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Archive 05/2003

Michael Böhmer (ANF)

E3B and Hyperion: ALGOR / ROMulus flash ROM supported by AmigaOS 4
E3B and Hyperion are pleased to be able to announce the deep cooperation of both companies regarding the ALGOR and ROMulus. The for the time being by Hyperion developed AmigaOS 4.0 will be able to use the flash ROMs available on the ALGOR and ROMULUS without any problem.

Read the complete German press release on the E3B news site or an also available English version.

The ALGOR is a Zorro II based USB controller that supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 (no highspeed mode) and has 512kB flash ROM integrated on the controller card.
The widely spread HIGHWAY USB controller can be upgraded via ROMulus with flash ROMs.

Users of the AmigaOS 4.x can keep a compressed Kickstart 4.0 in the flash ROM and significiantly shorten the boot time this way. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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AUGS - Amiga User Group Switzerland (ANF)

AmigaOS 4.0 tour in Basel with good PR
The announcement of the AmigaOS 4.0 presentation in Basel finds a wide spreading in Switzerland through the headline on PC-Tip and the portal of Sunrise. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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The Legacy (website)

The Legacy: Do you have self painted games sketchesor maps?
The Legacy is a games museum for C64, Amiga, Atari, PC, Schneider/Amstrad CPC that provides the readers with screenshots, covers scans and information about the developers. Today the museum is looking for people who still have their with attention to detail painted maps for Dungeon Master and games like that lying around.

Or is there on a still working floppy disk a course of Hard Drivin' 2: Drive Harderstill existing? Then please scan the maps, copy the data and send all to the museum. Please send all the pearls to (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Golem - IT News

Golem: Temporary injunction against SCO
The Linux specialist univention from Bremen (Germany) has obtained a temporary injunction at the Landgericht Bremen against the SCO Group GmbH. This injunction forbids SCO to claim "that Linux operating systems contain illegally gained intellectual property of SCO Unix and/or that end users who use Linux can be made liable for the involved violation of copyrights". If acting against this an infringement payment up to 250,000 Euro is possible. This injunction is only valid for the German SCO Group GmbH not world wide.
Read the full (German) Golem article following the title link.

Further link regarding the subject:
heise (German): SCO: Ausschneiden und kleben? (ps) (Translation: wk)

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A/NES (website)

Emulator: A/NES CGFX version 1.33 in the works
Version 1.33 of the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator A/NES CGFX for Amiga computers with graphics cards is being worked on. Here the original message:

"Started to work on v1.33. Finally managed to get rid of the annoying mousepointer on the screen while running the ROMs. For now, that's really the major new feature of v1.33. :) I'll try to implement some more nice stuff however.
By the way, I even tried to assemble the old A/NES AGA code some days ago, if you remember it? :) I can't get it to run properly however, dunno if it's because I have a different computer today compared to when I last compiled those sources. Time will tell if I manage to get it running someday... :p
And as usual, feel free to report comments about A/NES CGFX (ideas, bugreports etc) in the forum or by e-mail." (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Aminet uploads until 31.05.2003
Here are the Aminet uploads added since our last report:
trsi-fnews12.lha     comm/misc   51K+Free configurable News Display Tool for 
IBrowseSP.lha        comm/www    17K+IBrowse 2.x spanish catalogs v2.3.1d
WebPics104.lha       comm/www     5K+WebPics 1.04 - Web Based Photo Gallery G
ADN_Support.lha      comm/yam    23K+V1.3 AmigaDreamNetwork support for YAM.
YAM24p1.lha          comm/yam   728K+MUI Internet mailer V2.4p1 (bugfix updat
NoSyncIzBack.lha     demo/aga   1.7M+NoSyncIzBack! - WOS demo 3rd at IGDRP 2.
USE_NoSync.lha       demo/aga   3.8M+NoSync by Universe - WOS demo 3rd at Equ
MCC_SpeedBarSP.lha   dev/mui      7K+SpeedBar 19.1 spanish catalogs v19.1.0
AMIthlon_setup.lha   disk/misc  1.0M+Easy automated AMIthlon setup disks usin
SpanienSSeng.lha     docs/hyper  98K+SpanienSSeng history of some spanish
AmigaArenaBase.lha   docs/misc  528K+Amiga Arena Interview Database (English/
Arkanos.lha          game/misc  404K+Break out game like ARKANOID ** V2.02 **
MLink.lha            game/wb     44K+Try to solve this chainlink puzzle!
MySquare.lha         game/wb     43K+Try to solve this mathematical puzzle!
TriLights.lha        game/wb     44K+Light-up this triangular-shaped board!
X_Lights.lha         game/wb     44K+Light-up this X-shaped board!
DIYrekoIII.lha       gfx/ifx     34K+Create REKO, Soliton and AS-... cardsets
Sv5Fix121.lha        gfx/misc     6K+*Fix* for SView5 V1.21 (29.5.2003)
FroggerRU.lha        gfx/show    11K+Frogger russian documentation v2.06
DC-KF500.lha         hard/hack  983K+A500 based FlashROM kickstart board
LCD-Test.lha         hard/misc   14K+LCD Test: helps to find broken Pixels
ZXLive.lha           misc/emu    86K+ZX-Spectrum 48/128k emulator v0.17b
037_mpfree.lha       mods/moods 8.9M+Moods - Streaming For Your Instincts
041_mpfree.lha       mods/moods 4.3M+Moods - Streaming For Your Instincts
Almacen-Chip.mpg     mods/mpg   6.0M+Almac n Chip (Symphonie mod in mpeg form
Amiga_Roolez.mpg     mods/mpg   6.9M+Amiga Roolez song (Symphonie mod in mpeg
ArrobaMix.mpg        mods/mpg   2.9M+Arroba Mix (The final part of Arrebato m
BAR.mpg              mods/mpg   4.0M+Bar (Rock mod converted to mpeg audio)
ModMix.mpg           mods/mpg   1.2M+Remix of Cherry2.mod
QuantumExecBas.mpg   mods/mpg   3.7M+Quantum for the Execbase (converted to m
opensource.lha       mods/smg    53K+PT-MOD by eSeMGy (
pumpitup.lha         mods/smg    58K+Oldie - PT-MOD by eSeMGy (
smoothia.lha         mods/smg   154K+PT-MOD by eSeMGy (
spaceballs.lha       mods/smg   205K+Oldie - PT-MOD by eSeMGy (
techrythm.lha        mods/smg    16K+Oldie - PT-MOD by eSeMGy (
Cougar16V_01.jpg     pix/vehic  127K+Pic of Ford Cougar in 1024x682
Cougar16V_02.jpg     pix/vehic  118K+Pic of 2 Ford Cougars in 1024x682
Cougar16V_03.jpg     pix/vehic  147K+Pic of 2 Ford Cougars in 1024x682
Cougar16V_04.jpg     pix/vehic  1.2M+Pic of Ford Cougar in 2160x1440
Amitex_4.04.lha      text/edit  428K+Text editor (French and english versions
trsi-mp3ext13.lha    util/cli    12K+MP3 Info Viewer + FileID creator
frog_scripts.lha     util/misc   26K+ToolBar Scripts and Buttons for FroggerN
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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German translation of the XFrames Working Draft
Already in the middle of May had a German translation of the conceptual drafts for the new XFrames on the website of Michael Jendryschik been made available under the title link. The English original of the Working Draft can be found on the website of the W3C. XFrames is an XML application with the aim to assemble several documents to replace in the long run the HTML frames. A future support through all available webbrowsers recommended by the W3C. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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Amiga Rulez

Website for MorphED set up
For MorphED, a free text editor and gcc developers environment by Dietmar Eilert for the operating system MorphOS, had an own website been set up under the title link. There you can find next to some information several provisional screenshots that show the optical relationship between MorphED and GoldED Studio AIX.

Under exists a mirror of the website. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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Cyborg (ANF)

BenderIRC 1.5 RC 1 available
BenderIRC, the free IRC client, is nearing the final version 1.5. In the last days has the client got several updates.

As last missing feature has now the beta version of the graphical configuration tool been made available for download. Together with the changes in BenderIRC itself have many demands of the users been granted.

All users are called to report the still remaining bugs. The simpliest way is using the web form. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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DOpus-ML (email)

New DirOpus 4 beta version available
The new beta version 4.17 pre 21 of the file manager Directory Opus 4 is available under the title link. Direct download: DOpus417pre21.lzx. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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Gunnar 'GunaTM' Bernhardt (ANF)

Emulator: WinUAE version 0.8.22 R7 published
Version 0.8.22 release 7 of the Amiga emulator 'WinUAE' written by Toni Wilen for Windows has been published. This version contains the following bug fixes and new features:

Bugs fixed:
  • printer didn't work if serial port emulation was enabled
  • palette wasn't updated properly when entering and exiting the GUI in fullscreen 8-bit Picasso96 mode
  • button or key mapped to mouse horizontal or vertical axis
  • random crash when horizontal centering was enabled
  • bsdsocket emulation, ping, traceroute, AmTelnet SSH connection freeze
  • config save crash and non working keyboard
  • ShapeShifter-support improved, all Kickstart 2.x/3.x versions supported
  • lores-mode support for "sprites outside display window"-feature
  • and more..
New features:
  • emulation compatibility improvements Elfmania, Rainbow Island (broke accidentally in R6), Mission Elevator (properly fixed this time...), SWIV, Old Timer, Inferior, Sub Rally, Sargon History, TBL demos, Sound of Silents, Cardamom, Cardamon etc.
  • analog joystick (paddle) ports emulated
  • improved hard/ZIP disk RDB detection
  • Action Replay 2/3 state file support
  • sound "power led" filter emulation
  • freely selectable sound sample rate (8000 - 48000)
  • "direct" serial port support, fixes PC to PC Lotus 2 serial link problems. (two player only, 3 or 4 players require lower serial latency that is not possible under Windows)
  • zipped CAPS-image support
  • updated AHI driver included
A German mirror is available under (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Club Augsburg (ANF)

OS4.0 on Tour - News
Amiga Club Augsburg and KDH Datentechnik wrote:
"With an opinion poll we would like to get an overview about the amount of people who might will come. If there are any signs that more visitors will come than we expect now there is the possibility open the event on Sunday, too. Therefore we would be very grateful if you could help us.

Especially we are very delighted to present some developers and members of Hyperion. At this event the following persons will be present: Steffen Häuser, Hans-Jörg Frieden and Thomas Frieden.

Christian Krenner will exhibit and present his 'Monster A600' (Motorola 68030/40 MHz, 34 MByte RAM, 10 GByte hard drive, PCMCIA-Net work and USB-ports). (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Debian (Website)

Debian Weekly News: Debian for Pegasos
In its issue 21/2003 the Debian Weekly News which is a newsletter of the Debian community reports about how Debian works on a Pegasos computer:

"Debian on the Pegasos platform. Eugenia Loli-Queru has reported that Debian GNU/Linux has been preinstalled on the Pegasos computers which are beased on PowerPC G3 and G4. With the help of Mac-on-Linux you are able to run the Debian system, MacOS or OSX without Apple hardware." (nba) (Translation: dr)

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WHDLoad (Website)

Installer: WHDLoad - New packets until 31.05.2003 (Update)
With WHDLoad you can install games which have been formerly meant only for use with disks on your hard drive. The following packets have been added or updated:
  • 31.05.03 new: Psycho Santa (Bullfrog) done by Agressor
  • 31.05.03 fixed: Zool (Gremlin) rawdic imager fixed for disk 2
  • 31.05.03 fixed: King's Quest 2 (Sierra) install problems fixed
  • 31.05.03 fixed: King's Quest (Sierra) install problems fixed
  • 29.05.03 fixed: Simon The Sorcerer (Adventure Soft) access fault fixed
  • 29.05.03 new: Lords of the Rising Sun (Cinemaware) done by JOTD
  • 29.05.03 new: King's Quest 3 (Sierra) done by JOTD
  • 29.05.03 new: King's Quest 2 (Sierra) done by JOTD
  • 24.05.03 improved: Boston Bomb Club (Silmarils) supports another version
  • 24.05.03 new: King's Quest (Sierra) done by JOTD
(nba) (Translation: dr)

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Steffen Nitz (E-Mail)

Game: 'Die Kleine Gilde' - further names wanted
Steffen Nitz wrotes:
I need your ideas again. This time I am looking for positive messages of the workers like:
  • Yes, Sir!
  • As you like it!
  • Finally good work!
  • Will be done, Sir!
  • Your wish is my order!
and I am looking for negative messages like:
  • Not already again!
  • Is there not somebody else who can do this?
  • I am fed up with this!
  • No, I will not do this!
This one who will send me the most good sentences will get a keyfile of the Gilde or of SN-Münzarchiv as well as an entry in the credits.

The game principle
This game is a round based economy simulation which takes place in the Middle Ages (1400 until 1600). Furthermore it is also a realtime strategy game with elements of role games and it is a simulation of the life. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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30.May.2003 (ANF)

Mention of Amizilla on Standard
During the last time good news have been a really rare thing. But the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" reports sometimes about our system. The online article reports about the project "Amizilla" which tries to make possible the porting of the Mozilla browser to the Amiga. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Chris Hodges (ANF)

USB Stack: Poseidon Update V2.1
There's a new update of the Poseidon USB Stack. It consists mainly of improvements and bugfixes of the Mass Storage Class, for Highway as well as Subway drivers. Through this a whole lot more pieces of equipment should run, which had formerly balked.

Newly come is a program for USB-Radios from D-Link, respectively GemTek. One can purchase these very cheaply on eBay, because it was put together in a friendly manner it was just a few hours work to create the drivers.

A bit more was invested in the new program for the management of my MP3 Player (Valencia MPX), which was available for purchase at Lidl in December 2002. This (and many similarly built units) are unfortunately not MSD equipment. With the Uproar tool this MP3 player may nonetheless be conveniently used. In case anyone else has such a gadget, I'd be very appreciative to hear some feedback.

This time there are two separate archives, for classic Amiga as well as MorphOS systems -- this allows simple installation.

That's just an intro, further details may be found in the ReadMe. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Amiga Access Homepage Update
On the homepage of the Amiga-Clone 'Access' (title link) there are now some more benchmarks. The modules may be downloaded and tried on your own computer. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Roger Stamm (ANF) Is Moving
Roger Stamm of AHS-Amiga Handel Stamm writes:
"AHS-Amiga is moving. Because of this it may happen that the pages at are not readily available. If you want to get in touch with us, use email: We will send a confirmation within two days for the receipt of the email. If you don't get confirmation, you can also reach us at Many thanks for your understanding." (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Telemar Rosenberger (E-Mail)

Amiforce: Snapshots of Aquarium and Port Royal
Telemar Rosenberger, known to many for his software "AmHuhn," has authored a screen saver named "Aquarium" and a game named "Port Royal," with the help of the multimedia authoring system Hollywood. Under the title link you'll find the first screenshots for both of these programs. The programs will be published as soon as the announced Hollywood Version 1.5 is out.

The deal with Aquarium is that it's a screen saver with images of swimming fish, already known from other platforms. Now AmigaOS too gets the enjoyment of this pleasing screen saver.

Port Royal is a new combat game, which is about ships firing cannons. With this one may, for example, calculate wind direction in directing a strike, and naturally the enemy ships shoot back. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Amiforce (ANF)

Amiforce: New Audio Track
As of now there is a new MP3 (Trance) to be downloaded from Amiforce, for all interested. (ps) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 29. May. 2003, 03:14] [Comments: 0]
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