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19.Nov.2007 Uploads until 18.11.2007
HUploads on since our last report:
wbmp_dt.lha           dat/ima   37kb  WBMP (wireless/WAP bitmap) datatype
nls-stars.lha         dem/sce    2Mb  'Stars of Nukleus' demo by Nukleus
diskimage_src.lha     dev/exa   20kb  Example device (cut down diskimage.devic
libmodplug.lha        dev/lib  778kb  Add support for a lot of mod formats to 
libpng.lha            dev/lib  567kb  Add PNG support to your app.
pdcurses.lha          dev/lib    1Mb  An NCurses clone that outputs through SD
sdl_mixer.lha         dev/lib  408kb  a sample multi-channel audio mixer libra
abc-shell.lha         dev/uti  180kb  Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
bump.lha              dev/uti   10kb  Fully configurable bumprev utility
d64_fs.lha            dri/fil   10kb  Filesystem for .d64 disk images
sfs.lha               dri/fil  369kb  Smart Filesystem
minigl.lha            dri/gra    2Mb  OpenGL subset 3D API
diskimage_device.lha  dri/sto  261kb  Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
basiliskii.lha        emu/com    4Mb  68k Macintosh Emulator for AmigaOS4
amichess.lha          gam/boa    1Mb  Chess based on GNUChess 5.05/06
lincity.lha           gam/boa   31Mb  LinCity-NG is a City Simulation Game
glyndoo.lha           gam/chi   17Mb  Educational game set designed with Holly
themanaworld.lha      gam/rol    7Mb  The Mana World - a 2D MMORPG
wesnoth-devel.lha     gam/str   93Mb  Battle for Wesnoth (development version)
propercropper.lha     gra/con   28kb  Easily scale/crop images to fit your scr
glblankers.lha        gra/scr    1Mb  Collection of OpenGL blanker modules
pftp.lha              net/ftp  103kb  Advanced FTP client (alpha preview versi
amiwebview-fr.lha     net/mis    4kb  AmiWebView v2.1 french catalog
openssh-bin.lha       net/mis    1Mb  OpenSSH secure connectivity tools
gzrt.lha              uti/fil   30kb  Recover files from broken gzip archives
amidvd.lha            uti/mis   43kb  CD/DVD burning tool
pdalink.lha           uti/mis  118kb  Connect Amiga with Palm PDA
ranger.lha            uti/mis   56kb  Process diagnostic tool
waitnotify.lha        uti/she   13kb  Wait for a file or directory modificatio
anotherwbfilter.lha   uti/wor   60kb  Select icons with wildcards
benchboards.lha       uti/wor    8Mb  Similar to Dashboard Widgets on OSX
wbpreview.lha         uti/wor   62kb  Preview feature for Workbench
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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