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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Profiler PrfLib 0.9
Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek's PrfLib is a library which shows statistical informations of a running program in order to notice every part's cpu time.

As a "trick" of the GCC is used, the profiler library is only working with programs which are compiled with it (version 2.95.3 or 2.95.4).

New features in version 0.9:
  • Detailed statistics of every function
  • Profiles even of the code blocks
  • Statistics of the push-pop stack
  • New Prf parser tool
  • Optimizations
Detailed informations can be read in the Readme file. (snx) (Translation: ts)

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Brad Webb (Email)

Newsletter: Amiga Update #060531
Brad Webbs newsletter Amiga Update contains a summary of the more important Amiga related news of the last four weeks. The May issue has now been released:

         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\  /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\  /___//
            \/           \/.  |        |z!o             \/    
               A M I G A      | 060531 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.      

          P R O G R E S S   R E P O R T   O N   A M Y  ' 0 5

      A M I G A O N E   C P U   D E M O   D A T E   C H A N G E

               A C P - T C P   N E W S   F O R   M A Y

      O N Y X S O F T   R E L E A S E S   S I X   U P D A T E S

         E - U A E - O . 8 . 2 9 - W I P 2   R E L E A S E D 

  A M I G A   F U T U R E   F U L L   V E R S I O N S   O N L I N E

  M O B I L E Z O N E   /   A M I G A   I N C .   I N   A   D E A L

                   M M K E Y B O A R D   V 3 . 2 2

              A L S O   F R O M   G E I T . D E   . . .

            A M I G G   I N S T A N T   M E S S E N G E R

            T A L E S   O F   T A M A R   I N   H I R E S

         R E S I D U A L   -   F O R   L U C A S G A M E R S

Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:

Absolutely no-one figured out what was different about last month's 
issue. Or maybe no-one cared. That could well be the case, since it 
involved Amiga Inc. If you're at all curious, last month's issue was 
the first where we didn't lead off with a story about Amiga Inc. when 
we had one. At least, I can't remember any other time we've not done 
so. The reason, of course, is Amiga Inc. is largely irrelevant now to 
the Amiga Community. However, they still hold the ultimate rights to 
the OS and we will continue to keep you informed about them. Well, we
will for a few more months, anyway.

My first bit of Amiga Journalism appeared in the October, 1986 issue 
of "JumpDisk", the disk based magazine edited for many years by 
Richard Ramella. That means when October rolls around this year I will 
have been an Amiga journalist for 20 years! I'm betting there aren't 
many who can match that run. Ok, it's not paying anything now and 
hasn't for years, (actually, it never paid much) but I'm still doing 
it. I look at it as my way of giving something back to the community 
which has kept the best OS I've ever used alive and well against all 
odds. However, 20 years is a long run and it's about time to move 
on. Accordingly, the October issue of AU is planned to be the last. I 
had hoped to keep this little newsletter alive until a) OS4 was 
released in full commercial version and b) I reached 20 years of Amiga 
journalism. Looks like it's going to be only "b". On the other hand, 
there's still an outside chance "completed" OS4 could be announced in 
this publication. We'll see. Either way, it's been fun (but it's not 
as much fun as it was) and I'll probably have more to say about the 
end of AU as we close in on October. Then again, maybe not. I don't 
plan anything special for the last issue. 

The most interesting news this month involves progress by the teams 
working to create more OS4 capable hardware. This is great, and we 
lead off with some information from both groups. The folks at ACK held 
a discussion at where they announced their high end 
board would be called "PowerVixxen TL" - Thunder & Lightning. Cool 
name. (You can read an edited transcript at the AmigaWorld site.) We 
wish both groups real success with their efforts. Since the lack of 
hardware seems to be the only thing keeping commercial OS4 from 
release, we hope the race to get hardware done and on sale is a good 

We also hope you enjoy this issue and will be with us all the way 
through the countdown to the October issue.

 Brad Webb,

         P R O G R E S S   R E P O R T   O N   A M Y  ' 0 5 

6 May, 2006 

We thought a progress report was in order as we have some very good 
news. After much development we are happy to report that version 1.4 
of Amy'05 is nearly complete. Our next progress report will contain 
lots of information about Amy, along with the much awaited Photos! 
{Note: any photos will not appear in AU of course, but we can run a 
URL pointing to them if one exists. Brad}

For many of the first adopters of Eyetech Amiga One models, their 
needs and wants have grown past the specifications of the machines 
they are currently using and they wish to upgrade to a more modern 
motherboard design.

Our original intent with project ?Prometheus? was to design and build 
several low cost lines of motherboards, built on proven technology. 
The Amy?05 design would be followed by a more powerful design. When we 
designed Amy?05 we did not envisage the changes that have taken place 
in the Power PC market, most notable, Apple's shift from PowerPC to 
Intel that has presented both problems as well as opportunities for 

While developing Amy?05 we have been investigating several good 
opportunities for the existing Amiga user base. We have found others 
with similar business interests to ours, from which we were able to 
form new alliances which has allowed us to begin due diligence 
procedures for purchasing a design of a higher end motherboard. 
Acquiring the rights to this motherboard will allow us to bring a 
higher end board to market far quicker than if we were to design one 
from the ground up. Also, by forming new alliances we will be able to 
bring the per unit cost of this motherboard down - a saving that we 
wish to pass on to you.

We would like to show you photographs of our higher end motherboard 
but our NDA does not permit this. However, we are able to show you 
pictures that have been cropped to conceal the board?s identity.

Provided we are able to do this, we plan on offering this higher end 
motherboard as a compliment to our first line of Amy motherboards.

We have been down this road before, with announcements based on 
assurances from third parties who have failed to deliver. Amy?05 has 
encountered problems but they are all in the past.

Between now and then we shall post regular progress reports, instead 
of intermittent press releases and promises.

     A M I G A O N E   C P U   D E M O   D A T E   C H A N G E

22 May, 2006 

I know...a slightly longer wait. As with all plans with tight 
schedules, I have hit a bit of a technical barrier that prevents me 
from making the live demonstration of a working CPU module. Similarly, 
I didn't have the time to set up a proper agenda for the event. I was 
not expecting people to physically want to visit in person and have 
addressed this properly. In addition a few others mentioned that the 
original date being on a Monday would be difficult to participate in. 
Here is the new date, timing and location for the event:

Date: Saturday, June 10th, 2006
Time: 4:00 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Savings Time)


The UPS Store
26-200 Fitch Street
Welland, ON L3C 4V9

Parking and space is limited. Please e-mail your intention to attend. 
Beverages and food will be provided.


4:00 pm Brief Introduction
4:10 pm Overview of the CPU module Installation and Settings
4:30 pm Booting OS4
4:35 pm Benchmark Testing
5:00 pm Question & Answer Period
5:55 pm A Few Final Words
6:00 pm Wrap-Up

The Question and Answer period will first take questions from the 
people physically in attendance at the demonstration followed by 
questions via IRC and e-mail.

Sincerest apologies on the delays to those who have been waiting very 

Adam Kowalczyk

ACK Software Controls, Inc.

              A C P - T C P   N E W S   F O R   M A Y 

1 May, 2006

APC&TCP is 14 years old!

To celebrate this we have decided to push down the prices of many 
APC&TCP products in the online shop permanently.

APC&TCP is more active than ever. CygnusEd 5 is right before its 
release and also the release of MED Soundstudio 2 is coming closer and 

But work is also going on for DigiBoosterPro and it's being checked 
for the possibility for a release of a reprint of an English Amiga-

Besides that development for a lot of other products which will be 
released this year is going on.

The APC&TCP computer club, from which the distributor was founded, was 
founded some time earlier. If someone knows the exact date please get 
in contact with us.

It would be interesting to know how old the APC&TCP is. :)

13 May 2006 

Today we upload all issues from the german Diskmag NoCover. You can 
download the 125 issues on .


      O N Y X S O F T   R E L E A S E S   S I X   U P D A T E S 

10 May, 2006

We are a independent group of people who develop freeware applications 
for AmigaOS and MorphOS in our spare time! And we do it because it's 

The sun rises and the summer awaits, we though you should have some 
new versions to test drive during your vacation so here comes a bag of 
new stuff ;)

-Your OnyxSoft crew-

Updated programs

AllKeys v1.3 - (OS4,MOS) Hotkey program supporting all multimedia-keys 
and mousebuttons. The MOS version has been updated! Added support for 
a second scroll-wheel, TRANSLATE can copy into any number of codes, 
instant update when saving prefs-file (no need to restart AllKeys), 
more free prefs file (now allows empty lines and pure ;comment lines), 
easy WB mode, and more!

Annotate v2.4 - (OS4) A very comprehensive text editor with a lot of 
functions. These are the major updates: Fixed the close-config-crash. 
Editable hotkeys, full tab-key support + a few new functions, auto-
save functions, new text-selecting and copy functions, new functions 
regarding cursor movement plus many more fixes and enhancements.

Macc v1.1 - (OS4) Mouse accelerator with a couple of settings. Now 
added scroll-wheel acceleration and NewMouse support which makes K
ingCON, CubicIDE, AmIRC, etc. to work (again).

MPlayer-GUI v1.41 - (OS4) GUI for MPlayer. Now with arexx-support and 
a Control Panel to control MPlayer through the GUI and much better 
cooperation between MPlayer and the GUI (in mini-release v1.40), file-
pattern filter for the filerequester (updated in v1.41).

TheMPegEncGUI v2.61 - (68k) Full-featured GUI for MP3-encoders. Added 
the --noreplaygain switch and a freetext-field. You who have used 
TheMPegEncGUI the last week may already have seen this update through 
the automatic update feature in v2.60

ActivateWindow v1.3 - (68k) A program to activate and rearrange 
windows and screens. Very useful together with AllKeys. I think I've 
fixed some sporadic crashes.

        E - U A E - O . 8 . 2 9 - W I P 2   R E L E A S E D 

3 May, 2006

This releases fixes 32-bit P96 screens on PPC hosts and some minor 
bugs in the build scripts.

This is a version of UAE, the Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator, with an 
emulation core largely based on WinUAE. It attempts to bring many of 
the great features of WinUAE to non-Windows platforms. This version 
now finally has a name, E-UAE, since that's what everybody was calling 
it anyway. The 'E' can stand for anything you fancy. Experimental, 
extreme, exciting, egalitarian, eggplant, . . .

Currently it will build and run (with a varying degree of supported 
features) on Linux and other Unices, Mac OS X, BeOS, AmigaOS itself 
(either for 68k machines or PPC machines with AmigaOS 4.0 and the 
AmigaOS clones MorphOS and AROS). OS X requires either LibSDL or an X 
server for graphics output, but native graphics are supported on 
AmigaOS and BeOS, although, at the moment, SDL is also preferred on 
BeOS since the native driver is incomplete.

E-UAE is open-source software and is made available under the terms of 
the GNU GPL. E-UAE is based on the work of dozens of contributors 
including Bernd Schmidt (the original author and maintainer of UAE), 
Bernie Meyer (the author of the x86 JIT compiler), Toni Wilen (the 
current maintainer of WinUAE), and many more.

To make full use of E-UAE you will need access to an image of some 
version of the Amiga Kickstart ROM (although UAE does include a ROM 
emulation which may work with some old games). The Amiga Kickstart 
ROMs are copyrighted material and may not be freely distributed (so 
don't ask me for a copy). If you don't have an Amiga from which you 
can legally make a ROM image, a selection of ROM images are available 
for purchase online from Cloanto - publishers of the Amiga Forever 

  A M I G A   F U T U R E   F U L L   V E R S I O N S   O N L I N E  

9 May, 2006 

Subject: Amiga Future Full Version Download Opened

>From today you can find some full versions in the download section of 
the Amiga Future homepage for free download. The Amiga Future has many 
licences for full versions. These will be published irregularly on our 

We start with around 25 full versions online.

Furthermore many issues of the Amiga Future are available for a 
heavily reduced price.

24 May, 2006

There have been put around 15 new full versions on the download 
section of the Amiga Future homepage. We wish lots of fun with it.

If someone should know license holders of commercial games and 
applications or even is reading this it would be nice to get in 
contact via email. Of course we want to put a lot of more full 
versions in long term on the Amiga Future homepage.

If someone wanted to write descriptions for all those downloads (in 
English and German) we would be grateful to get in contact. We are too 
busy to do it ourselves.

At this point we want to remind that many old issues of the Amiga F
uture are available in our online shop beginning with just 1 Euro and 
that issue 59 is nearly sold off.

  M O B I L E Z O N E   /   A M I G A   I N C .   I N   A   D E A L

May 1, 2006 - San Francisco, CA/Sao Paolo, Brazil.? Mobilezone and 
Amiga bring AmigaAnywhere (TM) applications to Mobilezone's customers 
worldwide. Now, visitors to Mobilezone can purchase their favorite 
Amiga content for their Microsoft Windows PCs, Smartphones, and PDAs. 
Amiga's innovative technology allows mobile users to take advantage of 
emerging technologies such as media storage cards and U3 mobile 
storage devices.

This announcement brings another strong channel for application 
developers that are looking for a refined and efficient solution to 
developing content one-time and running it across a myriad of devices.

MobileZone gives current information about mobile technologies and 
provides a local web reference for PDAs, smartphones, Pocket PCs and 
wireless technologies like Wi-Fi. It has quickly grown into Brazil's 
leading and most complete Wi-Fi hotspot locator, earning well over 
400,000 unique visitors to Mobilezone webpages since it was created, 3 
years ago. The "Plugged" section of the site gives up to date news 
about what's happening with the wireless market inside and outside the 
country. It also carries monthly articles about interesting related 
subjects, such as mobile content and WiMax "hype" analysis.

Brazil is part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) group of 
countries with the fastest expanding wireless markets, is the second 
largest mobile market in South America and 6th largest in the world. 
The country's mobile penetration rate is 41.1%, reaching 79.9 million 
customers through September 2005. Further, Brazil dominates the Latin 
American Internet market with broadband growth of 31% in 2005. "The 
growth in complex mobile and web usage in Brazil is very attractive to 
Amiga", said Gregory Sigel, Amiga's vice president of sales and 
marketing. "MobileZone provides a great entree to this market, given 
their popularity with wireless and wired subscribers."

Amiga's cross-platform technologies fit well with Brazil, given the 
growing popularity of convergence strategies. In October 2004, TV 
Cidade and TVA were the first Brazilian operators to adopt the triple 
play strategy, combining VoIP, broadband and pay TV services. It also 
meshes well with MobileZone's combined mobile and WiFi target areas. 
"Brazilians continue to be big fans of the Amiga name", said Ricardo 
Menezes, President of Mobilezone. "We are very excited to provide our 
customers with rich graphical Amiga content and let them run it across 
their mobile, desktops and ultimately TV-based devices."

Mobilezone is highlighting Amiga with an About Amiga section ("Sobre 
Amiga") and an updated News/Interview ("Entrevista") section. The 
Amiga Games ("Jogos") section on the website lets Mobilezone's 
customers from over 20 countries purchase Amiga content for their 
devices of choice. As Amiga grows its applications and content 
portfolio, the two companies will work together to update the 
Mobilezone-Amiga site with the most market-relevant content.

About MobileZone:

MobileZone is a Brazilian portal that focuses on wireless and mobile 
technologies, news and related content. With its operations started in 
early 2004, MobileZone has, since then, received more than 360.000 
unique visitors searching for Wi-Fi hotspots, news and exclusive 
content covering a variety of subjects including WiMax, UMTS, UWB and 

The majority of Mobilezone?s visitors, can be classified as IT 
professionals, wireless providers, doctors, business executives, 
government organizations and university students.

                   M M K E Y B O A R D   V 3 . 2 2 

27 May, 2006

MMKeyboard V3.22 for AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, Amithlon, AmithlonXL and 

MMKeyboard is a multimedia keyboard driver for any Amiga compatible 
computer systems.

You like those Windows keyboards with many additional tool buttons for 
EMail, WWW, music and so on? You want to use a wireless keyboard? You 
don?t want to buy expensive hardware that only supports the standard 
keys and leaving the others unused? Then you found the right site! For 
a few bucks you'll get a self made hardware that uses everything!

MMKeyboard allows you to use a Windows keyboard as Amiga keyboard. In 
addition to that it's possible to launch programs via the multimedia 

No driver problems like on the PC! One little commodity enables all 
available non standard keys on any keyboard! Even future keyboards are 

Start your music player by pressing the play button on your keyboard. 
Eject your CDROM by pressing the eject button, or open a Shell in the 
same way! Now it's possible to execute any tool without qualifier, 
because the keys are unknown to the system! Of course it's still 
possible to use qualifiers to be more flexible!

Updated for MMKeyboard V3.22:

Input events were filtered out even if the task didn't match. This 
caused problems, because defining F1 for YAM with task option caused 
the F1 key to stop working in any other application.


The MMKeyboard software is not working with any kind of available 
nterface hardware. On real Amiga hardware you'll need the MMKeyboard 

The MMKeyboard hardware is only required when using a PC keyboard on 
normal Amiga Hardware. For systems like Amithlon, AmithlonXL, UAE, 
AmigaOS4 and MorphOS no additional hardware is needed. These systems 
just need the software installed.

The required version of UAE is currently not available for the public. 
The next official Update will contain full MMKeyboard functionality.

              A L S O   F R O M   G E I T . D E   . . . 

19.May-2006 - Meridian V2.21

Meridian V2.21 for AmigaOS and MorphOS

You all know PDAs where you use a pen to draw invisible lines on the 
display. The PDA is converting these combinations into characters or 

Meridian is doing exactly this! Meridian is a small commodity to 
create virtual hotkeys by using the mouse. You draw a symbol and 
Meridian is starting the requested action. Since the starting point 
and the direction is also important, there are countless combinations 
you can use.

I promise! You'll love it. Flipping screens and windows, closing 
windows, quitting requesters, starting programs and actions just by 
moving the mouse. No visible GUI, dock or something like that. Just 
the mouse pointer on screen. I am using Meridian now for around 24 
hours and I can't live without it anymore.

Meridian allows to execute CLI and Workbench programs. It's also 
possible to translate the mouse gesture into a new key which will be 
treated by the active application as if the real keyboard key was 
pushed. A great feature is that Meridian provides a massive bunch of 
internal macros. So you can close window, flip screens and windows and
much more.

It's possible to combine the mouse gestures with tasks, so it's 
possible to define the same mouse gesture multiple times for multiple 
tasks with different actions.


    * Commodity.
    * MUI GUI
    * Easy configuration.
    * Many internal macros.
    * Online Help.
    * Locale Support.
    * 68K and PPC Binaries

R V2.19 for AmigaOS, AmigaOS4 and MorphOS

Did you ever feel bored when dealing with dos commands and their 

Did you ever wait for a GUI because the CLI only tool is to 
complicated for your Shell/CLI skills?

Did you ever understand all these cryptic argument names?

Did you ever wish dos arguments would be in your native language for 
better understanding?

Yes? Then then here comes the solution for your problems. "R" - The 
only weapon to defeat templates! (Something like Airwolf! :) )

Since the early 90th "R" is the one and only weapon to defeat dos 
templates and now it returns! Reenforced, upgraded, reworked and ready 
for the future. Tons of new features also allow professionals to 
enhance dos and for any other user it's as easy to use as ever. Simple 
call "r list" to get a high quality localized gadget user interface 
for the dos command list.

Set up the options and push execute. Setup predefined options for 
stuff you need every time and never type them again!

No longer wait for an user interface made by others. Grab a project 
icon, insert "R" as default tool and there it is!

If you don't believe it, you haven't tried it!

It's not a hack! It's "R"!

    * Automatic creation of a high quality MUI GUI for most available 
    * Automatically localizes any known argument item.
    * Save and auto load of predefined command options.
    * Optional auto use mode for commands you need more than once with 
      nearly the same option set.
    * Very small and easy to use.
    * Full locale support.
    * Online help.
    * 68K and PPC Binaries

            A M I G G   I N S T A N T   M E S S E N G E R

3 May, 2006

AmiGG is an instant messenger application which can handle Gadu-Gadu 
protocol (Gadu-Gadu protocol is widely spreaded in Poland). Right now 
AmiGG may not be useful for many of you but pretty soon plugin system 
will be implemented and another protocols will be supported (Jabber, 
Tlen (also known in Poland) and more).

- unique tabs' system which provides carrying on many chats in one 
single window,
- AmigaAMP plug-in which gives ability to bring the name of the played 
song into the status description
- Sauranizator plug-in which gives ability to check IP or client 
version of people who you are chatting with
- display of animated smiley
- ability to send files through the protocol
- POP3 module which gives ability to check e-mails
- enhanced and constantly improved preferences system which gives 
ability to adjust the look of the application to your needs and 
- display of the photo of person who you are chatting with.
- internet update function which can download and install any new 
version of AmiGG which is available.

Requirements are: AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.0 or MorphOS (three different 
native versions are available in the archive), MUI 3.8 (or higher), 
some MUI classes (TextInput, TextEditor, NList, NFloattext, NListview, 
Busy, Toolbar), wbstart library (for internet update function), 
openurl library (optionally), Play16 (optionally). AmiGG is 
distributed in polish and english language versions. People who want 
to create other language versions are welcome and should contact the 
author. People who are interested in this application should consider 
to download it and give it a try. To encourage you to give this tool a 
try, you should look at the screenshots.

            T A L E S   O F   T A M A R   I N   H I R E S

7 May, 2006 

It is done!

Finally, after 8 months of work, we are proud to present Tales of 
Tamar in HiRES 2D!

The new client of our massively multiplayer strategy and roleplaying 
game is running at a resolution of 1024*768 with double buffering in 
15 bit, 16 and 32 bit, as well as the usual 640*480/8 bit.

Therefore, Tales of Tamar is working on all Amiga systems starting 
with an A1200 with 030 accelerator board up to the most recent systems 
and also takes advantage of the faster hardware of Amithlon, AmigaOne, 
Pegasos or UAE setups.

The engine has been improved meanwhile, of course.

Unfortunately, Amiga computers are reaching their limits here. To use 
the HiRES map, a 060 processor and a fast graphics card is required. 
If your system doesn't meet the requirements, you can always go back 
to 640*480, though.

New features:

- HiRES mode activated
- 24 bit support added
- auto conversion of 8 bit graphics added
- Esc in the residence exists to the title screen now
- Input-Handler rewritten
- Works with OS4 Pre 4
- FTP-Download doesn't block the mouse anymore
- map screen optimized
- ToT uses expansion.library to determine whether it runs on a OS4 
  Classic system or an AmigaOne (thanks to Stephan Rupprecht!)
- faster laoding on some systems
- text labels don't disappear when scrolling
- large code parts on the map support ppc, unfortunately no great 
  improvements in speed with WarpOS
- numbers of workers don't disappear when scrolling
- new catalogs

Size: 16.319.118 Bytes

The current 2D HiRES map is an important step towards the coming 3D 
map, which is currently implemented on the PC version, to avoid both 
incompatibilities and delays due to missing testers. This was an 
important step for us. Now a few personal words: The 2D HiRES map is 
my very own "thank you" to the Amiga computer, which has been with me 
for the bigger part of my life so far. For now, it will mark the 
crowning achievement for the game, and further development can only 
take place if we can find enough players to keep the game alive.

The HiRES 3D map will be a step at least as big as the 2D map, and is 
simply required to have a lot of testers to make it work. Just one 
example: We have only had 2 or 3 really active testers for OS4. As a 
result, bugs that are not obvious will be found late or not at all. We 
hope that the support from the Amiga community will improve little in 
the future.

My thanks go to Stephan Rupprecht with whom I had long dicussions on 
the how and why of blitting which resulted in better and smoother 
performance of ToT. Thank you, Stephan! You weren't enthused but still 
you listened, for weeks on end.

Thanks to Wolfgang Vogel for his PPC board, since mine were both 
broken again. I wouldn't have been able to finish this version without 

Also thanks to Frank Mariak, who was always helpful about CGX 
problems. I hope CGX will see some new developments again.

I would also like to thank the whole OS4 team and the MOS team for 
their support.

What will be next?

The HiRES 2D map has been ported to the PC, where is will be tested 
some more and then released as well.

The Mac version will takeover the finished sources and also implement 
the HiRES map.

We signed a contract with a new programmer, Richard Drummond, who will 
work on ToT for Linux PPC and x86 and possibly Zeta. Richard has been
working on OS4 before, and has already completed a first version of 
ToT for Linux. He has received the sources for the HiRES map as well
and will try adapt the Linux version for it.

Last but not least, we found a known and capable author. She has 
looked into the history of Arbanor and will write a book about Tales
of Tamar. With this, we are picking up an idea from the last 

However, we are still looking for help to speed up development, in 

- pixel artists, for 2D map hexagons and GUI improvements
- 3D object designer and texture artists
- assembler programmers to optimized the 68k code
- musicians for digibooster/fasttracker modules
- translators for portuguese
- PHP programmers to support the browser version
- programmers to improve the Amiga Installer script

       R E S I D U A L   -   F O R   L U C A S G A M E R S

{The following item appeared on the OS4 Depot - home of Much Good 
Stuff - - recently. While we usually avoid alpha 
software, we do make rare exceptions for programs we think will 
generate special interest. Like this one. Brad}

Description:    Residual: A LucasArts 3D game interpreter
Download:   residual.lha       
Version:    0.06a-SVN
Date:           21 May 06
Author:     various
Submitter:  frak
Email:          jhogs/spray se
Requirements:   os4 pre#4
Category:   game/adventure
License:    GPL
Distribute:     yes
FileID:     1838
What is Residual?
Residual is a ScummVM ( sub-project to play 
LucasArts' LUA-based 3D adventures, such as Grim Fandango. Residual is 
an OpenGL program, and requires a 3D card with working OpenGL support 
for optimum playability.

A software renderer is also included for machines without hardware 

The main ScummVM program can run LucasArts 2D SCUMM adventures (among 
others). Residual is named such as it aims to do the same for the 
residual (remaining) games. It is also a word pun, as the engine used 
in these LUA-based adventure is called GrimE (as opposed to SCUMM). 
Grime is a type of residue.

What games does it support?
Residual is a fairly new project and slow developing project, and is 
still very much considered alpha. Currently it contains initial 
support for Grim Fandango.

It is possible, but far from promised, that we can support the other 
LucasArts LUA-based title 'Escape from Monkey Island' in the distant 


AmigaOS4: Hardware rendering & Fullscreen busted...for now.

first thing to do is edit the residualrc file and adjust the datapath, 
after that it's just a matter of doubleclicking the supplied residual 

good luck.


> > > ACEFQN < < <



ok ok, toaks as well.
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(nba) (Translation: ts)

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Alexander Fritsch (ANF)

selcocast: Bugfixes and OS4-native version of the ShoutCast-Servers
"Selcocast", the ShoutCast-solution for the Amiga, is available as the new version 1.3 vor. Main bugfixes were done since the first release two years ago. Among other things the cpu load is significantly reduced and a possible illegal memory access was fixed. Moreover a first AmigaOS4-native version is available. Additionally the amount of listeners can be defined. A complete documentation can be found at the website

The Selcocast server can even use the program Tunenet as a source. For this "PortBase+1" must be stated in Tunenet.

Über Selcocast
Selcocast is a Shoutcast streamer solution for the Amiga by means you can run your own internet radio station and *transmit* mp3-streams. Included in the package are the streamer and tools for the streaming of lists, live-input or rebroadcast from other stations. External streams can be saved at the hard disk. (nba) (Translation: ts)

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individual Computers at the Classic-Computing 2006
At the "Classic-Computing 2006", which will be held in Nordhorn from September 30 to October 1st, Jens Schönfeld from individual Computers has announced his appearance. But meanwhile the list with the other exhibitors has grown.

Complete collections can be seen, even a computer museum from Austria, e. g. four Commodore 65 besides other rare exotics are announced .

Besides this R2B2 has provided his old stock rest, it will be sold at the booth of (nba) (Translation: ts)

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