A tractor (David Brown 995)
Fiat580.jpg          pix/vehic  241K+A tractor (Fiat 580)
Blessings.lha        pix/wfm    179K+Blessings; Artwork&Literature
BlssdWstlnd.lha      pix/wfm     99K+Blessed Wasteland Art & Lit.
OFS041.jpg           pix/wfm    461K+What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
ThBoundsfLv.lha      pix/wfm    110K+The Bounds of Love Art & Lit.
Zoom.lha             util/app    63K+The "do everything" appicon (FREEWARE)
doarc10.lha          util/arc    17K+Extract/view/add/convert all archives
alba.lha             util/boot   56K+Lock your Amiga with a password ITA-ENG
TurboVal.lha         util/boot   18K+The best validator for FFS (v2.2)
GhostBuster.lha      util/cdity  10K+Commodity useful for people playing audi
LatinMap.lha         util/cdity  20K+Special Character Input (FREEWARE)
Easyconvert.lha      util/conv   23K+Easy Convert - converts miles - km, etc.
vPNGdt.lha           util/dtype  10K+Fast 68k PNG datatype
WarpBMPdt.lha        util/dtype  42K+Windows BMP datatype (68k,WarpOS,MorphOS
boards229_NO.lha     util/libs    1K+Norwegian catalog for Boards.library 2.2
pmlib.lha            util/libs   26K+PopupMenu.library for 68000 (.library on
pmlib020.lha         util/libs   25K+PopupMenu.library for 68020 (.library on
pmlib040.lha         util/libs   25K+PopupMenu.library for 68040 (.library on
pmlib060.lha         util/libs   25K+PopupMenu.library for 68060 (.library on
pmuser.lha           util/libs   52K+PopupMenu.library V10.8.6
tmathtrans.lha       util/libs    2K+Faster FPU mathtrans.library v43.6b
Calculator.lha       util/misc   28K+Fully functional scientific calculator
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  297K+Report+ 4.22: Multipurpose utility
WriteKickDisk.lha    util/misc   11K+Makes Kickstart disk from ROM image
aibbcsppc_mos.lha    util/moni    1K+AIBB module for CyberStormPPC604/233MHz
idle.lha             util/moni   19K+A (working) cpu monitor
ral3p7.lha           util/rexx   60K+RexxArpLib.library - open up some OS fun
ral3p7all.lha        util/rexx  398K+RexxArpLib.library - open up some OS fun
rxmui.lha            util/rexx  384K+RxMUI - MUI GUIs in ARexx macros
TransPrefs22_N.lha   util/sys     5K+Norwegian catalog for TranslatorPrefs 2.
Safe.lha             util/virus  20K+Safe v14.7 - virus dicovering system
choowin.lha          util/wb     17K+Window activation utility
coolCalc_sk.lha      util/wb     48K+2 new skins for CoolCalc
Easyreset.lha        util/wb     12K+EasyReset - system reset utility
FinalExe_NO.lha      util/wb      3K+Norwegian catalog for FinalExecute 1.2
Image2Icon.lha       util/wb     58K+Creates thumbnail icons 68k+WOS (1.13a)
mainprefs.lha        util/wb     66K+OS 3.5,3.9 Preferences GUI
RxTD.lha             util/wb     32K+V1.2, WB 3.9 ToolsDaemon prefs converter
VisualPrefs_PL.lha   util/wb     10K+VisualPrefs: Polish catalog

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Steffen Haeuser on ANF

Descent 2 Port for Amiga
Some time ago I've started a Descent 2 port for the Amiga (WarpUP and 68k version). Unfortunately I'm not able to finish this port due to lack of time, cause among other things I'm working on commercial games for the Amiga :-). (And these are yet more important than porting an old game). An interested programmer who would like to finish this port may contact me at any time and receive the current source code.

Current stage:
  • Crashes on leaving (and sometimes also on leaving a level, I guess memory freed twice)
  • Warp3D support comes miscoloured (but software renderer works)
  • Network support doesn't work
  • In case of the "Bobbing Movement" I'm not sure, if it looks like it should do.
  • Still a lot of debug output inside of the source
  • Cockpit isn't displayed correctly

The code was compiled with StromC-gcc or gcc-WarpOS.

Steffen Haeuser

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Amiga Impact

Aliendesign with New URL
The website of Aliendesign (MCP, Scalos, and Repulse sound card) is accessible under from now on.

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CGX News
This site is a must if you would like to be informed about news all around graphics boards.
  • There is a small poll at the time being about which graphics boards Mediator should support.
  • Steffen Haeuser is cited from a news group posting: "Due to missing documentations there will not be any 3D hardware driver or Voodoo5."
  • Elbox renewed the driver archive with MediatorUP 1.6, cause there was a mistake in the old one.

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Amiga Fire

Amiga Fire Looking for Editors
The Amiga online magazine 'Amiga Fire' is looking for support by people wanting to write news, previews, and reviews about Amiga games for the magazine. If you are interested, contact

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Heise [Newsticker]

Heise: Forbidden to Despair ;-)
»Who wants to vent one's displeasure by the emoticon :-( risks a draconian punishment. Wrongdoers have to write a thousand times: ":-( is a registered trademark of Despair, Inc.". Albeit the punishment claimed already indicates the satiric character of this action – reality beggars all presiflage. The Despair company really has booked the trademark ":-(" – in dependence on the smiley ":-)" pronounced as frowny – at the US patent office in 1998. And the office in point of fact granted this application in May 2000.«
Complete article under the title link (German).

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Crystal Interactive Software

Poll by Chrystal Interactive Software
Crystal Interactive Software is a marketing company for games software (e.g. Bubble Heroes). To be able to better estimate which genre is in demand a poll has been started in which you can participate under the title link. JavaScript[TM] must be enabled.

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Jan Devos via eMail

3ivx, Ready for Global Television!
The video compression format '3ivX' is now officially implemented in MooVId and SoftCinema. At the request of a reader here a link to a 3ivX test-movies page.

Following the complete press release:
January 29, 2001- Happy Machines releases the second preview of their next generation video compression technology called 3ivx. Small file size and high quality video is one part of the 3ivx advantages, the other one is the truly multi-platform nature. This is great for video conferencing, video-on-demand, broadband content providing, interactive television but also for UMTS (or G3 mobile phones) implementations.

True mutli-platform support means that it is available for

Windows: Windows Media Player plug-in or QuickTime plug-in
MacOS: QuickTime plug-in
Linux (x86, PPC) & Solaris: XAnim
BeOS: Media Player plug-in
Amiga: WarpUP (MooVId for 68k & PPC) and PowerUP (SoftCinema)

The decoder is available on the site right now. For the moment, however, the encoder is reserved for 3ivx partners.

"Quality and multi-platform is one thing, but particularly important for the movie studios is encryption, watermarking and Digital Rights Management" said Jan Devos, President of Happy Machines. "That's why we made sure our 3ivx codec is standard compatible with most of the encryption and DRM systems available"

"I was amazed by the quality" explained Mr. Alan Redhouse, Chairman of the Eyetech Group. "That's why we are bundling this codec with our next generation AmigaOne hardware".

The current release is 5 to 20% better than the most efficient codecs out there. In comparison with MPEG-2 that means a ratio of 1:12 while near DVD quality. This indicates that the 3ivx video codec, while still in development, is already one of the best. There is a lot of interest in such a high performance codec. The 3 million page views on the web-site after the first preview release in December show that very well.

Happy Machines also referred to as the Think-Tank is a small Belgian company representing an extremely creative team and a large international network of inventors, software and hardware developers, designers in various fields such as imaging, satellite communications, artificial intelligence, machinery etc., which has contacts with top-manufacturers worldwide. The company is also member of the MPEG-group and is an Inmarsat partner. It is orientated on project development and related intellectual properties.

Press Contact:
Happy Machines

© 2001 Happy Machines n.v.
3ivx is an international trademark
Jan Devos - Happy Machines n.v. - ICQ:4477062

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Christoph Dietz

More Details on zAMilo
As already reported, "AmigaDE zAMilo V0.098" is running as http server on a test server at Amiga, Inc.. Christoph Dietz has asked Gary Peake and Götz Ohnesorge for more information about the http server 'zaMilo' utilized on

Amiga-News: Hello Gary and Götz! It came to our attention that the webserver on is running an zAMilo. The testpage tells that the server is installed since november. Did you install it?

Gary Peake: Yes, we installed it here at Amiga Inc. on our Linux based servers running the Amiga SDK.

Amiga-News: On which OS is the system running? AmigaDE isn't running native, is it?

Gary Peake: We run Red Hat on the servers. AmigaSDK is being hosted there. zAMilo runs on AmigaSDK.

Amiga-News: What does "zAMilo" stand for? Is it a mixed up akronym for "Mozila" (with an "l" missing.)

Götz Ohnesorge: "zAMilo" is a http server written by Patrick Roberts from Atrix. You can find more about it in the programs readme: "zAMilo is a mini-http server. The compiled lite binary is less that 4k and is very fast. It was inspired by zilo by Stefan Hellkvist which was created by Ericsson to run on their mobile phones. zAMilo serves simple http GET requests, which is enough for most sites. It also has the ability to serve the stdout of any other tool as an html document. In this way it emulates rsh via http."

Amiga-News: The server was down on friday. Did it crash because of the attention it got? Or was it only deactivated for maintenence?

Gary Peake: We are doing a lot of changing to our servers at the moment and had to take it down for a bit. It will be up and down for the next week or two as we shift some things around.

Amiga-News: Thank you Gary and Götz for this informations!

Contact Information Amiga Inc.

World Headquarter
34935 SE Douglas Street
Suite 210
Snoqualmie, WA 98065 (USA)
Phone +1-425-396-5660
Fax. +1-425-396-5671

WWW: Amiga Inc.

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Richard Kapp on ANF

GFX Lists
On my homepage there are two lists showing an overview of Amiga games ad scene demos running on graphics boards. I would be happy to be able to continue the lists with support of the Amiga users. Moreover there are 12 new skins for CoolCALC on my homepage and some news on programs planned.

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Heise: Head of Gateway Resigns
After Gateway beeing in the deep red in 4Q/2000 Jeff Weitzen, chairman of the board of management of the PC manufacturer, resigns. Ted Waitt, president of management, who founded Gateway in 1985, will line up for succession.
More details are to find under title link in the official press release from Gateway.

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Chip: Napster to be Subscription Service in Summer
»The Bertelsmann e-commerce group (BeCG) wants to attach fees for the use of the music exchange Napster from June or July, according to what the head of Bertelsmann, Thomas Middelhoff, said.«
More details under the title link (German).

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Goetz Ohnesorge via eMail

New Amiga Emulation Mailing List
Since a couple of days there is a new mailing list 'Amiga-Emulation' on Gary Peake's Who wants to subscirbe may send a mail to with subscribe emulation in the body of the mail (text field).

The mailing lists 'Team Amiga Mailing List', 'Sofa-list', 'STRICQ-list', and 'Arexx-list' are also hosted there. More information are to find in the Mailing Lists section under the title link.

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Juergen Theiner on ANF

Play!Amiga Needs Your Help
Soon the reworked version of Play!Amiga shall go online. There are some data from Amiga users still missing! Please, send the titles of three of your favourit games as soon as possible to Juergen Theiner for creating a chart list.

Very important: a ',Fist Aid Database' with tips and trick all around installation and running of games is to be created. If you have a hint such as, "to insall the game XY first you have to manually set the assign 'XY'", please sent it quick. Thank you very much for your help.

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Mikael 'XtaL' Fors on ANF

GameSpy Interview with Bill McEwen
James Hill from Gamespy, Inc., the popular game portal, has done an interview with Bill McEwen. Read this interview under the title link.

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Horst Diebel on ANF

Big Book of Amiga Hardware updated
'Big Book of Amiga Hardware' was updated. There are 20 more or less big changes and additions. To be up-to-date Ian is always looking for new pictures and informations! It would be grate if some of you could mail new material to Ian (german or english).

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Brad Webb via eMail

Amiga Update - January 2001 Newsletter
         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\¯ /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\¯ /___//
       ¯    \/    ¯ ¯    \/.  |¯      ¯|z!o     ¯  ¯    \/    ¯
               A M I G A      |#010128 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.

         A L T . W O A   I N   H U D D E R S F I E L D   U K

         A M I G A 2 0 0 1   I N   S T .   L O U I S   U S A

       C S & E   L A T E S T   P U B L I C A T I O N   N E W S

     M A K E   T O O L S D A E M O N   W O R K   W I T H   3 . 9

               A M I G A Z O N E   L O G O   G O O D S

    N E W   M E D I A T O R N E T . D E V I C E   R E L E A S E D

     P U R E   B A S I C   2 . 0 0   F R O M   F A N T A I S I E

       N E W   S K U L P T   V E R S I O N   A V A I L A B L E

           S E R V I C E   M A N A G E R   F O R   F R E E

     N E W   S T O R M C   D E V E L O P E R S '   P A C K A G E

     V A P O R W A R E ' S   M F T P   I I   1 . 2   I S   O U T

Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:

 Over on, there's a lot of talk the last day or two about a
new "Coldfire" processor model from Motorola. Pegged at 100% 68060
compatible and running at 300Mhz, it's generating a lot of excitement
from Classic Amiga users. As nearly as we can tell, this isn't all
that new news, seeming to go back originally to an article that
appeared in "EE Times" on October 17 last.
 Whatever the case, does it really matter? We don't think so. The
future of the Amiga is the new DE. The old 68K market is almost dead.
All you need do is look at "Amiga Update". We've cut back to monthly,
and the issues are smaller, because there just isn't much Amiga news
any longer (we could run more articles by reporting on announced plans
to develop software, or alpha releases, but we prefer to wait until
there's a reasonably finished product). Until the DE is really
established and growing, that's the way it will be.
 Even if there's somebody left to make boards for the new chip, all it
will run is the older software. It might be handy for compatibility as
an add-on board for new DE based machines, but we really doubt that's
going to happen.
 Now, if there'd been a fast, truly compatible Coldfire chip a couple
of years ago ...

 Other Amigans are justifiably concerned about the persistent rumors
of money problems at Amiga Inc. We've been concerned as well. However,
we're not ready to panic and write them off. The collapse of the .com
investment market has made coming up with cash difficult for all
startups. But, as MooBunny reported recently after talking with Bill
McEwen, Amiga claims it's not failing to meet obligations and has
products ready to go, unlike the .coms which died. That may make all
the difference in the world, as long as Amiga can promote them and
sell some. The fact that they apparently can't afford to attend key
trade shows is quite worrisome, but doesn't necessarily signal the end
of the world. As we've said often, time will tell.

 Meanwhile, there is still news in the Amiga community, as you can see
below. It's mostly positive news, and we hope you enjoy it.
 Brad Webb,
E-mail to the E-ditor:

26 Dec 2000

 If possible, in a future newsletter, I'd like to see any info that
might be available concerning someo of the great Amiga software
products which seem to have dropped off the "Radar" during the last
few years.

 Products such as the SuperBase database (Still the best database I've
ever used), Final Writer from Softwood (Again, the Best word processor
I've ever used), etc.

 Are these products going to be part of the New Amiga? What happened
to them?

 For instance, I read a report somewhere that the person who owned
SuperBAse had died and that his widow now owns the rights, but is Not
in a position, either financially or professionally, to do anything
with those rights. True? False? Is there a "White Knight" software
firm which could bring the product back??

Thanks for a great newsletter.

 We'd love to run such information, and will if we get any stories or
press releases that cover these products. SuperBase - most recently
SBase 4 Pro or Personal - is still the database manager I use when I
want to get real work done. At last year's Amiga show in St. Louis, it
was possible to pick up an update disk from the current owner of the
software rights. Since then, I've not heard a word.

        A L T . W O A   I N   H U D D E R S F I E L D   U K

 This forthcoming Amiga show will be held on Saturday 24th February
2001 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Doors open at 12.00 noon and the
show closes at 5.00pm

 The show is presented by the Huddersfield Amiga User Group (HAUG),
co-sponsored by Eyetech and in conjunction with Wirenet

 The venue for alt.WoA is The Old Cornmill on the outskirts of
Huddersfield. This location is less than one minutes drive from
Junction 25 of the M62 Motorway. There is an onsite large free Car
Park and the Hotel boasts both Restaurant and Bar Facilities.

 There is public transport access by Rail to Dewsbury then taking a
bus from Dewsbury Bus Station for Brighouse (via Clifton.). Buses run
every half an hour on the day of the show.

 For those interested in accomodation for the Saturday night, pay a
visit to the website of for details of hotels and
guest houses in the area.


   o Eyetech Group
   o Wirenet
   o Classic Amiga
   o Cartridge Club UK
   o Forematt Computing
   o Ram Jam Consultants
   o Weird Science
   o Epic Direct
   o Trogladite Software

A number of Amiga User Groups are attending the show:-

   o Huddersfield Amiga Users Group
   o SEAL
   o The Amibench Team
   o Kickstart Amiga Users Group
   o Amiga North Thames
   o Glasgow Amiga User Group

       A M I G A 2 0 0 1   I N   S T .   L O U I S   U S A

26 January, 2001

 Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey - Friday March 30 through Sunday April
1, 2001 Sheraton at West Port-Chalet, St. Louis, MO. USA

 Here are the latest highlights of the US's largest Amiga show.

 Cloanto is coming! They've never appeared at the Amiga show here
before - making this a first! They will be exhibiting their latest
release of Amiga Forever: The Amiga emulator for Windows and
Macintosh. This cool piece of software allows you to actually run most
Amiga software titles on Windows or Macintosh computers.

 Our friends at individual computers will be coming over from Europe
and will exhibiting and selling their unique lines of expansion
hardware for the Amiga.

 Eric Schwartz, highly regarded Amiga artist and luminary will be
exhibiting and showing his wares at the Ami-Tech Dayton Amiga Users
Group booth. Eric is the creator of Amy the Squirrel, the cartoon
mascot of the Amiga, and the online comic Sabrina.

 We're also excited to announce that Charles Marks, the well known and
noted artist of Claw Marks Productions is coming from Jonesboro
Arkansas. He will exhibit and sell lithographs of St. Louis and is
helping design the special Amiga 2001 show shirt that will be
available for sale at the show.

 Confirmed exhibitors and name guests include: Amiga, FWD Computing,
Merlancia Industries, CompuQuick Media Center, Dan's Deals, Cloanto,
individual computers, Gateway Amiga Club Inc., Bounce-back Videos,
Amigan-St. Louis, G & G Publishing, Mr. Hardware, Jurgen Haage of
Haage and Partner, PC Journal, Brewster Productions, AmiTech Dayton
Amiga Users Group, AmigActive Magazine, Nova Design, Northwest Amiga
Group, Charles Marks, More exhibitors are being added each week, so
check the web site.

 We also plan to have several exciting surprises - so don't miss out
on this show!

Specially priced tickets are available in advance by mail.
Two day admission tickets.....$17.
One day admission ticket......$12.

 If you elect to purchase tickets at the door, the prices are as

 Two day ticket at the door....$20
 One day ticket at the door... $15
Persons holding advance tickets will have a special line to reduce
waiting. No check(s) should be mailed later than March 10th or there
is a chance that they will not arrive at our office by the 17th, in
time for processing for the show and return to you by first class

 Please note that we will accept one check for Admission and Banquet
tickets. Banquet price is $35 per person. Seminars are free. First
come, first serve. No reservations on seminars. Only classes are

 Make your check or money order payable to "Amigan-St. Louis" Send
checks for admission and banquet* tickets to:

Amigan St. Louis
c/o Amiga 2K
P.O. Box 672
Bridgeton, MO 63044

        C S & E   L A T E S T   P U B L I C A T I O N   N E W S

27 January, 2001

 CS&E Media is a not for profit division of Crystal Software and
Electronics Ltd, set up to provide a street publication for Oxford and
raise money for the homeless and underprivileged. With the lack of
advertising opportunities in the Amiga market, and our decision to
leave games publishing on this format, we are also pleased to be
supporting the Amiga and its companies with the first mass market
English language publication since Amiga Format. As fans of the format
we are offering our time for free and also hope to raise some money
for charity at the same time.
 Currently European Amiga companies are starved of professional
advertising opportunities. Not only can we offer the highest quality
(as you can see from the attached previews), but also the best value
due to offering free distribution, using an international printer, and
of course being a not for profit organisation.
 Amiga Survivor offers a captive audience of buyers, not browsers,
with English language copies being distributed for free across Europe
to customers who spend money either on the coverdisk or with one of
our distributors. Our distributors include Eyetech and Power who take
6,000 alone, but distribution is spread across Europe via the likes of
GTI and Amiga Future also. There are over 30 user groups and smaller
companies who are also distributors.
 A coverdisk at 3.99 a month will see the likes of Max Rally, Cosmo's
Fun Class, Quake and Capital Punishment.
 You can order a subscription directly from CS&E at . We are currently operating a
special offer whereby you can claim a free trial by credit card over
the Internet or for 1 pound by cheque. Go to and enter your details as usual
on the secure server, but you will not be billed and one issue will be
sent out with a note asking for your decision. This store is specially
set up not to charge the card, but of course regular subscriptions
will shortly be available at .
 Contact if you have any questions or want to
provide your details by e-mail.
 Due to the ever growing circulation figures, which now includes wide
arrangements in Germany in particular, we will be putting the
advertising rates up from Issue 10. These only reflect the costs of
printing all the new issues. Special offers still apply if you book
from Issue 9 which is coming out next week. You can find the old
advertising rates which still apply for a few days at . Look out for a website update very
 Due to the high entry costs to the market, Crystal Software and
Electronics has made a strategic retreat from retail publishing and is
now looking to work with more established publishers in this field, at
least for the time being. Development is coming along well with many
developers benefiting from our input into adding 'marketability' to
their creativity, and securing successful distribution deals.
 Work is continuing on the website where we
will offer flexible pricing models such as pay-per-play and
rent-to-own on all titles. Several rent-to-own games and the website will be included with each retail product.

David Connolly
Managing Director
Crystal Software and Electronics Ltd
7200 The Quorum
Oxford Business Park

     M A K E   T O O L S D A E M O N   W O R K   W I T H   3 . 9

 {One of the few real complaints about Amiga OS 3.9 is the failure of
the very popular program ToolsDaemon to work with it. ToolsDaemon is
among the best of the third party utilities available to add items to
the Workbench's pulldown menus. This freeware utility fixes the
problem and is simple to install. We've used it here and wouldn't be
without it. You can find it on Aminet. Brad}

Short:    V1.0, WB 3.9 ToolsDaemon prefs converter
Author: (John Nelson)
Uploader: (John Nelson)
Version:  1.0
Type:     util/wb
Requires: OS3.9 (V45+), ToolsPrefs (From ToolsDaemon)


 Converts ToolsDaemon prefs file into an Arexx script to add the
 menus to os3.9 in a system legal way.

 As a new legal version of a ToolsDaemon-type util (with pretty
 prefs:)) is being worked on I don`t think this collection of scripts
 will be developed much b4 they are replaced by an all in one


  · Uses the nice simple ToolsPrefs
  · Multiple selected files (including 'leftout' files)
  · Multiple commands
  · Hotkeys (set in ToolsPrefs... so it must have a menu item)


 v1.0 - 11 January 2001
        First public release
 v0.4 - Last tested beta, this and the ones b4 are documented in the

             A M I G A Z O N E   L O G O   G O O D S

19 Jan 2001

 {Perhaps our shortest press release ever, from the irascible Harv
Laser, long time Amiga GoodGuy and founder of the AmigaZone. Brad}

NEW! Buy Official AmigaZone Logo goods at:

    N E W   M E D I A T O R N E T . D E V I C E   R E L E A S E D

26 January 2001

 Elbox Computer has released today a new version (1.2) of
MediatorNET.device for Mediator PCI for PCI Ethernet network cards.

 The new version of the driver enables simultaneous using of several
PCI Ethernet cards in Amiga fitted with the Mediator PCI busboard.

 Support of New Style Device (NSD) has been added and operation
procedures have been optimised in order to reach the maximum transfer

 MediatorNET.device is a Sana-2 standard driver. This driver is
compatible with all the Amiga TCP/IP software packages which can
access a Sana-2 driver (e.g. Miami, MiamiDx, Genesis and AmiTCP).

 PCI Ethernet network cards installed in Mediator PCI are the fastest
and the most cost-effective network cards for Amiga computers at the

 Elbox Computer is offering PCI Ethernet cards with the following

 * RTL8029AS PCI local bus 32-bit single-chip Ethernet controller

 * 16K byte SRAM built in

 * Compliance with PCI V2.1

 * Compliance with Ethernet II and IEEE802.3 10Base5, 10Base2, 10BaseT

 * Support for the Full-Duplex function to double channel bandwidth

 * Support for Flow Control (802.3x) to improve network performance in
the full-duplex mode

 * Built-in data prefetch function to improve performance

 * Built-in 10BaseT transceiver

 * Auto-detect capability between the integrated 10BaseT transceiver
and AUI

 * BNC and RJ-45 wiring connectors

 * One LED on bracket providing LINK indicators

Suggested street price for PCI Ethernet card: EUR 25.00

Why do you need a network card in Amiga?

 The ethernet card enables connecting Amiga with other computers.

 With such a connection you may have access to the Internet with a
modem (regular modem, ISDN, SDI or commuted access) installed in
another computer.

 With the SAMBA package (, you may use resources
(files, printers, etc.) of computers working under Windows 9x, Windows
NT, DOS, OS/2 or UNIX connected in one network.

 When you install 2 network cards in your computer and use support for
multiple interfaces available in the MiamiDx package
(, you may use a PPP dial-up line and an Ethernet
network connection at the same time; also, you may exchange data
between different networks. MiamiDx is also offering the opportunity
of protection networks by way of a built-in firewall.

Unofficial e-group on MEDIATOR:
For subscribe

     P U R E   B A S I C   2 . 0 0   F R O M   F A N T A I S I E

20 January, 2001

 PureBasic is a new "high level" programming language based on
established BASIC rules. It is compatible with any other BASIC
compiler, whether its for the Amiga or PC format. Learning PureBasic
is very easy! PureBasic has been created for beginner and expert
alike. Compilation time is really fast. We have put a lot of effort
into its realization to produce a fast, reliable and system friendly

 The syntax is easy and the possibilities are huge with the "advanced"
functions that have been added to this language like pointers,
structures, procedures, dynamically linked lists and much more. For
the experienced coder there are no problems gaining access to any of
the legal OS structures or API objects.

 PureBasic is a portable programming langage which currently work on
AmigaOS (680x0 and PowerPC) and Windows computer systems. This means
than a same code can be compiled natively for the both OS and use the
full power of each. There is no bottlenecks like a virtual machine or
a code translator, the generated code is an producing an optimized
executable. The external libraries are fully written in hand optimized
assembler, which produce very fast commands often much faster than
C/C++ equivalent.

 The main features of PureBasic:

 - Built-in arrays, dynamically linked lists, complex structures,
 pointers and variable definitions

 - Supported types: Byte (8 bits), Word (16 bits), Long (32 bits),
 Float (32 bits) and also user defined (structures)

 - Built-in string types (characters)

 - Constants, binary and hexadecimal numbers supported

 - Expression reducer by grouping constants and numeric numbers

 - Standard arithmetic support in respect of sign priority and
 parenthesis: +, -, /, *, and, or, lsl, asl, lsr, asr

 - Very fast compilation

 - Procedure support for structured programming with local and global

 - All Standard BASIC keywords: If-Else-EndIf, Repeat-Until, etc

 - External library support to manipulate objects like BMP pictures,
 windows, gadgets, DirectX, etc

 - External libraries are fully written in hand optimized assembler
 for maximum speed and compactness

 - The Win32 and AmigaOS API are fully supported as if they were BASIC

 - Assembler Inline

 - Precompiled structures with constants files for extra fast

 - Configurable CLI compiler

 - System friendly, easy to install and to use

For 2.00:

  About the compiler:
    * Completely rewritten !
    * Now, it's 4 to 7 times faster to compile
    * Faster procedure handling
    * Multi-dimensionned arrays are now supported
    * Residents are now saved/loaded in one file
    * PowerPC code have been removed (nobody want it ?)
    * Some bugs have been fixed
    * The switch MC68020 have been added to the command line

  About the PureLibraries:
    * Rewritten the Sprite library (50% faster) and added several
      commands: SaveSprites(), LoadSprites(), RemoveCookie(),
      FlushSprite(), SpriteHandle(), CopySprite(), GrabSprite()
    * Added 'DisableDebugger' and 'EnableDebugger' to disable the
      debugger for some part within a program.
    * Added the debugger support for Sprite, Joypad, Chunky and
      Sound libraries.
    * Added the following commands: Processor(), MMU(), FPU(),
      RectsHit(), Hex(), Bin().
    * Fixed some commands: ListIndex(), FontID(), DrawingFont()

  About the editor:
    * Added a keyboard shortcut to close the error window.

  Misc (Full version only):
    * SpriteGrabber (Allows to get sprites from a picture)
    * OpenPureBasic (C/C++ -> PureBasic convertor)

       N E W   S K U L P T   V E R S I O N   A V A I L A B L E

20 January, 2001

New version of sKulpt released

 sKulpt is the successor of legendary 3D software "Sculpt Animate
3D/4D" by Eric Graham and Byte By Byte. The raytracing program used to
have many fans for years, because it was easy to use, good value for
money and efficiency. In amateur and professional circles many
pictures have been created with this software. The successor sKulpt
wird will be completely develloped by CdBSSoftware, and already
supports PPC boards and Warp3D.

At the moment, sKulpt is a project in development, yet supporting :

 o RTG support (any screen compatible with Warp3D drivers)

 o 060 and PPC versions (both compiled with StormC v3, waiting for
StormC v4 w/GCC to have a good optimization). PPC version requiring

 o use of 3D hardware (works well with both CyberVision 64/3D and

 o use of textures (any image file format supported by your installed

 Around 60 percent of its features are implemented and available.
 You can find more interesting details on the CdBSSoftware hompage.


To run sKulpt, you need :

 o An Amiga (2000, 1200, 3000, 4000) with either a CyberVision 64/3D
or a BlizzardVision PPC or a CyberVision PPC (the only Amiga graphics
boards providing hardware 3D acceleration at the moment, respectively
with the S3 Virge and the 3Dlabs Permedia2 chips), running at least

 o A minimum of 8 megs of free memory

 o Warp3D v3 installed and properly working with the provided test
samples (WarpTest and Engine), either the 68K or the PPC version.

 o A shell window to launch sKulpt, in which you will have set the
stack to around 120 Kbyte ("stack 120000") before launching sKulpt. It
will look in the "gfx" and "textures" subdirectories for files (gfx
sub directory contents should not be modified otherwise sKulpt may not

          S E R V I C E   M A N A G E R   F O R   F R E E

31 December, 2000

{The following item was found on the Czech Amiga News site. Brad}

 Colin Wenzel: "I am just dropping a note around the net to let
everyone know that my 'Service Manager' program has now been released
as Freeware. It's a small business (appliance repair orientated style)
control program that I run my business & about 12 others around here
on... I have been keeping it under wrapps since I wrote it but I have
decided to release it (classic version) to the Amiga community in
anticipation of the new DE.

 So if you're interested, you may download the install archive from
this URL: There is also a
mailing list setup at egroups Amiga-CSM the URL is at the bottom of
the download page... Enjoy... Happy new year from Australia."

Colin Wenzel, Col's Home Page

    N E W   S T O R M C   D E V E L O P E R S '   P A C K A G E

 Dolgesheim, den 28.8.2000. Last Sunday, in the sub-division of the
company HAAGE&PARTNER Computer GmbH in Dolgesheim, the new StormC
developers package was presented for the first time in a select
circle. During the yearly summer festival, a lot was discussed about
the past and the future. Among the many guests were employees of the
company Hyperion (Heretic II, ...) and ESCENA (PowerPC-Boards), who
showed enthusiasm after the presentation

 The most important feature of the new developers system is the step
forwards towards the new AmigaOS. At the moment everything still runs
on the Classic Amiga, and that is how it will be presented, but
everything was developed anew with easy portability in mind.

 A big step towards more up-to-date system has been made through the
decision to support the GNU-Compiler in a modified version. The
current Storm-Compiler is not less professional, but not easy to port
to other systems. The new StormGCC is very compatible to the StormC
compiler, supports known preprocessor symbols (for instance __FUNC__),
writes in 68K as well as in PPC the Amiga Hunk-Format in object files
and creates the same debug file format as StormC. The PowerPC version
of StormGCC supports the PowerOpen/WarpOS conventions.

 In the new StormC the network capabilities are of very high
importance. StormC now can be used by a programming team working on
one project, without problems. An important utility in this respect is
CVS Concurrent Versions System. With the aid of CVS multiple
developers can work on one project or source code at the same time,
and link their changes in a controlled fashion. StormC shows in the
project version number and status of the files, and color marks files
that might give problems.

 The network capabilities are rounded off by the now distributed Make.
In a network, multiple computers can be used simultaneously to compile
a project. StormC finds free computers automatically, and moves
compiling jobs to those. A Make Logfile keeps track of various
compiler commands, error messages, and allows for an exact error
diagnosis in complex projects.

 Further novelties can be found in the project management and the
editor. With the aid of the global search the entire project or all
projects, including hierarchical projects can be searched with full
text search including AmigaDOS patterns. It is possible, by double
clicking the search result, to go directly to the relevant position in
the source code.

 The user can now create his own sections, and decide what kind of
files should be put there, and how they should be edited, shown or
compiled. Sections can be sorted alphabetically and colored in
different colors A helpmeet gives extensive Online Help to StormC,
GCC, AmigaOS Includes and Autodocs. A bubble-help provides basic help
when required.

 The new editor now also colorizes CVS-conflicts, installer- and
AmigaGuide-commands according to new dictionaries. When typing the
name of known system functions, the appropriate prototype is shown,
which makes further input of parameters for these functions much
easier. The double-click on a file path (for instance in an include
command) loads the file in a new . Furthermore the keyboard layout is
freely configurable.

 A new addition is a program for documentation. With StormDOC one
creates ToDo-lists, bug reports, and program documentation. It keeps
track of all actions of the user, knows the various destination groups
and circumstances of the list, who can all also be configured as
search criteria.

 The new debugger cooperates on 68K- and PPC WarpOS programs with the
StormCompiler and StormGCC. The debugging is now no longer limited to
one program - Tasks and Shared Libraries can now also be edited step
by step. When Enforcer-hits occur, the debugger immediately shows the
position of the source of evil in the source code.

 All in all, StormC 4 is fully revamped and greatly enhanced tool,
that will once again speed up software-development on the Amiga, and
will create it more professionally.

The news of version 4 in an overview

     Network capabilities / shared Make
     modified GCC Compiler for 68k and PPC
     CVS Concurrent Versions System
     enhanced Editor (Shows Prototypes of Functions)
     StormDOC to manage ToDo-lists, bug reports and so on.
     enhanced debugger (for GCC also)
     debugging of Tasks and Shared Libraries
     global full text search
     comprehensive Online-Help


 Steffen Häuser of Hyperion, responsible for the conversion of Sxx for
the Amiga, said about the new compiler: "The combination of the gcc
code generator with StormC's advantages of the debugger, the
comfortable IDE, the MixedBinaries and the possibility to create
Shared Libraries in an easy way looks like a very nice compiler

 The distributed-make facility to reduce compilation time and the
integration of CVS into the IDE are very welcome. We are looking
forward to employing the new StormC in future projects. Adaptions of a
first project from gcc to the new StormC worked flawlessly. Support
for Elate VP Code in a future version will also be very interesting to


 The price of StormC 4 is 498,- DM. Customers of older versions of
StormC can get an update for the price of only 198,- DM. The first
presentation was at WOA 2000 in December last year. StormC 4 is
available right away.

     V A P O R W A R E ' S   M F T P   I I   1 . 2   I S   O U T

13 January, 2001

 mFTP-II is a File Transfer Protocol client that allows the
transferring of files from one computer to another. Some sites may be
restricted, requiring the use of an assigned user name and password,
while most sites (such as business and corporations) allow anonymous
FTP, in which you will usually give your email address as the

 mFTP-II also allows you to upload files to any remote computer. This
is an ideal way to maintain your web page, uploading files and pages.
You can even open two FTP connections and then transfer files between
those sites!

 Please remember, mFTP-II is shareware. If you use it, please register
the software and help support Amiga software development.


   o Workbench 2.x
   o MUI 3.x
   o TCP/IP compatible stack
     Genesis, Miami, AmiTCP, ..


   o Multithreaded and object oriented design
   o Connect to multiple FTP sites at once
   o Site-to-Site transfer (via you)
   o High speed async. transfers
   o Batch download facility
   o Resume partially received files
   o Optional Contact Manager 'Phonebook' as GUI
   o Download, DirTool and ADT GUI Layouts, per host
   o ADT Support and filter feature
   o Drag & drop GUI functionality
   o ADT-Find search for Aminet servers
   o AmFTP profiles import
   o CHMOD support
Amiga Update on the net:
 All back issues available at:
Stop by and check out our archive!
Copyright 2000 by Brad Webb.    Freely distributable, if not modified.
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Stefan Popp via eMail

Source Code of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch v1.10
As reported in issue 02/2001 of c't (page 176), the source code of 'Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Holomatch v1.10' is available at 3D Downloads. Ravensoft published the source code to make the development of add-ons easier.

The "Source Code Release" is only some kind of "Add-on-Source-Code". That means that this release does not contain the 3d engine, but only parts of the game-logic to make the programming of add-ons easier. To use these add-ons you need the windows or linux full version of the game. These sources cannot be used to port the game to the Amiga.

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Dietmar Knoll via eMail

GAUHPIL Millennium Info
GAUPHIL is the biggest Amiga user-list available at the internet. Since 1994 Dietmar Knoll is collecting the names of Amiga-users all over the world. He publishes these names at his homepage. Today the list contains 995 users from 38 countries. If you want to be a member of the list mail your personal informations to

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Markus Lück on ANF

New Background Pictures for AmigaOS 3.9
Markus Lück wrote:
First of all I would like to say thank you for the positive reactions that followed the release of os39wallp.lha (Aminet). Today the second archive is available at the aminet (os39wallp2.lha).

Will there be a third archive? This depends on the quality of RealSoft3D and if I have the money to by it. The raytracers I am using at the moment are old and not very fast and especially Cinema4D has many bugs.

Download: os39wallp2.lha - 1,6 MB

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Rene Stelljes via eMail

AmigaHelpGuide News
AmigaHelpGuide is a list of active Amiga users. A HTML version is now available at the title link.

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