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Archive 03/2022


Aminet uploads until 05.03.2022
The following files have been added until 05.03.2022 to Aminet:
AmigaTText-m68k-amiga... comm/misc  1.9M  68k Shows GER Teletext Sites from...
AmigaTText-ppc-amigao... comm/misc  2.6M  OS4 Shows GER Teletext Sites from...
AmigaTText-ppc-morpho... comm/misc  2.2M  MOS Shows GER Teletext Sites from...
AmigaTText-ppc-warpup... comm/misc  2.3M  WOS Shows GER Teletext Sites from...
OS4WeltWeihnachtsdemo... demo/misc  3.6M  OS4 little demo for Christmas (We...
HWP_hURL.lha             dev/hwood  3.4M      The multi-protocol data trans...
MCE.lha                  game/edit  3.3M  68k Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-MOS.lha              game/edit  3.6M  MOS Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-OS4.lha              game/edit  3.8M  OS4 Multi-game Character Editor
d3GNOPOS4.lha            game/misc  193K  OS4 D3GNOP - THE Pong clone in Mi...
ScummVM_RTG.lha          game/misc  6.4M  68k Amiga port of ScummVM 1.7.0
LOG_upd.lha              game/patch 259K  68k update patch for 'Land of Gen...
EXULT_RTG.lha            game/role  49M   68k Amiga port of Ultima 7 (Exult)
AmiDuke_RTG.lha          game/shoot 542K  68k Amiga port of Duke Nukem 3D
AmiSpear_ECS.lha         game/shoot 1.4M  68k Amiga port of Spear of Destiny
AmiWolf_ECS.lha          game/shoot 1.4M  68k Amiga port of Wolfenstein 3D
Chocolate_DOOM.lha       game/shoot 2.4M  68k Amiga port of Chocolate DOOM
D1X_Rebirth_RTG.lha      game/shoot 2.5M  68k Amiga port of Descent (D1X-Re...
ODAMEX_RTG.lha           game/shoot 19M   68k Amiga port of Odamex
PrBoom.lha               game/shoot 848K  68k Amiga port of PrBoom
spear4amiga.lha          game/shoot 144K  68k Spear of Destiny for Amiga
wolf4amiga.lha           game/shoot 845K  68k Wolfenstein 3D for Amiga
FreeSynd_RTG.lha         game/strat 2.9M  68k Amiga port of Syndicate (Free...
OpenDUNE_RTG.lha         game/strat 394K  68k Amiga port of Dune 2 (OpenDUNE)
rebel_gw24_solar_syst... game/strat 3.9M  68k realtime strategy written in ...
MegaSaperPL.lha          game/think 651K  68k Minesweeper game clone
SopoBlockOS4.lha         game/think 83K   OS4 SopoBlock - Cute tiny MiniGL ...
FlashMandelNG_OS4.lha    gfx/fract  32M   OS4 Mandelbrot & Julia fractals AOS4
WhatIFF1.03.lha          mags/misc  259K      What IFF? #1.02-February-2022
DOSBox_RTG.lha           misc/emu   931K  68k Amiga port of DOSBox
YearEndChills2021.lha    mods/techn 411K      MED.YearEndChills2021
vorbistools142_68k.lha   mus/edit   682K  68k Tools to manipulate Vorbis fi...
Flac134_a68k.lha         mus/misc   445K  68k Free Lossless Audio Codec
TECO-64.lha              text/edit  607K  MOS TECO (Text Editor and Corrector)
ViNCEd.lha               util/shell 844K  68k ViNCEd, the CON: with ^Z & TA...
Anno.lha                 util/time  316K  68k Reminder and calendar utility

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OS4Depot uploads until 05.03.2022
The following files have been added until 05.03.2022 to OS4Depot:
hwp_hurl.lha             lib/hol 3Mb   4.0 The multi-protocol data transfer...
amigattext.lha           uti/mis 3Mb   4.1 Shows German ARD/ZDF Teletext fr...
checkas.lha              uti/scr 10kb  4.0 Checks for assigns.

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AROS Archives uploads until 05.03.2022
The following files have been added until 05.03.2022 to AROS Archives:
run_dosbox_taskpriority_s... emu/com 223b  script for run dosbox correctly

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MorphOS-Storage uploads until 05.03.2022
The following files have been added until 05.03.2022 to MorphOS-Storage:
AmiArcadia_28.34.lha      Emulation                 A Signetics-based machi...
TECO-64_200.23.2.lha      Text/Edit                 TECO (Text Editor and C...

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WHDLoad: New installers until 05.03.2022
Using WHDLoad, games, scene demos and intros by cracking groups, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, can be installed on harddisk. The following installers have been added until 05.03.2022: (snx)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmigaRemix: Further files added
AmigaRemix collects remixes of well-known soundtracks of Amiga games. Since our last news-item, the following mp3 files have been added:
  • Troddlers Main theme - Live performance
  • Obliterator - Live Performance
  • Wrath of the Demon Title

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 155
The English and German issue 155 (March/April 2022) of the print magazine Amiga Future has been distributed. It can be ordered directly from its editorial office and from Amiga dealers that stock the magazine.

Content of the current issue includes a Putter review, an article about special custom chips replacement and a workshop about UTF-8 on the Amiga. (snx)

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Event: Retrocomputer-Treff Niedersachsen (Germany)
The next Retro-Computer-Treff Niedersachsen (RCT#26) will take place on Saturday, 02.04.2022, from 10 to 7 o'clock at Haus Kassel (next to the Wandelhalle), Hauptstraße 4, in 31542 Bad Nenndorf.

The Retro-Treff is a workshop for all friends of old computers. Welcome are Amiga, Atari, C64, Apple, NeoGeo, Schneider CPC, Sinclair, Acorn and other old systems. The meeting is organised by Hannöverscher Classic-Computing-Stammtisch. For the time being, tables (120×70 cm) for 16 participants are available for the computers, with this number a sufficient distance between the participants can be realised. Which Covid-19 conditions will apply to the meeting is not yet finally known. The next opening step is planned for 20.03.2022, then there will probably be no more restrictions. (dr) (Translation: snx)

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Demo party: Revision 2022
Revision " is the world’s biggest pure Demoscene event", according to the organizers. This year's edition will take place from April 15 to 18, 2022. A dedicated website has now been launched online. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event will be streamed live, but the organizers are in the process of organizing smaller 'satellite events' that will allow people to experience the event live on a smaller scale in community. Currently, events are planned in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal and the UK. As always, there will be lectures and competitions, the related organization is underway. Those who want to participate in the Amiga demo contest must meet the following conditions:
  • Amiga AGA: Amiga 1200, 68060/66Mhz with 64MB RAM and OS 3.1 (original C= version), latest AHI and phase5/DCE 68060.library, SetPatch v43.6. PPC Amigas and Vampire/Apollo or other FPGA accelerators may take part in 'Wild Compo'.
  • Amiga ECS/OCS: Standard Amiga 500, 512K chip and 512K slow RAM, Kickstart 1.3.
For the productions the following rules apply:
  • Demo: Maximum size is 20MB (20971520 Bytes), as zip, lha, or lzh file. Maximum running time: 8 minutes including loading/precalc.
  • Intro: Maximum size is 65536 Bytes für die ausführbare Datei. Maximum running time: 8 minutes including loading/precalc.
The detailed description can be found on the Amiga Competitions page. (dr)

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AmigaOS 4: Status update on audio editor 'Rave', part 3
In mid-April 2021, developer Daniel 'trixie' Jedlicka first reported on the current development status of his audio editor "Rave" in his blog Rear Window. In the second part of his developer diary he told about further progress in the sample editing features and the improvement of the clipboard support.

The third part now reports about the integration of MP3 support, other new audio formats and what remains to be done until a first release. (dr)

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Apollo-Team: Icedrake accelerator board for A1200 available
As Gunnar von Boehn announced in the Apollo forum earlier this week, the Icedrake turbo card for A1200 can be ordered now for 570 Euros (incl. VAT). The specifications:
  • Apollo 68080 CPU
  • Performance is application dependent up to ~ 1000MHz 68030 / 500MHz 68040 / 250MHz 68060
  • 512 MB DDR3 Memory
  • FastKick
  • Super-AGA GFX Core : Truecolor DIGITAL VIDEO OUT
  • 3D Acceleration Unit
  • 2 FastIDE/DVD/CompactFlash Controllers
  • SDcard for data exchange
  • 2 USB-Ports (mouse/joypad with CD32 emulation)
  • RJ45 100BaseTX Ethernet 100MBit with DMA
  • plug for RTC modul
Current Limitations and state of the card:
  • PCMCIA devices are supported.
  • the A1200 mainboard IDEcontroller is currently not support, please connect your boot drive to the faster ICEDRAKE connector.
  • Amiga display promotion to DIGITAL-VIDEO. This is a new feature which works automatically - in some cases there can still be some glitches. The video promotion defaults to PAL, if you have an NTSC A1200 this can cause some artifacts. A software update to fix this is in the works.

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THEA500 Mini: Mini Joypad and Mini Mouse separately available
Besides the possibility to get a new Commodore Maus 1352 by participating in the 'Tank Mouse' Kickstarter campaign (wireless), which was announced a few days ago, you can now also pre-order the 2-button USB mouse and 8-button USB gamepad (each with cable) included in the THEA500 Mini bundle separately: Both the Australian store JB Hi-Fi for about 26 Euros each, as well as Amazon (Mini Mouse, Mini Joypad for 25 Euro each) have them on sale (plus shipping). The articles will be available on April 8.

As this short scene from the YouTube video Unboxing THEA500 Mini® Prototype Serial #01 shows, the Mini Mouse seems to turn out a bit smaller than the original. (dr)

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Book pre-order: The Little Book of Sound Chips - Volume 2
Fusionretrobooks is currently accepting pre-orders for a printed edition of The Little Book of Sound Chips - Volume 2: The book costs about 18 Euros and will only be printed if about 7250 Euros in pre-orders have been collected. Currently about 4750 Euros have been received. Alternatively, the book is already available as a PDF or ePub edition for around 12 Euros.

The book presents not only facts and screenshots of games (all with QR codes and hyperlinks to YouTube), but reports among other things about the SID chip of the C64/C128, the Paula custom chip, in the Amiga responsible for the sound output, or APU of the NES and Famicom extensions like the VRC and Sunsoft chipset. (dr)

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Prince (Mail)

Video tutorial: Episode 26 of assembler coding course
'Prince', founder of the demo group 'Phaze101', is currently streaming the assembler programming course "Corso completo di programmazione assembler in due dischi" in English on Twitch and uploads the respective episodes time-delayed to YouTube. Now the episode 26 was published. (dr)

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PDF Book: Mark R. Jones on his time at Ocean Software Ltd.
Mark R. Jones worked at Ocean Software Ltd in the 80's as a graphic designer for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga computer games, including the Amiga game Rambo III. After 5 years, he has completed his book "LOAD DIJ DIJ" about growing up in the 70's and 80's, witnessing the home computer explosion first hand, and talking about his time at Ocean Software Ltd. (dr)

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Seiya (ANF)

PDF magazine: REV'n'GE 131 (English/Italian)
The PDF magazine REV'n'GE ("Retro Emulator Vision and Game") is available in English and Italian editions. The game reviews of REV'n'GE compare the releases of classic games on different computer systems with each other. In the latest edition, the magazine is celebrating its 8th birthday, it also features its first two reviews of contemporary games: 'Knightmare' (Amiga) and the 3D shooter 'Final Assault' released for Atari 8 bit computers. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Video: 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast #119 - Upgrading an Amiga 500 to ECS
In the 119th issue of his videocast 10MARC, Douglas Compton is upgrading his Amiga 500 to a full ECS machine with 1 MB of CHIP RAM. (dr)

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Motorola68k emulation: First beta version of Emu68 released (update)
Developer Michal Schulz regularly provides background information and status updates on his Motorola68K emulation Emu68 for the ARM architecture on his Patreon page. Last week he has announced a first beta version of Emu68.

Update: (04.03.2022, 17:05, dr)

After this beta version was already available within the nightly builds, but hardly obviously identifiable, the developer has just released a separate archive with a corresponding tag for the beta version at our suggestion. (dr)

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Twitter (ANF)

FPGA accelerator board: "Multiport Modul" for Icedrake
Matthias 'DJBase' Münch has designed a Multiport Modul for the FPGA-based A1200 turbo card Icedrake - successor of the well-known Vampire series - which relocates HDMI and network ports as well as the microSD slot to the rear expansion slot of the A1200 and thus makes them more easily accessible. The module has a modular design, and a USB port can be added via a small add-on board, for example. The ports required by the user are connected to the original ports on the accelerator board via short cables.

If you want to rebuild the hardware, you can order the boards from Münch's customer accounts at OSHPark or PCBWay. The boards were published under a Creative Commons license. (cg)

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Cologne exhibition videos: Computer 95, 96 and 97
An Amiga fan has digitized his private videos from the Cologne computer exhibitions ('Computer') 95, 96 and 97 and published the result on Youtube. The 35 minute clip contains uncommented impressions from all three shows. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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