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Archive 02/2001

Carsten Scholling on ANF

Localizer 1.39 - Bugfix
  • Source-scan code reworked; Cyberguard/Enforcer hits cleared, no empty entries after scanning
  • Wrong data format in CD/CT files corrected
  • New updated-flag in CD editor window
  • Automatical correction of source-codes when changing an original string
  • Language table enlarged
  • Nice and unnecessary menus integrated ;-)

Have fun!
Carsten Scholling

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Opinion Poll at AmigActive
In order to adapt much better the content of the Amiga-magazine 'AmigActive' to the reader's wishes AmigaActive carries out an opinion poll.

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Haage&Partner News
PowerPC World News
The PPC World does not only offer news and software lists entries, but also an improved layout. So, just drop by.

ArtEffect colourful
Did you think of the tool symbols of ArtEffect looking a little bit colourless and dismal for a 24 bit picture editing program, did`nt you? Then you will like the new one because it offers 256 colours - even matching the packing: Download.

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Manfred Rauer on ANF

New Strategy Game Planned
Alien Imperium is supposed to become a network and Internet game which is supposed to support several operating systems, because it will be programmed in Java. It will be made in co-operation of Amig@lien with AccM Software Allianz.

In this space strategy game you have to be superior in technology and tactics to other races. For instance you can invent a lot, but you can also enter alliances as well as other contracts.

Everybody who liked Imperium Terranum will be fine with this game. This game will be delivered on CD-ROM and will certainly be released for the AmigaOne, but also a classic-Amiga version is planned. We hope you are already excited.

Here is a hint for all who cannot wait for it: We hope to be able to show a graphic and sound presentation to the computer revolution 2001. (Ricco Clemens)

Those ones who want to support the project "Alien Imperium" should mail to AccM or Amig@lien. We are grateful for each help! Manfred Rauer (POI)

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Steffen Haeuser on ANF

opendivx.library Finished
opendivx.library, which is a shared library for 68k and WarpUP systems for replaying OpenDivX animations, has been finished and can be downloaded on

It has been already released a special version of Moovid which uses opendivx.library (because Moovid is commercial, this special version only plays OpenDivX; you must have the full version for playing different formats).

The opendivx.library archive contains also information for programmers how to use opendivx.library in own projects.

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Ignatios Souvatzis via E-Mail

New Developer in NetBSD Team
Jukka A Andberg has been included in the NetBSD-team. He has written a first (still incomplete) version of a wscons[1]-driver for NetBSD/Amiga and will now complete it.

Wscons is the console driver interface which does not depend on the machine and which is already in use on many NetBSD-architectures. It enables virtual switching consoles and makes the simultaneous use of text consoles and X11-screen(s) possible which is a characteristic not included in the ite- (Internal Tty-Emulator) system which is used in NetBSD/Amiga, so far.

Further information:

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Andreas Falkenhahn via E-Mail

Appeal to Rainboot Users
There will be some decisive changes in the next version of Rainboot for users of graphic boards. Because I have not a CGfx or a Picasso96 system and I have got some messages that there are still some problems with Rainboot. Though it works generally, I ask all who are still having problems with Rainboot on Cgfx/P96 to contact me in order to be able to fix those. Thanks a lot!

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Confusion about Proceedings Against Met@box
»Currently a report of the stock exchange information service Prior produces some confusion. Referring to this the public prosecution Frankfurt investigates the set-top-box producer Met@box from Hildesheim because of the suspicion of manipulation of the stock exchange. Already at the beginning of the year the business offices of the company has been investigated. At inquiry the public prosecution Frankfurt referred to their colleague in Hildesheim; the supreme public prosecutor Seemann confirmed that a proceedings was carrying out but refused to give further information. Instead of that he referred to the public prosecution Hannover which did not make a comment as well as Prior himself: "The chief is in vacancy", was the answer at inquiry from Heise online.«
For full article see title link (German).

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Richard Kapp on ANF

New PlayGUI Version and Special Version
From my homepage (Amiga/Projects/PlayGUI) a new version of PlayGUI can be downloaded from today. (Unfortunately still not from the PlayGUI page due to a server problem.)

PlayGUI is a all-around play GUI for mods, midis, Mp3s, and samples with many features which can be embellished with skins and themes.

  • Bugfix: slider gadgets are displayed at the right position, now.
  • Bugfix: sample-buffer showed 0 if it were set to maximum.
  • Bugfix: GMPlay filter didn't work - this function has been removed
  • The menus have been switched to upper- /lower case for easier reading
  • Font problem fixed
  • No more 3D frames for the skin

Moreover there is a 7MB special version of PlayGUI on my homepage containing the latest version and additionally all of the skins and themes available at this time. 90% of these are not to find at Aminet.

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X-CELLENCE Wanting....
The young developer team X-CELLENCE still is wanting reinforcement for there AMIGA department. There already are three PC projects under development which are to be developed for the AMIGA simultaneously. This concerns the following projects:
  • SCR2K: fun-racer in the style of the "StuntCarRacer" classic
  • FirePower: shooter with best Arcade tradition
  • New York Night: story-heavy ego-shooter

Applications can be placed at the given URL.

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Thorsten Schoelzel on ANF

Nemac 4 Homepage Online Again
I want to announce that the Nemac 4 support page is online again. This homepage is my tribute for a very good AMIGA game that is developed from PD level. This page is for everyone who likes this game.

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Diverse Sources

Software News
For registered users is a new beta version 0.12 of the movie player available for download. It provides you an optimized OpenDivX decoder and supports MPEG audio layer II/III for decoding AVI- and Quicktime files. Download: SoftCinema_012b.lha

Amiga RC5 Team Effort: The client version 2.8012(build 466) contains a bug, that maybe gives wrong results of the keys.

»Obviously there is a bug in all 2.8012 clients (build466) that put out wrong results. D.Net recommends to use version 2.8010(build 463). It is unknown if this bug is in RC5, OGR, or both. It is also unknown if the latest Amiga client 2.8011 contains this bug, too. At this time I recommend to use build 463 from this download area. More information will follow wen available.«

Version 2.15 beta of SecondSpin was released. Many minor and some major bugs were removed but the prefs window will still cause a system crash on some systems. SecondSpin is an audio converter to convert several audio formats to MPEG. Also you can convert MPEG-files to AIFF format with it.

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Haage&Partner News
New Colleague
We almost forgot to tell - since the beginning of the year we have a new staffer. Martin Steigerwald, known fom the organization of OS3.5 and 3.9 beta tests, is now responsible for several projects and their beta tests. The H&P Team

GNU sources of StormC
The new StormC compiler system version 4 uses especially customized versions of GNU projects GCC and CVS. The source code for these projects is available for download. GNU Sources

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet uploads
Unfortunately my number code for the recent upload list again failed, meantime; therefore today only a part of the new uploads since February 23rd can be listed.

Spitfire2.lha        comm/misc  787K+Palm Desktop for the Amiga!
facts.lha            comm/tcp    89K+V4.4 NTP clock synchroniser AutoDST/GUI
Nature-Grid2f.lha    demo/intro  87K+Grid 2 final, winner 64k at TP2000
MCC_NListtree.lha    dev/mui    260K+MUI list tree class for NList
AaktInt0201GFX.lha   docs/mags  305K+International infotainment magazine (gra
AIOV44.lha           docs/mags  319K+Amiga Information Online, Issue 44 (Febr
Awale.lha            game/think  56K+Awal  game for Amiga (french version)
MemoTecV2.lha        misc/edu   156K+MemoTec - mind trainer (polish)
apple2000e.lha       misc/emu    38K+Apple2000 with 2e extensions!
MyBVisionWB2.jpg     pix/wb     252K+A screenshot of my WB...please check it 
Epson_400.lha        text/print  40K+Epson Stylus 400/440/460 Driver for WB V
SubStr.lha           util/cli     7K+Returns a substring from a given string
DefComp.lha          util/wb     26K+Popup menu program selection for DefIcon

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New AmigaPlus-Forum
There is a new forum at AmigaPlus. Now there is a second possibility, beside of the forum, to discuss the future of the Amiga or to look for and find cheats and solutions for your favorite game. Check it out!

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Steéphane "SteaG" Campan via E-Mail Changing Server
Due to a moving of to a new server the site will not be online for a few days. If you want to contact us please mail to

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Timo Kloss via E-Mail

Inutilis News
There are to new links concerning Gothic at the Records area of Inutilis. Also there are some interesting facts about Moonlight. Moonlight now has a own email-address,, and a Norwegian radio-dj mailed me and asked me if he could use moonlight-material for broadcasting. This special broadcast about Gothic has nearly 300,000 listeners.

I decreased the photo gallery out of order because my memory on the server is running out.

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Torsten Dudai

New Caricature: Up high

The new caricature is about a 'new' innovative firm with interesting plans... You are invited to publish your oppinion about the caricature at the forum.

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Diverse Sources

Software News
Software for MorphOS
There are two new programs at the filearea of the MorphOS-Project
ColorWheel 45.5 by Sigbjørn Skjæret - ColorWheelPPC455.lha - 34 kB
NList 0.90 by Gilles Masson & NListtree 18.7 by Carsten Scholling - Download

The new adventure Aqua by Emerald Imaging is available now. Crystal Interactive is the distributor of this new game.
Aqua requires a 68020 cpu, 8 MB ram, AGA or graphic accelerator and a CD-ROM-Drive.

DirOpus 4.15i (Beta)
Jacek Rzeuski released the beta-version 4.15i of DirOpus. DirOpus is a filemanager by Jonathan Potter and Greg Perry of GP Software. In 1999 the sourcecode of version 4 were released under the GPL. Downlaod: DOpus415ibeta.lzx - 360 kB

Stephan Rupprecht released version 1.16a of Image2Icon. The program offers the posibility to convert pictures to icons. Download: Image2Icon.lha - 57 kB

Fantaisie Software released verison 2.10 of PureBasic for Windows x86. Version 2.00 is the topical version for the Amiga. PureBasic is a compiler.

There is a new unstable beta-version (0.08) of WorkbenchOnWin available for download. WOW gives you the look & feel of the Amiga on every Windows-desktop.

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Pictures of alt.WoA
Pictures of alt.WoA.

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AIO - Amiga Information Online

AIO Issue #44
Issue #44 of the AIO-magazin (Amiga Information Online) is available for download.
Download: AIOV44.LHA

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Richard Kapp on ANF

NARR-Site and GFX-Database Changing Server
Due to some storage problems there are two important server changes:

The NARR-page is now available at: and GFX-database at:

Both pages are still available at and

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Stefan Kost at ANF

SoundFX 4.1 Nearly Finished
The important new feature is the batchprocessor. It makes it possible to convert whole directories.

Something I want to know - is there anybody out there who is still using SoundFX without a math-coprocessor? If you do so (that means that you have a 68000, 68020, 68030 without 68881/882) please mail me.

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Juergen A. Theiner at ANF

Play!Amiga - Server Problems
Due to some serverproblems Play!Amiga was not available the last two days. Now everything should work fine again. Thanks for your understanding.

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Olaf Koebnik im ANF

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Toadies campaign!
In co-operation with Thilo Koehler there is a special about Toadies with a big interview, the update and a Toadies-survey. Toadies is one of the best 'Worms'-clone available.

Amiga Arena - Toadies Computer enemy survey!
Unfortunately Toadies only has a two-player-mode but Thilo consent to develop a computer-enemy if there are enough interested users.

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