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Archive 03/2022


A-EON confirms lack of an AmigaOS 4 license
A few days ago, Alinea announced that the X5000 was back in stock. Their listing of a complete system includes a digital copy of AmigaOS 4, but according to a former Hyperion manager, A-EON no longer has a valid AmigaOS 4 license - which brings up the question where Alinea is purchasing X5000 motherboards bundled with an AmigaOS 4 license. Approached by, Matthew Leaman from A-EON and Amigakit confirms that "there are no active OEM agreements for A-EON hardware". According to him each reseller makes "his own arrangements for any third party software they resell".

Since Alina claims (German) to be purchasing hardware and software from the same source, that means there has to be another layer in the distribution channel - somebody who has access to valid OS4 licenses, bundles them with motherboards purchased from A-EON and then sells them to Alinea and maybe other dealers.

Neither Matthew Leaman nor Simon Neumann from Alinea wanted to discuss details of the current distribution model with Leaman only confirmed that the boards currently on sale are not new production runs, they are supplied from existing stocks. We asked both Ben Hermans (Hyperion) and an entrepreneur who is rumoured to be the middleman described above for a statement, but have not heard back from either party so far.

Note from staff: In his original statement (German) at, Simon Neumann explains that one of the reasons for the new price of a X5000 system - 2400 Euros instead of 2100 Euros - is the substantially higher wholesale price the German dealer has to pay. An additional middleman between A-EON and dealers selling to endusers would explain that, since the middleman obviosly has to generate profit as well. (cg)

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Blog: 'Tables' and 'Strings' in programming language COBOL
Carl Svensson, author of the ARexx tools RxEnv, deals in his latest blog entry with 'Tables' and 'Strings' in the COBOL programming language in response to a corresponding article on The Craft of Coding.
A (no longer maintained) compiler is also available for AmigaOS, along with syntax parsers for GoldEd 4.7 and GoldEd 5.0. (dr)

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Programming language: AmiBlitz 3.9.0
The latest version 3.9.0 of the programming language AmiBlitz contains some major changes and a few optimizations:

Adjustments to libs handling: To be able to reduce the amount of loaded blitzlibraries at startup, I divided the former to biglib-files ACIDLIBS and DEFLIBS into four biglib files that are organized according to their purpose:
  • baseLibs: base libraries everyone needs or other libs depend on
  • utilLibs: libraries that contains several useful functions
  • csLibs: libraries that make use of the custom chips hardware
  • osLibs: libraries that are wrapper libs for standard amigaos libraries
So if you don't use oslibrary functions or don't do graphics an sound stuff, you can just disable that file from being loaded.

Major internal changes:
  • converted tons of code from asm to basic

Minor adjustments:
  • added tooltype DISABLE_HIGHLIGHTING to improve performance on lowend machines
  • added tooltype DISABLE_LOCALIZATION to reduce needed of memory on lowend machines
  • removed tooltype STANDARDEDITMODE, only the new behaviour is supported now
  • removed tooltype OLDSEARCH, only the new behaviour is supported now
  • removed tooltype USE_ASLDIMS
  • renamed tooltype NO_WELCOME to DISABLE_WELCOME
  • renamed tooltype TOKENBOLD to BOLD_TOKENS
  • added menu entry "Autolayout" to perform an auto arrangement of all open windows per menu call
  • added wrapperlib for gadtools.library to osLibs
  • reorganized settings window
  • added new iconify gadget for source window (OS3.2+)
  • updated GlowIcons for all icons in the AmiBlitz3 drawer

Adjustments to tools:
  • AB3LibsManager: implemented the new biglibs handling with 4 biglibfiles
  • AB3LibsManager: added new column to commandlist table that shows dependencies to other libs
  • AB3LibsManager: added shortcuts for some buttons

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Indie Retro News (Webseite)

Retream: all games available for free download, new beta version of 'Skillgrid'
Simone 'saimo' Bevilacqua is currently offering all of his retro games for free download, including the commercial titles Skillgrid und BOH Advanced. He asks players who like the games to make a donation to any organisation supporting the people of Ukraine. His game Skillgrid actually got updated a few days ago, the many changes are documented in the dem Changelog. (cg)

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Indie Retro News (Webseite)

Preview videos: Robocop (AGA), Metro Siege
Daniel Allsopp is working on a port of Data East's classic Arcade game 'Robocop', he's trying create a better Amiga version than the official port from 1989. Allsopp has released a few preview videos (1, 2) of his AGA game which is developed in 68k assembler.

Metro Siege is a side-scrolling Beat'em Up for up to two simultanous players requiring 1 Megabyte of RAM. The game has been in development for 2.5 years, a recently released video recording demonstrates the current state. (cg)

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Seiya (ANF)

PDF magazine: REV'n'GE 132 (English/Italian)
The PDF magazine REV'n'GE ("Retro Emulator Vision and Game") is available in English and Italian editions. The game reviews of REV'n'GE compare the releases of classic games on different computer systems with each other. The current edition also features an extensive review of the Amiga Strategical 'Exodus' and presents the ZX SpectrumArcade Adventure 'Terramex'. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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AROS x86_64: Update of ABI-v11 developer branch
The AROS developer 'deadwood' had given his stable branch of AROS for 64-bit Intel and AMD processors the code name 'ABIv11' to distinguish it from the in-progress ABIv1 version in the main AROS repository. It has now updated this to version '20220318-1'. The changes can be seen at the title link. (dr)

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Accelerator board project: Buffee now Closed Source
According to the developers of the turbo card 'Buffee' ( reported) in their latest blog entry, the project which started as open source under a non-commercial Creative Commons license will now be continued completely closed source.

Up to about version 0.4 of the Buffee project, both the hardware and the newly developed Buffee-PJIT firmware were completely accessible online. The developers had clearly indicated that under the existing license, the project could be studied and ported to one's own hobby boards, but could not be used commercially under any circumstances. There were obvious violations of this, so the developers decided to stop publishing details. They are aware that this does not prevent cloning, but at least makes it more difficult.

The Buffee hardware would remain closed source until the design was abandoned. The corresponding page on 'Open Source Hardware Lab' is no longer available (dr)

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Frank Wille (ANF)

Compiler: vbcc V0.9h patch 2
After the release of version 0.9h of the C compiler vbcc and a first patch at the beginning of March ( reported), the second patch has now been released, which fixes three optimizer bugs, as well as an old bug in fopen() and a new one in strncat(). (dr)

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Kickstarter campaign: 'Tank Mouse' with wireless DB9 receiver
The Polish designer Lukas Remis had started a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of a wireless re-release of the Commodore mouse 1352 ( reported). Although the campaign is still running for three days, 150% (about 120,000 Euro) of the funding goal has already been reached and thus the condition set for the development and production of a wireless DB9 receiver for the Amiga. This will be included with every 'Tank Mouse'. (dr)

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MorphOS: Screenbar plugin MouseCoords 1.4
The #amigazeux team has updated the screenbar plugin 'Mousecoords' for displaying the current mouse coordinates for MorphOS to version 1.4. Changes:
  • Window titles of the window currently under the mouse pointer weren't shown anymore in the info window. Fixed.
  • Also shows information about the screen, the monitor and the skin in the info window. See pull open button at the bottom of info window to access these informations.
  • Shows more details for the window under the mouse pointer in the info window like shadows and current pointer type.
  • Now only displays and updates coords for the instance running on the screen the mouse pointer is on.

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Blog: Considerations to the AmigaOne X1000
Vincent Perkins dedicates his website AmigaNG to the "next generation and new Amigas computers and operating systems." Over 10 years ago he bought his AmigaOne X1000, which he writes had a lot of promise to take the Amiga platform to the next level: Dual-Core support, 64Bit, CPU and the Xmos custom chip. What happened to this initial euphoria he describes in a new blog entry AmigaONE X1000 10 Year Anniversary Thoughts. (dr)

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