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Lizard (ANF)

Dealer: Vesalia going to retire
As the owner, Guido Does, has confirmed to Amiga Future, the Amiga dealer Vesalia is gradually closing its doors. As a first step, the company's own online store has been closed; instead, the website now redirects to eBay, where stock is offered for sale. (snx)

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AmigaOS 4: FTP server ZitaFTP with 20% X-Mas discount
ZitaFTP Server is an easy to set up and use FTP server for sharing files from one computer to another and is available for Windows and AmigaOS 4 ( reported). With Christmas coming up, Hans de Ruiter is offering his commercial FTP server at a 20% discount. As he writes, it has been a crazy year for his family, which is why you haven't seen as much from him this year as previously. He wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and fulfilling New Year.

To receive the 20% discount, add ZitaFTP to your shopping basket and enter the voucher code "CHRISTMAS2023" at the checkout.

Looking ahead to the coming year, the ZitaSync project is still on the agenda, as the developer wrote us (YouTube video). However, its realisation depends largely on whether users show sufficient interest. (dr)

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25.Jul.2023 (forum)

Xbox: 201 Amiga games in stream with Antstream Arcade
Owners of the Xbox game console from Microsoft now have access to 201 Amiga games via streaming, provided by the British provider Antstream. (Or "had access", respectively, since according to today's updated FAQ, Antstream Arcade has been "temporarily" removed by Microsoft from their store.) For the usage you can choose between a 1-year and a lifetime fee.

The licensing of the games from Amiga Corporation by Antstream was announced last year at Amiga37, Evercade was mentioned as another licensee at that time. Antstream Arcade is also available for PC, Mac, Android and Amazon's Fire TV. (snx)

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