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Amiga emulator: Amiberry 5.7.3 and 6.3.3 (preview)
Amiberry is an Amiga emulator for ARM-based single-chip systems like the Raspberry Pi, the Odroid XU4 or the Tinkerboard from ASUS, which brings some newly developed features like a "WHDLoad-Booter" or support for controller configuration using RetroArch. For example it is used in the Workbench distribution AmiKit for the Raspberry Pi 4/400.

New versions have now been released: version 5.7.3 is recommended for ARM devices (like the Raspberry Pi) and version 6.3.3 (preview) for x86 and generally faster boards (ARM included). Both versions offer new features like resolution autoswitch option, bug fixes and improvements. (dr)

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Reverse Engineering: Aira Force 0.7 for Windows, Linux and macOS
"Aira Force" is a tool for reverse engineering Amiga 680x0 software ( reported). It allows binaries to be disassembled and investigated (new YouTube video).

The new version offers improved Live Analyser, jump table support and reduced iteration time. Besides, many bugs have been fixed in the analyser. A detailed list of all changes and the features is given in the devlog to the new version. (dr)

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AmigaOS 4: Utility PowerReboot V0.9
Francis G. Loch's PowerReboot is the evolution of OS4Reboot and, including version 0.8 released a few days ago, the first update in about 20 years. As the author tells us, his tool can now not only reboot AmigaOS 4, but can also switch off the computer if the hardware supports it, which is why he decided to rename it.


With regard to the history of development, he remembers: "The very first version of the program (imaginatively titled 'Reboot') was actually written on an Amiga 1200 because I wanted a program that would sit on the Workbench that I could use to reboot the system via a requester. Version 1.x was written in BlitzBasic and version 2.x was rewritten in C as I wanted to learn how to program in C.

When I got a MicroA1 I also wanted to program for AmigaOS 4. Reboot being a simple program, I thought it would be a good one to start with, so OS4Reboot was born. OS4Reboot went through a number of iterations adding features like making it a commodity amongst other things."

After a longer break and the sale of the hardware, he now owns an AmigaOne A1222 Plus and wants to get back into programming for AmigaOS 4. He discarded his first idea of reviving OS4Reboot when he realised that the functionality was already available in the last version of the operating system. However, feedback from users on the forum encouraged him to continue, as some people preferred the way OS4Reboot worked: for example, it is possible to drop the icon in the X-Dock and run the program from there instead of using the pull-down menu.


He has summarised for us the differences/advantages of PowerReboot compared to the built-in option in AmigaOS 4.1:
  • Ability to use it from an icon on the Workbench or dock.
  • Has the ability to add a user-selectable delay prior to rebooting via the icon ToolTypes.
  • PowerReboot doesn't (currently) inhibit and flush the filesystems before rebooting/shutting down, but this also means that the reboot/shutdown is immediate which might be preferred by some.
  • The latest developmental version 0.9, released today, has the ability to hide the softboot option which is a benefit to some as some graphics cards appear to have issues with this.
PowerReboot (and its predecessor OS4Reboot) was originally designed to run in the background and be available via the Tools menu of the Workbench: on first execution it is simply loaded into memory, on subsequent executions the requester is called unless it has been configured to bypass the requester and only perform a restart or shutdown. The current development version 0.9 now changes the behaviour and sets the default NONRESIDENT option in the Icon-ToolTypes, which means that PowerReboot does not remain in memory. This also means that it can display the requester on first startup.

PowerReboot 0.9 also includes locale support, and has been translated to a number of languages including German.

Thank you very much for the information, Francis! Have fun with the further development! (dr)

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Chiptune tracker: Furnace V0.6.4 for Windows, Mac and Linux
'tildearrows' Furnace is a tool that can be used to create sound chip music ("chiptune"), mostly from the 8/16-bit era ( reported). It supports a wide range of functions and sound chips, from NES, SNES and Genesis to ES5506, VIC-20 and the Amiga. Version 0.6.4, among others, provides important updates for those using macOS and those without video cards.

The songs can be exported as audio files (.wav), VGM files and ZSM files (for Commander X16). An manual is available. (dr)

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SCSI emulation: BlueSCSI-Toolbox V1.2c
The BlueSCSI Toolbox combines two utilities for managing a BlueSCSI V2 or ZuluSCSI in a Commodore Amiga: the CD changer makes it possible to switch between CD ISO images on the SD card during operation. The SD transfer tool can be used to transfer files from the SD card to the Amiga.

In the updated version 1.2c some utility.library functions of AmigaOS 3.2 have been removed, so that older OS versions are now supported.

Download: (36 Kb) (dr)

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Multi-purpose tool: Report+ V8.5
Report+ is a ReAction-based open-source software for Amiga systems that offers several useful functions:
  • It is a friendly enhanced replacement for the official Commodore bug reporting tool (V40.2), optionally sending emails automatically.
  • It can generate/edit Aminet-style and OS4Depot-style readmes.
  • It can view/edit A3000/A4000-type battery-backed memory.
  • It can view/edit IFF/RIFF files and their component chunks.
  • It can access the official manufacturer and product ID registries.
  • It can perform batch processing on icons.
  • It can convert between various ASCII formats.
  • It can show directory byte usage for any path, optionally also changing protection bits and/or deleting specified files.
  • It can compare two paths, showing added, missing and changed files.
Report+ has been continuously updated and expanded by the developer Amigan Software for years. The new version 8.5, released on 16 June 2024, once again includes various improvements and bug fixes. The tool runs on AmigaOS 3.2/3.9 (the latter with BoingBag2) with 2 MB of free RAM, on AmigaOS 4 and on MorphOS (with ReAction). The archives include the source code of the software.

The download is available from the Aminet (AmigaOS-3.x-version, MorphOS-version, AmigaOS-4-version) or from the developer's website under the title link. (nba)

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