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Archive 10/2003

31.Oct.2003 (ANF)

Printed reference-book: "Game machines"
In the shop of the retro specialist there is a reference-book to the famous console and computer systems of the 80s. You can find test sites under (cg) (Translation: dr)

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heise online (Website)

heise: Microsoft is going to take over Google
Today the New York Times reports that Microsoft is going to have a partnership or to fully take over Google. You can only read the full article of the NYT under the title link if you pay for it. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Pegasos website at online
By, the Pegasos version of OpenBSD now also has its own page at the official OpenBSD website. Here you can find information about the current status of development, supported peripherals, the corresponding mailing list and the installation. (snx)

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Ralf Steines (E-Mail)

Back to the Roots: bchunk win32 - Official beta test
This is an official beta version of the Win32-port of binchunker which is also known as bchunk. bchunk is an Unix-Shell command which allows you to extract ISO-images from CUE/BIN-images. Besides this it is possible to extract audio tracks to the CD-audio-format (.crd) or to the WAV-format (.wav).

The file is available under the title link (17kb). An Amiga version is still in work.

Please test this program with e.g. CD32-CDs which also contains audio tracks and test if the WAV-files are correctly playable.

You can get the source code at inquiry. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Icon Patch: PowerIcons 1.04
This new version of the icon patch "Power Icons" contains many bug fixes. The exact changes for version 1.04 are viewable in the Change Log. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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MAME: Version 0.72 for MorphOS Appears
The "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator" (MAME) has progressively appeared in version 0.72 for MorphOS.

[see also to purchase ROMs -DM]

Download (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Titan is looking for translators for Papyrus Office
Titan Computer is looking for translators for their upcoming software Papyrus Office. A German, English and French localization does already exist. If you are interested to help, please send a short e-mail to Michael Garlich. (snx)

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Christoph Kimna (ANF)

Source Code Released of Civilization: Call to Power II
On 28th October 2003 Activision released for free the source code for the strategy game "Civilization: Call to Power II." It may be downloaded from the website of Apolyton . Because the hardware requirements are moderate, PC hardware with a speed of 166 MHz and memory of 64 megs, nothing should stand in the way technically of a port to Amiga OS or MorphOS. The 8 megs of source contain the main parts of the code necessary to do a port. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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Genesi adds four new patents to its intellectual property portfolio (Update)
Genesi announced today that four patents owned by Raquel Velasco will be included in the Genesi intellectual property portfolio.

Genesi will be free to both benefit from these patents in the development of products and license fees.

The patents are:

  • US5561709: Apparatus and method for electronic device for information services (1996-10-01)
  • US5561708: Method and apparatus for interactive television through use of menu windows (1996-10-01)
  • US5504519: Method and apparatus for printing coupons and the like (1996-04-02)
  • US5490208: Apparatus and method for voice mode and data mode television-to-television communication (1996-02-06)
You can see the abstracts in the fulltext database for US-patents.

Genesi SARL
Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck

Update: In the official press-release at Genesi's website even seven patents are listed. In addition to those already mentioned above, there are, also owned by Raquel Velasco:

  • US5461667: Apparatus and method for electronic device for information services (1995-10-04)
  • US5404393: Method and apparatus for interactive television through use of menu windows (1995-04-04)
  • US5396546: Apparatus and method for automatic and user configurable information appliance (1995-03-07)

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AWeb: Status report
No, we're not dead. :-) People are busy doing other things and things are awfully quiet. However a few things have happened:

GCC conversion of AWeb APL Lite seems to be progressing, slowly but steadily. It was therefore decided that we still need another SAS/C version before finally moving to GCC as the wait has been too long already.

We are in need of a person who can compile the AWeb 3.4 APL sources in CVS with the patches that have been submitted by various people and help us go towards a 3.5 release. This needs to be done using SAS/C.

As for the new AWeb, progress on KHTML is going too slow, because the developers have too little time to work on it. If you are willing to give a hand in helping a modern HTML-browser onto the AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS platforms, contact me.

If you are wondering about our plans, the document which describes this is here. Be aware that the document is not entirely complete and is based on discussion on our developer mailing list. (snx)

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Martin Steigerwald

Amithlon: Martin Steigerwald No Longer at Haage & Partner
Martin Steigerwald posted on the mailing lists for Amithlon, AmithlonOpen, and AmigaXL that he doesn't work for Haage & Partner anymore, and is thusly no longer doing email support for Amithlon users. (cs) (Translation: dm)

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st-computer (Website)

GamePlan's Second Offering: Joysticks - Game Controllers from 1972 to 2003
After the success of "GamePlan: Consoles and Home Computers" a new book from the publishing house Gameplan is coming this November: "JOYSTICKS, an Illustrated History of the Game Controller." In cooperation with Take 2, Winnie Forster and Stephan Freundorfer wrote a reference book for all gamers: Joysticks shows the best and coolest, the humblest and the most daring controllers from 30 years of computer and videogame history. From the classic Atari stick to the handy pads of Sega, Sony and Nintendo all the way to the optical precision equipment of the ego shooter and onwards, Joysticks awes, stuns, and amuses gamers of every generation. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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Zeit (ANF) Programmers from all Lands Unite!
"Programmers from all Lands..." is an overview of the mobilization of the open source movement, a comparison of different ideological perspectives of software development and a short exploration of the problems of software patents. An excerpt follows (with the friendly approval of and the complete article is reachable under the title link:

For years only geeks got excited about it. They sat, strewn around the globe, at their computers and programmed, criticized, and discussed via the Internet. The rest of the world had no idea what was there in the 'Net: at first glance just some software. Actually the free thinking online community had created an antithesis to Microsoft, the most powerful and largest software house in the world. [...]

[other excerpts not translated, they're a bit longish. -dm] (cg) (Translation: dm)

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RetroMan (ANF)

Tool: NRG2ISO V0.2 released
The tool NRG2ISO has been released in version 0.2 for download. The software converts Nero image files into ISO images, which can be imported then into Amiga CD writing programs. (snx)

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Hippie2000 (E-Mail)

Back to the Roots: Rat roasting
The server and the entire network cluster were offline two days caused by a rat that had been looking for a warm place to stay inside a transformator hut. The rat found a VERY warm place and an instant death as a kind of a barbecued rat.

For that server failure the BTTR team would like to apologize. The and all other hosted sites were affected also. Now everything is okay again, the rat is cold and the server warm again.

If some mails during these days seem to be lost, please send them again. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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WHDLoad (Website)

WHDLoad: New packages till October the 28th 2003
With WHDLoad it becomes possible to install games intended for floppy disk use only to hard disk. The following packages were added or updated since the last reporting.
  • 28.10.03 new: Shaft 7 (Bomb)
  • 27.10.03 improved: Lemmings (Psygnosis/DMA Design)
  • 27.10.03 new: History Line 1914-1918 (Blue Byte)
  • 27.10.03 fixed: Gods (Bitmap Brothers)
  • 25.10.03 new: Fire Hawk (Codemasters)
  • 25.10.03 fixed: Gods (Bitmap Brothers)
  • 22.10.03 new: Street Gang (Time Warp/Rainbow Arts)
  • 22.10.03 new: Crazy Sexy Cool (Essence)
  • 21.10.03 new: Synthesis (Network)
  • 21.10.03 new: Gold Rush (Sierra)
  • 21.10.03 updated: Pinball Mania (21st Century Entertainment)
  • 21.10.03 updated: Pinball Illusions (Digital Illusions/21st Century)
(nba) (Translation: ub)

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AudioLabs (Website)

AudioLabs launches new website
AudioLabs, developer of the highly professional audio sequencing software "ProStationAudio" has relaunched the company and producer website with a fresh design and enhanced content. At the new site there is information about PSA and its plug-ins but also background information about audio sequencing e.g. an interview with Markus Steblei: he and a a colleague are presenting a multimedia show at Munichs's planetarium of the "Forum der Technik" utilizing PSA. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Heise: First Internet provider with P2P-licence
The British Internet provider Playlouder MSP announced a legal access of file-sharing services starting next year.

To achieve this, the company signed contracts with the respective corporations and some British Indie record companies - currently including the labels V2, PIAS and Ninja Tune, among others. With their planned service, Playlouder offers record companies a solution to profit from filesharing tools.

More information can be found in the corresponding German article at Heise Online under the title link. (snx)

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MUI: HotkeyString class reimplemented
Since the HotkeyString class for MUI isn't continued by its author Allan Odgaard, it was reimplemented by Ilkka "Itix" Lehtoranta.

Added features are full support of PC keyboards and of wheelmice. The source code is available under LGPL.

The archive contains binaries for MorphOS and AmigaOS-68k (with courtesy of David Arbuthnot). The project's website can be found at Sourceforge under the title link.

The author thanks Allan Odgaard for the original class and for permission to include the existing resources (MUI tagbase, developer material) into the distribution. (snx)

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MorphOS: ImageFX-Lite and Powerstation added to the SuperBundle
Nova Design, Inc. is pleased to announce that our award-winning package, ImageFX, is now available for Pegasos/MorphOS owners in a special lite-edition as part of the SuperBundle package from Genesi.

This version was especially created for MorphOS and includes full color icons and other special features for this release. It comes with PowerPC enabled effects and JPEG loader/savers. It also includes the first release of Lightning for PowerPC as well!

If you already own the complete version of ImageFX, the SuperBundle package also includes the PowerStation modules (including the new Lightning) for MorphOS as well.

Users who find themselves wanting the advanced morphing, animation and keyframing features (and more) of the full ImageFX 4.5 package can upgrade for only $99.95 plus shipping and handling! An amazing bargain.

To download visit The SuperBundle Download Page or to find out more information about Nova Design, Inc. products visit their website at

The files are named ImageFX_Lite.lha and PowerStation.lha.

If you still do not have your SuperBundle account, you can still sign up at (snx)

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z5 (ANF)

Amiga Demoscene Archive: 3 new productions
The Amiga Demoscene Archive (ADA) has been extended with another three impressing poductions:

  • Nano / Scarab (intro 4k, 1st at Mekka Symposium 2002)
  • Datablade / Floppy and Madwizards (demo, 1st at Xenium 1999)
  • Synthesis / Network (demo, 3rd at Assembly 1998).

Furthermore the original screen shots of "Planet Potion", which still holds the 1st position at the ADA charts, were replaced with 28 high quality screen shots which were made directly with an Amiga. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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