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Archive 10/2003

Peer Richter (ANF)

New download opportunity for Ghostscript 8.00
Because of the problems when downloading Ghostscript 8.00 has Peter Richer gathered the archive and created an additional download opportunity on a German server.

Download Ghostcript 8.00.lha (5.1MB) (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Christian Rosentreter official IRC channel
Since some time now does there exist an official IRC channel. People who want to talk about contents of or generally about the Amiga and related topics are VERY welcome to have a look. The channel is in general German but it is possible to discuss and chat in English, too.

(additional server:

Besides the fact that the channel is a meeting point for Amiga users of all kind (68k, PPC, AOS4, MorphOS, UAE, AROS, Amithlon, etc.) we'll try to arrange interview chats with known VIPs in the Amiga market. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Fax software: STFax 4 released as freeware
Simone Tellini, developer of STFax, has released his product as freeware. Version 4.0 of the software is now available on the Aminet. In addition you should install the update to version 4.1, too.

Simone points out that he'll offer only very restricted support - requests by users will only be answered if time allows it.

Who never has bought the commercial version and wants to send Simone a small compensation for the work done could send him something from his wish list. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Mikey C (ANF)

Website: "Mac on Amiga" update
Mac On Amiga - a website dedicated to the emulation of Macintosh computers under AmigaOS has now got an own forum. In addition, a Shapeshifter tutorial has been released. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Rudolph Riedel (ANF)

DiskMaster 2.5.27 released
Following the title link you can find the latest version of DiskMaster2.


  • Bugfix: "%c" didn't work with Auto commands.
  • File requester for 'PrintDir' added.
(cg) (Translation: wk)

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Event: first pictures of the OASE in Graz
Members of the Bitplane team have already released first pictures of the OASE in the net (title link). (cg) (Translation: wk)

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AmigaWorld (ANF)

"AmigaOne updates" (column by Alan Redhouse)
Alan Redhouse (Eyetech Group) has a regular column in the British Amiga magazine Total Amiga. In co-operation with "Total Amiga" makes the Amiga portal the past issues of this column available for all Internet users.

Excerpts taken from the explanations by Alan Redhouse:

  • The dual CPU cards will be produced from December on if there are enough requests. Because of the prices for fast G4 CPUs will a card with two 1.3 GHz G4 processors not be cheaper than appr. 600-700 British Pounds (ca. 860-1000 EUR, without taxes).
  • To bundle the restricted resources of Eyetech withdraws the company from the Amiga trading and concentrates on other business areas (AmigaOne production, "industrial markets").
  • Registered OS4 beta testers will receive a 10% price reduction when buying an AmigaOne.
  • Developers of drivers for the AmigaOne-Lite (RAID, Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire) will receive the motherboard for free. Interested people please contact Eyetech.
(cg) (Translation: wk)

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Icon-Patch: PowerIcons 1.02
There is a new version of the "PowerIcons" which is a patch that allows the performance of 24-bit icons on your Workbench. Some bugs have been cleared but there are also a lot of improvements.

Download (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Matthias Henze (ANF)

New version (V44.50) of HSMathLibs for MC68881/82, MC68040 and MC68060
After v44.50 beta 2/8 has been tested of many users for over a year there is now the new version of the HSMathLibs which is not a beta version.

Thanks a lot to all who have supported me developing and improving the HSMathLibs. To all those who are always grumbling but do not send any comments I do not want to say something. Many other programmers like me have tried it many times in vain. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Anonym (ANF)

Spam-protection: AntiSpam2 1.07
The anti-Spam software called "AntiSpam2" has got some new features e.g. a prefseditor and a remote-filter and is now principally useable for each Amiga mail program which is still supported. On the website you can now also find detailed explanations to the different configuration options which can be changed by the prefseditor from now on.

Because AntiSpam and the support tools all use the NewGUI system NewGUI is being installed automatically and maybe is being downloaded from the homepage during the installation. Because of that the installation should be done while you are online or NewGUI should be seperately installed before it.

The remote-filter allows you to delete mails still on the server (a hint for users: the Freemail Timelimit could cause some problems with the remote-filter). Deleting mails is being done during a second step. Of course this method is more unprecise than downloading the full mail with YAM first because only the header can be tested! (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Heise Newsticker

New version 10.3 of Mac OS X is coming
In this article Heise Newsticker reports on the start of the sale of the MacOS-X-version 10.3 alias "Panther" and informs about the most important improvements. (cs) (Translation: dr)

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Photos from the Sydney Amiga show
At the title link first photos from the Sydney Amiga show can be found - among others several shootings of the AmigaOne Lite. (snx)

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Silke Woj (ANF)

OASE Update: Premiere - MicroA1 G4 in Action! ATI Radeon & AmigaOS4!
See some premieres at the OASE - MicroA1 G4 in Action! ATI Radeon & AmigaOS4 on the AmigaOne!

A real world premiere is taking place at the O.A.S.E. (Open Amiga Southeast Europe) show having a working AmigaOne Lite, now renamed to MicroA1, on public display the first time ever.

The (preliminary) MicroA1 specs as follows:

# G4 7447 low power cpu up to 1.3 GHz (running 1.066 MHz at the show)
# Radeon 7000 graphics chip with 32 MB video RAM on board (2xAGP)
# 100MBit Ethernet
# 2x USB1.1
# Serial / Parallel ports
# UDMA 100 IDE Controller
# 1 PCI slot (incl. Riser for 90° adapter)
# mini-ITX form factor (170x170mm)

We will have Linux Debian running on the MicroA1 and we are pushing hard to get AmigaOS 4.0 running on the board until Saturday. Special thanks to Thomas Frieden for his ongoing work to make this possible.

The first time a Picasso96 Radeon driver will be shown on an AmigaOne under AmigaOS 4.0. Special thanks to Joshua B. Helm and Forefront Technologies.

AmigaOS 4.0 on the AmigaOne will also have working 3com ethernet drivers running thru the Roadshow TCP/IP stack and the Soundblaster Live! running a PowerPC native version of AHI.

AmigaOne XE G4/933MHz boards will be available at the show for a special OASE price of 849,- Euro (incl. 20% VAT). For current customers we will have live updates of their UBoot FlashROM chips.

For our MorphOS fans we will have two Pegasos machines at the show.

Another part of the show handles Retro Computing where Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computer will talk about the C= One. An actual version of the C= One board can be seen at the show.
With some luck, a working (!) C65 can also been seen there.

More Infos (and pictures) see:

The O.A.S.E. takes place this weekend, Saturday, October 25th in Graz/Austria. (snx)

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Genesi joining exhibitors at OASE
At the upcoming OASE show in Graz, Austria, Genesi will be represented by their beta tester Herbert Klackl. According to the official website, two Pegasos I computers with MorphOS will be shown. (snx)

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AmigaOne: AmigaOS 4 boots with ATI Radeon support
Forefront Technologies which are the developers of the ATI Radeon driver for AmigaOS 4.0 on "classic" Amiga systems have announced in a press release that AmigaOS 4.0 has been booted on an AmigaOne with an ATI Radeon graphic board for the first time. Today Jürgen Schober of has succeeded in booting AmigaOS under use of a forefront technology driver on an AmigaOne-XE G4 with ATI Radeon 7000.

Originally the driver should not have been ported to the AmigaOne (because SNAP driver are supposed to be used here) but there have been the need of a quickly available transition solution. The port worked without any problems.

The driver which have been successfully tested under AmigaOS 4.0 on Classic Amiga computers as well as on the AmigaOne is now in beta stadium and is currently optimized for compatibility not on speed - currently it is worked for a better blitter support.

Additionally a screenshot of AmigaOS 4 (with seperate system programs) has been published on a Radeon 7000. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: Anniversary Sale Price for PairsNG
In honor of Amiga Arena's five year anniversary, we and developer Christoph Kimna are offering the shareware game "PairsNG" at a sale price of five euros.

"PairsNG" is a mix of Memory, Shanghai and similar games. You'll find a demo version on the homepage of PairsNG. Additionally you'll find in the interview section a review of "PairsNG". This special offer is available until 2nd November, 2003. The registration form is to be found on the website of Amiga Arena (under the title link). A special thanks to Christoph Kimna, who made this special possible. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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First Screen-Shots of the New File-sharing Client for AmigaOS
The first screen-shots of "AmigaGift," a KaZaa client for AmigaOS, have been released (click on title link).


One of the beta testers corrected in an thread the misunderstanding that AmigaGift is a pure KaZaa client. AmiGift is said to be modularly organized and currently supports Edonkey, Gnutella and a few other protocols just starting to be offered, as well as KaZaa. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Golem IT-News (Website)

Golem: Commodore is Active Once More in Germany
Commodore made computer history once, with home computers like the C64 and Amiga, and then they parted from the computer scene without a lot of noise or singing. Now the name comes back, of all things in a rather different, clearly unspectacular connection. Read the entire article at Golem IT News, under the title link. (nba) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 23. Oct. 2003, 16:30] [Comments: 0]
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