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Aminet-Uploads until 18.11.2007
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
ispell_yamedit_os4.lha    comm/mail       6K    GEN   YAM: spell checking while typing
AmiWebView2-fr.lha        comm/misc       4K    GEN   AmiWebView v2.0 french catalog
pftp.lha                  comm/tcp      103K    OS4   Advanced FTP client (alpha version)
A71Mail.lha               comm/www       69K    GEN   Email Form multilanguage written in php
roaddemo-mos.lha          demo/file     140K    MOS   SDL/OpenGL demo effect
W4R_HIT1.lha              demo/sound    416K    OS3   Hit Mouse 1 MUSIC DISK - beta version
SANE.lha                  dev/basic      67K    OS3   80bit SANE & numeric functions for Blitz
MiniGL_OS4.lha            dev/c         2.5M    OS4   OpenGL subset API for Amiga OS4
Annotate.lha              dev/cross      78K    OS3   Comment/reformat DASMX 2650 cross-disasm
aros-gcc-1.0.tar.bz2      dev/cross      81K    GEN   Create var. gcc-3.4.6 versions for aros
sjasm-mos.lha             dev/cross     146K    MOS   Yet another Z80 cross assembler
byacc-morphos.lha         dev/gg        128K    MOS   Berkeley Yacc,an LALR(1) parser generato
glib-2.4.4-bin-m68k.lha   dev/lib       1.7M    OS3   Low-level core library
diskimage_src.lha         dev/src        20K    GEN   Ex. device (cut down
AmiDVD.lha                disk/cdrom     44K    OS4   CD/DVD burning tool
d64_fs.lha                disk/misc      11K    OS4   Filesystem for .d64 disk images
diskimage_device.lha      disk/misc     261K    OS4   Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
SFS.lha                   disk/misc     438K    VAR   Smart Filesystem
CABS_CATS_Readme.txt      docs/anno       1K    GEN   CABS/CATS support mailing lists
France.lha                docs/hyper     83M    GEN   La France par monts et par vaux
anaiis.lha                driver/other   48K    OS3   ANAIIS USB Stack Release 0.92
biedronka_zuzia.lha       game/misc     924K    MOS   simple game for small children
wesnoth-devel.lha         game/strat     93M    OS4   Battle for Wesnoth (development version)
tdpowerswap.lha           game/think    172K    MOS   simple logical game  gfx/conv      378K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files (SSE2       gfx/conv      377K    ARO   CLI converter for camera raw files
ddbug2pbm-mos.lha         gfx/conv       16K    MOS   convert Diddle/DiddleBug sketches to PBM
jhead-mos.lha             gfx/conv      111K    MOS   manipulate non-image parts of Exif JPEGs
SView5.lha                gfx/misc      3.0M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
AmiArcadia.lha            misc/emu      376K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
fuse.lha                  misc/emu      1.8M    OS4   Spectrum emulator with advanced features
AmySequencer.lha          mus/edit      333K    OS3   MIDI sequencer for the AMIGA
faad2.lha                 mus/edit      1.9M    OS3   AAC/MP4 audio decoder.
playOGG.lha               mus/play      2.2M    OS3   multi format sound player
Drawer-Icons-Otti.lha     pix/picon     1.1M    GEN   Drawer Icons in PNG MOS Format (Otti)
More.lha                  text/show      45K    MOS   Unix More utility (AROS backport)
gzrt-bin-m68k.lha         util/arc       49K    VAR   Recovers data from broken gz archives
lzmautils-mos.lha         util/arc      195K    MOS   LZMA utilities
zipsing.lha               util/arc       42K    OS3   Zips files individually
HowDif.lha                util/cli        9K    OS3   File comparison/examination utility
molib.lha                 util/cli        7K    VAR   load/lock libs so they cant be flushed
WaitNotify-os4.lha        util/cli       13K    OS4   Wait for a file or diretory modification  util/cli       13K    ARO   Wait for a file or directory modificatio
WaitNotify.lha            util/cli       20K    VAR   Wait for a file or diretory modification
akJFIF-dt.lha             util/dtype    174K    VAR   akJFIF-dt (JPEG, 68000-060/MOS)
akTIFF-dt.lha             util/dtype    539K    VAR   akTIFF-dt (TIFF, 68000-060/MOS)
EuroSkyCodeset.lha        util/misc       2K    GEN   InfraRexx Codeset for EuroSky Receiver
RossijaMOS.lha            util/sys        1K    GEN   Russia country for MorphOS
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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