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Archive 10/2001

Markus Lunk (E-Mail)

Movieplayer: SoftCinema version 0.15 (full release)
Version 0.15 of the shareware-movie- and animplayer for Amiga with PPC-support (PowerUP, WarpUP and MorphOS) called 'SoftCinema´ has been published. You can download the program under the title link or under the alternative address.

Changes: V0.15 beta 1
  • WOS and MOS versions added.
  • 30% faster divx;)/opendivx/3iv/h263/i263/intel indeo decoding
  • lot of bugs fixed
  • added audio.device support, via directaudio.library
  • added NOAHI and AHIUNIT options
  • Bugfixes in AVI parser, QT parser and mpeg audio decoder.
  • Much faster AVI indexx loading, up to 1000%.
  • Bugfixed timing routines.
  • Fixed GRAY display on fullscreen.
  • Fixed RGB15PC and RGB16PC display routines.
  • Fixed mpeg audio decoder, should not crash anymore.
  • 10% faster mpeg audio decoding.
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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Constantinos Nicolakakis (E-Mail)

Tool: SRename 3.0.0 final
SRename is a program which has some more functions as the common 'rename'. Here are some features:

  • Can use wildcards.
  • Total control over recursion, the user can set the level of recursion, starting level of recursion and can even specify a different pattern for entering directories.
  • Can renumber filename sequences without the user having to care for the renumber order or filename clashes because these are taken care of automatically.
  • Can perform numbering of filename sequences.
  • Can modify the filename's comment and transfer the filename to the comment or the reverse.
  • Allows the user to build his/her own functions by providing a command set of selectors and actions that can be combined in many ways.
  • The number of actions that can be executed in one go is only limited by the command line length.
  • It is interface compatible with the OS Rename command.
  • Efficient memory usage.
Download: SRename3.lzx (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Nico Barbat (E-Mail)

Event: Provisional list of exhibitors for AMIGA 2001 available
From now on there is a provisional list of exhibitors on the website of AMIGA 2001 (17.-18. November 2001, Cologne). Additionally you can of course find important information about the fair, updated news around Pegasos, AmigaOS 4 and AmigaDE. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Oliver Hummel (ANF)

Emulation: Playstation emulator FPSE for Amiga published
Mathias Roslund has published a new version of the Playstation-emulator FPSE. It is the first Amiga version which is based on version 0.09. You need a Playstation Bios-Rom for the emulation. There are some screenshots for the Amiga version. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Solar (BAUD) (ANF)

Alan Redhouse corrects some rumours on
Of course there were some confusion after the message of Eyetech and it was discussed here as well as on The opinions ranged from "It is OK" to "Cheat!". I think in this context the clearing statement of Alan Redhouse (Eyetech) in the corresponding thread on is important.

Quintessence: He has absoluely no problem with any decisions of Amiga Inc. and in their place he would have decided in the same way - and there was no reason to evoke a crises if there would be very real progresses made to a solution. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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H&P and Hyperion Entertainment (ANF)

Freespace supports virtual memory
The 68k-version of Freespace also runs on systems with 32 MB memory and virtual memory (you can use a freely available VMM-program for it) if there is at least 24.5 MB of free physical memory. In this case the reduction of speed is under 2%. The corresponding hints for the installation will be added to Freespace. With the help of it also users which have only 32 MB of memory can play Descent Freespace: The Great War.

Future games of Hyperion Entertainment will also support the Virtual Memory System of OS 4.0 to give users of PowerPC the opportunity to get along with a lower amount of memory. (Translation: dr)

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Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Amiga Future: Homepage Update
Today the homepage of Amiga Future has been extensivly updated:
A completely reworked download section has been uploaded which is edited by Jörg Wernicke and which will be regularly updated.

Additionally the sites of "AGB", "Kontakt" and "Werbebanner" have been updated. Besides this new advertisement prices are online which run from issue 34.

In the forum the new fair information have been updated. Amiga Future asks the readers to write what is being expected of the fair. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Richard H. Poser II (E-Mail)

Messenger: AmigAIM BETA version 0.9435
Richard H. Poser has published betaversion 0.9435 of the AIM-messenger AmigAIM. AmigAIM is a client for connecting with America Online Instant-Messenger (AIM-service). It follows an extract of the history where you can get the changes which have been made:

  • Hopefully repaired a problem with the single window mode. It doesn't exhibit the problem here anymore, anyway.
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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ProStationAudio's (realtime nl-editing for AmigaOS) new architecture for 2002
The ProStationAudio architecture has been enhanced to make this non-linear editing software solution for AmigaOS even more powerful. And faster. The new version based on this design, ProStationAudio Titanium, is ready and will be on sale in a few days.

While Amigas are wonderful systems, their main problem is lack of raw hardware horse-power: Titanium addresses this problem at design level, using optimizations independent on the host CPU, so that 68K (060 recommended), PPC, and emulated 68K hardware benefit.

Major new features include:

Signal path layout: stereo sends/returns
  • multiple sends per track, stereo.
  • multiple aux busses, stereo.
  • multiple DSP inserts for each return bus, stereo.
  • returns can be muted and/or soloed.
  • plugin sharing among multiple tracks reduces CPU load, with peak acceleration up to 1500% (when using 15 sends to the same aux bus).
Mixig console layout: 6 master inserts, stereo.
  • master DSP inserts have been extended to 6, for increased flexibility.
  • using track inserts, multiple sends/returns, and master inserts, now each track's signal can pass through up to 18 DSP processors.
Faast dsp, the new quick-preview mode
  • sustained 200% acceleration on mixing and effects processing, using bitrate reduction
  • modifies the bitrate of multiple streams in realtime during disk-streaming, no need to save audio files at lower bitrates for fast previewing..
  • fully transparent, original bitrate restored just before the signals reach the audio output hardware, providing full compatibility with fixed-rate devices such as external D/A converters over S/P-DIF.
  • quality drop is acceptable for most material.
  • any previously saved project benefits, no updates needed
  • automatically disabled when mastering and/or bouncing tracks, to preserve always perfect quality on the final work.
  • can be toggled on/off in realtime for comparisons
  • the channel bars layout has been optimized to display more tracks at once on screen.
  • the screen is public and palette-sharing friendly: use tools like calculators, notepads, or web browsers to view tutorials, directly on the ProStationAudio screen.
Titanium preserves the tons of features present in current versions: support for dual graphic cards, dual monitors, two CPU's, realtime operations, mixing automation, 30 DSP plugins, 24bit and MP3 import, read/write access to Amiga, Windows, Mac and Unix files, more...

Informations on pricing and upgrade options for current users will follow this week. As usual part of the service, buyers of the previous top version, Millennium, will upgrade free of charge.

All the best,

dr. Maurizio Ciccione
AudioLabs, Digital Audio Engineering
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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Golem: AmigaOne does not start in 2001
»Development of AmigaOS 4.0 and of AmigaOne were momentarily stopped
According to Eyetech the AmigaOne will be not introduced this year because Amiga Inc. could not set on the development of the belonging AmigaOS 4.0 and could not pay its partners because of financial problems. But it seems that there is still some hope and the new Amiga computer based on a PowerPC-architecture is supposed to be marketed at the beginning of 2002.«
Have a look at the title link for the full article. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Dieter Groppé (ANF)

MCP with new version
From 21. October I've taken over further development of MCP (MasterControlProgram). Since there was no development for more than two years and I must become acquainted with the code, at first, the first update isn't perfect, yet.

But many of the 'surrounding' things, like installer script, German Guide and catalog, icons, history, and of course MCP and MCP commodity have been updated and should work now. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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Mirko Engelhardt (ANF)

Amigaland having server problems currently has problems to really offer every game for download. The reason why is that two servers canceled their service. The Amigaland team now is searching for replacement servers. (ps) (Translation: mj)

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Thomas Knäbel (E-Mail)

bplan: Pegasos-System: Official presentation at Amiga 2001
The Pegasos system will be presented to the public at the Cologne based Amiga 2001 event. Beside the presentation of the innovating hardware, our main show efforts will concentrate on software and system expansibility.

In the software field, the user gets an extensive overview on capacity and efficiency of the MorphOS environment. The perfectly smooth integration of present Motorola® 680xx applications and native PowerPC® programms with absolute transparency for the user is only one among many outstanding features of MorphOS.

In combination with the extraordinary capability of extension of the Pegasos system with standard PCI cards, users will already be able to take a look at the wide spectrum of supported hardware by the upcoming fair. Besides a variety of graphic cards of the manufacturers S3®,SIS®,3DLabs® and 3Dfx®, tv and network cards will round up the so far available spectrum.

The bplan gmbh would like to invite you to visit the Amiga 2001 in cologne. Our team is looking forward to your vivid interest and proud to be able to present you the Pegasos system, an innovation in the fields of personal computing. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Rudolph Riedel (E-Mail)

File manager: DiskMaster 2.5RC1
Rudolph Riedel wrote:
I have uploaded DiskMaster2.5RC1, and on my homepage.

News in short:
  • 2.5RC1 (01-10-30) 71932 bytes
  • DM2 is now localised! German, french and dutch DM2.catalogs are included (english build in)
  • Translators wanted ( also included)
  • COPY and MOVE have a WARN option, so DM2 ask before overwriting files.
  • SELECT knows a new option: COMMENT
  • OPENWINDOW has now a ZOOM option for alternative windowsize and -position
  • Many small improvements
  • Several bugfixes
(ps) (Translation: gf)

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Installer: New packages for WHDLoad (bis 29.10.2001)
Thanks to WHDLoad games you normally only play from disk can be installed on HD. The following packages are added or updated:

  • 29.10.01 new: Amazing SpiderMan () done by JOTD
  • 29.10.01 fixed: Tennis Cup (Loriciel/Electronic Zoo) install script corrected
  • 29.10.01 new: Carthage (Psygnosis) done by CFOU!
  • 28.10.01 new: Wanted (Infogrames) done by Codetapper
  • 28.10.01 new: Vector-Balls Demo (Tom Soft) done by Psygore (Info,Image)
  • 28.10.01 new: Major Motion (Microdeal) done by Codetapper
  • 28.10.01 new: Tennis Cup (Loriciel/Electronic Zoo) done by CFOU!
  • 28.10.01 new: Pro Tennis Simulator (Codemasters) done by Bored Seal
  • 28.10.01 new: Obvious Disaster (Phenomena) done by Psygore (Info,Image)
  • 28.10.01 new: Mystical (Infogrames) done by CFOU!
  • 28.10.01 new: Forgotten World (Arc Developments/Capcom) done by CFOU!
  • 28.10.01 new: Cosmic Relief (Grandslam) done by Bored Seal
  • 26.10.01 new: Sex Vens () done by JOTD
  • 26.10.01 new: Pub Trivia Simulator (Codemasters) done by Bored Seal
  • 26.10.01 new: Operation Wolf (Ocean) done by Codetapper
  • 26.10.01 new: Murders in Space (Infogrames) done by CFOU!
(ps) (Translation: gf)

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Rene Hatje (ANF)

Chicago Tribune: Amiga is mentioned in issue about MacOS X
In the issue "Apple's best reason yet to pitch your Pentium" the Amiga is mentioned in very positive way. (ps)

[News message: 30. Oct. 2001, 16:09] [Comments: 0]
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Miguel Gonçalves (E-Mail)

New Portuguese Amiga-Website
At the title link you will find a new website in Portuguese whic provides the reader with news and informations about the amiga. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Michael Asse (ANF)

Betaversion of new FFE-Page
Michael Asse wrote:
From today the new reworked homepage of the AmigaFFE project is online (title link). It is a beta version, so if there are broken links or anything else, just send a mail to me.

In about two weeks the address of the domain will be adapted. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Thomas Dellert (ANF)

DCE: GREX Soundcard drivers are available for download
Now drivers for soundcards with the chipsets ESS-SOLO-ONE and FM-801 are available for download. For this highperformance AHI drivers we give you the equivalent soundmixer (needs gtlayout.library).

Soundcards from Terratec like the 128iPCI (ESS-SOLO-ONE) and 512i Digital (Fortemedia FM-801) use this chipset. The FM-801 chipset can only be used in the GRex 4000, the ESS-ONE chipset can be used in all GRex systems. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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29.Oct.2001 (ANF)

Cloanto licences Picasso96 software (Update 3)
Press release: Cloanto is proud to announce that it licenced both the "Picasso96" software from Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt, and Brian King's "UAEgfx" Monitor implementation, for use in Amiga Forever.

A shareware version of Picasso96 has been providing RTG (Amiga retargetable graphics) functionality to the emulation software which is part of Amiga Forever since 1997. With the new license Cloanto would like to acknowledge the precious contribution of the Picasso96 Team to the ease of use, compatibility and speed which made Amiga Forever so successful, and further contribute to the future development of the Picasso96 software. The new license replaces the shareware status of the Picasso96 software included in Amiga Forever. Support and upgrades will continue to be provided by Cloanto as part of the Amiga Forever product.

Thanks to the Picasso96 implementation in the Amiga emulation, when an Amiga program makes a function call to open an RTG screen, or to otherwise read or change its contents, that functionality is in most part executed as native and very fast x86 code. Furthermore, the Windows versions of the emulation programs included with Amiga Forever (i.e. WinUAE and WinFellow) fully exploit the latest versions of Microsoft DirectX, which is normally used by games and multimedia applications to provide maximum performance by providing low-level access to specialized hardware features, without having to re-write hardware-specific code. In practice this means that while other emulation programs only offer proper support for a handful of display cards, Amiga Forever has been running fine and will continue to run fine with hundreds of different display cards, including most graphics card currently available, and those which will be released with Windows drivers in the future.

The combination of Picasso96 and DirectX technologies provides palette-based, hi-color, true-color and multi-monitor screen modes well beyond the functionality and speed of the original Amiga hardware. Also, while other emulation packages do not even support simple peripherals such as a USB mouse, keyboard, joystick and speakers, DirectX includes DirectInput and DirectSound, which allow the emulation as included in Amiga Forever to support all popular input and sound devices.

The Picasso96 software is just one of the many components which have been carefully selected, preinstalled and tested for compatibility in Amiga Forever, to make Amiga emulation a simple one-click experience which works on the widest possible range of different PCs. Hundreds of other items, including for example GIF/LZW code used under license from Unisys Corporation (and not available in the version of Personal Paint included on Aminet), ColorFonts and AnimFonts by Kara Computer Graphics, and anything from entire software packages to single icons are carefully listed in the Copyright and Credits sections of the Amiga Forever documentation (which includes 8 KB of text only to list the individual third-party contributions).

In spite of increasingly difficult times Cloanto keeps improving its own software technology and licensing valued third-party contents to constantly improve Amiga Forever and offer continued support and compatibility to the Amiga community. Cloanto is grateful to all of its valued customers for supporting these efforts.

Picasso96 Home Page
Amiga Forever Home Page
Cloanto Home Page

Update: (04.04.2018, 14:30, cg)

Mike Battilana (Cloanto) asked us to add the following clarification: The new license discussed in this press release only covers the 2001 version and minor updates - no upgrade privileges for future major versions.

Update 2: (31.12.2018, 15:30, cg)

As requested by Mike Battilana, we replaced "the 2.x version" in the first clarification (refer to previous paragraph) with "the 2001 version". Also, the following paragraph was added to the original press release on

"At the time of this writing in 2001, the Picasso96 project was owned by its original developers Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt. Updates released by a new Picasso96 ownership were neither envisioned nor intended to be included in Amiga Forever under this license."

Update 3: (18.02.2019, 23:00, cg)

To counter allegations made by Jens Schönfeld, Cloanto has added copies of their 2001 correspondence with Alexander Kneer and a scan of a cash transfer receipt. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Georges Halvadjian (ANF)

Paintprogram: PerfectPaint V2.75b
A new version of PerfectPaint V2.75b is now available. What's new:

  • New TOOLTYPE: 'CLASSIC', by default, this tooltype is disable. This Tooltype will change the WorkSpace of Perfectpaint. Disable 'Classic' will show you only the zoom window (like other Processing software). Enable 'Classic' will show you for each picture the main window (always 100%) and optionally the Zoom window (like other version of PfPaint).
  • PopUp menu can have transparency.
  • Improve palette buffer: Add Icons / Allow Drag & Drop / Show the Current stencil / See Doc for more info.
  • New Arexx Commands.
  • New Picture tool: Insert Picture.
  • New Processing tool: linked freeHand.
  • Redraw the anim control requester.
  • New effect Blur, Horizontal Blur, Vertical Blur and the Arexx Command.
  • New Wrap effect: Silver.
  • New text effect: Candy.
  • Redraw Font requester with a Bold option for CGfont, add a menu.
  • A lot of small improvements and some small bug corrected.
  • New tool under the boing icon: Alchemy: Here you can find all processing script with preview.
  • New Alchemy script: FlowerPaint.
  • Improve Density mapping requester with Load and Save Points.
  • Add two new item in Stencil menu: Density mapping and clear Stencil.
  • Improve 'Brush to Picture' and 'Picture to Brush': Stencil is respected.
Download: PfPaint-V275b.lha (1,9 MB) (ps) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 29. Oct. 2001, 11:58] [Comments: 0]
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Virus Help Denmark

Virus Help Denmark: Virus Warning 'Harrier A'
A new virus is found. As far as we know, it has not been spread. But read more about is here . Also, new virus translations added to the Amiga Virus Encyclopedia.
Hi All....
A new linkvirus has been found a few days ago, but not in the wild. It was send to directly to Georg Hoermann (programmer of xvs.library) by the virus-programmer. Georg received the whole source code. This new virus, named "Harrier A" was able to disable the antivirus programs, but with the new xvs.library v33.36, this in no longer possible, due to the new security stuff in the xvs.library code. And maybe that is the reason why the virus-programmer send the code to Georg Hoermann.
We do not know if this virus was released in any way, so if you get a requester poping up, telling you that something is trying to disable the xvs.library, please let us know.
This is what we know of the virus:
Virus name.... : Harrier A
Virus Type.... : Linkvirus
Virus size.... : 4.800 bytes (Uses polmorphic engine)
Infects....... : 020+ machines

In the decoded virus you can read:
.[ Harrier .A 1.02 virus, (c) by ] .Markus! Come back!Hç..,z
(xxxxxxx = Programmers name, removed by Virus Help Denmark)
The xvs.library package will be released very soon.....
Thanks to 'Georg Hoermann' for sending the archive, and to Zeeball for the first test. (sd) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 29. Oct. 2001, 00:29] [Comments: 0]
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AMI Sector One

AMI Sector One wanting help for Perl/PHP/(My)SQL
'AMI Sectore One' is wanting help in enhancing theire website. Who is Perl, PHP or (My)SQL literate and interested in supporting the website might contact Bernd Gmeineder.

There are many suggestions how to enhance 'AMI Sector One' which could be realized using the mentioned languages.

'AMI Sectore One' among other things offers Amiga games for free download. (sd) (Translation: mj)

[News message: 29. Oct. 2001, 00:27] [Comments: 0]
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