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18.-20.10.19 • Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)
23.-27.10.19 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
01.-03.11.19 • Geit@Home #3 2019 • Hörstel (Germany)
14.-16.02.20 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Thursday, 25. Aug. 2005Comments / Date
ValiantVision: AmithlonTV-Rework in progress0
MorphOS: New Skin "Cyberstorm"0
 Wednesday, 24. Aug. 2005 
MorphOS: KHTML engine port in the works0
10 years Windows 950
MorphOS 1.4.5 Free Edition for PowerUP Amigas0
AmigaRemix: Four new songs added0
AmigaOS 4: Drum-Computer RockBEAT 1.10
Feelin: MorphOS version available0
AmigaOS4: Betaversion of a Synergy client0
Retro gaming: Test reports from older Amiga magazines at "Amiga Reviews"0
PBEM game: Tamar needs new land! (VI)0
 Tuesday, 23. Aug. 2005 
AmigaOS 4: New Alpha-Version of AVD GUI Builder0
MorphZone bounties: TCP/IP stack project not assigned anymore0
Genesi: Support for the AMCC 440EP Yosemite board (Update)0
MorphUp: development status of paket manager0
Amiga-Musicdatabase AMP: New Ultimod-List / 131 further interviews0
Amiga-Games-database: Further updates of the Hall Of Light0
Event: changed opening times of the Big Bash (GB)0
PageStream: IRC session / Updates for AmigaOS/68k and MorphOS imminent224. Aug. 08:32
DENIC registers 9 million .de-domains0
Games database: 65 new cheats on lemonamiga.com0
 Monday, 22. Aug. 2005 
Kick Off 2: World Cup 2005 in Germany0 Uploads until 22.08.20050
Aminet uploads until 21.08.20050
Feelin: Patch for beta version 0508190
Demoscenenparty Evoke 20050
amiga-news merges .de- and .com-domain0
amiga-news: comment function activated0
C=128 Anniversary Video by Bil Herd and Dave Haynie0
iPod Shuffle and Amiga: amiShuffle v0.6.00
QuakeFusion for AmigaOS 4.0 under development0
 Sunday, 21. Aug. 2005 
Commodity: Dragon imitates draggable screens (update)0
Video of a new AmigaOS4-function: draggable screens0
Event: GuruMeditation 2005 in Göda, Germany0
Demo scene: Liquid Skies records #0880
Emulation: mailinglist for AmiKit0
MorphOS: First Screenshots of Quake 3 (update)0
Event: Photos from the "Commodore- and Amiga Show"0
AmigaOS4: Sound card summary0
 Saturday, 20. Aug. 2005 
Aminet: external full text search engine Amifind moved0
Jump'n Run: Preview of "Mr. Beanbag!" (AGA)0
E compiler: update for ECX to version 1.4.50
 Friday, 19. Aug. 2005 
Creating galleries and online-shops: MakeHTMLMap V4.0000
Review: Tower D-Box (English)0
AmigaOS4: Update der Perl 5.8.5-Portierung (Amiga-Version 0.02)0
AmigaOS 4: Drum-Computer RockBEAT 1.00
MorphOS: AmigaOS 3.x skin and icon set0
AROS: nforce.device update / Betatesters needed0
Games database: including 699 cheats0
Retro-Gaming: Updates of and kultboy.com0
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