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20.Jul.2022 (forum)

Mai Logic: Research on the company history published (Update)
The PowerPC computers "AmigaOne" by Eyetech and "Pegasos (I)" by bplan used the northbridge "Articia S" by Mai Logic, whose defectiveness made it more widely known in Amiga circles. In the forum of Michael 'RTK0103' Coe has linked at the title link the results of his research on later allegations of the former Mai Logic CEO Jason Hue about Chinese industrial espionage, which according to him are not true.

Those interested in such details surrounding actual Amiga history will find there especially information about the company history of Mai Logic, formerly Mentor Arc.

Update: (08:00, 24.07.22, snx)
Link regarding "defectiveness" changed to English version of our news-item, after exchanging the Moobunny link there by its copy at (snx)

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05.Jun.2022 (Forum)

Shops: Announcement of AmigaOne-X5000 availability with P5040-CPU
The AmigaOne X5000 was designed for two different processors: the PowerPC CPUs P5020 (64 bit, two cores, 2.0 GHz) and P5040 (2.2 GHz). As 'Puni/Void' reports under the title link, his inquiry at various Amiga dealers about the availability of remaining stock of AmigaOS 4.x hardware revealed that the AmigaOne X5000/40 variant is or will be available there. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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t3n Magazin (Webseite)

Soundbar: Sonos Ray
After we had reported about 'SonosController', the Hollywood program written by Michael Rupp for controlling Sonos speakers, one or the other finger of our readers was possibly already on the order button of such a product, but aborted the process abruptly because of the proud price: so a Sonos Beam costs 499 Euros, a Sonos Arc even 999 Euros.

According to the German t3n Magazine, the Sonos Ray is now available at a lower price of 299 Euros. Instead of Dolby Atmos and HDMI, the soundbar offers Dolby Digital 5.1 and an optical connection in contrast to the higher-priced alternatives.

When asked, Michael Rupp confirmed to us that his SonosController software should work with all Sonos products (and compatible ones) without any problems and without the need for adjustments. (dr)

[News message: 13. May. 2022, 05:57] [Comments: 0]
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