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Christoph Dietz

More Details on zAMilo
As already reported, "AmigaDE zAMilo V0.098" is running as http server on a test server at Amiga, Inc.. Christoph Dietz has asked Gary Peake and Götz Ohnesorge for more information about the http server 'zaMilo' utilized on

Amiga-News: Hello Gary and Götz! It came to our attention that the webserver on is running an zAMilo. The testpage tells that the server is installed since november. Did you install it?

Gary Peake: Yes, we installed it here at Amiga Inc. on our Linux based servers running the Amiga SDK.

Amiga-News: On which OS is the system running? AmigaDE isn't running native, is it?

Gary Peake: We run Red Hat on the servers. AmigaSDK is being hosted there. zAMilo runs on AmigaSDK.

Amiga-News: What does "zAMilo" stand for? Is it a mixed up akronym for "Mozila" (with an "l" missing.)

Götz Ohnesorge: "zAMilo" is a http server written by Patrick Roberts from Atrix. You can find more about it in the programs readme: "zAMilo is a mini-http server. The compiled lite binary is less that 4k and is very fast. It was inspired by zilo by Stefan Hellkvist which was created by Ericsson to run on their mobile phones. zAMilo serves simple http GET requests, which is enough for most sites. It also has the ability to serve the stdout of any other tool as an html document. In this way it emulates rsh via http."

Amiga-News: The server was down on friday. Did it crash because of the attention it got? Or was it only deactivated for maintenence?

Gary Peake: We are doing a lot of changing to our servers at the moment and had to take it down for a bit. It will be up and down for the next week or two as we shift some things around.

Amiga-News: Thank you Gary and Götz for this informations!

Contact Information Amiga Inc.

World Headquarter
34935 SE Douglas Street
Suite 210
Snoqualmie, WA 98065 (USA)
Phone +1-425-396-5660
Fax. +1-425-396-5671

WWW: Amiga Inc. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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