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Archive 08/2005

[ujb] (ANF)

MorphOS: First beta version of the 3D editor Blender / Python update
Guillaume 'Yomgui' Roguez has released Blender 2.37a (screen shot) today. Blender is a 3D modelling software which is available for most operating systems and licensed under the GPL.

Apart from MorphOS 1.4 a Phython installation is required also. The MorphOS version of Python by the same author has been updated yesterday with soem improvements and the zlib.library is linked now statical.

blender_2.37a-mos_bin-20050831.lha (3,2 MB) (Demo files, 4,2 MB)
python-2.4-mos_5d-20050830.lha (4,5 MB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

MorphOS: Update of PowerSDL to Version 11.4
Ilkka Lehtorantas PowerSDL, a Simple Directmedia Layer for MorphOS, is available in Version 11.4 now. The following libraries are included: SDL, SDL_gfx, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_net and SDL_ttf. A development kit is available for download as well as the source code.

Changes in version 11.4:
  • Merged with SDL 1.2.9
  • Working GL support
  • Problem with Unicode support solved
  • Timer and audio threads ae scheduled with priority +1 (smooth replay)
  • Improvements with the SDL_mixer
powersdl.lha (770 KB)
powersdl_sdk.lha (2,3 MB)
powersdl_src.lha (1,5 MB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

[News message: 31. Aug. 2005, 11:05] [Comments: 0]
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31.Aug.2005 (website)

Pegasos: Much improved version of the CD32 Live-CD
Marcel 'Frostwork' Unbehaun, supported by Sigbjørn 'CISC' Skjæret, has released a much improved version of his AmigaCD³² Live-CD for the Pegasos. The CD image is available by Torrent file sharing.

  • Live booting of a CD³² CD from the 2nd cd drive (or, the Live-CD is installedto the hd, from the 1st drive)
  • Launch of CD³² ISO files (more than 100 games preconfigured)
  • Launches a menu to chose from the following emulators:
    • E-UAE 0.8.28RC2
    • xmame 0.99
    • xmess 0.97
    • generator 0.35-cbiere
    • snes9x 1.43
    • VisualBoyAdvance
    • AlephOne 1-3
    • Doomsday 1.9.0-beta2
  • Direct support for the CD AmigaClassiX4 (Menu with available games is shown directly, present ROM files and configurations are used)
  • Hard discs (also via USB) may be used for read/write access for games, configurations, etc.
  • completely installable to hard disk
  • Xorg for Radeon and Voodoo
  • TV out (Radeon only)
  • Bin2ISO versions for Linux and MorphOS to create ISO files
  • Controlpad support
Torrent file: CD32-Live. torrent (snx) (Translation: ub)

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31.Aug.2005 (Webseite)

AmigaOS4: Diagramme and plot program MindSpace V0.2 released
MindSpace is a drawing programme to create UML diagrams (Unified Modeling Language), like e. g. flow charts (screen shot). For future releases a draft C/C++ source code generation is planed, too.

Download: MindSpaceV02.lha (344 KB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

[News message: 31. Aug. 2005, 09:56] [Comments: 0]
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Mark 'bigfoot' Olsen

MorphOS: Quake III released
Mark 'bigfoot' Olsen has ported Quake III: Arena to MorphOS.

  • 256 MB RAM
  • TinyGL version 50.9
  • Supported 3D hardware
  • 500 MB free harddisk space
  • Internet connection to download the "Q3A 1.32" update
Archive and source code can be downloaded at the title link.

Quake III: Arena for MorphOS, already previously finished, has been released today due to the donation of a pizza by Sunbeam Business Solutions. The author, Mark Olsen, would be glad to receive further pizza donations.

So in case you like the port and want to donate a pizza, you can contact the author on the IRC channel #morphos at the Freenode network to get the details for the pizza delivery. (cr) (Translation: snx)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2005, 16:15] [Comments: 0]
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MorphZone (forum)

MorphOS: Descent II and APool-GL ported
Ilkka Lehtoranta has ported the games Descent II (screenshot) and APool-GL (screenshot) to MorphOS.

Descent II defaults to 1024x768 fullscreen and it seems some systems may have problem with that. If you get black screen in the game press F2 and select smaller screen or remove -fullscreen option from the startup script.

According to the author, the Billiard game APool-GL is a bit slow but playable.

DescentII.lha (6,5 MB)
APool-GL.lha (2,2 MB) (snx)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2005, 14:48] [Comments: 0]
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MorphOS Development Team

MorphOS: SDK for TinyGL released (Update)
Registered developers can download the Software Development Kit (SDK) for TinyGL at the title link. The archive contains the documents and all needed includes and linker libraries for creating MorphOS-native 3D software.

Update: (09:36, 31.08.05, snx)
Among other stuff, the following functions have been implemented:
  • All basic stuff like blending, scissoring, alphatesting, culling, depthfunction, polygon offset, texture objects, texture env and param, etc.
  • Color and depth masking
  • Stencil (Radeons)
  • Evaluators (glEvalXXX functions)
  • Variable sized points/lines; smooth points
  • Texture coords generation (also NV extension for cubemaps)
  • Reading and writing (including setup via pixeltransfer) to/from framebuffer (also writing of bitmaps)
  • User clipping planes
  • Attribute stack (also for client attributes)
  • Selection buffer
  • Lighting
  • Vertex arrays
  • Multitexturing (with vertex arrays too)
  • Model/projection/texture matrix handling
  • Palette textures (also shared palette on hardware which has real palette textures)
  • Mipmapped textures
  • Cubemaps
  • Display lists
  • Some builtin GLU functions; rest in linker library
  • Builtin simple GLUT implementation; additional functions in linker library
(cr) (Translation: snx)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2005, 13:45] [Comments: 0]
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Antibike (ANF)

ValiantVision: New Yahoo-Group
Krzysztof Kurzawski has introduced an official Yahoo-Group for the AmithlonTV-successor "ValiantVision" by Guido Mersmann ( reported). You can subscribe to this mailinglist by sending an empty e-mail to As this is a moderated Yahoo-Group, the clearing can take a while. The old AmithlonTV-mailinglist will soon be closed. (snx) (Translation: nba)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2005, 12:23] [Comments: 0]
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30.Aug.2005 (Forum)

AmigaOS4: Atari-Emulator Hatari ported
Ventzislav 'drHirudo' Tzvetkov has ported V0.7.1 of the SDL-based Atari ST-Emulator Hatari to AmigaOS 4 (Screenshot).

Download: hatari.lha (2 MB) (snx)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2005, 11:01] [Comments: 0]
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30.Aug.2005 (Webseite)

Demoversion of Jump'n'Run-Game "Mr. Beanbag"
Jigsaw Lounge has released a demo version of the processing Jump'n'Run "Mr. Beanbag", which is limited to one level (Screenshot). The game requires the AGA-chipset.

The demo is provided in two ways: a ZIPed ADF-File for emulators and a LHA-Archive for harddisk-installation.

beandemo.lha (159 KB) (170 KB) (snx) (Translation: is)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2005, 09:44] [Comments: 0]
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ANN (Webseite)

Commodore Gebruikersgroep: Coverscans of various Commodore- und Amiga-Magazines
Under the titlelink the dutch Commodore Gebruikersgroep (CGG) has provided hundreds of coverscans of 34 different Commodore- and Amiga-Magazines from the Netherlands, Germany, and England. (snx) (Translation: is)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2005, 09:32] [Comments: 0]
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Software-updates at LAME, faac/faad, ffmpeg

LAME 3.96.1

Uwe Ryssel has recompiled version 3.96.1 of LAME for WarpOS with GCC instead of StormC, whichs leds into a 3 times faster program. LAME is for creating files in MP3 format.
Download: lamewos-3.96.1-ur.lha (235 KB)

faac 1.2.4 / faad 2.0

Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer has created recompilations of faac 1.2.4 and faad, whichs don't depend on ixemul anymore. This programs are for decoding resp. encoding the Advanced Audio Coding (MPEG2-AAC, MPEG4-AAC).

faac1.2.4_68k.lha (366 KB)
faad2_68k.lha (155 KB)

ffmpeg / ffstuff

By Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer as well is a recompilation of ffmpeg 0.4.9 for WarpOS, which fixes memory-problems and includes some improvments. ffmpeg is a console-based video/audio-converter.

Additionally he has provided an archiv called ffstuff, which contains ffplay for AmigaOS and WarpOS, compiled with usage of SDL library.

ffmpeg_wos-0.4.9.lha (1,5 MB)
ffstuff.lzx (4 MB) (snx) (Translation: is)

[News message: 30. Aug. 2005, 09:24] [Comments: 0]
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Paul J. Beel (ANF)

The AROS Archives: File Area for AROS opened
"The AROS Archives" is up and ready to accept your files. This web site will be the main repository for all AROS software, but we need your help. Software needs to be uploaded to the site. Developers are definitely encouraged to upload their own software.

The site has went through some changes. We started out with a Microsoft ASP coded site, but with help from Björn Hagström, we were able to have the site coded in PHP, which makes it much easier to maintain. Damir Sijakovic did a great job on the design for The AROS Archives.

This web site is supported by and is located at

I want to thank the following people for their help with the project:
Björn Hagström (
Damir Sijakovic (d980)
Ola '4pLaY' Jensen (
Nicolas 'nicomen' Mendoza (

If you have any questions, please post in the forum of, ask in the #aros IRC channel at the Freenode network or send an e-mail to

Thanks and enjoy!
Paul J. Beel (snx)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 18:25] [Comments: 0]
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Aminet-Uploads til 29.08.2005
Aminet-uploads since our last message
DirectoryFiletype.lha  biz/dopus     2K  OS3  Magellan II's expanded directory filetyp
dopusrxtrash.lha       biz/dopus    29K  all  Global trashcan for DOpus Magellan II
ExecuteInShell.lha     biz/dopus    19K  all  ExecuteInShell script for Dopus Magellan
amisynergyc.lha        comm/misc   103K  OS4  An Amiga OS4 Synergy Client
wave_traveler-mos.lha  demo/intro   40K  MOS  "Wave traveler" 4kb intro (with sources)
up-lp001.lha           demo/sound  742K  OS3  UP ROUGH "HITS FOR KIDS LP" feat. GOTO80
up-lp002.lha           demo/sound  581K  OS3  UP ROUGH "More Hits for Kids LP" feat. S
up-lp03a.lha           demo/sound  556K  OS3  UP ROUGH "Oh No! More Hits For Kids LP -
up-lp03b.lha           demo/sound  557K  OS3  UP ROUGH "Oh No! More Hits For Kids LP -
ecx_upd.lha            dev/e       120K  VAR  E Compiler ECX. Update to 1.4.5
alspro.lha             dev/src     151K  all  ALS: Unprofessionally Unfinished [AMOS]
AmigaFuture56.lha      docs/mags   865K  all  Great german paper mag preview
lupengo-mos.lha        game/actio  318K  MOS  Pengo Clone with wolves (SDL Morphos ver
Saga.lha               game/board  351K  OS3  Saga 1.53: Conversion of TSR boardgame
3dto3d-os4.lha         gfx/conv    285K  OS4  Convert between different 3d formats
openpci.lha            hard/drivr    6K  OS4  OpenPCI compatibility layer for OS4
smartmontools.lha      hard/misc   756K  OS4  Harddisk health analysis tool : smartmon
ngdis-mos.lha          misc/emu     47K  MOS  Disassembler for TLCS900H and NeoGeo Poc
UAE-828-AOS68k.lha     misc/emu    824K  OS3  E-UAE_0.8.28-RC2 for Amiga 68k OS
daz-chaz.lha           misc/misc    46K  OS3  The Daz Doorstep Challenge Trilogy, but 
weird.lha              misc/misc   444K  OS3  Pointless yet weird old tat
playOGG.lha            mus/play    983K  OS3  Plays OGG, MP3, FLAC, VOB, AC3, RA, mods
t1utils-mos.lha        text/dtp    420K  MOS  Type-1 font manipulation utils
poolman.lha            util/boot    43K  OS3  Easy launcher application. V0.5
DM_con_LL.lha          util/dir      8K  all  My DiskMaster2 configuration and associa
confgui_ra68k.lha      util/misc    44K  OS3  GUI builder for configuration files
confgui_src.lha        util/misc    32K  all  GUI builder for configuration files
elmeter.lha            util/misc    66K  OS4  Electricity and water consumption monitor
devlist.lha            util/shell    4K  OS4  Device lister with opencnt and versions
liblist.lha            util/shell    4K  OS4  Library lister with opencnt and versions
reslist.lha            util/shell    4K  OS4  Lists all resources with address informa
tasklist.lha           util/shell    5K  OS4  Task lister with pri, stack and versions
os4reboot.lha          util/wb      36K  OS4  Reboot utility for OS4
wet.lha                util/wb     651K  OS4  Show weather conditions on Workbench (OS
(cg) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 16:57] [Comments: 0]
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Robert (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: OpenPCI-Wrapper published
With Stéphane Guillards port of openpci.library for AmigaOS 4 are more drivers (like RTL8139 10/100) and programs (like AmithlonTV)) for the PPC-operatingsystem avalaible now.

Up to now there is only the openpci.library as native binary available. But the porting of the other parts of OpenPCI is pending by the actual author of the part. (cg) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 16:33] [Comments: 0]
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29.Aug.2005 Uploads til 29.08.2005 uploads since our last messages:              dri/mis    6kb  OpenPCI compatibility layer for OS4 
amisynergyc.lha          net/mis  103kb  An Amiga OS4 Synergy Client 
smartmontools.lha        uti/har  756kb  Harddisk health analysis tool : smartmontools 
wookiechat.lha           net/cha  398kb  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat) 
devlist.lha              uti/she    4kb  Device lister with opencnt and versions 
liblist.lha              uti/she    4kb  Library lister with opencnt and versions 
reslist.lha              uti/she    4kb  Lists all resources with address information 
tasklist.lha             uti/she    5kb  Task lister with pri, stack and versions 
wet.lha                  uti/wor  651kb  Show weather conditions on Workbench (OS4) 
colem_os4.lha            emu/gam  131kb  Colem ColecoVision Emulator 
fdtrans-idltool-68k.lha  dev/cro  428kb  fdtrans, idltool devtools for 68k based systems 
blacktan.lha             gra/the  464kb  Black&Tan Themes 
os4reboot.lha            uti/wor   36kb  Reboot utility for OS4 
rockbeat.lha             aud/tra    2Mb  Simple software drum machine 
elmeter.lha              uti/mis   66kb  Electricity and water consumption monitor 
cmi8738.lha              dri/aud   10kb  CMI8738 AHI driver
(cg) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 16:16] [Comments: 0]
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ANN (Webseite)

MorphOS: Version 1.2 of PC Engine-Emulators Hu-Go! published
"Hu-Go!" emulateds the videogame TurboGrafX-16, also now as PC Engine (Screenshot).

Modification included in Version 1.2:
  • Added video overlay support and window play support
  • Fixed pce resolution changes and screen offsets
  • Added PSG and MP3 volume settings
  • Added Savestate function
  • Added quick rom selection lister
  • Added a few more premade HCD files (thanks to Oliver Hummel)
Download: hugo.lha (456 KB) (snx) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 12:27] [Comments: 0]
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amiga-news: newsreport again available as october
The weekly newsreport, every monday, published by amiga-news about all themes around the computermarket breaks because holidays and will be restarted at october. The next weekly newsreport will be published at 3.October 2005. (nba) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 11:52] [Comments: 0]
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Martin Henke (ANF)

Windows: "Neues"-Starter Version 1.2
Für Fans der Fernseh-Computer-Sendung "Neues" hat Martin Henke ein komfortables Tool zum Starten der Realplayer-Streams der verschiedenen Sendungen erstellt. Beim "Neues"-Starter gibt es mit der Version 1.2 folgende Neuerungen:

  • Bei Updates wird jetzt ein separates Fenster geöffnet, dass die Versionsübersicht (History) anzeigt. So kann der Benutzer entscheiden, ob er das Update herunterladen will oder nicht.
  • Im Hauptfenster gibt es jetzt den Unterpunkt "Versionsübersicht" im "Hilfe"-Menü, über den Informationen über die aktuell installierte und die vorherigen Version (History) angezeigt wird.
  • Bugfix: Bei Benutzeraccounts ohne Admininistratorrechte (Windows 2000/XP) stürzt das Programm jetzt nicht mehr beim Programmstart aufgrund fehlenden Schreibzugriffs ab.
  • Bugfix: Kompatibilitätsproblem mit Windowx XP behoben (Start des Setup-Programms beim Aktualisieren)
  • Über die INI-Datei "StartNeues.ini" (wird beim 1. Programmstart mit Schreibrechten erstellt) im Programmverzeichnis können das automatische Überprüfen auf Aktualisierungen und das Laden der Versionsübersicht (verwendet InternetExplorer-Control) ausgeschaltet werden. Manuelle Aktualisierungen über das Menü "Datei" sind dabei nach wie vor möglich.
Download: (ps)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 11:08] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future (Webside)

AmigaOS4: IRC-Client WookieChat 1.8 published
James Carrol published a new verion of his MUI-based IRC-Clients WookieChat. Since version 1.6 the program is only available for AmigaOS4. This update is only a minorupdate.

Download: WookieChat1_8.lha (397 KB) (snx) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 11:06] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future (website)

Database: Golden Amiga Games Encyclopedia updated
The Golden Amiga Games Encyclopedia by Volker 'Dr. Zarkov' Mohr has been updated to version 14.0. 100 games have been added, the information of 31 further ones updated.

The online-database started as an AmigaGuide document with the goal to list all Amiga Games that were compatible with AGA and 68020+ Amigas.

Because many games didn't work on upgraded machines, Volker Mohr started testing them with all kind of degrading tools and added this information to the database. Today, besides the compatibility, you can also find information about the publishers, cheats, docs, walkthroughs and screenshots. (snx)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 10:08] [Comments: 0]
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AROS-Exec (forum)

Feelin: AROS port of the object-oriented system
Georg Steger has ported Feelin, Olivier Laviale's object-oriented system for AmigaOS, to AROS/x86 (screenshot).

Download: Feelin050822AROS_050828.tar.bz2 (1,6 MB) (snx)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 09:39] [Comments: 0]
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29.Aug.2005 (website)

AmigaOS4: Weather software Wet 4.0 released
Chris Young has released an update of his weather software Wet to version 4.0. The weather is displayed in the Workbench titlebar, as an icon or using a Reaction-based GUI.

New in version 4.0 is especially the support for displaying forecasted weather up to 24 hours in advance (where available). Further changes can be found in the corresponding readme file.

Download: wet.lha (651 KB) (snx)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 08:43] [Comments: 0]
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Moo Bunny (website)

Guide: How to connect an Amiga to an arcade cabinet
At the title link you can find a guide how to connect an Amiga to an arcade cabinet conforming to the JAMMA standard (Japanese Amusement Machine Manufacturers' Association). Furthermore an Amiga menu called ArcadeGameSelector is provided, which allows the selection of games by using the joystick. (snx)

[News message: 29. Aug. 2005, 08:21] [Comments: 0]
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