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Steffen Haeuser on ANF

Descent 2 Port for Amiga
Some time ago I've started a Descent 2 port for the Amiga (WarpUP and 68k version). Unfortunately I'm not able to finish this port due to lack of time, cause among other things I'm working on commercial games for the Amiga :-). (And these are yet more important than porting an old game). An interested programmer who would like to finish this port may contact me at any time and receive the current source code.

Current stage:
  • Crashes on leaving (and sometimes also on leaving a level, I guess memory freed twice)
  • Warp3D support comes miscoloured (but software renderer works)
  • Network support doesn't work
  • In case of the "Bobbing Movement" I'm not sure, if it looks like it should do.
  • Still a lot of debug output inside of the source
  • Cockpit isn't displayed correctly

The code was compiled with StromC-gcc or gcc-WarpOS.

Steffen Haeuser (unk) (Translation: unk)

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