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Archive 03/2001

Diverse Sources

Software News
There is a new demo version of the recently published adventure game 'Aqua' by Emerald Imaging. The game is distributed by Crystal Interactive. Download: AquaDemo.lha

Tales of Tamar
There is a new Amiga client v0.34 for registered beta testers of Tales of Tamar which is a round game based on the Internet.
For the first time with version v0.34 it is possible to create armies on Tales of Tamar. You have to equip your armies on ToT with the help of bought or self produced weapons and arming. The damage of an army depends on the level of arming and the quality of the weapons as well as the class of the arming depends on the arming of an army.
There are over 50 several weapons such as a one-handed weapon, two-handed ones, crossbow or complex besieging weapons like catapult or trebuchet. There are also 15 different opportunities of equipping the army with arming.
You can only produce several weapons when gaining a certain level of research. Armies can be generated, renamed, increased, split, connected, deleted and trained.

MUI PPC for MorphOS
PPC MUI 3.9 Public Release 2 has been published for MorphOS. Please read the documentation before installing it! Download: MUI_Release2.lha - 969 kB

Amster V0.8a
Today version v0.8a of the Napster-client Amster has been published for Amiga computers. Amster is a client for exchanging MP3-files which supports features like chatting, search, download, announcement-lists and so on. Downlaod: Amster-main.lha - 199 kB and Amster-locale.lha - 352 kB

AutoPDF V1.2
With this small but very useful script by you can convert Ghostscript-files to PDF-files with your Amiga. Download: AutoPDF_Archive.lha

Stephan Rupprecht has published version 45.3 of his ilbm-PPC-datatype. Download: ilbmdtPPC.lha - 10 kB (unk) (Translation: unk)

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AmigActive issue #19 Available from Today on
From today on issue #19 of the english print magazine 'AmigaActive' is available with the following topics:
  • Payback! - Smell the burning rubber...
  • Zoned! - Digital Art.
  • Powered Up! - The latest on MorphOS.
  • Netted! - The Eye-Surf.
  • Bitmap Bonus! - Paging Mr. Montgomery...
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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Heise [Newsticker]

Heise: Strato-Domains Offline Possibly Because of Attack
Since yesterday many websites which are hosted at Strato cannot be accessed any longer. Many Amiga-sites are also concerned.

Heise writes:
«An attack to the Strato-server cannot be excluded any longer - in contrary to the loss of current which Strato called to be the reason. The press spokesman Sören Heinze called the incident as a "abnormal shutdown of the memory unit" and told heise online that he accepts a report against unknown in the next time. KPNQwest technician said that an attack from outside is almost impossible. Heinze didn't want to exclusive any possibility as the reason for the offline.»
The full article under the title link. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Amiga Classix 3
Next month there will be a new multi platform game collection CD called 'Amiga Classix 3' (Windows, MAC and Amiga) which contains many nice classical Amiga games distributed by E.p.i.c. Interactive Entertainment. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Richard Kapp on ANF

GFX Games Database: Interview with Giles Burdett
On GFX-games-database there is an English spoken interview with Giles Burdett, the programmer of the WB-game called Connect4, where he speaks about his new and old projects and where he expresses his opinion about MorphoS, AmigaDE, Amiga magazines and much more. Have fun reading the interview! (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Thomas Unger via E-Mail

The Kickstart Archives V1.1
The most important innovation of version 1.1 of KICKSTART ARCHIVES is the integrated freeware-search-engine "S@lz&Pfeffer Leicht 1.0" by Rainer Eschen.

With the help of a pre-calculated JavaScript-file it is possible searching the websites offline on the CD-R. The search engine does not depends on platforms and is directly integrated in the index-tree of KICKSTART ARCHIVES. It is only expected a web-browser which supports frames and JavaScript-standard 1.1. There is a german spoken help function at any time. But there must be said that interpreting the ca. 8 MByte script-file when starting the search engine takes ca. 10 minutes on a 900 MHz Pentium III-system (WinME, IE 5). But each search for a string takes just ca. one second. (Remark: THE KICKSTART ARCHIVES themselves and images are put on a harddrive of Amiga 2000 with Blizzard 2060 and 64MByte RAM under AmigaOS 3.5. The images are burned with MakeCD 3.2.) (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Horst Diebel on ANF

Strategy game Schlachtfeld
The strategy game SCHLACHTFELD is supposed to be developed on.In order to give some users a first impression the side is being created in the link. If there is sufficient interest there will be also a seperate domain.

Up to now you can find the intro-story, a first opinion poll, a forum, a download area and several outlines to the units in the game.

Please have a look at our side and maybe you've got an idea which things still could be integrated. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Diverse Sources

Software News
GoldEd Studio 6 SP 17 CD
Dietmar Eilert, author of this genius editor, offers a small stock of GoldED Studio 6 SP 17 CDs at a special price. This version fully upgradeable.

REBOL/Core 2.5
Version 2.5 of REBOL/Core is now released for Amiga and AmigaDE, it contains hundreds of improvements and bugfixes.

Tales of Tamar
The chronicle of the year 75 of the online game Tales of Tamar is now available.

Frank Fenn provides version 0.65 of his MUI sample-editors Audiomaster2k for download.The program is shareware, you can not save with the demo version. Download: audiomaster2k.lha - 274 kb

Ico-datatype V43.5
Version 43.5 of Stephan Rupprecht's ICO-datatype is ready for download. Download: IcoDT.lha - 17 kb

MorphOS software
More and more software is ported to MorphOS. Now SoX (Sound exchange) V12.17.1 and NcFTP V2.4.3 are available for download.

Report+ V4.4
Report+ is one of these small but very useful programs that makes things easier for the user. With Report+ you can create in a simple way bug reports, Aminet readme-files, documentations, and similar reports. The program is freeware and is based upon ReAction and GadTools. Download: report.lha - 350 kb (unk) (Translation: unk)

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AmiBench Needs Beta Testers
AmiBench, the international Amiga blackboard is looking for beta testers for a new version. If you are interested to test the new scripts, please subscribe to the AmiBench-betatest-mailinglist. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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AIO #45 Released
Issue 45 of the online magazine 'AIO'(Amiga Information Online) is released. Still authors for articles and reviews are wanted. Download: AIOV45.lha (unk) (Translation: unk)

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New Virus Menaces Internet
In America experts are warning of a new virus, which uses a security leak of the server software 'Bind'. The worm can disconnect complete networks from the Internet and makes websites non-reachable.

Lion, so the name of the new virus, uses a leak in the software 'Bind', used almost on every Linux domain name server. The software controls the coupling of IP and real address.

In the last two days the quantity of attacks has risen about 500%. But only 1/10 of companies have taken countermeasures. The virus sends password and other information to an email address in China. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Andreas Kürzinger via eMail

Full Release of AKIconzGold
The Full Release of my icon collection AKIconzGold is now availble from my homepage and in a few days fom Aminet. The collection contains about 300 icons, most of them are game icons, like in AKIconz 1-4.

The icons are drawn in up to 32 colours, based upon an enhanced MWB/RomIcons/BNSM/Bicons palette. Because they are no New-/GlowIcons they do not need the NewIcons patch nor OS3.5+ but a predefined colour palette for the Workbench.

The preferences for this palette are explained in detail in the now contained guide and gives no disadvantages at all - and is especially for LowSpec-User (030, no gfx board) a colourful (and completely MWB/RomIcons/BNSW/Bicons compatible) alternative to New-/GlowIcons. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Michael Heider at the ANF

SuSE Linux PPC 7.1 Availble from April
On 23.03.2001 on the homepage of SuSE was announced that SuSE Linux PPC 7.1 is available. You can order online or by telephone at SuSE. Deliveries will begin in April said a spokesman. Like for the previous versions, I will create an installation manual for Amiga and announce it here in the amiga-news.

At this point I want to ask coders and users (testers) about a software project i want to start. This project is about the Mac emulator (PPC) "MacOnLinux", that is available for Macs with LinuxPPC. The aim of the project is to port this Mac emulator to Linux-APUS systems. So I just want to know if there is interest from coders and users.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to me. Please let me know then if you have good knowledge of C and C++ programming for Linux, but all other users are welcome, too. I will inform all of you that are interested the progress of this project so far. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Ch. DZ at the ANF

TECHNODATABASE00, 100% Amiga CD-ROM, made with Scala and filled with Techno (400 MB demos, gfx, texts, and music software).

DPIXELS (Compilation of amiga-made creations and utilities) was updated. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Kai Stegemann on ANF

Server Moving, New Videos Online
`Amiga - The Site` moved to a new server. The new videos are already available. The new colors should make the navigation more easy. The videos are now situated in a special area of the download side. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Bill Borsari via E-Mail

UGN @ Amiga 2001
The UGN is happy to present live audio, webcam and ICQ from the Amiga St Louis show 2001! This is only possible with the help of Amiga Inc, Amiga St Louis, NovaDesign, National Capital Amiga Users Group and AudioLabs. The planned start time of the webcast will begin Saturday March 31st at 11:00 AM CST (GMT -6) and will end on Sunday April 1st at 5 PM CST. We hope to bring the top amiga personalities through the power of the internet right your Amiga so you can ask the important questions.

How it will work is the UGN staff will get a guest from the show floor and bring them to the UGN booth. Amigan's at home will be able to see the guest through the webcam and listen to guest speak over the internet with shoutcast technology. You can ask questions with ICQ and listen to the answers live over the internet.

Please visit the UGN website at for more information. If you have any further questions or comments please email (unk) (Translation: unk)

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Sebastian Bauer on ANF

New SimpleMail Alpha Version
New features of the SimpleMail 0.5 alpha:
  • mail preselection before downloading
  • redesign of the reading-window
  • if possible the mails will be send by using 8bit mime
  • button pictures will not reloaded every time
  • support for the SimpleMail User Gallery
  • Bug Fixes
(unk) (Translation: unk)

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UAE Discussion Board (ANF)

UAE-JIT/Linux Source Snapshot
A new patch for the Just-In-Time compiler for linux UAE is available at the title link. (unk) (Translation: unk)

[News message: 26. Mar. 2001, 11:03] [Comments: 0]
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Jens Schoenfeld on ANF

individual Computers at the Gateway Amiga Show 2001
individual Computers will attend the Gateway Amiga Show in St. Louis. Beside the well known products we will present the new prototype of the VarIO zorro-board, the successor of Hypercom.

The new software system by Thore Böckelmann - that replaces HyperIO and Silversurfer.device - will bring new features even to owners of Silversurfer or Goldsurfer.

In co-operation with Cloanto Software - producer of `Amiga Forever` - we will present a Catweasel for the ISA-bus. This offers the possibility to read Amiga floppies with your PC. Furthermore there will be a seminar about the hardware design of Zorro-2-boards. (unk) (Translation: unk)

[News message: 26. Mar. 2001, 02:32] [Comments: 0]
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