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Worth a read: 42 years of programming - The Amiga
Matthias Wiesmann is a Swiss computer scientist who took part in a programming camp 42 years ago, where he learned to program for the TRS-80. As he writes in his blog, programming languages have changed a lot over time, and the computer world used to be much more diverse back then:

"These days, a lot of concepts in computer science settled on one solution: there is one network stack, one type of filesystem, one low-level programming language, etc. It certainly makes things simpler, but this kind of consensus is also a big risk. What I will do is go over the various devices I interacted and explain how they were weird compared with today’s mental model."

In a previous article in English, Wiesmann took a look at the Commodore 64. Now he has turned his attention to the Amiga under the title link and describes the special features of the system from a personal perspective: chipset, planar graphics, weird graphics modes such as HAM8, interlaced graphics and sound modules. (nba)

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Book: AmigaOS 3.2 Reference Manual - Limited print run, pre-orders being taken
Press release: Following the successful release of the German edition, Look Behind You is delighted to announce the English version of "AmigaOS 3.2 Reference Manual". This comprehensive guide is essential for anyone using the AmigaOS in its latest and greatest version 3.2 (up to and including

In this upcoming reference book, which will span around 450 pages, readers will not only find a clear explanation of the basics and advanced functions of AmigaOS 3.2, but also valuable insights into the Amiga system, from A to Z. Whether readers are experienced Amiga users or are just getting started (or even restart), this book will accompany them at various levels of knowledge.

Step by step, the editorial team guides the reader through the installation on classic Amigas, on emulated Amigas and even on the THEA500 Mini, demonstrates the setup of the Kickstart ROMs in 68k Amigas and explains the basics of the operating system, its operation and structure. It is shown how the system is optimised with the various prefs (presets) and how the tools, utilities and commodities are used efficiently.

A large chapter is dedicated to the Shell, the command line interface of the AmigaOS - all commands, including new ones, are explained and the use of the Shell is illustrated with many practical examples. In addition to shortcuts and start scripts, advanced users will also discover a comprehensive guide to ARexx and script control of the Workbench, MultiView and TextEdit.

Furthermore, there is a lot of content beyond AmigaOS 3.2: data exchange between PC and Amiga, internet access, as well as many recommendations for new hardware and software to make the Amiga ready for the future.

The authors are experienced Amiga enthusiasts from the very beginning: IT journalist Martin Steigerwald (among others, Amiga Magazin, AMIGAplus), graduate engineer Simon Neumann (owner of Alinea Computer) and digital expert Nico Barbat (among others, editor-in-chief of AMIGAplus). During the work on the book, they were supported by the development team of AmigaOS 3.2, including the beta test team for quality control.

Please note that the print run of "AmigaOS 3.2 Reference Manual" will be strictly limited. The expected launch date is 26th August 2024.

Early bird customers who purchase their book until 21st July 2024 will benefit from our special offer: the combined price of the book plus digital edition (PDF) is 35 , saving 10 .


Hardback (full colour, 450 pages):
 35,00 /  30,00 / $ 37,80
ISBN 978-3-9826022-6-4

Digital Edition (PDF):
 17,50 /  14,90 / $ 18,90
ISBN 978-3-9826022-7-1

Hardback + Digital Edition:
 45,00 /  38,90 / $ 48,90
Early Bird (until 21st July 2024): 35,00  (snx)

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Developer log: Weapons for the strategy game "Ecliptic"
At the beginning of April, a new demo version of the strategy game "Ecliptic", which is currently under development, was released ( reported). In another detailed developer diary, the author now writes about some of the weapons that can be used to send these monsters to the afterlife (flamethrower video, grenade video) (dr)

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Video game history: Amiga Germany trading cards
The team behind Amiga Germany, which founded and manages the Facebook group of the same name and publishes the associated magazine, has presented a new project that should be of interest to collectors who are interested in the history of video games: the "Amiga Germany Collector's Cards" are high-quality, double-sided cards that celebrate the long history of Amiga games.

Each of the four sets currently available contains five of those high-quality cards with box artworks of popular games and logos of legendary developer studios on the front. On the back of each card, you will find additional information about the motifs, such as the year of publication and the name of the artist (for game artwork) or the year of foundation and the games published (for developer logos), as well as a star rating and the number of the issue of Amiga Germany Fanzine in which the corresponding game was discussed.

The following four sets of five cards are available initially:
  • Set 1: Apidya Box Artwork, Dune Box Artwork, Kaiko Entwickler Logo, Midnight Resistance Box Artwork, Nathan Never Box Artwork
  • Set 2: Monkey Island 2 Box Artwork, Psygnosis Entwickler Logo, Starglider 2 Box Artwork, Apprentice Box Artwork, Black Crypt Box Artwork
  • Set 3: Turrican Box Artwork, Thalion Entwickler Logo, Lethal Xcess Box Artwork, Simon the Sorcerer Box Artwork, Defender of the Crown Box Artwork
  • Set 4: Toki Box Artwork, Golden Axe Box Artwork, Turrican 2 Box Artwork, Lionheart Box Artwork, Factor 5 Entwickler Logo
Further sets are in the pipeline. Each set costs 2.50, while the starter pack containing all four sets is available for 9.50. For 26.50, there is a "Deluxe Supporter Pack" that contains all initial four sets and a matching collector's album. (nba)

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