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Archive 10/2003

Olaf Köbnik (email)

Amiga Arena: anniversary action - 2 vouchers for Hollywood
Because of the 5th anniversary of the Amiga Arena there's another draw: in co-operation with Airsoft Softwair the Amiga Arena raffles off two vouchers for the multimedia program "Hollywood" worth 10,- Euro.

To win one of the vouchers please answer the following question:

Which presentation had been released some days ago by the Amiga Arena?

Please send the correct answer until October, 19th 2003 via email to Olaf Köbnik of the Amiga Arena.

Further information about "Hollywood" can be found under (nba) (Translation: wk)

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Pegasos II production started (update)
In a short comment at ANN have Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco announced the beginning of the production of Pegasos II boards at DCE in Oberhausen.

Update: On the pages of the MorphZone is a photo of a preseries version of the new board. Compared to the final version this one still shows a static RAM drive and a debug connector instead of the ATX connector. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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OS4 on Tour: reports from Brisbane
Two members of the Amiga-Portal write under the title link their impressions of the first "OS4 on Tour" event in Australia. We have summarized the most important points for you in short:

  • About 50 visitors (twice the number at a comparable event last year)
  • Several AmigaOne computers had been shown - some running AmigaOS4, some with Debian-Linux (and MacOS X under MacOnLinux)
  • Doug Moir (AnythingAmiga) introduced the AmigaOne-Lite though not running. According to Doug are already several programmers busy with the drivers development for this Mini ITX motherboard.
  • A comprehensive seminar on the AmigaOne and OS4 had been held, there had been an IRC session with Fleecy Moss (Amiga Inc), too.
(cg) (Translation: wk)

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18.Oct.2003 (ANF)

AmigaOne OASE Special
Because of the O.A.S.E. Amiga fair in Austria taking place next week offers the organizing Amiga retailer AmigaOne computers at special conditions.

  • AmigaOne G4/XE boards at 849,90 EUR
  • AmigaOne G3/XE boards at 769,90 EUR

Reservations can be done from now on under . All prices include 20% VAT.

The boards are Early Bird systems and contain AmigaOS4 and LinuxPPC. AmigaOS 4 will be delivered when released. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Ingo Klotzsch (ANF)

Amiga at the "Nexxt Generation" in Hannover...
At present is the information and sales fair "Infa" taking place in Hannover. Part of the special program of the "Infa" is the youth fair "Nexxt Generation" (17.10. - 19.10.2003) that offers among other things a big games LAN with expected 1300 participiants to come.

In a public area of the Nexxt Generation are old games arcades installed. reader Ingo Klotzsch has seen there the good old Amiga. Pictures of the event can be found following the title link. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Stéphane Campan (email)

MorphOS: software news
Nicolas Det has ported ADoomPPC to MorphOS. This version uses CybergraphX and AHI and can be downloaded from his website.

Also on his homepage you can find the tool "CDSpeedkiller" that slows down a CD/DVD drive and reduces its noise level this way. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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GoldED: Update and special price offer
The text editor called GoldED Studio AIX which is also a text based HTML editor and integrated developing system for C/C++ was updated and is available for a limited time for a special price.

According to the author this is the first official version of GoldED studio which is completely compatible with MorphOS. Even with the permission of Genesi the developing material with the documentation was integrated in the C/C++ modus. If you are interested in the further changes Dietmar Eilert points out to the history-file.

You can find screenshots of GoldED on the official website. Examples: C/C++-modus, standard-configuration.

There is also a free version for editing smaller documents to give you the opportunity of testing GoldED. You can download it here.

The "GoldED Studio AIX"-CD costs 69,90 Euro, updates CD 19,90 (without postage and delivery).
Because of the publishment of the new version you can buy GoldED Studio AIX for only 49,90 Euro for only few days. The delivery is for free in the EU. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Martin "Skippa" Knott (ANF)

Curious: Amiga-Shop on Mallorca?!
Martin Knott who is a reader of reports: "During my summer holiday on Mallorca I found in Port Andratx an Amiga-shop. The character of the text seemed to be authentic. Unfortunately there were only average clouthing to buy... How it is possible to be mistaken..." (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Galileo Computing (ANF)

Books for free
Under the title link Galileo Computing offers some (non Amiga-specific) computer-books to download for free. The books are ZIP-packed HTML-files. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Software: Some new game ports for MorphOS
The Hungarian programmer "LouiSe" has ported some further games for MorphOS which you can download from his website. The author points out that the download could last because the server is an A4000-030/25. The following titles were added:

LLL-1.4.tgz - Linux Lunar Lander
LSL-1.2.tgz - Linux Shuttle Lander
atakks-1.0.tgz - Cool Attaxx/Thromulus like logical game
atris-1.0.6.tgz - Nice tetris game
crimson-0.3.7.tgz - Crimson Fields is a tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle.
deathchase3d-0.9.tgz - Like on ZX Spectrum!
digger-20020314.tgz - Some small bugs fixed
eggchess-1.1.tgz - Egg Chess v1.1
foosball-0.92.tgz - Table soccer (buggy yet)
lopan-0.9.tgz - Logical game
lsdldoom- - Doom II game (some bugs fixed)
matchball-0.33b.tgz - Logical Game
mindless-1.0.0.tgz - A simple "MasterMind" like game
pipenightdreams-0.10.0.tgz - VERY COOL Piper game!
powermanga-0.78.tgz - Fast arcade game
puzzle-1.0.0.tgz - Very simple puzzle game
toppler-1.0.3.tgz - Tower Toppler a Nebulus clone
trailblazer-0.9.tgz - THE ball game :)
vectoroids-1.1.0.tgz - Shot the rocks
wakkabox-1.1.0.tgz - Logical game

Besides this there is a MadBomber-port of Kelly Samel on his website. The game is based on "Kaboom!" which was originally written for Atari 2600. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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[Removed] Information about (Classic) Mac Emulation under AmigaOS
The text of the news item that was previously here has been removed because the website in question had not-legal software on it. (snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 16. Oct. 2003, 21:50] [Comments: 3 - 19. Oct. 2003, 14:26]
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Thomas "Gojira" Nosutta (ANF)

Pictures and Video of Amiga Meeting 2003
Under the title link Thomas Nosutta of BAU (Berliner Amiga User) has put online a few of his impressions of Amiga Meeting 2003, which was also a BAU meeting. A short quote from Thomas:

"It was once again an absolutely lively fun experience inc. Quake2-Marathon. For those who prefer pictures, here's a film clip from the Pegasos exhibition on 11th October, 2003." (cg) (Translation: dm)

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16.Oct.2003 (ANF) New Powerplay Test Reports from 1989
Today presents 22 new test reports from the April 1989 issue of Powerplay, sent in by Skyscraper:

Bomber Raid (Sega Master System), Cosmic Pirate (Amiga), Cyborg Hunter (Sega Master System), F-16 Combat Pilot (MS-DOS), Ghost'n Goblins (NES), Gold Rush (MS-DOS), Great Football (Sega Master System), Hard'n Heavy (C 64), Hot Chase (Automat), ISS (C 64), Jet Fighter (MS-DOS), Last Duel (Amiga), Life Force (Salamander) (NES), NARC (Automat), Rally Bike (Automat), Sword of Sodan (Amiga), Tankattack (C 64), The Deep (Amiga), The Last Survivor (Automat), The Pawn, War in Middle Earth (CPC), Wayne Gretzky Hockey (Amiga).

With this update has passed the milestone of 1,500 test report scans. And it won't stop now! :) (nba) (Translation: dm)

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AmigaOne: Review and Video of OS4 Booting
Under the title link, OS4 betatester and AmigaOne owner Philippe "Elwood" Ferruci has written about his experiences with the AmigaOne and Debian Linux.

Additionally there are three videos for your viewing. One of them shows the booting of Amiga OS4 on Philippe's AmigaOne. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Martin Heine (ANF)

Genesi: Ordering for Pegasos II Begins on (Update)
With the installment of a new ordering form at Genesi has officially introduced the Pegasos II.

According to earlier announcements the price for the new boards are 299 Euros (G3/600MHz) up to 499 Euros (G4/1GHz).

For a limited time there's an upgrade option: an owner of the Pegasos I can trade in his or her board for a Pegasos II w. 1 GHz G4 processor for 200 Euros. The exchange will be handled in coordination with the local reseller who is offering the Pegasos II.

Also there is now the possibility to buy the SuperBundle on CD, instead of downloading it from Genesi's FTP server. The price is 19.95 Euros.

In the course of updating the website technical specifications of the new board were added, as well as a processor page that enables a comparison with X86 CPUs.

Update: According to a communication from Genesi, a Pegasos owner seeking to upgrade should not necessarily exchange his or her board where he or she bought it, but rather make sure to arrange this with a current Pegasos II reseller. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Interview: Oliver Hannaford-Day (Coldfusion Project)
The Amiga portal has interviewed Oliver Hannaford-Day. Oliver is the leader of theColdfusion accelerator project.

The aim of this project is the development of Coldfire-based turbocards for classic Amiga computers. The Coldfire processor is the (progressively compatible) successor to the 68000 family of processors, used in the Amiga. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Amiga Arena (ANF)

Presentation: Amiga Arena History Released
Amiga Arena has been active in the AMIGA freeware and shareware market since 1998. Reason enough to look back on five years of hope, joy, disappointment and fun. Come along on a trip, which will show you what took place and how in this time.

The Amiga Arena History was put together with "Hollywood," the media presentation software from Airsoft.

System requirements:

- Processor 68020 or higher, OS 3.1 or better
- Processor PPC with MorphOS
- At least 8 MB RAM.


- On graphic cards, w. CyberGFX or Picasso.
- 8, 16, 26, 36 Bit.
- VGA Amiga 8 Bit at 256 colors such as AGA. 16 million.


- Amitlon
- Amiga 68K
- Pegasos

A special thanks to T.Rosenberg, who has made this possible, as well as Gerd Frank.

Olaf Köbnik of Amiga Arena wishes you much fun in the reading, and good entertainment. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Ralf Himmel (E-Mail)

AmigaOS 4: New Screenshots Released
On 14th October 2003 a few new screenshots from the upcoming operating system "AmigaOS 4" were put online at the website of Amiga Inc. These show AmiPDF, YAM, IBrowse and Colonization on the new Workbench, among other things. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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