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Archive 06/2006

20.Jun.2006 (Webseite)

Demo database:
Andreas Szabo has developed a web interface for Richard Wagenführer's Amiga demo scene database with more than 12000 entries. He paid a lot attention to the so-called "demo packdiscs": On each demo you can read on which packdisc it has been released, on the other side you can, of course, also browse the contents of the packdiscs. (cg) (Translation: iw)

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20.Jun.2006 (Webseite)

AROS: status update of 20 June 2006
The AROS team is providing a new snapshot of the PPC version (Release-Notes).

Thanks to Matthias Rustler is now also available in German (cg) (Translation: iw)

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Alinea Computer (ANF)

WB Super Games and Payback Fan CD available
Wehrheim, Germany, June 19th, 2006.

We are glad to inform you, that we are finished the WB Super Games and the Payback Fan CD. The two products are available in our OnlineShop.

WB Super Games - The Workbench games collection for your AmigaOS 4

WB Super Games is a Workbench game collection for AmigaOS 4 which includes 7 different games. LogiLog, Alinearis and Cerebrum guarantee fun for all fans of brain gym. But also action fans will find them enjoyable. They can train themselves with the network games AXO, Memoria, Serpentis and Stoertebeker for one or two players. There is always the option to run other programs while playing, because WB Super Games are executed on the Workbench. So you can control a chat-program for example. Moreover, all games are developed to use minimal resources, so that there is still enough system performance for other applications running at the same time. The collection was developed especially for AmigaOS 4 PPC-native. It does not need any additional libraries or SDL.

Die WB Super Games is delivered on CD and costs just 9,95 Euro.

Payback Fan CD - The AddOn CD for Payback

Payback is one of the most popular amiga games of the last years and can still fascinate a loyal fan community. Because of that we have created a CD for Payback fans. The Payback Fan CD is an AddOn CD for the Amiga game Payback. On the CD you can find 12 background pictures and 16 Patterns for the Workbench as well as skins for AmigaAmp. The highlight of the CD are the 22 still unpublished Maps, which guarantee you many hours of fun. If you like to create your own levels, you can find many textures of all types on the CD. Additionally you can find a exclusive interview of James Daniel, all "Amiga Speed" tests, the Amig@lien Payback Website and many reports about Payback. As a Payback Fan you absolutely need this CD.

The Payback Fan CD is delivered on CD and costs just 5,95 Euro.

A big thanks goes to the author of Payback James Daniels for his support.

For more information visit our website: Alinea Computer
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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19.Jun.2006 (Webseite)

Commodore-Emulator: New Version off VICE
The newest version of the 8bit-Emulators for AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS and AROS is localized. Also the AROS-Version works now in hosted and native Mode. (cg) (Translation: aj)

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Aminet-Uploads until 18.06.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
wookiechat.lha      comm/irc    593K  VAR  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
MakeHTMLMap.lha     comm/www    1.3M  OS3  The Gallery/Onlineshop Creator for Amiga
MBPrefs.lha         dev/basic    25K  OS3  External Prefs Editor for MaxonBasic3
sdlBasic.lha        dev/basic   397K  MOS  Simple sdlBasic interpreter for MorphOS
Annotate.lha        dev/cross    50K  OS3  Comments/reformats DASMX 2650 cross-dis
lc2-morphos.lha     dev/misc     14K  MOS  C/C++ source line counter (ixemul)
libcddb.lha         dev/misc    223K  OS4  a C library to access data on CDDB
LHA_HD_Install.lha  disk/misc    85K  GEN  HardDisk install system for 1.x 2.x 3.x+
GoK.lha             game/2play   37K  OS3  Move on more tiles than your opponent!
Aye_Q.lha           game/wb      43K  OS3  My version of a peg game...
Create_a_Q.lha      game/wb      47K  OS3  Create and play your own 'Q' games! (Upd
GoFigure.lha        game/wb      40K  OS3  Create some closed figures!
Hexa_Q.lha          game/wb      43K  OS3  Surprise!! A peg game... updated again!
Hexit.lha           game/wb      43K  OS3  Try to match an hexagonal shaped pattern
In_And_Out.lha      game/wb      47K  OS3  Try to find the exit!
Kaleido.lha         game/wb      35K  OS3  Try to match the kaleidoscopic patterns!
Knight.lha          game/wb      33K  OS3  Move a Knight on a chess board
mijfif.lha          gfx/show     58K  VAR  JFIF,BMP,ILBM,ZX.SCR viewer
AmiArcadia.lha      misc/emu     81K  OS3  Emerson Arcadia 2001 emulator
gluae-doc.lha       misc/emu    593K  GEN  Integrates UAE with AmigaOS 4 (docs)
gluae-main.lha      misc/emu     11K  GEN  Integrates UAE with AmigaOS 4 (main)
A1000stereo.lha     mods/misc     6K  OS3  KickTune played when A1000 is booted
man2txt-1_00b.lha   text/misc    45K  OS3  UNIX manual page to plain text converter
sdiREKOPrefs.lha    util/dtype   15K  GEN  Preferences GUI for sdiREKO DataTypes
ExtraLib.lha        util/libs   354K  OS3  Dynamic buffer system + simple strings
envtime.lha         util/misc     9K  OS3  OS4: Set a time env var for use in WB ti
StartBar-ITA.lha    util/misc   101K  OS3  Italian version of StartBar
TopCPU.lha          util/moni    38K  MOS  small CPU monitor (MUI) with freeze opti
scriptlauncher.lha  util/wb      36K  OS4  Configurable button-based program launch
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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19.Jun.2006 Uploads until 18.06.2006
Uploads of since our last report:
gluae-doc.lha     emu/uti  593kb  Integrates UAE with AmigaOS 4 (documenta
gluae-main.lha    emu/uti   11kb  Integrates UAE with AmigaOS 4 (main)
dosdev.lzx        dev/exa   29kb  DOS device driver example code (simple "
envtime.lha       uti/mis    8kb  Sets a time env variable for use in WB t
libcddb.lha       dev/lib  222kb  Libcddb is a C library to access data on
http-handler.lha  net/mis   75kb  Virtual HTTP device with WebDAV support
shellplayer.lzx   aud/pla    6kb  ptplay.library based commandline .mod-pl
envy24ht_ahi.lha  dri/aud   19kb  Envy24HT AHI driver
ptplaylib.lzx     lib/mis   42kb  Shared lib to play/decode protracker mod
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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Mac Life (Heiko Bichel)

Gates leaves Microsoft's day to day operations in 2008
Bill Gates and Microsoft have disclosed that Gates will continue his daily work at Microsoft only until 2008. Afterwards, the Microsoft chairman wants to spend more time on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates's functions should slowly be transferred to other leading people of the company in the course of time. After July 2008, the Microsoft legend will continue to serve the company as executive chairman and advisor in key projects, however. The detailed Microsoft notice can be referred to under the title link. (nba) (Translation: cad)

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18.Jun.2006 (Web page)

Raytracer: Imagine 5.19
For ACUP subscribers, version 5.19 of Imagine was released. The update solves problems of the previous version, in particular under AmigaOS 4. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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18.Jun.2006 (Web page)

MorphOS: Do command for Ambient / JasPer ported

JasPer 1.500.4

Maxim Ilyin has ported JasPer to MorphOS. The program by Michael David Adams allows encoding and decoding JPEG-2000 files.

jaspermos.lha (176 KB)
jasperpdf.lha (Manual; 122 KB)

Do Command

With the current daily builds of the MorphOS desktop Ambient, the command "do" was introduced (Usage: "do [File]").

This allows executing standard operations of Ambient filetypes from the shell as well. You can gather more information on the most recent improvements from ambient.notes. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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18.Jun.2006 (Web page)

Standards and specs: The Interchange File Format (IFF)
On the developerWorks pages of IBM, in the "Standards and specs" line-up, the Interchange File Format (IFF) from Electronic Arts, which is used on the Amiga in particular, was now recognized as well.

In his article, Peter Seebach says that this format, introduced in 1985, already had many of the features still sought today in modern file formats, as well as what can be learned from it with regard to the latter, such as XML. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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