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Archive 10/2021

Artur Gadawski (Mail)

Product announcement: 7-bit accelerator board 'Wicher 520EC' for Amiga 500/500+
After announcing the Wicher 1220 turbo card for the A1200, Artur Gadawski of the retro hardware company 7-bit now takes aim at the A500/500+ with the Wicher 520EC turbo card:

Wicher 520EC turbo card has been designed for installation inside Amiga A500/A500+ computer. It supports 68EC020 CPU, up to 11 MB of Fast RAM and IDE 2,5” hard drives. CPU clock speed can be set up to 33 MHz.

  • AmigaA500/A500+ compatibility
  • CPU support: MC68EC020 (recycled processor)
  • supported CPU clock speeds: 25, 33 MHz
  • guaranteed to run at 25 MHz
  • RAM memory: 16MB SDRAM (AmigaOS uses 11MB)
  • Amiga A600-compatible IDE controller (required Kickstart >= 2.05 (37.350))
  • MapRom, BootRom function
  • SPI controller, RTC
  • Kickstart: recommended Kickstart 3.1 or up

SPI BusBoard
  • MINI ENC28J60 Ethernet module
  • microSD card slot

  • SD Card
  • DS1306 RTC
  • ENC28J60 Ethernet
According to Artur Gadawski the first boards will be available at the first retailers in early November. (dr)

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Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 4.11 (AmigaOS 3/4)
Version 4.11 of the open source encryption protocol AmiSSL provides the latest root-certificates as well as some bug fixes. Detailed changelog:
  • Updated root certificates to latest Mozilla-based bundle provided by dated 26.10.2021
  • Legacy entropy generation is now faster on OS3 machines, with the removal of delays caused by using the vblank timer, which typically causes AmiSSL to initialise 2 seconds faster
  • Fixed legacy entropy generation to correctly use an entropy factor of 4, as originally intended, which was broken since AmiSSL 4.3
  • Entropy generation now uses SHA-256 instead of SHA-1
  • Tweaked OS4 memory allocations to not be locked
  • Fixed issues when redirecting OpenSSL tool output to a file
  • Added Ctrl-C break detection to the OpenSSL tool
  • OS4 binaries now stripped further with --strip-unneeded-rel-relocs

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31.Oct.2021 (forum)

Video: 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast #111 - Report from AmiWest
In episode 111 of his videocast 10MARC, Douglas Compton is talking about his visit of this year's AmiWest in Sacramento. (snx)

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Music: Rave album 'Breaking Even'
Yesterday gwEm has released the album 'Breaking Even' featuring "authentic 1992 style breakbeat hardcore rave, produced 100% on a Commodore Amiga 600". The eight tracks are available in different formats, e.g. as MP3 and FLAC. for a price which you choose. (dr)

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Aminet uploads until 30.10.2021
The following files have been added until 30.10.2021 to Aminet:
asm3210.lha              dev/asm    154K      Cross assembler for DSP3210 c...
evo.lha                  dev/e      603K  68k E-VO: Amiga E Evolution
HWP_RapaGUI.lha          dev/hwood  7.2M  MOS Cross-platform GUI toolkit fo...
REDPILLGameCreator.lha   dev/misc   2.2M  68k Game Creator with AGA support
Maestix.lha              driver/aud 96K   68k MaestroPro driver + AHI driver
SonnetLibrary.lha        driver/oth 412K  68k Driver for G3/G4 PCI cards
jfsw.lha                 game/shoot 1.7M  68k Shadow Warrior Amiga Port
nblood.lha               game/shoot 1.0M  68k Blood Amiga Port
darkest-hour.lha         game/text  44K   MOS Old-fashioned text adventure ...
impiccatogame.lha        game/wb    262K  68k Impiccato game
BackdPattGener.lha       gfx/edit   51K   68k Create your own backdrop patt...
mandel_dsp.lha           gfx/fract  23K   68k Mandelbrot generator for DSP3...
MysticView.lha           gfx/show   311K  68k RTG datatype picture viewer
AmiVms.lha               misc/emu   3.2M  68k Simulates OpenVMS commands
bas2tap.i386-aros.lha    misc/emu   111K  x86 Sinclair BASIC file to TAP co...
shorttunes.lha           mods/pro   37K       Protracker modules by Omen
sweet_reggae.lha         mods/pro   97K       Protracker module by Omen
Venomen.lha              mods/pro   95K       Protracker module by Omen
MMV8_Complete.lha        mus/edit   1.7M  68k MusicMaker V8 Version 3.0 (Co...
siddump.i386-aros.lha    mus/misc   106K  x86 C64 music debug output utility
hippoplayerupdate.lha    mus/play   280K  68k Updated HippoPlayer, a module...
MMV8_Player.lha          mus/play   33K   68k MusicMaker V8 Player
z802tzx.i386-aros.lha    util/conv  183K  x86 TZX Tape
HuntnGather.lha          util/dir   171K  68k File indexing and search util...
PicDTBench.lha           util/dtype 26K   MOS Benchmark picture.datatype im...
WarpPSDdt.lha            util/dtype 71K   WOS Adobe Photoshop® datatype V45.7
AmiSSL-4.11.lha          util/libs  5.7M  OS4 OpenSSL as an Amiga shared li...
fpu512.lha               util/moni  16K   68k FPU 'benchmark' for fast systems
AnalogClock.lha          util/time  38K   68k Analog transparent clock for ...

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OS4Depot uploads until 30.10.2021
The following files have been added until 30.10.2021 to OS4Depot:
libcurl.lha              dev/lib 2Mb   4.1 The multiprotocol file transfer ...
curl.lha                 net/mis 2Mb   4.1 Command line URL file transfer
mediavault.lha           net/mis 2Mb   4.1 Discover online radio stations a...
hbecard.lha              uti/mis 4Mb   4.0 This little happy birthday elect...

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MorphOS-Storage uploads until 30.10.2021
The following files have been added until 30.10.2021 to MorphOS-Storage:
Multimediatags.lha        Audio/Misc                Dump meta data from sou...
HWP_RapaGUI_2.1.lha       Development/Hollywood/... A cross-platform GUI to...
HappyBirthday_eCard_1.... Misc                      Little happy birthday e...
PicDTBench_1.2.lha        System/Benchmark          Benchmark picture.datat...
WarpPSDdt_45.7.lha        System/Datatypes          Adobe Photoshop? dataty...

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmigaRemix: Further file added
AmigaRemix collects remixes of well-known soundtracks of Amiga games. Since our last news-item, the following mp3 file has been added:
  • Hired Guns (Awesome Megablast)

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31.Oct.2021 (forum)

Trademark protection: Cloanto withdraws opposition against Intellivision's Amico
After being forced by third party to defend the Amiga trademarks against Intellivision's "Amico" game console, Cloanto now filed a motion to withdraw their opposition at USPTO with prejudice, meaning that the opposition is replaced by a separate agreement between the parties, which prevails (PDF file).

On Twitter Amiga Corporation commented: "Amiga and Amico both mean friend. To stop any speculation: we had a productive exchange about coexistence, and concerns were resolved. Amiga wishes Intellivision all the best for its entertainment project." (snx)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

PDF magazine: REV'n'GE 127 (Italian/English)
Besides the Italian original issue, the PDF magazine REV'n'GE ("Retro Emulator Vision and Game") is also available in English. The magazine's reviews compare the different ports of classic games to the various platforms of their time.

Download pages:
Italian (Schlüssel: DrdBPIPM8WFERqI5_4EmunyBTL4LjwTmvKi1-PHVvIM)
English (Schlüssel: OyoO3QZtiOz4GzRYsb-gu3vjCTmZSm8oxE_pYjcniAg) (snx)

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Carlos Peris (Mail)

Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.9.2
RedPill, developed by Carlos Peris, is a game construction kit written in Amiblitz 3.8, which allows the development of games from various genres (see short tests of two Redpill games). RedPill is compatible with AGA and ECS, the "player" for playing the finished creations requires a total of 1.5 MB RAM.

Regarding the major jump from the previous version 0.8.13 to the latest 0.9.1, we have asked the author for some additional information which he kindly provided:

"Version 0.9 is a big step forward in the game creator progress, not just for the number of features that have been added but because it makes game development easier than before which is why Redpill exists in the first place. For each level you can define the music to play, the transition effects, the background to use and a lot more things. Before you had to use some triggers to set up these values per level as they were set up only for the project. Adding and browsing objects and tiles is much easier with the shortcuts added in the screens, editing levels if faster now (YouTube video).

The performance has also improved as has the compatibility with 68000 cpus (older versions required a 68020). The audio engine now uses PHX library which means that you have music and sounds at the same time without using a 3 channels mod.The sprite layer support is much better now, supporting 16 colors layer (instead of 4 color) and setting it up in the background or the foreground of the screen (YouTube video). When running in AGA, games use 24bit color precission and gradients even if the game is ECS. There are many other fixes and improvements thanks to the feedback from users.

These are two YouTube example tutorials showing how to do some type of games, and how fast is to get results: Currently some games are in developemnt: A lot of effort has been put into this rekease, I hope the Amigans enjoy it".

Update: (04.11.21, 20:40, dr)

Meanwhile version 0.9.2 is available on Aminet which mainly fixes bugs. (dr)

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George Sokianos (Mail)

AmigaOS 4: MediaVault 1.5.0
MediaVault is an open source application for AmigaOS 4 which can be used to discover online radio stations and, since Version 1.4.0, also to listen to podcasts. An external player like AmigaAmp and the jansson.library v2.12.1 are required. About the latest version 1.5.0 the author George Sokianos has written:

"I just released a new version of MediaVault for everyone to play with this weekend. With this version, a couple of new features arrived and a few fixes as well. With MediaVault v1.5.0 you will be able to mark online radio stations and podcasts as your favourite ones and have them listed in a separate list. This way you will be able to find and start listening to them much faster, without the need to search all the time for them.

To do that, above the play button, there is now a small yellow star with a plus sign, which you can use to add the radio station or podcast to the favourite list. This then changes to a star with a red minus sign, so to remove it from the favourite list. To enable those buttons you have first to find in the lists the one you want, select it and then the buttons will be enabled.

While we are on that, there is also one more button available, whenever you select a podcast episode, which can be found beside the little star, above the play button. By clicking on that when an episode is selected, the episode is added at the "Listen Later" list, under the Podcast section at the left sidebar. This way you can mark episodes you would like to listen to when you have more time.

If you already use the previous version, please use the self-update process, which you can find in the application menu. This can be used to update to the latest available version automatically, and before you do that, the whole changelog is shown.

I would like to thank all of my supporters for helping me develop MediaVault, adding new features and making it better and better." (dr)

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Polnisches Amiga Forum

AmigaOS 4: Comparison of video players (Polish)
In a detailed article - Polish original bzw. automatic translation - the author 'MUFA' has reviewed the different video players available for AmigaOS 4: Tested with an AmigaOne X1000 equipped with a Radeon HD R9 270 graphics card and an AmigaOne X5000 equipped with a Radeon RX 560 graphics card. Test candidates has been on the one hand the free MPlayer and FFPlay as well as the two commercial players DvPlayer and Emotion. He also has include in his consideration the support of the Unified Video Decoder (UVD).

Verdict: As of now, he recommends Emotion for overall performance. He awards second place to MPlayer for the best player without UVD support as well as its exemplary stability and free availability. Only in third place he sees DvPlayer, whereby he points out that with Hans De Ruiter a proven expert is entrusted with the further development and he therefore expects a lot from future versions. (dr)

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Commodore 64 Forum

Text adventure: "Darkest Hour" released
Darkest Hour is an old-fashioned text adventure game, available for several platforms and also for AmigaOS 3.

Die Story: "Halloween is almost here, but something is happening that's much scarier than the annual haunted house at the fire hall. There are rumors of a vampire - a real one - attacking people at night. Of course most people think it's just silly; who wouldn't? But people are going missing, and others swear they've seen it. It's up to you to track down this vampire, stop it if possible. The question is, will you even survive the night?" (dr)

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Prince (Mail)

Video tutorial: Episode 18 of assembler coding course
'Prince', the founder of the former demo group 'Phaze101', currently streams on Twitch the assembler coding course "Corso completo di programmazione assembler in due dischi" ( reported) in English and after some time uploads the videos of it to YouTube. Yesterday episode 18 was published, continuing running through chapter 7 of the book teaching about sprites and tables. (dr)

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